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Solar Panel Price in India

By on January 22, 2014

SolarPV Electricity is becoming expensive with each passing day and more people are getting interested in using solar energy to meet their electricity needs. Power cuts and dependence on DG sets is making people look for more and better sources. Solar PV panels provide a very good alternative. Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India is also promoting solar PV systems under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission in the country. They also provide subsidy to people buying solar panels under this scheme. There are a lot of people keen in buying solar panels in India so we thought of doing a research on price of solar panels. Below is our research on price of solar panels:

As per our resources from the solar PV industry, cost of a PV module (just the panel) costs anywhere between Rs 30 to Rs 60 per watt of power generated. A good imported module will cost around Rs 40-45 per watt. Good ones manufactured in India would come as low as Rs 30-32 per watt. Please note that this is the cost for the panel and in case you are looking for inverter and batteries, the cost would be additional. A good 5 kW system for a home would cost around Rs 5-7 lakhs to setup, which can provide electricity for 25 years. The additional operating cost will include the cost of replacing the batteries.

MNRE provides 30% capital subsidy on capital expenditures for rooftop solar systems for both commercial and residential entities for systems up to 100 kW. The government also provides loans at 5% per annum for 50% of the capital expenditure for 5 years tenure for both commercial and residential entities. Commercial entities can claim either capital or interest subsidies.

MNRE has also published a list of authorized suppliers and manufacturers that is available at the link: http://mnre.gov.in/file-manager/UserFiles/list_manufacturers_SPV_NABARD-part-I.pdf and http://mnre.gov.in/file-manager/UserFiles/list_manufacturers_SPV_NABARD-part-II.pdf

We have also started doing some research on the prices of Solar PV Panels from various manufacturers in the country and here are some numbers from a good indian manufacturer:

Products Inputs / Watt Price / INR
Special SPV Mono 180W / 190W Rs. 34/W
Special SPV Multi 230W,240W, 245W, 280W,290W Rs. 32/W
SPV Mono 10W Rs. 53/W
SPV Mono 20W – 30W Rs. 43/W
SPV Mono 30W – 300W Rs. 41/W
SPV Multi 10W Rs. 50/W
SPV Multi 20W – 30W Rs. 40/W
SPV Multi 30W – 300W Rs. 38/W
Thin Film Multi SPV 100W Rs. 32/W

Please note that Mono is for Monocrystaline PV cell and Multi is for Multicrystaline PV cell. The difference between the two is that Monocrystaline is made of single silicon crystal whereas Multicrystaline PV is made up of multiple crystals. A monocrystaline is more efficient in converting solar energy into electricity per sq meter area than a multicrystaline PV. Thus the space required for the same amount of wattage is less in monocrystaline PV panel. Thus it is costlier than a Multicrystaline PV. The choice between the two depends on the area that you have for PV installation.

More details on Solar PV roof top systems are also available on our link: Roof-Top Solar PV system project for home and office

Understand more about basics of Solar PV systems on our link: Solar electric, solar thermal, power generation, inverters, grid, off-grid: clearing the cobweb

Understand more about how to get NABARD subsidy on Solar PV Systems: Procedure to get subsidy on Solar PV Systems through NABARD in India

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  1. Ayub Parkar says:

    sir, i am going to start 4 acres prawns farm in my village in maharashtra. what do you think how much solar panels do i need to install and what could be the budget.

  2. lohith says:

    I want to buy 400 watt panel with good price, please give the dealers details..

  3. Bibin says:

    I want to install the solar panel for my well which the well is 30 feet deep and required to feed to my water tank which is 20feet high . Motor is dc 1hp motor and how much is the required solar panel for working this system?

  4. R.Gupta says:

    I want to know that how many sheets are required for consuming 5KW energy and what will be the total cost for same i.e. total sheets cost,installation charges and all. How many types of sheets are present in market and which is more efficient?Whether solar energy is much efficient in rainy season as well as in winter season or not because in these seasons no more sunshine is present.
    And from where i will able to get this efficient way of energy? How many days are needed to install this system? What will be the procedure for buying this system?
    I hope i will be able to get all answers.
    Thank you

  5. Isaac P Isaac says:

    If I install a 5KWH solar power system ,for how much time will the 5kwh power be available to me every day, assuming it to be a sunny day?

  6. sanket says:

    Is it impossible to install solar system just to run an 1.5 ton of air conditioner? If yes.then how much it will cost?

    Please let me know

  7. murugan says:

    i am murugan from villupuram. i would like to know the cost for 5hp solar water pump for my agricultural land. In 2010 i have applied for eletricity service and i am waiting for 4 years, still i didn’t get service. please help and guide me to buy this solar water pump with subsidy.

  8. murugan says:

    hello sir i am murugan from villupuram. i would like to know the cost for 5hp solar water pumps to my agriculture farm. is there any subsidy. In 2010 i have applied for motor service in EB and i am waiting for 4 years. still i did get electrcity service. please help me to do agriculture through solar power. please guide me. my email id is [email protected] and my contact number is 7845616470.

  9. Gopal says:


    I am Gopal from Vijayawada. I am looking for 1KW solar energy for my house. Who is good in providing this in Vijayawada or AP and what would be the price?


  10. fuzzy solar says:

    The so called subsidies are hard to come these days. The subsidy for several projects which are already completed are hard to come from the MNRE. The reason being sited is lack of funds. The price which you have mentioned is the least available in the market. Before purchasing one has to check the manufacturer credentials.

  11. Gaurav says:

    Can you please provide the name of the Indian Manufacturer whose prices you have mentioned ?

  12. mahesh says:

    I have establishing a pannels assrmling pv moduled of 2mv cap.how is availing subsidiry from Govt. And how much % will be getting.

  13. Vishal Walke says:

    Hello, Abhishek sir,
    I want to install solar-wind hybrid power plant at our factory site. our daily electrical load requirement is nearly 20 kW. So please guide me about price, supplier company, and design details. if possible tell me exact price for above load requirement.

    Thank you,

    • Abhishek says:

      Hello Mr Walke,

      Bijli Bachao is a research organization that provides information for use by consumers. We are not into sale of solar or wind products. I would request any suppliers who check this page to respond to your question.


  14. Vikrant Pawar says:

    Hello Abhishek,
    i am looking forward to start business of solar energy system in Maharashtra.. i want to sell it to farmers to run 3-5 Hp motors on field..
    so can you please give proper direction to start with brief info..


    • Abhishek says:

      Hi Vikrant,

      Firstly let me tell you that Bijli Bachao is not into sales of Solar Panels/PVs, so all the information that we have is based on our research and interaction with people who are actually doing sales of PV on the field. Now regarding selling solar PV to farmers in Maharashtra, here is the information that we have based on feedback from people who are actually doing something similar: There can be 2 kinds of solar pv systems 1) With batteries 2) Without batteries. The one with batteries can store electricity which can be used anytime, but the one without batteries can be used only during the day for use of motors. The batteries significantly increase the cost of the system. Although you may need smaller sized PV panels with batteries, but the cost of batteries significantly increase the capital cost. Comparatively PV panel for a system without batteries may be bigger, but the capital cost will be less.

      People when they try selling PV panels to farmers often find their customers asking for a system that can also light their home at night. Such a requirement cannot be fulfilled with a battery less system. Also please understand that to run a 3-5 HP motor you would need a bigger (5 kVA) inverter (irrespective of the kind of system you go for).

      If you look at numbers: a 1 kWp panel system (that can produce 5 units or kWh a day) would cost about Rs 50000-55000, 5 kVA inverter would cost another Rs 20000-25000. A 150 Ah battery (that can store about 1.25-1.5 units or kWh of electricity ) would cost about Rs 13000 a piece and will need replacement every 4-5 years.

      A 5 HP motor would consume about 5 units in one hour. So you can do the math accordingly. If you go for a battery less system, you would need a panel of about 5 kWp.

      Having said all that, there is lot of demand for solar power in rural areas. Although cost of generating electricity from solar is more than that of the grid, but in villages where electricity does not even reach to most people, any amount of electricity increases their productivity and thus people are ready to adopt solar even if it costs more because it makes a lot of business sense over there. Hope this helps.



      P.S: In case someone who works in PV space has better information, please make sure you comment on this page.

  15. Vikrant Pawar says:

    hello Abhishek,

    I am looking forward to start business of solar energy system in Maharashtra… .
    i want to supply/sell solar energy systems to farmers to run 2-4 hp motors on field.
    can u please give me proper direction with brief info n requirement..


  16. bhaumik says:

    Please give information regarding the types of solar cells, inverters used for this, send me cost of solar cell (for around 200 watt per cell) and other accessories like batteries, inverter, installation cost, etc. for 10KW power supply system on [email protected]. I will be thankful to you for your help.

  17. Oshmi says:

    Can you provide links for affordable solar panel solutions around mumbai/navi mumbai. Require the same for a dog shelter.

  18. suraj says:

    Sir…what will be the price variation in 100 KW inverter and 1 MW series solar invertor….what will be your suggestion for enhancing solar pv capacity at same location for a off grid solar pv project

  19. Anand says:

    I’m from Kanyakumari – Tamil Nadu. I’m planning to setup a 20KW solar system with battery backedup grid tie inverter and 120units of storage for 24 hours. Anyone can help me?

    • vivek says:

      hi anand

      i m vivek from tamil nadu we are providing tata solar panel with ON GRID and OFF-GRID(BATTERIES) for industries ,institutions,hospitals with offer price and subsidiary.,, contact us 9566663650

  20. Mohamed Akramulla says:

    have a house in the same building and planning to
    install a solar power of about 1 KV to 1.5 KV so how much will it be
    How much space will it require to setup the system?
    How much will the setup cost and the installation cost and what kind of system do i require to put it in complete shape.
    you can reply me back on [email protected]

    Thank you

    Mohamed Akramulla

  21. Sandy says:

    Does any company provide complete solution end to end for 1 KW to 3 KW for grid interactive model , is there any pay as you go model for such installation

  22. Sunil Patteri says:

    hi guys,

    Im thinking of travelling throughout india by foot or bicycle . i will be carrying a laptop, a CFL lamp , radio and a camera . i wish to buy solar panels and other equipment needed to recharge these electronics . can u help me out , with the price and things needed . plz reply me at “[email protected]”.

    • goelrak says:

      On bicycle you cannot carry a panel of 40 watt .Only this will serve your purpose.Even 20 watt would not be possible.

      • Sunil Patteri says:

        i did not mean on bicycle, i want panels that i can carry around and use them when necessary, can that be anyway possible. what all things do i need to carry and use,

  23. Charanjeet Juneja says:

    Sir, can you please give me your mobile number to contact you so that I can talk to you about solar panels.

  24. pankaj patil says:

    I want some solar panel for our project but cant get the rate which you tell. I m greatful if u give some address where i purchase at your rate given above

  25. Michael raj says:

    Hi abhishek,

    dears i have dry land 4 acre in tamil nadu. i apply for electricity since 2000. still not yet. and when it will get on idea. if i got electricity 3 phase per day 3 to 4 hours only, some time day or midnight. so any possibility form solar??????????????? if pls inform about cost or subsidy . my Email: [email protected]

    Thank you

  26. Sunil says:

    Hi abhishek,

    I have a showroom in the same building and planning to install a solar power of about 1 kb so how much will it be costing?
    How much space will it require to setup the system?
    How much will the setup cost and the installation cost and what kind of system do I require to put it in complete shape.
    You can reply me back on [email protected]


  27. Piyush Agrawal says:

    Hi Abhishek, for my hotel I would need 16KW of solar panel. I did talk to the SuKam guys. Here is the quotation I got:-

    -> As per them, I would need 20KW of solar panel for a backup of 4 Hours. It would cost somewhere around 1.4 lac per KW. This is for complete set like solar panels, batteries, invertor etc. He said 25 yrs warranty & door service. I will get the formal quotation.

    1 -> It comes around Rs.140 per watt for complete set. Is this good ?
    2 -> There is no subsidy, but the company guy said for other companies, even with subsidy it will be costlier that this.
    3 -> Is SuKam good company? Is the Solar system of this company good? Is the Battery good? Is the Invertor good?

    Please advise.


  28. Hariday Sanyal says:

    Hi, Abhishek this is Hari I have red some of the survey and discussion work and they are really interesting ,coming from a marine background I think no one could know the importance of fresh water ,energy and other fossil fuels like me ,b’coz at sea if u don’t have fresh water its terrible or no energy (battery drains out ,generator failure or run out of fuel) So at work or home I always try to save or conserve energy at any form , its not possible to make others do it as people don’t understand how it will be with no water, no electricity or no fuel ,but I have experienced this all.

    So to the point I live in Goa there is sun ,sand n sea all around (sun only not in monsoon for 3-4 months) so most of my neighbors in the village have instaled power back up inverters in houses. Now my query to you is I don’t have a big budget and do not wish to go full on solar so soon, just on an experimental basic want to use solar power that too only to my 2 room space which may be 4 A/C CLF bulbs, 2 fan ,a computer or a tv max, so what would be needed and most important if at all I buy this commodities from a approved vendor and assembly my self do i get any subsidy or I have to buy a package which comes with all they offer and plus installation extra ,or just I can purchase items required according to the needs and budget and do it my self ,in this case do I GET ANY SUBSIDY, and is there any good guide book or manual available for doing this.

    I think some what less than 1kw or 1/2 kw would be better as I would be also having grid line also..

    email – [email protected]

    • abhishekjain203 says:

      Hello Mr Sanyal,

      My apologies for the delay in replying to your message on the website. There were too many messages on the website in last few days that it got down in the list.

      As I could understand: your need is to use Solar for 2 of your rooms with 4 CFLs, 2 Fans, A computer and a TV.

      If we do a calculation 4 CFLs would be about 92 Watts in total (assuming 23 Watts CFL). 2 Fans would be 150 Watts. Computer would be additional 150 Watts and I would assume the same for TV.

      Assuming that you use CFLs for 6 hours a day, you need (6×92)/1000 = 0.55 units a day.

      Assuming that your fans are used for 12 hours each, you need (12×150)/1000 = 1.8 units a day.

      Assuming that your computer is used for 8 hours, you need (8×150)/1000 = 1.2 units a day.

      Assuming that your TV is used for 5 hours a day, you need (5×180)/1000= 0.75 units a day.

      So roughly you need 0.55 + 1.8 + 1.2 + 0.75 = 4.3 units a day.

      A 1 kW Solar PV system would generate anywhere between 4-7 units a day depending on it’s efficiency and the amount of sun in your area.

      A friend of mine got a 1kW Solar PV system for 50K in Chattisgarh from an approved supplier. And this amount was after applying subsidy from the government. The rates of Solar PV have fallen significantly quite recently. And that is why I have heard varied rates (from Rs 50 per watt to Rs 150 per watt) across the country. The prices on our site at from a price list provided by a manufacturer to a supplier. And based on that I feel that Rs 50-55 per watt is reasonable rate. You may talk to MNRE approved suppliers in your area that are there on MNRE approved list on: http://mnre.gov.in/file-manager/UserFiles/list_manufacturers_SPV_NABARD-part-I.pdf and http://mnre.gov.in/file-manager/UserFiles/list_manufacturers_SPV_NABARD-part-II.pdf.

      Hope this helps.


    • goelrak says:

      USE LEDs .A watt LED lamp gives almost same lumens as 15 watt CFL. Price is now Rs220/-.Guarantee 2 years. We are using LEDs now.

  29. polireddy.b says:

    please send diteles my number 9885383128

  30. BIBHAS NIYOGI says:

    I want some solar panel for my home. I want 4 nos. lamp & 2 nos. fan. Please give me costing.

  31. Rahul Pawar says:

    Hello, I want to install a solar power system in my college. It should be able to run 50 fans and 40 tube-lights for about 5-6 hours a day. Please advise me on the KW of power it would need and the amount of terrace area needed for the same. Also the cost of installation, storage batteries and wiring. Please help me

  32. Rebat Pal says:

    I want to install solar panel to run two exhaust fans using solar panel battery and DC exhaust fans. Pls advise me the source with genuine panel and DC exhaust fan and cost thereof. Surana company of hyderabad published in newspaper to sell at 32Rs/Watt but never supplied . At Lajpat rai market retailers sell 100watt/2600Rs But it is unable to run small DC motor of 50 Watt.. I feel they are cheating . Pls reply at [email protected]

  33. Ankit Misra says:

    DEAR FRD..


  34. Maharshi Solar Powertech says:

    Prices mentioned in the above article are for MW scale projects for residential and small commercial installations under 3KW, price is around Rs 65/Watt, Government benchmark price is Rs 108/Watt with 30% MNRE Subsidy you could get it for Rs 65/Watt, you could get cheap Chinese panels for under Rs 50/Watt but there are no warranties or guarantees, it would be like buying a black market knock off product, it might work well if you are lucky

    One of the advantages of procuring from an MNRE approved manufacturer is that, they offer 5 years of replacement guaranty and 25 years of performance warranty, with current prices payback period is around 6 to 7 years

    With Rupee going south don’t be surprised if there are price increases in the short term

    Here is the cost break down at current prices for a grid interactive system

    Solar Panels – Rs 65/Watt
    Grid Interactive Solar Inverter with MPPT – Rs 12.5/Watt
    Battery Backup – Rs 50/Watt
    Installation costs – Rs 10/Watt

    As you see from above solar panel cost is only 45% of the total system cost, balance of system costs are 55%, It costs around 140/Watt installed with battery backup after MNRE subsidy

    MNRE has amended the bench mark cost for “off-grid and decentralized solar applications programme” which is implemented under the jawaharlal nehru national solar mission (jnnsm) during 2013-14, here is the link to the benchmark prices https://www.dropbox.com/s/dpt2vn1cid67rqq/amendmends-benchmarkcost-aa-jnnsm-2013-14.pdf

    Contact me at [email protected] if you have any other questions

  35. C G Chinnaswamy says:

    Dear Abhishek Jain,

    I want to set-up a proto-type farm using solar pump of 5- 10 hp and thus encourage/motivate all nearby farmers to opt for Solar energy. But, cannot get at the price rate tabulated in your article. Please help and advise.

    Thanks and regards,



  36. Lakshmi Prasannakumar says:

    i want to know cost of solar cell,i know how to install it. please tell me the cost of solar cells and power generated by each cell. i think it will be the feature of generating electricity, i am living in andhra pradesh.

  37. Aziz Aryan says:


    As i need 165000 Watts of Solar Panels 150 Watt each Panel and this is really an emergency Project in Afghanistan, Could you please let me know the both Highest, Middle and low Qualities prices and technical specifications of yours Product ?

    i am really waiting for your soonest reply and Feedback about,

    Advance Thanks for your kind support and if your price is acceptable for us i will contact you to meet you in India ASAP,


    Aziz Aryan

  38. AR Raja says:

    Do you have Reps in Tamil Nadu sir..?

  39. Ashi says:

    Hi Abhishek,

    i have a house and a school in the same building and planning to
    install a solar power of about 1kv to 3kv so how much will it be
    How much space will it require to setup the system?
    How much will the setup cost and the installation cost and what kind of system do i require to put it in complete shape.
    you can reply me back on [email protected]

    Thank you

  40. Guest says:

    Hi Abhishek,

    i have a house and a school in the same building and planning to install a solar power of about 1kv to 3kv so how much will it be costing?
    How much space will it require to setup the system?
    How much will the setup cost and the installation cost and what kind of system do i require to put it in complete shape.
    you can reply me back on [email protected]

    Thank you

  41. Guest says:

    photovoltaic cell
    solar panels in maharashtra my no.09021289816

  42. xared says:

    I just got this thought. Instead of all the stupid glass buildings cropping up, why not have buildings with sola panel walls?! Any existing building can be covered in solar panels too!

  43. bharat says:

    can you suggest some vendors for giving more information in Nanded city Maharastra.

  44. senthilkumar says:

    dear sir i required 2KW solar panels for 100Watts panels please send how to i am contact for you

    This is
    Hi-Tech solar and power control

  45. Mukesh Talwar says:

    Hi there,

    I am planning to install 10 KW solar panel system which can provide enough electricity to pump water from 100 ft depth. I already have one 10 HP AC motor installed which is running on 3 phase current. I will be running this motor during a day thus I do not require battery backup.

    I will really appreciate if anyone can provide details on cost involved.


    [email protected]

  46. Mann Vijay says:

    Dear Abhishek i want some solar panel for our school but cant get the rate which you tell. I m greatful if u give some address where i purchase at your rate given above

  47. vbhoj74 says:

    Hi Abhishek,

    As you already know that I wanted to setup a 1.4 KW PV system, but the lowest price of panels I got was Rs 52/w. The prices you mentioned above is still far fetched to the masses. I feel till the prices of panels come down below Rs 35/w (for 16%+ efficiency), going solar does not makes sense in terms of ROI, it surely is fine if someone still wants to go this lane for green energy sake. For me, I’ve shelved the idea till it makes sense in terms of ROI !!

  48. gogua says:

    I am looking for 500Wp panel for home use. The cheapest quote I got for Tata solar panels in Bangalore is Rs 85 per watt. In Kerala where I need it, the authorised dealer is very reluctant to sell panels in small quantities like 500Wp besides quoting Rs 110 per Wp. The domestic manufacturers are crying fowl to imports. The sellers are inflating prices. I am looking for a place like SP road in Bangalore where you can buy solar panels. I am a great fan of SP road. I am now also ready to order it on-line if there are no meaningful quotes from local sellers. I would appreciate manufacturers selling it directly to customers using an online ordering system. I can collect it from a nearby city warehouse. If there are sellers who can beat the price in Kerala, let me know through this forum.

  49. sridhar v says:

    Dear Abhishek,
    It would be good if you can share some places where we can buy panels for the cost 40-42 Rs / watt. I have been calling multiple people the least i got is 53 Rs / Watt.


  50. Nitin says:

    Hi Abhishek,

    I have a large requirement for low watt solar panels (.5 W – 5W). Do you have a list of suppliers for the same?


  51. shankar says:

    Hello sir, prices are after subsidy or before.
    Please suggest best company to buy solar panels. For home in rural place.

    • abhishekjain203 says:


      From our own research and from the feedback that we have got from people from various parts of the country, we have observed that price of solar panel is in the range of Rs 60,000 to Rs 1.2 lakhs per kW after subsidy. As far as manufacturers are concerned, here is the link from MNRE which provides MNRE approved suppliers: http://mnre.gov.in/file-manager/UserFiles/list_manufacturers_SPV_NABARD.pdf. You can find a manufacturer closer to your place.

      Hope this helps.


  52. abhishekjain203 says:


    Are you looking for Exide battery or Exide solar panels?


    • suresh says:

      I mean exide solar system of 150 w… :)

      • abhishekjain203 says:

        I am sorry. We do not have the numbers from exide.


        • suresh says:

          ohhkk but could you please tell me a rough price of the solar system mentioned above of any company

          • abhishekjain203 says:


            Based on our own research and from the feedback that we have got on our website, we have heard of solar PV home system cost between a range of Rs 60,000 to Rs 1.2 lakhs for a kW (or 1000 watts). There are many components of the system: panels, charge controller, batteries, inverter, wiring and the cost of each of these have to be evaluated based on requirement. But to get a rough number, you can extrapolate the numbers above. Hope this helps.


  53. Venkatasaikrishna Potluri says:

    hello sir…if i would use a CFL bulb of about 20-40 watts,what should be the capacity of the solar panel…..?please suggest me the price too…..

    • abhishekjain203 says:

      Hello Venkat,

      For a single 20-40 watt bulb, you do not need more than 40-50 Wp Solar Panel. In case you are using it just for an experiment, you can connect a bulb directly to a solar panel and there is no need of storage of electricity. If you want it to store energy and use it at home, then you will need charge controller, batteries and inverter. The cost of the accessories may not make it feasible for you to install a system just for 1 CFL.

      Hope this helps.


  54. thirupathi says:

    hi sir. house use 2fan 3cfl charge contollers, batteries and inverters total cost.

    • abhishekjain203 says:


      With 2 fans and 3 CFLs, you can go with even 0.5 kW of solar panel. Should cost you about Rs 40K to 60K for the system.

      Hope this helps.


  55. VK says:


    I am planning to start a solar energy plant in Tamilnadu.So i need to know the cost of solar plant and production cost of per unit and selling cost in india

  56. Vivek Agrawal says:

    i want a solar panel for car . how much would it cost . for a two seater car

  57. nirranj prabhu m says:

    Hi, I want to connect the irrigation pump and my house to the solar power source. what is the capacity of the solar panels that has to be installed.

    The pump is a 5 HP high speed electric motor run, centrifugal type.

    Have a refrigerator that runs all day, a tv (5-6 hrs avg), a mixer (1 hr avg), five rooms with lighting and fans, a radio, a washing machine (once in two days, for 2 hours), and other normal house hold electrical items.

  58. UJJAL says:


    • abhishekjain203 says:


      We do not sell Solar Panels at Bijli Bachao. The information we have gathered through our research is mentioned in the article.


  59. krunal mehta says:

    I want to Connect My 1.5 ton AC with solar panel how much Cost it?

    • abhishekjain203 says:

      Hi, 1.5 ton AC need about 2 kW to start up. So you would need inverter that can take up that load. Also a 1.5 ton AC would consume about 1-1.4 units an hour. 1 kW system can produce only 5 units in a day. So if you run AC for 8 hours, you would 8-12 units in a day which means a 3 kW system would be good for you and should cost you about 2-3 lakhs.


  60. Kris says:

    I have 2 queries:
    1. I want to connect my laptop (Input 100-240v / 1.5A / 50-60A) and modem for continuous 8 hours run during the day. How much solar panel should I take and how much would it cost?

    2. If I want to use one geyser OR the laptop n modem how much would I need and what would be the cost? I ask this as during summer, we have power cuts and during rainy / winter, I can use the same unit for geysers.
    Please advise for 1 and 2 respectively.

    • abhishekjain203 says:

      Hello Kris,

      The two things you have mentioned are completely contrasting. A laptop/model consume very less electricity and Geyser will consume a lot. A laptop/model will be hardly 70-80 Watts where as a geyser would need 2000-3000 W or may be 4000 W to run. Also instead of PV based geyser, a solar water heater which is solar thermal application based is better (check this article to know more about difference between PV and solar thermal: http://www.bijlibachao.in/Solar/solar-electric-solar-thermal-power-generation-inverters-grid-off-grid-clearing-the-cobweb.html). An 80 or 100 W solar PV panel would cost you a few thousands but a 4 kW solar panel will run in lakhs. So the two requirements are completely different.

      Hope this helps.


  61. Pankaj bhagat says:

    Thanks abhishek for this important information on solar panel and its costing.
    i would like to add one extra information on cutting down the electricity bill by using the geothermal heat energy of Earth for heating and cooling purposes in winters and summers…
    and for those who lives in the upper floors, and cant even get proper sunlight, vertical axis wind turbine is always a good option to save money over electricity bill

    Pankaj Bhagat

  62. Rajasekaran says:

    I am looking for a 2KW solar PV system for my house under construction in Pune. You have mentioned in one of your replies that 1 KW costs between 60,000 and one lakh rupees. I have written to 2 or 3 well known suppliers and every one’s price is more than 1.2 lakhs per kw after discounting for subsidy. Can you please share the names of reliable suppliers of 2-3 kw systems preferably in Pune? My email id is [email protected]

  63. Msingh says:

    i want to know what is the average consumption of electricity in north india (in kilowatts) so that i can tell my brother to do a installation according to their needs.

    • abhishekjain203 says:


      We currently do not have a data analysis of the consumption pattern in North. The best bet for you to understand your consumption will be your electricity bill. That can give you the perfect picture.


  64. Shinee says:

    Please advice how to install 1kw to exisisting Inverters

  65. Vinay Punjabi says:

    hello sir, i am planning to make a major project based on solar panel, my idea is to track panel according to position of the sun, since i only want to glow only one CFL, please suggest me type and cost of panel, i live in gwalior M.P. ,here is no means of enquiring about prize and size required, plz help me ….i need to submit this project wihin this month itself

  66. shibu says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to know how much watt solar panel would be required for charging a 500 VA inverter system.Also can you suggest a design for such a system.(what all would be required).

  67. AMERJITH says:

    Dear sir,

    I would like to know more about solar panel &this business.As i have 10 years of experience in Office Automation filed.I am now looking forward in this business.

    From market study i came to know that Govt. providing subsidy for this business.But this subsidy is the major dis advantage of this business.

    Bcoz If a person would like to purchase this solar,He came to know that there is subsidy from govt.,it is almost about 50%.

    Then he go to the anert office from there the govt paper work and delay make him to rethink about it.

    so ,can you help me how to tackle this situation?

    Please email me to the given below address

    [email protected]

    0 94470 86058

    • abhishekjain203 says:

      Hello Amerjith,

      It is very essential for govt to provide subsidy on solar. Unless that happens, it will be difficult for the technology to penetrate because it will turn out to be expensive. The govt can simplify the processes for obtaining the subsidy but for now it looks difficult to avoid it. Also the situation in the power sector in the country is making shift to renewables inevitable. So slowly people will start adopting more of them. If someone is rethinking, then it means that using renewables is not on their priority. The only thing that you can do is help them understand the benefits. Educating customers can take the whole thing a long way and can benefit all.


  68. Jaichand Johnson says:

    Sir, please provide me with the names of dealers/manufacturers from south India (if possible Kerala in particular) of good SPV modules comparable to the rates mentioned in your article “Solar Panel prices in India”. Thank you.

  69. Dheeraj Srivastava says:

    hello sir

    i am from basti (u.p.). i want buy 12v monocrystline solar panal of 800watt . in my area only solar panal coast 100rs/watt . please tell me nearest delar where i buy 32-50rs/watt solar panal

    • abhishekjain203 says:

      Hello Dheeraj,

      You should check in Delhi. We had a reader who got a 1.4 KW system installed for about Rs 75K in Delhi.
      He got panels from Surana Ventures.


  70. princy bhansali says:

    helo abhishek,
    i am planning to install a solar power plant of 1 MW in rajasthan.What brand of solar panels would be best and what technology of solar panels will give me max. output.
    also tell me how much this project would cost me for 1.solar panels 2.battery 3.inverter.
    do reply me soon at my id [email protected] and give your number too.

    • abhishekjain203 says:

      Hello Princy,

      A monocrystaline PV panel can give more efficiency for a given area and can generate more electricity. Also if you plan to put a plant then it is better to have a grid connected plant. To know more about grid connected and off grid you can read:

      You will not need batteries and inverters if you go for grid connected solution and it will be just about the panels. The prices that we have mentioned above are from a research that we have done with some solar manufacturers and these are just for the panels and not for a system with batteries and inverters. Will send you a few samples.


  71. gourav jangid says:

    hello sir.i want to know that how can i start a soler power system installing business for domestic level.

  72. Guest says:

    please tell me price of 1 kw solar panel

    • abhishekjain203 says:

      Hello Mr Bharadwaj,

      A 1 kW solar panel (just the panels) should cost you anywhere between 35000 to 55000 based on quality of the panels. If you are looking for a off grid solution with charge contollers, batteries and inverters then it should come between 60000 to about a lakh.


  73. noushad says:

    dear,i have monthly usage of 600 units at my residence.could you please advise me on the best solar system to go
    for and cost of installing the same.

    • abhishekjain203 says:

      Hello Noushad,

      600 units is about 20 units a day. One kW Panel would produce about 5-7 units on a bright day. So you would need about 4 kW system. But please note, if your units are high because of Air Conditioning, then there is a challenge, because most inverters cannot support ACs. The cost of the system (including batteries, inverter, etc) may vary from 60K per kW to about a lakh per kW depending on the quality.


      • noushad says:


        thanx for the reply.may be its because of airconditioning.i am planning to go for 2kw system without ac,s and I have zeroed in on sukam with govt subsidies and they are costing 1lakh per 1 kw with all accessories and installation.Are they good if not can u please suggest a few companies

  74. Mukul Aggarwal says:

    Hi Abhishek,

    I have 1400 VA Invertor (luminous Brand) connected two exide batteries in series.
    I would like to install suitable solar panels to charge batteries as well as supply power to house online.

    Please mail me details of complete requirements like surface area, best suited panels, accessories needed and most important cost.

    Mukul Aggarwal
    [email protected]

    • abhishekjain203 says:

      Hello Mr Aggarwal,

      The size, cost, etc will all depend on your daily electricity usage. Can you please let me know your daily units used or approximate monthly units of electricity used?


  75. A.Paul says:

    Abhishek, Can you advise the vendor in Delhi area for solar panel supplying at the prices you mentioned above.I want to set 5 kw system for home. Pls do reply

  76. Venu Gopal says:

    Dear abhishekjain , i want to purchace solar pannels for 8kw . In our kurnool market they are telling Rs 70/- / watt . so pls give ur mbile No for ordering our requirements

    • abhishekjain203 says:

      Hello Mr Venu Gopal,

      Rs 70 per watt includes batteries and other accessories or just the panels? Cost of Solar PV modules not including batteries etc is about Rs 35-50 per watt (imported one is higher). Cost of batteries etc will be on top of this.


  77. karuturi says:

    dear abhishekjain,

    this is chowdary karuturi from vijayawada,

    you said,

    4 Solar panels of 200W @ 8000/- = Total 800W @ 32,000/-
    4 Solar panels of 150W @ 4000/- = Total 600W @ 16,000/-
    Copper Wiring = 2 bundles @ 2300/- = Total 4,600/-
    600VA Inverter @ 5,000/-
    2 Batteries of 23 plates each @ 7500/- = Total 15,000/-
    2 Iron Stands for holding panels @ 1500/- = Total 3,000/-
    Total Cost : 32000+16000+4600+5000+15000+3000 = 75,600/

    dear abishekjain ,

    i want this 1.4k system in my home…plz tell where purchase this products & installations.

    email: [email protected]


  78. [email protected] says:

    send me all detail on my mail [email protected]

    • abhishekjain203 says:

      Hello Joseph,

      One 2 Ton AC would consume about 1.5 units in an hour and two of them would need close to 3 units in an hour. If you operate the AC for 8 hours a day you need at least 24 units in the whole day. A 1 kW solar panel will produce 5 units of electricity in the whole day!!! And 1 kW unit would cost you about 50-60 K as per current rates. You would need at least 5-6 kW system to run it (may be more depending on sunlight in your area). We are trying to do some research on solar air conditioner and will post some information about it on our website soon. May be that will come useful to you.


  79. shankar says:

    dear abhishekjain,

    this is shankar from vijayawada
    i am interesting to erection solar home lighting in my home. Pl can u forward the where u purchase

    thanking u

  80. shankar says:

    where i can purchase for above rates if any suppliers numbers

  81. Ram Modhvadiya says:

    pls send me rate of 1KW solar panel

  82. Shrinivas Rapalla says:

    can you send me rate of 100 w solar panel monocrystaline

    • abhishekjain203 says:

      Hi Shirnivas, We at Bijli Bachao are not selling SPV online yet. It is something that we may start in future, but we are not doing it right now. I have emailed you some information that can be useful to you. Regards, Abhishek

  83. Bhasheer says:

    Hi abhishekjain203

    Myself Bhasheer.. i need some info about solar panels as per below Discussion

    Note: Bijli Bachao reader a few days back where he mentioned the amount he paid for a 1.4 kW system in Delhi.

    please send me full details and the contact details and email id to my mail [email protected]


    • abhishekjain203 says:

      Hello Bhasheer, I have sent you an email on your email address. You can check the contact details. Regards, Abhishek

  84. Asif says:

    Keep up the good work.

    I have a pretty simple question…
    What about the weight factor? How heavy are these panels and batteries going to be?

    To give my practical example. I wish to use a 5kW system, the weight of the panels (supposing 19% efficiency), tubular batteries for 7kW capacity, inverter, metal frames etc. Will that be more than 100 kgs?

    (Just in case, this information is relevant, I have a 1000sft roof and one tall building is on the north side, so it doesn’t obstruct sunlight).

    Thanks :)

    • abhishekjain203 says:

      Hello Asif,

      The solar panels typically weigh 15Kg per Sq. meter. This weight varies with technology and type of structure. Hope this helps.


  85. Riturajgreen says:

    32 or 34 rs/per watt is after subsidy or in open market .I have been asked about 150 rs per watt so i was planing to make this my self from buying wafers from China .figure 32/watt is very attractive for me . Please make sure about price and market and provide me phone no . near Varanasi or Delhi .

    • abhishekjain203 says:


      I have sent you an email with some details that I have. We do not have contact details of any supplier in Delhi though. But we recently got at a message from Mr Suresh Adhikari ([email protected]) from Delhi who had set up a solar rooftop system for his home and he was keen on sharing details. You can contact him on his email if you are interested.



  86. mahindra says:

    what about warranty

  87. ashish vimala says:

    That’s a good information. I am wiling to install solar power system in my home and doing some research on the requirement and affordability. Thanks Mate.

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