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Top Ten Water Heaters/geysers in India by standing loss and size

By on January 24, 2014

Although electricity consumption of water heater or geyser depends on the amount of hot water used (as discussed in our link: Choose the right sized water heater/geyser for electricity saving), standing loss can be an important factor while deciding which water heater to buy. “Standing loss” or heat/energy loss of a water heater to the surrounding in 24 hours is an important factor used by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) to decide on star rating of a water heater. Using hot water optimally and choosing the right sized heater can minimize “Standing Loss”, but the most efficient water heater for a given size can assist in minimizing losses. Most sources on the Internet provide details on features and reviews. Electricity consumption hardly becomes the deciding factor. To help people make electricity consumption as deciding factor, we at Bijli Bachao have decided to put up a list of Top Ten Water Heaters/Geysers in India by standing loss and size.




  • The basis of this ranking is the data from BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency). BEE data contains standing loss of a water heater and this information is self reported by the manufacturers. The data is calculated in test conditions.
  • We have taken the data on standing loss and categorized it by the capacity or volume of the water heater. The water heater with the least value of standing loss units/lts is given the highest ranking. Multiple models with the same value are given the same rank.
  • The list below contains only the top ten ranked water heaters. List of all BEE star rated water heaters are available on the useful links given below.
  • Use the ‘Add to compare’ icon to compare the monetary value of the units available from BEE based on your tariff from your electricity provider and your usage.
  • We regularly update this list as new models get added in the BEE list of water heaters.

Top Ten Water Heaters

Click on the category button below to choose a category.

Click To Expand: Small Size (<=15 lts)

RankBrandModelCapacityStanding Loss (units/day)
5AO SMITHHSE-SES-015150.510
6EWSH PLUS 15-LHS150.525
6EWSH 15-LHS150.525
6EWJH 15-LHS150.525
6EWJH 15150.525
8MAJESTY 15 GMH150.544
8PLATINI PX 15 GVS150.544
8LAVO 15 VM150.544

Click To Expand: Medium Size (25 to 50 lts)

RankBrandModelCapacityStanding Loss (units/day)
1PX 50 GL MV500.883
2GLIDER - 50500.910
4RACOLDCDR 50V500.916
4CLASSIC 50500.916
4M SERIES-50500.916
4WH - 50500.916
4DI 2101500.916
4UNICORE 50500.916
4CDP 50V500.916
4FIESTA -50500.916
4BERLIA PLUS-50500.916
4MP GEY 50L 5S500.916
4CE 50500.916
4G 750500.916
4GYS. 50L SS500.916
4GYS. 50L COP500.916
4ALTRO 2-50H-5S500.916
4SUPER DELUXE-50500.916
6PX 35 GL MV350.738
9MULTISTAR50 LTR (CV)501.099
9ALTRO 2 PLUS-50H501.099
9SWH 350501.099
950 LTR (SC)501.099

Click To Expand: Large Size (>50 lts)

RankBrandModelCapacityStanding Loss (units/day)

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Comparison of various brands of Water Heaters/Geysers on BEE star rating in India

Link to list of BEE Star Rated Water Heaters: http://bit.ly/OBnYiX

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There Are 78 Comments

  1. Helen says:

    Dear Abhishek,
    we are a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children) living in Mumbai, please let me know which geyser should i purchase and how much litres.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      The water is not too cold in Mumbai. If the usage is mostly for bucket bath, even a 6 lts water heater is good enough. For shower 10 or 15 lts (max) is good enough. Try to go for a water heater that has external thermostat adjustment feature and BEE 5 star rated model. Check Bajaj Majesty 15 GPU or Racold Eterno/Altro models.

  2. rughalshi says:

    Dear Abhishek
    When I click the above link to expand details of geyser Medium Size (25 to 50 lts), all I can see is only 50Ltrs, can you suggest any 25L models for our reference? My parents are living in Haryana and I want to buy them a new geyser with good standing loss performance.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      You can look at these models that have the least standing loss in 25 lts:

      Brand Model Power Consumption Standing Losses
      MORPHY RICHARDS LAVO 25 VM 2000 0.577
      BAJAJ PLATINI PX 25 GVD 2000 0.577
      BAJAJ MAJESTY 25 GPU 2000 0.602
      BAJAJ PX 25 GLR 2000 0.602
      HAIER ES25V-ED 2000 0.602
      MORPHY RICHARDS CALDO 25 VM 2000 0.602
      BAJAJ PX 25 GL MV 2000 0.602
      AO SMITH HSE-SES-025 2000 0.62
      AO SMITH HSE-SAS-025 2000 0.62
      MORPHY RICHARDS SALVO 25L 2000 0.622
      MORPHY RICHARDS PREMIO 25L 2000 0.624
      HAVELLS QUATRO 25 2000 0.625
  3. Balaji says:

    Dear Abhishek,

    I live in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. The climate is predominantly cold here for 8 months in a year here. I am planning to buy a water geyser for my second bathroom. i have a geyser in the first bathroom and its Racold Eterno 25L. I do have frequent visitors/guests to my home so planning to have geyser in second bathroom. I am planning to have one 15L in second bathroom, thinking of Racold or Bajaj geyser, which one is better and best suited model for me in that brand. Assuming around 3-4 people to use geyser in second bathroom. Also suggest a different brand if any is better than this Racold or Bajaj.
    Important point to note is water is Hard/silghtly salty in my apartment.
    Thanks a ton in advance.

    • rughalshi says:

      My aunt is living in Coimbatore and her family is using 3 geysers of Havells brand, all Quatro 15L for about two years, the Havells people says the heating tube inside are with better quality than local made geyser when it comes to hard water condition. Would suggest you to buy one for the same.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      You can go for Racold 15 lts model. One that has external thermostat alteration. Racold has polymer protection coating for hard water. You can check this one: http://www.racold.com/altro_2.asp

  4. Rajiv says:

    Hello Abhishek, good write up and replies. I needed ur help on a issue
    I had purchased kenstar KGS15W6M-GDE water heater last year. It worked well for last winters with good water heating very low standing loss and almost no change in electricity bills.
    But two months back (during summers when it was not in use) all of sudden it started leaking. After repetitative complaints at service center no one turned up till today. Also the address given in website for service center does not exisits in city.

    So I guess that was a big fraud. And tank is no more reparables now so I lost all hope. If u have any suggestion I wd be thankful to u

    Finally I decided to buy a new one.
    We are family of 4, shower usage, six floor apartment, mostly hard water.

    Any other suggestion apart from bajaj majaesty 15 GPU

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Rajiv,

      I wold say use social media, find out their page, tag them writing a complaint, post it in such a way that your friends also see it. Brands are quite responsive to social media complaints these days and I am sure they will react. As for the new geyser, check out Racold and AO Smith as well along with Bajaj. They also have models that are BEE 5 star rated and also have adjustable thermostat. Keeping thermostat to lowest comfortable setting will really help in saving electricity. The lesser you heat water, the more you save on electricity.

    • rughalshi says:

      Apart from Majesty GPU 15L, Would suggest you to go with Puro 15, or Quatro 15 from Havells, Salvo 15 from Morphy Richards, Verve 15L from Usha. These are with quality products and my friends are using these models for over a long time and they are all 5 stars rated products with decent outlook.

  5. vikram padia says:

    top ten gas geyser of size 15 lit.

  6. Maverick03 says:

    Hi Abhishek,

    Really good write up and helpful info for buyers.
    I have a family of 4 + shower usage + soft water, which one would you suggest?

    Also, the other day I went to local retailer and sales guy was also recommending CG geysers. Do you think they are any close to Havell and Bajaj, in terms of safety and power saving?

    Thanks in advance.

    God Bless.

    • Abhishek Jain says:


      A 15 lts water heater should be good for your needs. All water heaters that have ISI mark have passed safety test and BEE only considers those for star rating. You can check Bajaj MAJESTY 15 GPU or Havells QUATRO 15.

  7. Tej says:


    I stay in bangalore and we use mostly borewell water. Which geyser would be better for us is it Shivalik or bajaj?

  8. Vivek says:

    You reply all the queries about various electrical appliances from so many people. Outstanding commitment. Thank you for creating bijlibacho.com.

    Heartly Regards

  9. Vivek says:

    Hi Abhishek

    what is your opinion about the Gas Geysers which run on LPG cylinder? How safe they are? And if they are safe enough, which are the better brands in the markets?


    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Vivek,

      If we compare basic numbers, Gas Geysers will be far more cost saving as well as energy efficient as compared to electric geysers. Gas is still cheaper to use than electricity. As long as they are ISI marked, they should be safe enough. BIS or Bureau of Indian Standards checks safety standards of all consumer products. However I must say that we do not have research on Gas geysers yet, so I cannot suggest you the brands.

  10. Madhava says:

    Hi, I am staying in Hyderabad. Please help me to suggest one good water geyser for Bore water

  11. Shruti Reddy says:

    We are a family of 4 ansd wish to buy a water geyser.My questions are:
    1) How much capacity is required for our family?
    2) Which model should I go for?
    3) Amongst AO SMith, Bajaj, Racold, Kenstar which is the a better buy.
    4) Which model is safe and has good customer service.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Shruti,

      Which city are you located in and what is the most preferred method in your house: bucket bath, shower, tub?

      All BEE star rated models have BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certification, so they all comply to safety standards. Even if you go for non star rated models, you should make sure that they have ISI mark to make sure that they are safe to use. The brands that you have mentioned are all reputed brands. While buying there are only few things that are important:

      1) You buy the right size. Buying a smaller storage/wattage water heater may not give you enough hot water. Buying oversized would consume more electricity and would lead to wastage.

      2) Better buy one with external thermostat settings, so that you can reduce the maximum temperature of hot water and can thus save electricity.

  12. RAM WABLE says:


  13. Whykay says:

    PS: we use borewell water

  14. Whykay says:

    Hi, will these ratings / rankings differ if we have to install horizontal geyser? We are planning to purchase 25L horizontal geyser. Which model is the best with respect to time consumed to heat water and electricity efficiency? Thanks.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello WhyKay,

      Every water heater has a thermostat, so the water heater cuts off electricity when the water is heated to the set temperature (if there is no external setting then the default thermostat temperature is 60). So the electricity consumption of water heater depends on:

      1) Your usage of water. If you waste hot water, you waste electricity. But if you choose a water heater of optimal size, then you heat only that much water which is needed. This saves electricity. Also as I said electricity consumption depend on usage of water, so it is proportional to the number of people using hot water. Now if you use hot water in tub, water consumption will be more, and so electricity consumption will be more. If you take shower, then it will be lesser than the tub and if you use bucket, then it will be further less. Approximately tub bathing needs about 35-40 lts of water, shower needs 25 and bucket bathing needs 10-15 lts. Now this need of water is of water at 38-39 degrees whereas the heater heats it to about 60 degrees. And when you use water, you mix it with cold water. So the ideal sizing of water heater depends on how cold your water is in winter. So for e.g if you take bucket bath and you live in place like Mumbai, then even a 6 lts water heater can work well. You switch on the water heater before use and switch it off immediately after and you save electricity. However for a similar situation in Delhi, you would need about 10 lts water heater, as the water there is quite cold in winters.

      2) Water heaters also have a standing loss. This is loss of heat when hot water remains in the water heater for long. So if you leave you water heater on for a long time and not use the water, the heat in it will be lost from the water heater. BEE star rating of water heater happens on this loss value. BEE 5 star rated heaters loose heat less slowly (have better insulation), whereas lower star rated water heaters loose heat faster. But this situation will arise only when you leave excess hot water in the water heater or when you have an over sized water heater. If you are in habit of switching it on before use and switching it off before the last use, then there would not be any wastage. And in that case there would not be much significance of BEE star rating or energy efficiency.

      Now speed of heating water depends on the wattage of water heater. A 25 lts water heater with 3 kW coil will heat water at a much faster pace than a 2 kW coil. However both will take same amount of electricity as the energy required to heat 25 lts water is the same.

      The ratings and rakings mentioned above are purely based on standing loss and will not differ for horizontal geyser. What is more important is to size the water heater right based on the usage. If most of the people in your family prefer using bucket or even shower, then 25L may be slight over sized.

  15. kiran says:

    hi abhi,
    THANK U,

  16. sanjay says:

    Dear sir
    Let me know for smal. Size family 4 to 5 lit. Cspaciyy geyser would be sufficient or not.Also suggest company.Is there star system like a.c.so as to save energy?

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Mr Sanjay,

      It all depends on the amount of water you use and the place where you live. If you live in a cold place in North, the sizes required are bigger. But if you are down south where the climate is not very cold, you can live with smaller sized water heaters. Also if your usage is high (say you have a tub for bathing), then you need more capacity, else if you use shower then it is less and if you use bucket for bathing, then you need the least sized water heater.

      Now typical numbers:

      If you use Tub, then you would use about 35-40 lts of water.
      If you use shower, then it would be about 25 lts.
      If you use bucket, then one bucket would be 10-15 lts.

      Now suppose you use a bucket and you live in south, then 5-6 lts water heater would work really well because before every bath a person can heat up the water (5-6 lts) which will be good enough to provide 15 lts of warm water (at temperature suitable for human body). However if you live in North, then you would need about 10 lts water heater as the 5 lts water you mix to it to make it warm would be very cold.

      To save electricity, the best strategy is to use a water heater that is as small as possible. And yes there is BEE star rating for water heaters. The list above is for top energy efficient BEE star rated water heaters.

  17. raju says:

    Which is better?
    Glass coated or Copper tank? when it comes to 2 factors energy saving and 2. Hard water input

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Glass Coasted tank will be better for hard water. For energy saving, it needs to have good insulation.

  18. Kumar says:

    I am looking for electric water geysers.By seeing these reviews i am little bit confused to buy Kenstar KGS10W5P-GDE or Bajaj Majesty 15 L GPU Water Heater.I am also looking for lower power consumption.Please suggest one of these.

    One more query whether these are instant water heaters ??


  19. Kumar says:

    I am looking for electric water heaters. By seeing all reviews mentioned here i am confused to buy whether KENSTAR KGS10W5P-GDE or bajaj water Heaters.I am also looking for low power consumption heaters.Please suggest me one.
    One more questions whether these heaters are instant water heaters ?


    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Kumar,

      All the above mentioned water heaters are storage water heaters and not instant water heaters. The best strategy for saving electricity on water heating is to use as less water as possible and do not leave much of hot water in the water heater (which means do not heat excess of water than needed). Typically a bucket bath requires 15 lts water (one bucket is about 10 lts), shower bath requires about 20-25 lts of water. But the hot water we use is at 38-39 degrees whereas the water gets heated up to 60 degrees. Depending on your location (how cold it gets in winter), you can go for 10lts, 15 lts or 25 lts water heater if you take bucket bath. If you take shower then it can be 15 or 25 lts (again depending on your location). Few things that are important while buying water heater:

      1) Buy the right size. Better buy as small as possible (based on hot water usage).
      2) Make sure it is Indian Standards certified (if you buy one with BEE rating, then it is by default IS certified).
      3) Better buy one with good star rating, so that heat loss from hot water is minimized.
      4) It is good to buy one with external thermostat setting, so that you can adjust the thermostat setting to lower temperature (most water heaters with no setting heat up to 60 or 70 degrees which can result in heating excess water and wastage). Better to keep thermostat settings to lower numbers around 50 or 45 degrees.

  20. natraj says:

    I am staying in Hyderabad in a two bet bedroom n flat. . I have 2 bathroom. Total members in my flat may be maximum 6(rare) and minimum 4(always).Please help me to suggest in these two models. Bajaj Shakti Plus 15 Lit. Geyser and Bajaj Majesty 15 L GPU Water Heater . which one will be better. Please suggest

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Nataraj,

      Bajaj Majesty 15 L GPU Water Heater looks better. Reasons: 1) Obviously it is BEE 5 star rated 2) It has a thermostat which you can alter to reduce the heating temperature and thus it can help save a lot of electricity.

      Hope this helps.


  21. Rughal says:

    We bought some plastic geysers last year end and them for approximately half of the years time, outlook were ok and these geysers are rated 5 stars. Everything was so far so good except we faced problem of noise occurrence when sometimes geysers are being heated. Such annoying heating noise were there since day one, at first we feel it should be some depositions or scaling inside the tanks so that when those substance would hit the container when heating is going, then aftersale service from the geyser company told us the noise was because of low water pressure supply to the tank and such noise problem happens when the water pressure is lower than 0.5bar or the water pipeline connections are not sealed properly so that the air pressure from outside will be carried to inner container of geyser and hence pressure in the container can not increase fast; we decided to changed to the other brand’s geysers and found the heating noise were still existing.
    Please kindly let us know if you can give instruction or guideline in installing geysers and what are the conditions required for using geysers.

  22. BHAVIK says:

    hello,..plz anyone can tell me how much maximum temp. attain in this commercial instant heater..because we gonna to use hot water for our project so it is important that how much we can attain…


    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello mr Bhavik,

      It should be available in the user manual of your water heater. Typically water heaters have a default setting of about 60-65 degrees.

      Hope this helps.


  23. Hasan says:

    Hi abhishek

    I’m using commercial electricity in Bombay. I’m looking for a efficient 5ltr heater. I’m basically looking for my hotels bathroom. It will be used by 2 to 3 people a day. So u would suggest a 5ltr or 10ltr. In 10ltr I know ken star is good. So if you could suggest what should I get

    Kindly reply


    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Mr Hasan,

      For a hotel room I would suggest a 10 lts water heater. Because you do not know how much hot water will a person use in one bath. A 5 lts is good if someone takes a reasonably short shower. But if someone decides to take a longer shower, then 10 lts will be better.

      Hope this helps.


  24. Jigar says:

    I am searching for a good water heater/geyser which is economical and better in terms of energy efficiency. There are 4 members in a family. but we dnt have much usage of water.
    Please suggest me few options which are convincing in terms of energy savings and performance.
    I look forward hearing from you.
    Thank you.

  25. MPK says:


    I live in Ahmedabad and we face hard water issue. I read your previous post to purchase a glasslined coated inner tank. So i have narrowed it down to either Bajaj Majesty 15L GPU or Bajaj shakti 15L V. Both are 5* rated and the spec are the same except former is a plastic body and latter is a metal body. Considering hard water issue which body type should i opt for? My heart is set on Bajaj 15L GPU coz of the external adjustable thermostat.

    I look forward hearing from you.


    • Abhishek Jain says:


      I think you have chosen the right model. If you get hard water, it is better to go for plastic body. Plus the external adjustable thermostat is added advantage (as you can adjust the thermostat to a lower setting).


  26. naq says:

    is there ant list for instant water gyesers. which is the best for hard water & low electricity bill. i have bajaj instant gyezer but after 3 years inspite of service the electricity bill has gone up

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      hi naq,

      Can you please check you electricity meter and find out how many units are used per day when you use instant geyzer and when you do not use the same? This can help you find out how much electricity does your water heater take per day.


  27. kumar malothra says:

    hello abhy the shivalik 3 litres instant geyser has a preset temp of 65 degrees so you would not need to change the temperature, most products have an internal thermostat set at 65 degrees

  28. Darsh says:

    Hi, Can you tell me what will be the best water heater if I want to use it with shower?
    What capacity will be ideal for a family of 3 and which company?
    Also, how effective can Solar water heater be? specially in winter when temp drops to 7-8 degrees?

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Darsh,

      Ideally electricity consumption of water heater is directly dependent on the amount of water you heat. If you buy a water heater with bigger storage, then you might end up heating excess water which will loose heat when left in the heater. Typically a bucket bath consumes about 15 lts (1 bucket) and if you use shower, you may use about 30 lts of water. A water heater heats water to about 60-70 degrees which is quite hot and that’s why you end up mixing cold water in it. If temperature at your place goes down to 7-8 degrees, then may be 25 lts water heater should be good for you.

      As for the solar water heater, it also works with diffused radiation in the atmosphere. As long as it is not overcast for long and there is some sunlight, it works well.

      Hope this helps.


      • Darsh says:

        Thanks for reply. So 15Lits seems good enough…Also I have heard that mixing of water produces changing water temps in a shower. anyone with experience pls share.

  29. Abhy says:

    Kindly provide comparisons on instant water heater models such as racold, kenstar, ao smith etc.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Abhy,

      If you look at the star rating of water heaters, you will see that they are rated on “Standing Loss” which is the amount of electricity that water heater looses when water is left standing in it. With instant water heaters, there is no storage, and thus there is no standing loss. For water heaters, the amount of electricity used is directly proportional to amount of water heated, so instant water heaters turn out to be quite efficient in terms of electricity consumption, although having high wattage, they are a big load on the electricity grid.

      We do not have data on instant water heaters because they are not rated on BEE star rating, and it is difficult to do a comparison because there is no standing loss in them. I would suggest that if you are buying an instant water heater, go for the brand of your preference where you have experienced good service in the past.

      Hope this helps.


      • Abhy says:

        Thanks a ton..However it left me in a confused state but still thanks for the good info. According to articles published here I am trying to look for instant geysers of copper tub and element. I had got majority options of Stainless Steel tubs but a minority like Alpar which may have copper tub…I am trying to go with Inalsa Instant Water Geyser which may perform better I hope.

      • Abhy says:

        I concluded with Shivalik 3 Lt instant water heater. Still couldn’t understand the meaning of capacity for instant geysers in liters as they have no storage. It cost me Rs. 2400/- + Rs. 200 installation + Rs. 100/- for pipes + Rs. 30 for three pin plug which was not included in unit which sums to Rs. 2730. Also there was surprisingly no manual inside the box (although warranty card was there). Is there any heat setting in this model if you know please share?

        • Abhishek Jain says:

          Hi Abhy,

          It should have a thermostat to set the heat level. Does it not?


          • Abhy says:

            well the box didn’t contained any manual and till now I hadn’t taken help of some stool to stand up and see the settings :). .Kindly guide if u know exact location of thermostat?

    • Harcharan singh says:

      Dear Sir,

      I am Harcharan Singh, I have been invented a ELECTRIC GEYSER, which meets the

      Demand of the customer, today as energy conservation is main agenda .I am sending

      The technical specifications as under

      DISCHARGE-1 Litre /min
      TEMPERATURE-25 to 50 deg Celsius

      I want to do business of this product with your esteem concern, I hope for a positive


      Yours Faithfully,
      H S BHUI,


  30. maK ma says:

    I have bought a new flat in Bangalore. I am confused in selecting a geyser. I have 2 bathroom. Total members in my flat may be maximum 6(rare) and minimum 4(always). Please tell me how many litre capacity geyser should I buy and which brand to chose.

    • Abhishek Jain says:


      The best use of water heater happens when it is switched on before use and switched off after. And it is always good to buy a water heater as small as possible. Considering that winters in B’lore are cold, a 25 lts water heater should be more than enough if you use good amount of water. If you are conservative in water usage, even a 15 lts one might do. But 25lts one is on a safer side. As far as brand is concerned, any good brand which makes water heaters that comply to Indian Standards (with ISI mark) is good. What is more important is the right usage of water heater (for electricity consumption).

      Hope this helps.


  31. sujith says:

    Can any one give information on Benchmark Geyser??? Abt Service and how it is function wise??

  32. namrata says:

    i hv purchased kenstar geyser and it is the first year and its tank is leaking and no body in this company is bothered to solve my problem even after making several complaints. i can say this that this company has no respect for their consumers . they have employed the worst representatives without manners . i would never ever recommend this product to anyone

    • Bharat Bhalla says:

      Dear Namrata,

      This is very common problem in Kenstar & almost every third consumer of Kenstar is suffering from this, reason being they are using stainless steel tank which is not able to sustain hard water for too long, to avoid this problem of Hard water nowadays all good companies are offering glass lined tanks, please go for any branded Geyser with Glass lining. Kenstar has also recognized this problem & they have also start providing Glass lined water Heaters but they are too costly.

  33. neha goyal says:

    Hi ..can anyone please give their reviews about geysers of Shivalik brand,capacity 15 lts.. ?

    • Bharat Bhalla says:

      Dear Neha, Shivalik is very good brand but condition is you shall be resident of Bangalore since they have their registered dealer in Bangalore only, service is big problem in remaining part of India. However you can go for Bajaj Shakti 5 star range of Geysers, they are glass lined & suitable for high rise buildings, secondly i am using this Geyser & it heats water in hardly 7-8 mins.

  34. Samit Joshi says:

    pls upload for gilma geysers

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Mr Joshi,

      The above ranking is based on standby power consumption as per Bureau of Energy Efficiency ratings. We do have Gilma Geysers in our database as they are rated by BEE. But they are not the most efficient on BEE star ratings and thus they do not appear on this list.


  35. Mariam says:

    Thanks for the information. I would like to know information for Racold brand? Any specific reason it is not mention in the list?

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Mariam,

      The list is based on data available from Bureau of Energy Efficiency. On top of it, we have ranked each of them on the basis of least standing loss per liter of water it can hold. Racold does have some 5 star rated models which you can find on the BEE list ( also available on our link: http://bit.ly/OBnYiX ). In fact if you check our other link on brand comparison, you will find that Racold has good number of BEE 5 star rated models ( link: http://www.bijlibachao.com/Water-Heaters/comparison-of-various-brands-of-water-heaters-geysers-on-bee-star-rating-in-india.html ). It is just the above list is model to model comparison. Hope this helps.


  36. peeran says:

    i purchased a kenstar geyser and the tank leaks after 1 year loads of problems the whole place turned black

    it doesn’t suit to hard water my other geyser of Remson doesn’t have this problem