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Top Ten Water Heaters/geysers in India by standing loss and size

By on October 19, 2014

Although electricity consumption of water heater or geyser depends on the amount of hot water used (as discussed in our link: Choose the right sized water heater/geyser for electricity saving), standing loss can be an important factor while deciding which water heater to buy. “Standing loss” or heat/energy loss of a water heater to the surrounding in 24 hours is an important factor used by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) to decide on star rating of a water heater. Using hot water optimally and choosing the right sized heater can minimize “Standing Loss”, but the most efficient water heater for a given size can assist in minimizing losses. Most sources on the Internet provide details on features and reviews. Electricity consumption hardly becomes the deciding factor. To help people make electricity consumption as deciding factor, we at Bijli Bachao have decided to put up a list of Top Ten Water Heaters/Geysers in India by standing loss and size.




  • The basis of this ranking is the data from BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency). BEE data contains standing loss of a water heater and this information is self reported by the manufacturers. The data is calculated in test conditions.
  • We have taken the data on standing loss and categorized it by the capacity or volume of the water heater. The water heater with the least value of standing loss units/lts is given the highest ranking. Multiple models with the same value are given the same rank.
  • The list below contains only the top ten ranked water heaters. List of all BEE star rated water heaters are available on the useful links given below.
  • Use the ‘Add to compare’ icon to compare the monetary value of the units available from BEE based on your tariff from your electricity provider and your usage.
  • We regularly update this list as new models get added in the BEE list of water heaters.


Top Ten Water Heaters

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Click To Expand: Less than 10 lts

RankBrandModelCapacityStanding Loss (units/day)
3BAJAJMajesty 6GPU60.346
5BAJAJPX 06 GLR60.354
6ALMONARDSupreme High Tech-0660.356
6Super Delux-0660.356
6WH 200660.356
6KSH 6P360.356
6Classico 660.356
6GLORY 0660.356
6VICTOR 0660.356
6DI 110160.356
6ARVENA - 660.356
6REGENTA - 660.356
6SWH 80660.356
6JUPITER 660.356
6ROYAL 660.356
6HOTWAVE 660.356
6GOLD 660.356
6Steamer Plus EPAC 6 V60.356
6Pebble Metallica 660.356
6Pebble 660.356
6DI 110160.356
6Sprinhot Plus 660.356
6LOTUS 660.356
6SUPREMUS 660.356
6SNOWLINE - 660.356
7USHAAquagenie 06L60.381
8V-GUARDKrystal Plus 660.392
8CLASSIC 0660.392
8SWH 70660.392
8SWH 60660.392
106 GL60.396

Click To Expand: 10 lts

RankBrandModelCapacityStanding Loss (units/day)
3MORPHY RICHARDSSalvo 10L100.399
4HAVELLSOPAL 10100.402
5USHAAquagenie 10L100.411
6BAJAJPX 10 GLR100.414
7Majesty 10 GPU100.423
8HAVELLSPURO 10100.424
10AO SMITHHSE-SBS-010100.445

Click To Expand: 15 lts

RankBrandModelCapacityStanding Loss (units/day)
2AO SMITHHSE-VAS-015150.450
5HAVELLSPURO 15150.463
6USHAAquagenie 15L150.473
7MORPHY RICHARDSSalvo 15L150.491
9BAJAJPX 15 GLR150.496
10BAJAJMajesty 15 GPU150.497

Click To Expand: 25 lts

RankBrandModelCapacityStanding Loss (units/day)
2AO SMITHHSE-VAS-025250.540
4AO SMITHHSE-SDS-025250.560
6BAJAJMajesty Rapidotherm 25 GV250.568
8BAJAJPX 25 GLR250.574
9BAJAJPlatini PX 25 GVD250.577
9Lavo 25 VM250.577
10HAVELLSBELLO 25250.596

Click To Expand: 50 lts

RankBrandModelCapacityStanding Loss (units/day)
2WH 50500.824
2ARVENA - 50500.824
2KSH 50M1500.824
2DI 2101500.824
2REGENTA - 50500.824
2DI 2101500.824
2SNOWLINE - 50500.824
2SUPREMUS 50500.824
2MP GEY SU 50L 5S500.824
2Berlia Plus-50500.824
2GEYBETA-50 S500.824
3HAVELLSMonza 50500.857
4PX 50 GL MV500.883
5AO SMITHELJV 35350.620
6RACOLDALTRO 2-50V500.906
6ALTRO 2-50H500.906
6CLASSIC 50500.906
6Steamer Plus MSV 50500.906
6ALTRO 2 PLUS-50V500.906
7LITTELHOMEGlider - 50500.910
8BAJAJMajesty 50 GMH (RW)500.911
9MP GEY 50L 5S500.916
10AO SMITHELJH 35350.684
10CEWHR 35350.684

Click To Expand: Greater than 50 lts

RankBrandModelCapacityStanding Loss (units/day)
2V-GUARDSteamer Plus MSV 1001001.176
5AO SMITHELJV 70700.861
6AO SMITHELJH 70700.920
6CEWHR 70700.920

Link to list of BEE Star Rated Water Heaters: http://bit.ly/OBnYiX

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There Are 320 Comments

  1. Manjula says:


    We are looking for a geyser and need your suggestions regarding the selection. Based on your blog , we have decided to take two 15 ltr geysers for both our bathrooms. The options are AO smith and Ferroli.
    Since Ferroli is relatively new in the market we are not getting much reviews regarding it. Our area has hard water , So please suggest which one to go with. We are interested in Ferroli as it has digital display. Does any of these models have auto switch off when the water is heated to the desired temperature after we set it?


    • Bijli Bachao Team says:

      Hi Manjula,

      AO Smith is a great brand, however we have also not heard much about Ferroli. So cannot comment much on Ferroli. However if you are looking for models which are energy efficient and have lots of automated features then you should look at Havells Quatro Digital or Havells Bello Digital. Both are BEE 5 star rated models with high energy efficient, along with some awesome automated features to auto start, auto switch off, remote control, eco mode, and several other technologies to make sure that the energy consumption is less.

  2. Yash says:

    I need calorifier/ geyser complet set .
    Capacity 6kw.
    Supply 30-415vac
    Volume -120 ltr
    Type -auto cut off
    Range – 20 c* – 80 c*

  3. K Deba Prasad Patra says:


    I am looking for a good Geyser which should be cost effective , can be used for 2-3 person for bath , should be good for hard water and it must consume less electricity.

    Also want to know , if price for 2000 watt model and 3000 watt model are same price which one we should choose.

    • Bijli Bachao Team says:

      Hello Mr Patra,

      You can look at these 15 lts water heaters:

      Havells QUATRO 15 (Havells Quatro Digital has a remote control as well which can be quite useful)
      AO Smith HSE-VAS-015
      Havells PURO 15
      Bajaj Majesty 15 GPU
      Racold Eterno dg 15 lts water heater.

      All these can handle hard water. As far as 2000 watt and 3000 watt is concerned, a 3000 watt will just heat water faster. Electricity consumption will be the same for both if the amount of water to be heated is same. Electricity consumption of water heater depends on the amount of water you heat.

  4. Max says:

    Hi Abhishek,

    Thanks for maintaining such a nice blog, and helping people.

    Would request your advice on choice for a good Geyser.

    City: Bangalore
    Bath Mode: 2 Buckets per Bath per person, Many times use overhead shower or hand shower
    No of people using: 2 people, twice daily (Morning-Evening)
    Usage: All year round daily
    Preferences: Energy Efficient with low electricity cost, Space efficient, power fluctuations resistant, Safe and durable, Quick heating as much as possible, Generally temperatures outside are 24+ degrees or more all year round, Need temperature control and if any has option for hot and cold water mixing, I generally forget to switch off the geyser so any mechanism supporting auto cut-off will help

    Topmost priority: Best, reliable, and efficient After Sales Support by Company

    Looking forward to your recommendations

    Thanks in advance,


    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Max,

      A Havells Quatro Digital or Bello Digital 15 lts water heater model would be great for your use. These models are BEE 5 star rated and have automated digital timers to switch on and off the water heater. They also have many more energy saving features. And Havells is a great brand in general.

  5. Mohit says:

    Hello Mr. Abhishek

    I need your advice for geyser in my flat. The space available above sealing is 18 inch. Electritian told that only horizontal geyser can be accomodated there. I need your advice in respect of space available with available and suited geyser. I shall be thankful to you.


    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Mohit,

      Which city are you in and how many people will be using the geyser in the bathroom? Typically 10 lts geyser is good enough for bucket bath and 15 lts is good for shower bath (depending on the city’s temperature profile). Bajaj and AO Smith have some good 15 lts horizontal models that are BEE 5/4 star.

      • Mohit says:

        Hello Abhishek
        Thanks a lot for your response.

        I am in Gurgaon,Haryana and there 5 memebers in family so was looking for 25 L Geyser. Another alternative which I thought was of 2 geyser of 15L each. The space above sealing is 18 inch in both bathroom so need your expert suggestion for finalising geyser. Also if any idea, from where I can produre them chepeast (currently i am use internet to find the cheapest option available)


        • Abhishek Jain says:

          Hi Mohit,
          We would recommend you to go for two 15L geysers than going for a 25L geyser. As a 25l geyser can produce excess of hot water which is basically excess electricity consumption. Since the space above sealing is only 18 inches we would recommend you to go for horizontal geyser.
          You can look at these horizontal 15L geyser:
          Bajaj Magesty 15L GMH (RW or LW) Water Heater
          Bajaj Magesty 15L GMH (RF) Storage water
          AO Smith EWSH Plus 15L
          AO Smith EWSH 15L

          • Mohit says:

            Hi Abhishek
            Thank you very much for your response.

            Can you please share your opinion about RACOLD geysers (Horizontal)?


          • Abhishek Jain says:

            Hi Mohit,

            Which model are you talking about? I have seen only vertical models on their website.

          • Mohit says:

            Dear Abhishek
            I am talking about RACOLD ALTRO as I am able to see its horizontal version available when searched on Google (I am posting reply against on eof older post as I am unable to post reply against latest comment of yours)


          • Abhishek Jain says:

            RACOLD ALTRO Horizontal looks good. Racold is a good brand and this model has temperature adjustment knob to reduce your electricity consumption. Both Racold and AO Smith are good brands. You can go for Racold Altro as well.

  6. Vishal says:

    Can you pls suggest for bath shower which includes body jets & rain shower with waterfall Grohe Brand


    Hello Sir, I am using Elpar 35 litre water heater for last 10-12 years. I want to replace it with 15 litres either of Havells Quatro, Morphy Richards Salvo 15 L or any other from top 10 geysters of 15 LItre mentioned on this website. But main thing that water is ground / hard water. Would they be good enough for ground water. Please advise. Thanks Manpreet Singh

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Mr Bedi,

      Most modern water heaters have anti corrosion coating inside. They either have glasslined coating or polymer coating that helps it handle hard water. You should look at the coating before making a purchase. You can read more about it on this link:


      You can go for Havells Quatro. It is efficient and it can handle hard water.

      • Manpreet Singh bedi says:

        thanks for your prompt reply. further is Havells Quatro and Havells Quatro Digital same except digital display. I think I should go for simple Havells Quatro. Pls advise

        • Abhishek Jain says:

          Hello Mr Bedi,

          There are many more features in Quatro Digital:

          1) It has auto switch on and switch off feature. So you can program it to start and stop at any time of day so that it is convenient as well as energy saving.
          2) It also has a remote control to switch on and off the water heater.
          3) It has Whirl Flow Technology which stops cold water to mix with hot water when the water heater is in use. This provides consistent hot water as well as saves electricity.

      • manu says:

        hi abhishek, I need an advise from you. I was reviewing geyser’s and would like to consider AO Smith SDS 25 LTR / BAJAJ Majesty Rapidotherm 25 GV. I think both of them are 5 star rated right ? While bajaj is 3000w and AO smith is 2000W. I saw bajaj has some patent on this model and also 3D heating , plus surrond heating makes it 50% faster etc. Which one do you suggest in 25 LT range. I know you have given a list. But just asking a question on these two or any other advise in 25lts model’s. ( high rise apt -12 floors). Please let me know.


        • manu says:

          Appreciate your reply on the above geyser choice. I m planning to buy ASAP. thanks in advance,

        • Abhishek Jain says:

          Hello Mr Manohar,

          Both Bajaj and AO Smith are good brands and both these models are BEE 5 star. Bajaj model certainly will heat faster as it has 3kW heating element while AO Smith model has a 2KW heating element. Warranty wise both have similar warranties. Both have thermal regulator to control the hot water temperature. AO Smith model has glass lined heating element as well as inner tank which can be highly durable and corrosion resistant. AO Smith model also has safety valve to prevent over pressure. So feature wise I like AO Smith but heating will be faster in Bajaj model. So you can decide accordingly.

  8. Rajesh says:

    Dear sir,
    Pl suggest among Morphy Richards Salvo 10 L and Racold eterno2 10 L.

  9. Madhav says:

    Hi Abhishek,

    Based on the website details i preferred to buy AO Smidth HAS VAS model. My requirement is 15Liters electric gyser. I am looking for the one which is best for long term and be best in energy efficiency. Please confirm me if have done a right choice or do you suggest me any other model for my requirement.


    Hi Abhishek,
    I am living in Bhopal, family of 4 persons, in a duplex having 3 bathrooms. Two bathrooms on 1st floor with common connection for geysers and one bathroom at GF. Due to design & space limitation (500 mm below roof, tiles start) as well as hard water, I am planning to purchase JAQUAR Elena 25 Ltrs ? 2 Nos. Three persons will be using bathrooms at a time in the morning with showers
    Initially I was planning to purchase solar water heaters of 150 Ltrs with in-built electrical heating arrangement (like V guard) however somebody told me that it doesn?t work for almost 90 days a year (winter, rainy & cloudy days when it needs most) and electricity consumed during this period is more in solar water heater of 150 Ltr compared to 50 Ltrs (2 Nos each of 25 Ltrs) electric geysers used during the year.
    It seems that I am confused and unable to take any decision. Pl. advice me to take correct decision.
    Pramod Pandhurnekar

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Mr Pandhurnekar,

      You should go for a Solar Hybrid water heater solution. In this kind of solution output water from a solar water heater goes into an electric water heater. If the solar water heater is not able to heat water to desired temperature, then the electric water heater does that.

      Please note that electric water heaters have a thermostat. Depending on temperature setting on the thermostat, the electric water heater uses only that much electricity as is required to heat the water to the desired temperature. Once the water reaches that temperature, the electric water heater shuts off.

      In case of solar hybrid solution, if there is sufficient heat in the atmosphere to heat water, the output from solar water heater will be hot enough and the electric water heater will not have to do any work. But if the water from solar water heater is not hot enough then the electric water heater will be used only to raise the temperature differential. This way if the solar water heater does not get sufficient heat then electric heater will do the rest. You can put a 10 lts water heater in each bathroom and a common 150 lts solar water heater at the top.

      You should not go with water heater with in built water heating, but instead you should take the output of solar water heater (one without inbuilt water heating) and put it in a regular electric water heater. The amount of electricity used for water heating is directly proportional to amount of water you heat and the difference between water temperature and desired temperature. So if you heat 150 lts of water, the amount of electricity will certainly be more than if you heat 50 lts water. But if you take the output of solar water heater (hot or not) and put it in a 50 lts water heater, the electricity consumption will be same or lower.

  11. DB says:

    Dear Abhishek,
    How u doing? u doing good job. Great website.

    I need ur help. I’m living in Punjab.we want to use Gas Geysers. we don’t want to use Electrical one.

    Plz suggest which model and company good to buy with warranty.

    Thanks for Advance.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi DB,

      You can go for Racold or AO Smith gas instant water heater. Just make sure that you keep it outside the bathroom and not inside a closed room.

      • DB says:

        Hi Abhishek,

        Thanks for reply.
        I found they have only 1 model. Plz can help me to choose.which model is good for 3 people.

        AO Smith


        • Abhishek Jain says:

          The DGI 6L FFI LED model looks similar to HIG-VNS as both have 6 lts/min rate for hot water. However I think that Carbon Monoxide Detector feature in A O Smith is quite helpful from a safety perspective. It will set off an alarm in case of leaks which can be really helpful. I would say that AO Smith looks better just because of the safety features.

  12. Somjit says:

    Dear Abhishek,
    Pls suggest which one will be better
    1. Bajaj new shakti 15L
    2. Bajaj platini 15L GV storage
    3. Bajaj Majesty Glassline 15 ltr GMV Storage Water Heater
    4. Morphy Richards Water Heater 15 Ltr Lavo VM
    Is there any other better option for 15L geyser within 6K?

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Somjit,

      I would rather recommend that you go for VGuard Steamer Plus MSV 15 lts model. It is BEE 5 star and within 6K.

      • Somjit says:

        Ok, Please clarify my few queries?
        What about warranty of V Guard Steamer Plus MSV 15 lts?
        Does it have glassline protection?
        What about V-guard support & services, does they have sufficient service centre?

        • Abhishek Jain says:

          Hi Somjit,

          This is what VGuard website states:

          1) Inner tank made of High-quality steel with Vitreous Enamel coating. Vitreous Enamel also called porcelain enamel is glassline coating (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitreous_enamel).

          2) Warranty: 2 year overall warranty on product and 5 years on the tank; (as seen on snapdeal link: http://www.snapdeal.com/product/vguard-geyser-steamer-plus-msv/550304417)

          3) Vguard as a brand for voltage stabilizer is quite popular and have a big network. However I cannot comment much on their support in your area. You will have to contact local dealers and vendors to get some feedback on this.

  13. Sukanta Bhattacharjee says:

    I live in a area where there is too much iron in supply water. I have a Kent water purifier but i need to change the filter too often because of this. Kindly help me which geyser and water purifier will be best for me for this hard water.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Sukanta,

      Water Heaters have inbuilt protection for hard water. They have glass lined surface and heating element to protect against corrosion that is caused due to hardness of water. Water purifier does not work on hardness. It is mainly for dust and impurities. Hardness can be removed using water softner (kent also has water softners). What is the purpose for which you are looking solution for?

  14. Sandeep says:

    Hi Abhishek,

    Appreciate the wonderful job you doing to create awarness in people for saving Electricity.
    I wanted to buy 25L Water heater, Horizontal fitting. Which will be appropriate for me. I am looking for the heater which pulls less electricity. Please give me 4 to5 names in sequence.
    Thanks a lot.


    • Abhishek Jain says:

      If you are looking for horizontal water heaters you can look at these:

      A O Smith EWSH – Plus
      Bajaj Majesty 25 GMH (CP)
      Havells Horizontal Fino

      These are BEE 4 star rated models (as there are very few horizontal models).

  15. Swaminathan says:

    I am unable find list of top 10 instant geysers. Can you please send the link/list.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Mr Swaminathan,

      Instant geysers are not rated by BEE and so there is no objective criterion to rate them yet. Any recommendation will be more subjective than objective. However if you want suggestion then you may look at instant geysers from Racold, A O Smith, Havells, Bajaj or Venus.

    • Nagendra Raju.D from Hyderabad. says:

      Sir I want to purchase instant water heater. Which brand is best Venus or AO Smith? I want to know the inner tank of 3 Ltr 3 KW of AO smith. Whether it is Glass lined or Copper. AO Smith is providing 5 years warranty on inner tank and for Venus it is Copper tank and providing 10 years of warranty.

      • Abhishek Jain says:


        Both the brands are good and popular. If you are getting 10 years warranty on Venus, then I would say that it is a better option. A O Smith has not mentioned the details of material of inner tank for instant water heater on its website.

  16. Somjit says:

    Dear Abhishek,
    I want to buy a geyser for family of 2 for bucket bath. We staying at Delhi, Water is very hard. Please mention some name of quality & economic geyser. Also suggest the capacity.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Somjit,

      Typically if a single bucket is sufficient then a 10 lts water heater would be good for you. You can look at these:

      10 lts models:
      Morphy Richards Salvo 10L
      Havells OPAL 10
      Usha Aquagenie 10L
      Bajaj PX 10 GLR
      Havells BUENO 10
      Bajaj Majesty 10 GPU
      AO Smith HSE-SBS-010

      However if you use more than a bucket, then you should look at 15 lts one (this is because in winters in Delhi, water heater would take a lot of time to heat even 10 lts water to 60 degrees). In that case you can look at these:

      Havells QUATRO 15 (Havells Quatro Digital has a remote control as well which can be quite useful)
      AO Smith HSE-VAS-015
      Havells PURO 15
      Bajaj Majesty 15 GPU
      Racold Eterno dg 15 lts water heater.

      • Somjit says:

        What is your opinion about Orient 15L geyser?

        • Somjit says:

          What is your opinion about Orient 15L geyser & Bajaj 15 ltr. New Shakti Geyser

        • Abhishek Jain says:

          Hi Somjit,

          Orient geysers are not amongst the top most energy efficient geysers. But if you are looking for Orient geysers then you can look a these models:


          They are offering 5 years warranty on the tank. There are some brands that even offer 7-10 years warranty.

  17. meerasanyal says:

    Dear Abhishek ,
    Love the site :) need a little help we are renovating the bathrooms and hence wish to move to good energy efficient water heaters , my brother likes the water really hot and can stay in the shower for as long as 45 minutes (post foot ball )we live in mumbai , which water heater do u suggest , i feel a 15 lt one should be sufficient .

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Pia,

      I am glad that you liked the website and found it useful. By the way 45 mins is way long a time to take bath!!! Typically 15 lts water heater is good enough for 15-20 mins long bath in Mumbai :). However if the bath is really long then you might have to go for 25 lts. If you are looking for 15 lts water heater then you can look at these:

      Havells QUATRO 15 (Havells Quatro Digital has a remote control as well which can be quite useful)
      AO Smith HSE-VAS-015
      Havells PURO 15
      Bajaj Majesty 15 GPU
      Racold Eterno dg 15 lts water heater.

  18. Mohit says:

    Hi Abhishek,

    I already have a (non branded, ISI marked) gyser with 25L capacity installed at my place. However during very cold to severly cold weather as in Delhi right now, the GI connections pipes being in out in open (not in covered shaft, where cold winds are blocked by the surrounding walls), the water becomes very cold and it takes more than usual time to heat it to the optimum level at a short interval which is a normal feature in Shower Bath.

    Now i am planning to change it to a higher capacity and to a better performing one, seeing my unique situation w.r.t placement of GI pipes. Can you suggest a solution to me?

    Also, the GI pipes run from the plastic water tank on the 4th floor out in open (without any surounding walls) then to the gyser on ground floor. Gyser is located in the bathroom itself.


    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Mohit,

      If you want to heat quickly then you either have to go for a water heater with higher wattage heating element of about 3 kW or you may also go for gas instant water heater which heats at a rate of about 12 kW. However with gas geyser you would need LPG or PNG connection and the geyser will have to be kept out of the bathroom. But it can heat at a faster rate. Now to give you a comparison, suppose the temperature of water coming in is 5 degrees then the time taken to heat by different wattage heating element would be:

      1 kW heating element will take 99 mins to heat 25 lts
      2 kW heating element will take 50 mins to heat 25 lts
      3 kW heating element will take 33 mins to heat 25 lts

  19. Kiran says:

    Hello I am looking for a horizontal geyser for my apartment. Since I have space crunch I have to look for sleek horizontal geyser along with good rating and features. Need your help in choosing one. Please guide me.

    • Kiran says:

      Forgot to mention that 15L is good enough for me

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Kiran,

      Water heaters of horizontal type are mostly BEE 4 star rated. If you are looking for 15lts water heater of horizontal type then you can look at these:

      AO Smith EWSH or EWSH plus
      Bajaj Majesty 15 GMH (RF) or 15 GMH (CP)

      These are BEE 4 star rated.