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Mitsubishi Heavy AC Technologies in India – Review 2020

By on January 1, 2020 with 24 Comments  

You’ve entered inside a large appliances store and look at a few ACs around. It’s a scorching summer and the kids want you to buy a cool new AC. You are in a quest to find the perfect brand for your home, the best model that matches your budget and fulfills the kid’s wish. You take a look around the store and surprise to find there are two Mitsubishis around—Mitsubishi Heavy and Mitsubishi Electric. And this division further complicates your buying decision.

Relax, you could be forgiven for being bemused. While they both carry ‘Mitsubishi’ brand in their name, but they are two distinct companies and have been so for 100 years. From the 1920s onward both companies are manufacturing their own unique appliances. In this article, we will be focussing on what Mitsubishi Heavy has to offer and what are the latest technologies they come with.

Mitsubishi heavy offers all types of refrigerators from windows to split from ductable to cassette and even portable tower ACs. Let us now delve into technologies modern Mitsubishi Heavy ACs come with.

Latest Mitsubishi Heavy AC Technologies

3D Airflow

Modern Mitsubishi split ACs come with automatic control of airflow volume and direction, for comfortable air conditioning of the room using 3D airflow technology. During cooling operation, 3D airflow ensures air flow directly to the ceiling. This way the cooled air does not directly thrash occupants of the room, but the comfortable cool air flows from the ceiling like a soft shower

Antimicrobial Blower Fan

The blower fan of modern Mitsubishi Heavy split ACs come with an anti-microbial coating to resist germs and mold. Similarly, the main body of the AC comes coated with tourmaline sheet that generates negative ions round the clock as much as in a forest for circulating clean air inside the room. High-end split Mitsubishi Heavy ACs come with Self Clean operation which when active performs 2 hours of the self-cleaning process wherein the indoor unit is dried up and cleaned which automatically removes dust and mold.

Also, the air inlet panel of Mitsubishi Heavy models can be easily removed for cleaning the filters of the air conditioner.


Mitsubishi Heavy has uses electronic expansion valve (EEV) circuit that facilitates optimal compressor performance. EEV acts as a magnetic field and either spins clockwise or counter-clockwise to open or close the refrigerant flow. It provides numerous settings for optimal flow of refrigerant inside the air conditioner.

Jet Engine Technology

Mitsubishi Heavy Industry’s one of the important business is in aerospace and defence. So, taking cues for its aeronautical business, modern Mitsubishi Heavy air conditioners come with Jet Engine technology which employs computational fluid dynamic by using blade shape design for optimal air circulation. This design makes it possible to deliver a large volume of cool air uniformly across the room with minimal power utilization. Large volume of cool air ensures that the AC covers a larger area.

The size of the louver has been redesigned to increase the surface area by 80% which translates into a substantial increase in the air flow volume. Also, it has added more precision of controlling blades from right to left and left to right.

Mitsubishi Heavy Jet Engine

DC PAM Inverter

The premium inverter AC models from Mitsubishi Heavy comes with DC PAM inverter technology with smart EEV control. PAM stands for pulse amplitude modulation (PAM). PAM technique allows to control the current signal so that it resembles (or sync) with the voltage signal. Technically by doing so the loss of energy is minimized.

Models like SRK18YL-S come with an embedded microprocessor having thousands of permutation and combination for opening and closing of EEV (electronic expansion valve) corresponding to the speed of the inverter compressor. For the uninitiated, the inverter is analogous to a car accelerator. When the inverter compressor needs more power, it gives it more power. When it needs less power, it gives less power. With this technology, it is always on but draws less power or more power depending on the temperature of the incoming air and the level set in the thermostat. The embedded microprocessor regulates the flow of refrigerant through EEV to ensure smooth refrigeration cycle and highest cooling efficiency. Premium inverter models offer to cool with high precision with capacity deliverance 0.07 ton to 1.6 ton in case of SRK18YL-S model.

Auto Restart Function

Power cuts aren’t uncommon in India, especially in small town and villages. With power coming and going not only endangers longevity of electrical appliances but also resets their running settings i.e., supposed you were running your AC on fan-only mode (compressor turned off) but after the power cut, AC’s settings are set back to default and compressor may start working again and even temperature setting would be altered. But thankfully Mitsubishi ACs come with an Auto Restart function that keeps a log of running settings before the power cut and after the power cut, it will restore the previous settings back. So now you can sleep peacefully all night without worrying about AC settings getting changed after a power cut.

Copper 100%

All the new models released this year onward uses 100% copper in the evaporator coil. Even the pipe used in the condenser coil is fully made of copper. You may wonder what are the benefits of having copper. Well, one of the important advantages of copper condenser over the conventional aluminum one is that heat transfer in copper is better. The copper condenser is more durable and much easier to clean and maintain, compared to the aluminum condenser. The only downside of copper is that they are expensive than aluminum.

Pros and Cons of Mitsubishi Heavy ACs

One of the major pluses for Mitsubishi Heavy air conditioners is in their robust build quality and sound cooling. These ACs are not made in India but are imported. Their build quality is pretty solid. In fact, it was awarded as the best AC brand in Australia last year. But because they are imported, they are quite expensive to buy. Their 3D airflow inspired from aeronautical design delivers optimal cooling without ramming draft of cold air straight into the incumbent’s head. Also, Mitsubishi Heavy is one of the fastest coolers around. New models can cool your room within a span of 10-15 mins when run on turbo cooling mode.

You must keep in mind that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries does not directly sell Mitsubishi air conditioners. International Aircon Private Limited (IAPL) are the original distributors of Mitsubishi Heavy ACs in India and they are the ones whom you would need to turn to for service and support of your air conditioners. IAPL does not have a strong distribution network and there have been complains about its after-sales support and service quality. Many customers have complained that the servicemen are not well trained. But then the service quality varies with places and its best to check about the availability of nearby service center before opting to buy an AC from this brand. Another issue is that they are noisy—because the compressor makes some noise while running at full speed. Going by “heavy” in their name you can expect a bit of noise.


There are a couple of factors you need to consider before buying an air conditioner for your room. Mitsubishi Heavy AC is considered as robust and efficient air conditioning brand in the cooling industry.

Though its doppelganger Mitsubishi Electric offers a more stylish look and quitter operation Mitsubishi Heavy follows more of a no-nonsense approach to air conditioning with faster and comfortable cooling. So, if you are someone who is not worried about compressor making some noise and confident of the service quality in your area you can surely opt for Mitsubishi Heavy air conditioners.

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