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Desert Air Coolers better option than Air Conditioners for hot and dry places

By on April 22, 2016
Hindi Translation: गर्म और शुष्क स्थानों के लिए डेजर्ट-एयर कूलर, एयर कंडीशनरों की तुलना में बेहतर विकल्प होते हैं

Air Conditioners can significantly increase electricity bills is a fact that is known to many people, but still many people buy it thinking that buying an air conditioner has become a necessity. While we can agree to an extent to the fact that temperatures have increase a bit in last century, but it is not that the life was difficult when there were no air conditioners. For a long time, people in India, especially those living in hot and dry climates used to rely more on desert air coolers. The coolers not only cooled the rooms, but also kept the electricity bills low. Consuming about one tenth the amount of electricity as compared to air conditioners, air coolers were not a big dent on the pocket as compared to air conditioners. So if you are someone who is concerned about rising electricity bills due to air conditioners, and you live in an area that is hot and dry, switching from an AC to air cooler can be the easiest energy saving option.

Comparing Capital Costs and Operating Costs

Air Coolers are way cheaper as compared to Air Conditioners. They cost about 80-85% less as compared to Air Conditioners, thus making them very cheap to install as compared to an air conditioner. For a 200 sq ft room, a right sized air cooler would cost about Rs 6000-8000 whereas an Air Conditioner would cost about Rs 35000-40000.

Even if we compare electricity consumption, air coolers consume 80-90% less electricity as compared to air conditioners. In the example mentioned above, a 1.5-ton AC would consume about 1.2-1.5 units in an hour, whereas an air cooler would consume just 0.2-0.3 units in an hour.

Comparing Air Quality benefits

Air Conditioners by design cool the internal air. They take the internal air in a room and cool it down to the temperature set on the thermostat. They also remove the moisture from the air and make it dry. So all in all, the same dry air keeps getting circulated in the room. There is no option to get fresh air from outside while using air conditioner.

Whereas in case of Air Coolers, fresh outside air is taken, cooled and pushed in the room. Fresh air is taken from outside and passed through an evaporative pad containing water. The hot dry air cools down when it comes in contact with water on the evaporative pad. Although there is no option to control the temperature in air coolers, but it always supplies fresh air.AirCoolerProcess

Source of Photo: www.symphonylimited.com

Air Coolers are Greener

If going green is something that you are concerned about, then Air Coolers are the best option for you. Air Coolers use water as refrigerant, whereas Air Conditioners use CFCs or Chloroflurocarbons that are harmful for environment. Although plans are being made to phase out use of CFCs as refrigerants, but implementation of the same will take time. The easiest way to be green is to use Air Coolers.

Even if we consider carbon emissions for generating electricity, use of Air Coolers turns out to be a greener option because it uses 80-90% less electricity as compared to Air Conditioners.

Installing air coolers

The most common place where people install desert air coolers is on one of the windows in a room. But at times there are situations when there is no window or a very small window in a room. In case you have option of setting up an air cooler on the terrace, then you can set up a big air cooler on the terrace with a pipe/vent system to deliver air in all rooms. Such a setup will also help reduce the sound in a room generated by air coolers.


If you live in an area that is hot and dry, air cooler is the best option. It not only helps reduce electricity bills, but also helps improve the air quality in a room. And on top of that it is the greenest option available to you to opt for.

Here is a short video for tips to buy the best air conditioner in India

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  • Uday Kiran

    I have 3 ceiling fans, 1 wall mounted hi speed fan, 1 air cooler, i got 936/- for the electricity bill. Isnt it too much?

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      Depends on where you are and what type of connection you have :). Commercial tariff in Maharashtra/Mumbai are super high.

  • Uday Kiran

    which one consumes more electricity a wall mounted hi speed fan or a ceiling fan?

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      Again depends on type and make of fan you have. In general wall mounted fan consume 55 watts and less. Regular ceiling fans consume 90 watts and less. But if you have super efficient ceiling fans, they may consume as low as 30 watts and less. So depends on type/brand, etc.

  • Anil Kumar


    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      An outdoor cooler is always the best for cooling. Check out models from Ram Coolers. Ram Cooler Duct 204 would be a good option.

  • azhar

    According to me AC use 4Hrs a day whereas Air cooler run for whole night and it’s about 12Hrs a day. So of u calculate power consumption as per above data I.e FOR AC 1.2×4= 4.8units and for Cooler 0.3×12=3.6units. 1.2 extra unit a day doesnt make any differ.(1.2units x 30days= 36units . 36unit x Rs 5 per units = Rs 180extra electricity bill per month)


    Dear Friend, want to buy cooler to be used by my friend’s aged parents who are in vizag, can you please suggest good room cooler to used in approx 12 x 12 room. Please suggest model with brand..Thanks

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      You can look at any of these:

      Symphony Ice cube i
      Ram Coolers Cute 123
      Ram Coolers Eco 100
      Crompton Greaves WAC-401
      Orient Super Cool CP3001H
      Ram Coolers Duct 250
      Kenstar Glam 50R (KCT5RF4H-EBA )

  • Arun Singh

    Hi Umang, do you have a solution to control the humidity in industrial air coolers? I want to cool my workshop of 3000 sq.ft. with 12ft.height and asbestos roofing but in our area(Varanasi) humidity is high specially during monsoon. What’s the solution?

  • Umang

    Hii umang Patel I want ur advise that we have bought a new showroom of 4000sqft so we should use ac or cooler there is a option of keeping inside or outside ou showroom is
    spuare 60*60 is the size of showroom at hyd

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      HI Umang,

      All depends on the kind of clientele you want in your showroom. If your clients will prefer just adequate cooling then even a cooler would be good (as I assume Hyderabad is not too humid). But if your clients want it to be upscale then you may have to go for ACs. So it truly depends.


    hi abhishek…can you please tell me which better option for coolibg a cooler with honeycomb pad or a desert cooler…i have two options maharaja whiteline atlanto desert air cooler with honeypad 45L Rs.10683 and another is maharaja whiteline atlanto desert air cooler without honeypad 45L Rs.7630. My room area is 15*20 and i have to use inside my room not at window.Please also tell me which one will create more humidity.

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      HI Anil,

      Desert coolers also have honeycomb cooling pad, so I did not understand your question properly. Keeping a cooler outside is far better than keeping it inside the room. You will get much better cooling if you keep it outside. Honeycomb pads are good and should give you good cooling. So I would say, go for the one with honeycomb pads. Keeping the cooler inside will create humidity. It is better to keep it out if you want less humidity. Coolers these days also have humidity control feature that can help reduce humidity.

    • Zahi Hawaz

      “pichooo” if you use cooler inside the room it wil give u a bundle of humidity and make ur life hell.and could turn ur electronics gadgets in toys …LOL…always use coolers at window or any ventilated place where air can pass through easily…

  • Kumar

    Hi, Please suggest some good coolers for 150 Sqft at Navi Mumbai location. I do not have budget to buy AC.

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      Coolers do not work really well in Mumbai. They add to humidity. Do you really want to go for one?

  • Harish Sharma

    Why do we sticky on skin when using coolers in mumbai..?
    Does Coolers causes any respiratory problem like any chest infection if using full night..?

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      Coolers are not effective in humid climate of Mumbai. They add to humidity and thus you feel sticky. Also I don’t think coolers can cause chest infection.

  • the Maestro

    Hello im looking forward to buying the Usha CLX30XC.Can you tell me how good is this air cooler.

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      This air cooler is good for a room about 150 sq ft in size. It’s power consumption of 250 watts is on a higher side for coolers of that size. It uses Honeycomb pads which is good.

    • the Maestro

      hello abhiskek would you recommend me to go for Symphony or USHA ?

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      What is the size of your room?

  • Mushtaq

    Hi Abhishek, I want to buy an Air Cooler in a hall (12×20) which is ground floor and 2 floors above mine. I was advised to install it outside the window for better cooling. Just wanted to know should I go for a Desert cooler or a room cooler will do the job?

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      Desert Cooler in general are better at cooling. So the suggestion that you got to install it outside is right. Room Coolers are not as effective as desert cooler.



    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      Hi Naveen,

      Choice between AC and Cooler depends solely on the budget you have. AC is quite comfortable and quite, while Cooler adds humidity and not as effective in peak summers. So it truly depends. You can look at these coolers:

      Symphony DiET 12i
      Symphony Ice cube i
      Ram Coolers Cute 123
      Ram Coolers Eco 100

    • NAVEEN

      IS 10-12 K

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      Hi Naveen,

      We have given a list of air coolers in india along with the top most efficient ones on this link: https://www.bijlibachao.com/air-conditioners/air-coolers-in-india-symphony-kenstar-bajaj-technology-efficiency-brands-and-prices.html

      Symphony DiET 12i, Symphony Ice cube i, Ram Coolers Cute 123 or Ram Coolers Eco 100 would be good for your room. They would consume just about 100 watts and would cool your 120 sq ft room. Ram Coolers have steel body and you can install them outside on your window.

  • Bibhuti

    Plant tress ,now time has come…human should understand this…

  • Raj Kumar

    any cooler available that cooles the water present inside the cooler .
    in summer water turns hot in few hour.k

    • piku

      I don’t think so. Water remains cools irrespective of external temperature

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      Not really. Haven’t seen any like that.

  • Raj Kumar

    well explain .what is about Ice chamber ?is it chamber where i can put my ice cubes from refrigerator ?or is it like cooler having its own cool chamber?


    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      Hi Rajesh,

      You will have to put ice cubes from outside. Be it from refrigerator or you get dry ice. The cooler will not generate ice on its own.

  • Yash Agrawal

    What is this humidity control feature in some coolers that you mentioned about ? How does it work ?

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      In whatever is available in India, it just controls the flow of water. The setting is manual. So if you want to reduce the flow of water on the cooling pads, then you can do that using the humidity control regulator.

    • Piss Upon him

      Abhishek ji, your answer is not releevant to his question. He just wanted to know that how the humidity control future makes his experience better.


    living in Mumbai as humid around , will the desert cooler sufficient for area 150sq ft to be fitted outside house with pipe vent inside room distance 7ft ?

    with various seller available also come across Ramcooler , how about its perfomances

    • Yash Agrawal

      Cooling is not really required in Mumbai at all. Being in coastal area Mumbai has even climate.

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      Desert Cooler is not quite effective in Mumbai as the air is humid. You may try a cooler that has Ice compartment and then use Ice with it. However in general coolers are not quite effective in Mumbai.

    • YUSUF


  • Arunkumar Soundararajan

    Looking for a good desert cooler for a room size ~120 sft. Also, how can one fit the desert cooler in the window as you mentioned in some of the old posts, they are so huge…not sure why the manufacturers provide wheels? I looked at the leading desert coolers and all have wheels and are huge

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain


      You will have to look at room cooler rather than a cooler on wheels. You can check Room Coolers from Symphony Air Coolers or Ram Coolers.

  • Ashish Rao

    Please recommend a suitable cooler for Bangalore summers. Size of room: 200sq.ft.

  • Bibekananda Pyne

    I have a room near about 130 sq ft on 1st floor and open roof on it so we feel terrific hit on afternoon as well as night also but we have no sufficient money to purchase AC immedieatly but air cooler throw the water not useful for health pls suggest the water free aircooler for room tem come down quickly thank you

    • Bijli Bachao Team

      Hi Bibek,

      You can go for an air cooler that can work on ice (has ice chamber). That way it will cool the room and not throw water. What is your budget for the cooler?

    • vishal prajapati

      Rs. 6,000/-

    • Bijli Bachao Team

      You can look at any of these:

      Bajaj Room Cooler PC 2000 DLX
      Bajaj Room Cooler TT 2011
      McCoy Major
      McCoy Captain
      Ram coolers Smart 160

      McCoy models have ice chamber while Bajaj models have humidity control that can help you reduce water throw.

  • Subhasish

    thanks BB team and Deeps for your valuable replies…………

  • Subhasish Bhattacharya

    thanks a ton. your post and message reply very much helpful.
    So, as per the opinion I should go with HI-COOL humid control cooler for humid weather. But I am looking for some low budget cooler around 5k – 7k. Can you suggest some names or models like that.

    • Bijli Bachao Team

      You can look at these coolers that have adjustable humidification level and can fit in your budget:

      Bajaj Room Cooler PC 2000 DLX
      Bajaj Room Cooler TT 2011
      Khaitan Dezire 20

    • deeps

      I am living in Mumbai where climate is humid. I bought bajaj tc 2010 only for summer..good for 2 persons. I too didn’t want to invest more in air cooler. this cooler is for coastal areas.
      didn’t get good reviews for symphony humidity control cooler & it’s expensive

  • Subhasish Bhattacharya

    Hi Bijli Bachao Team,
    I am living at kolkata and planning to buy a cooler for my 200-230 Sq ft. bedroom. In kolkata, usually very hot and humid temperature is there. So, kindly help me to figure out which type of cooler will be best for this type of weather. Also what is the difference between desert cooler and evaporate cooler. and suggest some brands or names.

    • Bijli Bachao Team

      Hi Subhasish,

      Desert cooler is one which fits on the window, takes outside air, cools it and throws it inside. While movable coolers work on indoor air. Coolers add humidity as they pass the air through water. In a humid condition it can add more humidity so you need to look for humidity control feature in the cooler. A cooler in which you can use ice instead of water can be helpful. Desert coolers do not work in humid environments and even the movable cooler at best give comfort to the person sitting in front. Symphony, Kenstar, Ram Coolers, Bajaj are some of the top brands. Symphony hi-cool i air cooler has both humidity control and ice container feature.

  • Deepali

    I see that certain air coolers come with fan e.g. Voltas VND50M and certain comes with blower. I want to know is there any performance difference due to this.

    • Bijli Bachao Team

      The difference between fan and blower is that fans produce a air flow with less pressure and larger air volume, while blowers produce a relatively higher pressure ratio with the larger air volume flow. So because of more pressure, air from blower can cover a longer distance. Finally the choice depends on what you like: air with more pressure on your body or cooler but low volume environment.

  • Deepali

    We live on 1st floor flat in Mumbai. We have AC at home in bedroom but are considering to buy Air cooler for Living room. So is it a good idea to invest in Air cooler for Mumbai’s hot summer? Also we are looking out for movable Air cooler so which one would be good option?


    • Bijli Bachao Team

      Hi Deepali,

      As the climate in Mumbai is humid, air coolers are not very effective. You may go for a movable room cooler but it would at best give comfort to the people sitting in front of the cooler. It will not cool the whole room. You may also go for a cooler with option of putting in Ice and you can use dry ice if humidity becomes a problem. However the process is a bit cumbersome as getting ice daily would be a challenge. If you go for a cooler then make sure that humidity control option is there in the cooler. You may look at Symphony HiCool Smart i cooler.

  • Tarun

    I am from Haridwar, and maximum temperatures go upto 40-42 and air mostly will be dry. I am looking for a movable and highly efficient cooler with low sound.
    I searched on different online stores and I am confused to pick one between Bajaj and Symphony. Can you suggest which one will be better?
    Also there is a range of Diet (Tower) coolers introduced by Symphony but they have very less reviews (may be because they are comparatively new in market). Can you please suggest that which one is better between a tower cooler and a normal room cooler and why.
    Also, if I have to pick between tower coolers, does the tank capacity (8L, 12L, 22L, 35L) affect the cooling efficiency also? Which tank capacity is best suited for normal household use?

  • mehul

    I m from surat temp highest temp 36c humidity 40- 50 %
    I want to buy air cooler for in my room which is best for me?

    • Bijli Bachao Team

      Hi Mehul,

      What is the size of the room. Also are you looking for a desert cooler or movable cooler?

    • mehul

      My room is 12 x 12 x 11 foot
      i m looking for movable cooler
      can desert cooler heplfull for my room which have window with inbetween iron rods, along the window there is 3 foot balcony , able to go in balcony through next room?
      Pls sugest me best cooler?

    • Bijli Bachao Team

      Hi Mehul,

      Desert Cooler that fits on the window is the best for cooling the whole room. In general movable coolers just provide comfort to people sitting in front of it. However if you want to go for Movable cooler then you can look at Symphony Diet 50i or Hi Cool Smart i coolers.

    • mehul

      Thanks for suggestions

  • Ashish

    hi, i hv a dessert cooler but there is no window in my room where i can set up the cooler. so is it possible to put the cooler inside the room. it will be effective to make the room cool. pls advice

    • Bijli Bachao Team

      Desert coolers work best when they are kept outside the room and air flow is directed inside the room. If you do not have a window then there must be some opening for ventilation in the room. At times people us huge aluminium air flow directors (or pipes) to move air from the cooler to the room. You may consider that. Putting cooler inside the room will not help much.

  • pawan verma

    Hi , I have a room where difficult to set cooler so I thought to buy symphony coolers for my room which will set inside in room, but I have confussion it keep room cool or not …like other coolers pls suggest what is good for me

    • Bijli Bachao Team

      Hi Pawan,

      It is difficult for a movable cooler to cool the whole room effectively. Desert coolers are the best for that. Moveable coolers at best provide comfort to people sitting in front of it. For complete room cooling, desert coolers are the best.

  • Gaurav Kumar

    Aircoolers are a problem. One direction cooling, noise, air speed, moisture. Ac is the best option.

    • Bijli Bachao Team

      Hi Gaurav,

      We agree to noise, air speed and moisture, but if you insulate the room properly, you can easily cool the whole room. In fact we have seen a setup where someone has put a huge air cooler on the top of the house and used aluminium pipes (huge ones) to divert air to various rooms. In that case even the issue with noise and air speed is removed and the rooms are cooled quite effectively.

  • shani mahadeva

    Any info on most efficient exhaust fans for use in Air coolers? Superfan for ceiling is great but they don’t have one for exhaust.

    • Abhishek Jain

      Hi Shani,

      Sorry, we do not have that data yet.

  • vijeetgv

    Hi Abhishek,
    Do you know any good dealers/makers of traditional style desert coolers in/around Mumbai area? One of my close relatives want a custom-made one but there’s nobody who’d be willing to assemble it for her. All are selling branded coolers with very high prices.

    • Abhishek Jain


      I can suggest you branded coolers, but I do not have knowledge of dealer/makers of desert coolers in mumbai.

  • Abhishek

    The cool air of desert air coolers and the pleasant smell of new ‘khus’ grass is incomparable to anything an AC can deliver! But only in dry and hot months like April and May. After that the climate becomes really humid and then these coolers are of no use. It is sad to see the demise of desert cooler because we have grown up with these and we never had any problems once they started cooling. They also drew in fresh air from outside and kept the house ventilated. Although once the humid months came, they became utterly useless and they increased the humidity inside the house manifolds. We had to get rid of desert coolers because the humidity caused by them was damaging electronic components in TVs and computers. Also they were providing a lot of moisture for mold to grow in our home and there were a lot of health issues because of them. After we stopped using desert coolers we noticed improvement in allergy symptoms and the appliances also stopped malfunctioning. So every thing has its pros and cons. Desert coolers will be a good memory for people who have used them.

    • Saurabh

      Hi! Abhishek,

      Your extra comments below the above article is the real ‘cherry on cake’, as it literally banished the doubts/ confusion I was having to choose between an Air-cooler and an Air-conditioner.

      Thank You!

    • Abhishek Jain

      Hi Saurabh,

      Glad that you liked it. Thanks for the feedback.

    • sunil

      Very brilliant sea of information:-) sir i am from mumbai and we stay in chawl 180 sqft room,its very damn hot here in mumbai,sir can you pls recommend some brands coolers which can keep my family cool,buying an AC is not possible due to financial crunch:-) total 4 members family

    • Abhishek Jain

      Hello Sunil,

      Air coolers are not very effective in Mumbai as the climate is quite humid and air coolers just add to the humidity. ACs work the best in Mumbai.