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Increase Air Conditioner effectiveness and save electricity by closing doors and windows

By on July 28, 2015 with 7 Comments  

Air Conditioners unlike air coolers take internal room air, cool it and return it back. Because the air gets conditioned and rotated internally, it is much more beneficial if external air or heat is not allowed to come in the room. Many a times, people switch on the Air Conditioning but forget to close the windows and doors, which results in inefficient cooling and high electricity bills.

As per a study by IPCC (International Panel For Climate Change) 20-40% of cooling effectiveness is impacted by air leakages and inefficient thermal insulation. Use of Air Conditioners is high during summer months resulting in high electricity bills. Inefficient thermal insulation can add to about 40% of the load on the air conditioners thereby increasing the units consumed.

First step towards making sure that the load on AC is less is by making sure that all the doors and windows are closed in the room in which AC is running. An easy way to make that happen is by using latch door closer. These door closers are available in the market since quite some time and lately their quality has improved a lot. They used to be spring based systems in the past, but these days we get much more efficient vacuum based door closers that are easier to use.

There are many more ways by which one can improve thermal insulation for effective air conditioning and we will discuss them in our future articles. Thermal insulation is one of the main reasons for higher air conditioning bills and fixing the same can give significant savings.

Here is a short video for tips to reduce power consumption of air conditioner in India

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