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Inverter/UPS models and their energy efficiencies in India

By on April 22, 2016

Twenty-four hour power supply is a rarity in India. There are very few places in the country that can boast of having continuous supply of power. All this has resulted in growth of Inverters, UPS and DG sets industry in India. Although there are many branded models of inverters/ups available in the country, there are many people who still go for cheap/unbranded models that can significantly increase electricity bills. The efficiency of inverters/ups is not even considered as a factor while buying an inverter/ups. After writing couple of articles on inverters (“Sizing batteries and inverters for a solar PV system” and “Choose right inverter for home and maintain it right to manage electricity bills”), we thought of doing some research on efficiency of inverters available in Indian market. This article is outcome of our research.

Efficiency in an Inverter/UPS system

Efficiency of a system in simple terms can be defined as the ratio of Power it gives as output to Power it takes in as input. If the batteries are charged using regular power supply then there are 2 operations for which efficiency can be identified:

    1. Charging of batteries: Here the inverter takes power from power supply and charges the batteries. Power input is power taken from mains and Power output is the energy saved in the battery. Efficiency here will be effectiveness with which inverter saves 1 unit (or kWH) of power. If all of it is stored in the battery it will be 100%. If only 0.85 units are saved then the efficiency will be 85% with 0.15 units of energy lost.
    2. Inverter as power backup: In this case there is no power supply from the mains, so power is taken from the battery and supplied to the setup where it is used. Efficiency here will be effectiveness with which inverter draws and uses 1 unit (or kWH) of power. If all of it is effectively used then the process is 100% efficient. But if only 0.85 units are supplied to the system then the efficiency will be 85% with 0.15 units lost.

(In case of Solar PV system, only the second step is applicable)

Efficiencies in step 1 can vary from 60% to 90% depending on type of battery, battery health and charge levels in it. During our research, we did not find any manufacturer mentioning this efficiency in their technical specifications as it also depends on the battery being used.

Efficiencies in step 2 can vary from 50% to 98% depending on the make of the inverter. This is something that some manufacturers do publish. Unfortunately we found only one manufacturer publishing this information in India.

Inverter/UPS Models in India and their efficiencies

There are a handful of brands that are popular in India. The list below lists all the brands, their models and their efficiencies (efficiency in battery mode or step 2 as mentioned above). Microtek is the only brand that publishes efficiencies (the data is found from manufacturers’ website).

The reason for not publishing efficiency data we believe is because consumers do not demand the information. If people start asking and caring about efficiency of appliances (just to save their own electricity bills), this information will start getting published.  Also efficiencies will increase if customers demand for it.

Comparing Inverter efficiencies from global standards

Although inverters are not used extensively as power backup in most developed countries, but they are certainly essential part of Solar PV systems. The Go Solar Initiative in state of California in USA has mandated minimum 90% as permissible limit for efficiencies for inverters used with Solar PV (link) and most of the inverters in their list have efficiencies in the range of 95% to 98% which is something that we could not find out in Inverters/UPS in India.

Difference between UPS and Inverter

While both terms are used interchangeably as both are power backup solutions. The only difference between the two is that UPS switches to battery instantaneously as power goes off whereas with an inverter there is some time gap.



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meaning of solar inverter save 2A


hmari inverter ki setting change hogeyi hai aur bo bettry charge nai kr raha hai kya aap btayage ki sehi setting kya hai

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

kisi engineer ko dikhaiye woh hi sahi bata payega.


which ups is good to support 6 graphic cards? i need a ups of minimum 1000 watts.


० पावर से २२०भोलटेज नहीं तो ५०कम से कम
केसे बनाएगे


sir, i want to purchage inverter for two cfl anf two FANS Please suggest which inverter and bettary best for ne.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

A 300-350 VA inverter will be more than enough for 2 CFls and 2 Fans. And an 80 Ah battery along with it can give 3+ hrs of backup.


Can anyone suggest Indian made Inverter having around 95% efficiency??


Telecon Engineers in Tanuku town,West Godavari Dist,AP designed and developed Ferrite core based 95% High Efficiency Inverter.For any queries regarding.....contact number : 08819223284 and email id: [email protected]


Hi, want to buy inverters visit this link http://www.upsbatteryplus.in


i want to know the efficiency of a bajaj 300watt square wave inverter, it is a half bridge inverter.


Usually, i get replies to queries in a day or two. Now , the reply to the queries are getting delayed pl look in to this.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)


We are short of resources to handle all the questions, so it might take some time for replies.


How to confirm the UPS is working. I have been frequently changing the UPS battery, only battery whenever i notice that the UPS stops when power failure occurs. I do not know the mechanism, of how to know that it is other than battery that needs attention. For example, if you buy battery, the battery is always coming precharged. Am i correct, if not correct me. So, how to know that my UPS is not failing. Sometimes, it seems that it works. But at times of sudden power failure, the computer session also ends abruptly. Pl explain in detail how could this be ascertained.
I ask this question because, one or two unexpected power failure is enough for corruption in writing of rams and failure of booting process and ultimate failure of OS altogether. Please inform me.
The battery costs about 800 Rs and the entire UPS is available for 1500. As i do not have previous history on this and as i possess a UPS which is lasting more than 10 years, APC ups, i am not contemplating buying one.
The main concern is if it is precharged then it also discharges when power on. Pl expain

Abhishek Jain (Mod)


Batteries that you purchase from shop are charged. And if after a single use they are not getting charged again then it means that there is a fault with the UPS. Depending on the size of your battery and the load you are putting on it, you can determine how long a battery will last. Based on that you can test out your UPS. Try draining out the battery in one complete run and then try charging it again. If it does not charge then UPS is at fault.


Would you explain a little more. Try draining out, means totally using the UPS without power supply is it ?. How much time it will take? I am using .5 kv battery for computer purpose.
Ancillary Question: Can i charge the battery always if there is no power cut? You say that it is precharged. But batteries might be there in the shop for months together before we buy.
If suppose, a battery is charged after draining, should i discharge atleast once in a week to completely drain it? Though these may seem to be basic question, i am asking these for the benefit of this site user including me. Would complete draining is advisable.
I have lost no of batteries alone, by not discharging, as i had no power failure. Moreover I am always charging the battery, (not switching off the wall power socket . Can i expect a reply

Abhishek Jain (Mod)


That is right. Draining out means using the UPS with a new battery and without power supply so that you completely use up the battery.

What is the "Ah" rating of your battery? Typically batteries have Ah rating and they do not have Kv rating (which is mostly used for inverters).

If the battery is discharged, it will get charged when there is no power cut. However if it is fully charged, then nothing will happen. And they would typically not leak too much of charge even if they are kept in shop for months (unless they are in use).

You need not drain it completely every week. It is not required. However just check for fluid levels of the battery every 3-4 months and make sure you fill it will distilled water if the levels are low.

If your batteries are getting discharged even without power failure then certainly there is something wrong in the UPS as the energy is leaking.


Hi, I forgot to manage the replies . I do not have any option for that.


Hi, Thank you for your point to point reply. My ah rating is 7. What is that Ah. Is it amps. Pl reply.. can i charge the UPS continuously . Moreover, how to fill distilled water. It is not kind of inverter to be filled with distilled water. It is ordinary battery with no provision of filling up. I was given wrong advice to discharge once in a week so as to keep the battery not dry. If the battery gets dried then the battery has to be replaced.
Your advice seems to be totally opposite but which I think is correct . Could you explain what are the problems that a UPS can get. It sometime beeps 3, wait, and beeps 3 for few minutes and then continuous beeping to shut totally. Sometime, it gives 4 beeps.
The problem is the price of battery. Entire UPS costs about 1800 with 2years warranty. But the battery price is nearly half of it.
I mean what are the interior parts of those computer UPS and beside battery what are the other things. I value your advice and I will surely try to drain out the battery.
How much hours it will take to drain out fully a fully charged UPS. Pl

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Ah or Ampere Hour is the amount of energy that a battery can store. Ah rating typically means number of amperes that can be drawn from a battery in 1 hour. Most common Inverter batteries available in market have Ah rating of 100, 120, 150, 180, 200, 250. A 100 Ah battery can store about 1 unit of electricity (roughly), a 150 Ah can store 1.5 units and 200 Ah about 2 units (roughly).

If your battery is 7 Ah then it would store 7/100 = 0.07 units of energy (approx). 0.07 units is 70 watt hour. Or it can run a 70 watt appliance for 1 hour.

A desktop would consume 120-150 watts. So if the battery is 7 Ah, then a desktop would run for about 30 mins without power.

Now I am not sure which battery you have, but typical inverter batteries are lead-acid batteries that need to maintain fluid level. Looks like yours is a different battery.

It is difficult to diagnose the problem without looking at the UPS. I would suggest that you take it to a manufacturer authorized service center so that they can check it properly.


Hi, Thanks . But it is not inverter battery, it is Sealed Lead Acid Battery CS 7-12 12V,7Ah, which is not supporting any fluid adjustment
Other details;
charge parameters
Constant Voltage charge with voltage regulation 27degree celcius
standby use 13.6V-13.8V
Maximum Initial current 1.4A
It is APS ups which i bought 11 years back which is still running
I have changed that to the same specified Voltage ie 12V7ah battery.
Hi, Sir, It seems that you have made changes in managing replies. Firstly i could comment and then just include my name and email, which will get me a button to send. Now , it has been changed and some discos com has been introduced. Why? you have changed. That was easy as Google only knows our email. Now why discoz

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Your 7 Ah battery will last for 30 mins for a desktop. Old UPS do not have battery monitoring systems, so I doubt that you will be able to monitor the charge. Best that you can do is: get a new battery (which should be fully charged), discharge it completely on UPS (use 30 mins of Desktop without power), then try charging it again and see if it still runs for the same amount of time or not. If it does not, then UPS is not working properly, if it does, then UPS is fine.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)


We changed to the new system recently. As I have mentioned to you earlier, we are short of resources to handle so many queries. We want experts (who are online) to participate in the discussions and give their inputs as well so that the load can be shared. This new system helps us do that better and old one had limitations. That is why we had to change.


Thank for the information. But what about reply for sealed lead acid battery query. I have given my specifications. secondly experts can really answer the queries .But replies should be moderated at your end before publishing. Because solution not only needs expert advice/opinion, but also should be crisp and solve the query.
Hope that experts see this site. The articles here are both informative and crisp. So many could benefit from the answers . Normally no site has dealt technical information like this site.
I learned a lot from this site article regarding electrical technical details. Even manufacturers give only technical details which no one could understand easily. Thanks for the efforts . Hope that Higher ups/admin get more resources for this site.


I am using 4 solar panels of 250V and using 1KW solar hybrid inverter of Genus company and having two Exide Batteries of 150 Ah. But in a summer days , my soalr power is not adquate as I have to use it on electricity for 3/4 hours according to my consumptions of 5 LED 18W tubes and 3 ceiling Fans and one LCD 32" T.V. and one CCTV on my solar systems. Please guide me can I for 2.5KW inverter and 4 Excide bateries and 8 PV solar panels. [email protected]


Please suggest a brand and model as well

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

If you want to run mixer grinder then you need 2.5 kVA inverter. For HD TV you must get a pure sine wave inverter as square wave inverter can damage your TV. Battery size will depend on the backup you need in hours. You can look at models from Sukam, Luminous or Microtek.


Hi sir,

please suggest an inverter battery to 4 fans, 1 mixer grinder and 42 inch HD tv

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Sudhath,

Do you really want to run mixer grinder on inverter? If yes then you would need about 2.5 KVA to run that.


Hi sir,
You had advised me to go for sukam falcon hups 1400VA/24 V and 2 200Ah batteries for 5-6 hrs backup. Now plz tell me if i go for same brand battery or exide battery and of which type. What will be the cost of it.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Ayaz,
You can go for exide batteries. A 200Ah battery should cost about 15-20k


Hi. Have you removed the list of inverters and their efficiency ratings from this webpage? I am not able to view it. It just shows the home page instead.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Prasun,

Sorry the link was broken and that is why you were not able to see it. We have fixed it.


Hi. Myself Sunny .I had a 1.5 Ton AC which consumes around 2 KW of power/hour and m thinking of Running the AC on Solar Power . So what will be the Total cost of the project after deducting govt subsidies including solar panels, inverter ,battery , installation etc.

My Pincode 205001.

Thank You


I heard in news and had seen on internet also that government is giving 40% subsidy to those who are opting for solar energy... and i also want to know whom should i contact for this project and subsidy .

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Sunny,

The last we heard was that government has stopped subsidy on Solar.


Dear Abhishek, Can you suggest me as we need Inverter because during rainy season in Goa the power goes off and we have to remain in darkness till the power comes on. We need to know if there is a inverter available only to use for fridge, T.V. Fan, computer and tube lights. We would highly appreciate the brand name as well as their efficiency and also cost of the product.



Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You can certainly get an inverter for fridge, TV, Fan, computer and tubelights. But the size and type will depend on two things 1) Sum of wattage of these appliances. If you can provide size,type and number of these appliances, we can calculate total wattage 2) Number of hours for which you need backup. If you can provide this then we can calculate battery size. Efficiency of the inverters is in the range of 85%+ ... It is better to go for good brand like Su-Kam, Luminous, etc.


Hi Abhishek, Greetings. I have been an avid follower of your ideas and suggestions. I have bought ceiling fans and refrigerator bearing in mind the energy efficiency of the products. Now i wish to change my 20 year old inverter. My requirement shall be met by a 850 va inverter. i live in delhi so after sales service should not be an issue while deciding the national brands such as microtek, luminous and su-kam. i would like to have only pure sine wave model. my first question : 1. do you have any preference for brands or models and if yes, the reason thereof. my second question : i wanted to buy su-kam blaze 850 but dealers have suggested against it citing reasons such as model does not have a transformer hence not successful. any comment on this model per se. i shall wait for your response and may be it will help your other readers too.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Sujit,

A transformerless inverter is lighter and much more energy efficient as compared to inverters with transformer. There will be less wastage of electricity if you go for transformerless inverter (as transformers have associated wastage). And thus I am wondering why dealers are suggesting so. Su-Kam blaze 850 uses SMPS (Switch mode power supply) to increase or decrease voltage which should be good enough. SMPS is used for voltage regulation in most electronic products. On looking at the manual of this model, I do not see any issue with it. Can you ask for the specific reasons why they are saying it is not successful? Otherwise Su-kam and luminous are great brands.


Thanks Abhishek.


I want to buy a inverter for my new flat. I want to run four nos of 20 watt LED bulbs three super Fans one 45 inch LED TV one Tata sky HD Plus set top box and if required one mixer , one wifi router and one PC. I plan to purchase 1500 VA Luminous sine wave ion inverter. Is the selection correct ? Are there any better inverter available in market for the above application When I see in the internet I get confused. Many are saying purchasing inverter and then batteries together. For power back up is it sufficient to buy the inverter mentioned above or do I have to purchase battery also and if so which battery I should go for?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Raghunathan,

4 of 20 Watts LED would be 80 watts, three superfans would be 35x3=105 watts, 45 inch LED TV would be 100 watts, Tata Sky plus HD would be 25 watts, one PC would be 120 watts, mixer would be another 550 watts. So total would be about 1000 watts. So 1500 VA inverter should be fine for the load. You will need a battery as well with it and the size of battery will depend on the backup you need in hrs. A 1000 watts would be 1 unit in 1 hour. A 150 Ah battery would store 1.5 units, 180 Ah about 1.8 units and 200 Ah about 2 units of electricity.


I think you are grossly overestimating the power requirements of an LED TV. I recently bought a 32" LED TV and going by my trusty energy meter, it only registers around 23W. Granted its in Eco mode but thats a setting that all TVs have nowadays.

At the same time a PC is a huge wildcard when it comes to power consumption estimations. If the PC has a graphics card, it can easily pull around 300W and trip the inverter. I myself have two desktops. One a powerhouse that can easily pull 350W during gaming and another a low power server that draws around 20W idle.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

It depends and varies from model to model and what I have taken is about maximum what it can consume. You can check the specs of this TV: http://www.fullspecs.net/samsung/led-tv/ua46f5100ar-specifications/


Thanks for a prompt reply. Now after reading your reply and material available in websites I have zeroed in on 1)Su-Kam Shiny 1500 VA / Luminous1500 SW ion inverter. I have selected SW inverter since I will be running fans TV etc in addition to PC. Su- kam being my first preference. Please help me to select the best inverter available in market But I have lot of confusion regarding batteries. There are two variables in this . One is brand and another is type. I see plate type other is tubuler etc. The various branda are Exide, Su-kam, Luminous, V Guard . Based on my perception and not on technical details I selected 2)Exide Invertor Plus 180 Ah Inverter Battery. Please help me to select a best battery along with the inverter selected

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You can go for the Su-Kam Shiny model with a 180 Ah battery from Exide. 180 Ah should give you about 3 to 4 hours backup. Try to go for a battery with longest warranty (for e.g. check this 150 Ah battery with 4 years warranty: http://www.batterybhai.com/inverter-batteries-details/Inva-Gold-500/176/1/2/150/0 ). When the batteries are in warranty the manufacturers themselves come and so the maintenance which is good for the life of battery. These days manufacturers give 3-4 years of free warranty, which effectively covers the full life of the battery. You should go for tubular battery. They should last for 4-5 years at least and may be more if maintained well. I have observed that manufacturers provide longer warranty on 150 Ah batteries. But that will reduce your backup time.


Thanks a lot once again. Your Blog is very informative. I have selected my fan and heaters for my new flat based on your articles. Earlier I was not aware of a efficient fan like super fan. Due to your article I have purchased super fan for all my rooms. Hence I want to go by your recommendation on inverter and batteries. As per your advice I looked for a tubular battery of 180 AH rating and 4 years warranty. More over My electrical engineer consultants / sales men adviced me that it is better to go for inverter and batteries from the same company for better after sale service even though one can choose and mix . Keeping that advice also in mind I zeroed in on Su-Kam Tall Tub 180AH batteries 2 nos along with Su- Kam Shiny 1500VA inverters.. This battery also comes with a warranty of 4 years. Here Rating is also as per my plan . In net I saw few negative feed backs about su- kam., Should I go ahead or should I buy go for Exide batteries with Exide CEIL 1450 VA Home UPS, 1450 va 24 vdc inverter. Please advice. I want one more advice regarding wiring. Is it preferable to do a separate input and output wiring for inverter. If so since Battery is source of fire should I go For FRLS wiring. I am looking for your advice to fina;lise

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Raghunath,

Same company should not be a problem. Also Sukam is a popular brand and whatever issues you may have with this brand, you may get the same with other brands as well. So I do not see any issues going with SuKam. It is better to have separate input and output wiring. Generally there are two types of load in the house namely power and general. Power loads are connected with 15A plug/socket and lighting loads are 5A plug, fan, lights, TV, etc. The total general load may be around 1kW and considering the diverse factor, connect the entire load on the inverter. In houses, the wiring and MCB are provided separately for these two circuits. FRLS means Fire retardant and low smoke cable. In case of internal or external fire, the cable does not assist in propagation of fire and very little smoke. In case you are having conduit wiring, there is no need to go for FRLS cables. The cable from the battery to inverter is exposed to environment and you may check, if the manufacturer is using FRLS cable. This is in the scope of manufactuer supply and if there is an option, you may choose FRLS cable. Small piece may not make a big cost difference. You may check the possibility of using conduit in this small peice to avoid any hazard if FRLS cable is not supplied.


I have a ques please. How can we calculate efficiency as you mentioned because the units are not the same.. If say UPS is consuming 200W on charging mode( no other load is attached) and battery is saving 2A current at 12.5 V then can we calculate efficiency as 12.5 x 2/200 ?becoz units are DC/AC and efficiency is also turning out to be 12.5%... which is very low

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

2A*12.5V=25W is consumed as trickle charge by the battery and balance 175W is consumed (depending on the size of inverter) by inverter for its cooling fan and no-load losses. Suppose it is 1000W inverter with 200W losses, then efficiency will be 80%. Efficiency at no load has no meaning as it is no delivering any result. Efficiency as we all know is Output/Input; and output is nil. AC or DC does not matter for the purpose of calculating the efficiency because the unit of power or energy is watt or watt-sec.


i wants to buy an inverter which should be work on solar energy plz sugeest me give me some kind of that from where should i buy it for my home?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Sharma,

Would suggest you to put your request on this page on our website: https://www.bijlibachao.com/solar/solar-panel-cell-cost-price-list-in-india.html . There are several solar vendors that follow that page and respond to people's requirements. You may get someone close to your home who can get you what you need.


Hi there ,

I am interested in buying LG 1451wf shoud I go for it pl suggest between ifb Neptune Dx and lg thanks

Regards Nusrat

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Nusrat,

Between LG 1451wf and IFB Neptune DX, LG model is better. You can go for it.


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