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Use right detergents with washing machine for efficient use

By on April 29, 2015

While buying a washing machine, we always try to buy the best that we can. Many people also think of buying the most efficient washing machine. But it’s not just the washing machine that matters; even the detergent that we use with the washing machine that drives the efficiency of the washing machine. With improvements in technology for washing machines, even the formulations and chemicals for detergents are changing so that they match the requirements of new technologies. And thus it makes it very important that you always buy a type of detergent that is recommended by the manufacturer of the washing machine.

Why are different detergents required for different washing machines?

As we had mentioned in our previous article on washing machines (Washing Machine Technologies – Front/Top Load, Automatic/Semi Automatic, Direct Drive, Inverter – and their efficiencies), most modern washing machines are trying to improve their technology to use less water and less energy.  And just because they use less water, it becomes important to choose the right detergent that can work in less water.

Traditional detergents (especially those that are used for bucket washing) generate a lot of suds (froth, bubbles or foam). A high amount of suds prevent proper cleaning with most modern washing machines. So you may feel that cloths are not washed properly in shorter cycles and you may opt for longer wash cycles, there by increasing the amount of electricity used for washing. Or you may have to clean them manually. That is why if you go to the market to buy a detergent you will find detergents marked for washing machines.

Different kinds of washing machines require different types of detergent. Most detergent makers mark detergents for washing machines as “MATIC”. A top-load washing machine with “agitator” needs more water than a front-load washing machine that works more on “tumble” action. Thus there are different detergents for top-load and front-load washing machines.

Will using less of regular detergent with washing machines work?

Not really, because regular detergents are not meant to be used with washing machines. You should always use the detergent recommended by the manufacturer and also the quantity should also be as recommended in the washing machine manual.


If manufacturer recommended washing detergent and other additives are not used along with the washing machine, then it can result in inefficient cleaning of cloths. And thus if any extra cycles of washing are used, it will result in extra electricity costs. So please make sure that you use the right detergents and right quantity of detergents to wash cloths using a washing machine.


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