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Evaluation and comparison of Superfan, a BEE 5 star rated fan and regular fans

By on September 3, 2017

Since we started Bijli Bachao, which was almost two years back, we have been experimenting with various appliances and measuring their electricity consumption. At our own home we measured electricity consumption of some of the appliances, replaced them with efficient options and estimated the impact post replacement. One of these is the ceiling fan. We were on regular fans about a year back, when we replaced them with BEE 5 star rated ceiling fans. And just 3 months back we replaced one of the BEE 5 star rated fan with a SuperFan, which is one of the latest Super Efficient Ceiling fan in the market. As we have used all types of fans we thought we should put up a little comparison between the three.

Evaluation of a SuperFan

We got this interesting fan 3 months back and we have been using it well since then. This fan has a Brushless DC electronic motor that is super-efficient. The fan does not need a regulator and works with a remote control (although they have a cheaper model that works without remote as well). In fact if you do not find the remote then it can also work by toggling the switch on switchboard the same number of times as the desired speed. There is a LED at the center of the fan that blinks and shows the fan speed when it is changed. Although a good feature, it can be disturbing at night while sleeping. Although this fan is a little different from other fans, the installation was quite easy and straightforward. We used our energy meter to measure the power consumption and it was as follows:








3.8 watts

7.7 watts

13.8 watts

22.7 watts

35.8 watts

We did not have anything to measure the air delivery, but it felt as good as a regular fan. Also the air delivery quoted by the manufacturers is the same as that of a regular fan and we had no reasons not to believe them. The video below shows our evaluation of superfan:

Evaluation of a BEE 5 star rated fan

We have been using BEE 5 star rated fans for almost a year now. We have been quite happy with them, as they have certainly helped reducing our electricity bills. Although we have had some challenges with our electronic regulators (which we guess are not the right quality and thus do not alter the speed accurately). These fans are just like regular fans with a slightly efficient motor. As we mostly use our fans at speed of 5, these fans certainly helped us reduce our bills. The manufacturer quoted air delivery of the fan was just slightly less than the regular fan, and although a keen observation of the two fans would make you feel that the fan is a tad slow, but truly the fan did not feel bad on use.

As we had issues with our regulators, we had to measure two of our fans to get to right numbers for power consumption. Here are the numbers:








13 watts

24 watts

30 watts

40 watts

55 watts

The one big surprise that we got was that the manufacturer rated the ceiling fan at 50 watts, but the measurement showed 55 watts at full speed. Below is the video of one of our observation:

Regular Ceiling Fans

We visited two of our friends’ houses to measure the consumption by their regular fans. One of them has 8-year-old fans that were truly in bad condition. The performance (air delivery) was poor and even the power consumption was high. Below are the measurements of the fans:








13 watts

25 watts

37 watts

48 watts

92 watts

The other friend has fans that are 2-3 years old. And below are the measurements of his fans:








14 watts

26 watts

39 watts

48 watts

76 watts

Below is the video of one of our observation:

Economics of Ceiling Fans

Below is an infographic that we published a few days back that can help you understand the economics of ceiling fans.


In case you are interested in doing calculations based on the speed at which you use the fans, then you can use the formula below:

Units consumed = (wattage x hours of usage)/1000

And you can find out cost per unit applicable to you using our calculator: Online Electricity Bill Calculator – For all states in India.

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I brought the esaver 50 crompton fan few days it worked well and it stared giving problem of automatic stopping. It stops in night after 11pm and starts on its own , som
E times it stops in night and starts only after 5 am. My SPLIT AC WORKS FINE ALL NIGHT.
The repair person from crompton tried but could not succeeded as usual he. IS blaming the power fluctuation which might not be true as Ac is working fine can you help me out.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Are you using a voltage stabilizer for the AC? Did you try using any other fan instead of this one?


Abhishek sir plz recommend 2,3 brands with model no. of high speed fan for my 12-12 room size irrespective of power consumption

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You can look at these:

Superfan X1 (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2vxLB1F ) ... these are high speed energy efficient fans.
Havells Pacer (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2xn8Lcw ) or any of the Crompton Greaves High Speed Fans ( http://www.crompton.co.in/high-speed/ )


is super fan good at air delivery practically? how about havells es40. is 210cum/min comfortable air delivery for anywhere.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Superfan X1 has CMM of 230 which is same as any other regular fan. 210 is on a lesser side.


in the above-mentioned table of comparison, it is calculated as Rs.5 per unit, but in commercial applications, unit cost may go up to rs9 or 8 or 7.can you give me that data calculated for 300 days. please upload the latest calculation.it will be very very helpful.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Naga,

The formula for units consumed is:

Units consumed = (wattage x hours of usage)/1000

You can use it to do the calculation as per your usage (hours used in 300 days).


Should I buy Superfan Super V1 or Super A1? I have a 12*14 room and I read somewhere that larger fans even though they have less rpm are better for cooling

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Larger fans have more air delivery and can provide better air with lesser power consumption. You can go for Superfan V1.


I want to buy solar panel 4000w from China so is there any benefit for it and also want to know import duties for it? Also is it any subsidy for solar import? In India,how much cost to install solar system 4000w for home?


GES Power selling superfan is most irresponsible seller. Sends via post office and you need to go to post office to collect the parcel.

Most irresponsible seller ever. Sent fragile item like ceiling fan through irresponsible post office parcel Today got call frm postman of Noida sec110 Yatharth Ngr post office- "cant deliver this on bycycle and it will break & will not remain useful for you. If you want you can come and collect" frm mob no 9818290010. Stay Away Better stay away from these unprofessional and unorganized sellers.

What is the guarantee that the product is shipped safely and is intact. the behavior of post man clearly shows that the department of post has no professionalism and do not care at all. And selecting such service clearly indicates the seller is just sell, make profit and forget type.

i got surprised by the fact that the courier service shown in order tracking is Fedex to cheat Amazon and in actual it is Post Office registered parcel which comes at a speed slower than bullock cart and that too with no guarantee of safe handling and no door step delivery.

Pathetic experience. please stay away for piece of mind and not experiencing this horrible experience like me.


Hii Abhishek,
i bought Superfan A1 series but do not know how to install because there is written that DC input ceiling fan and do not connect this DC ceiling fan to your AC line. I am confusing because in DC there is +ve & -ve Wires but in my ceiling there is no +ve & -ve wires, only two wires of same color. please guide me how to install it.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

I would suggest that you confirm with the manufacturer that you made the right purchase. Because I guess they have a DC fan which works directly with solar and that is different from their regular fans that also work on AC. Where did you purchase it from? And do you see any model number, etc on it?

Typically for a regular fan, you just need to connect the two wires to the two wires on regular AC line (without a regulator). Regulator is strictly not required. But then the connection is just like how you would connect a tubelight or anything else.


At first thank you for your reply, I called the customer care of superfan several times, ring bells but they did not respond. I mailed to their mail id yesterday but did not get any reply from the company yet. i bought the product from superfan's official website superfan.in and the model no is A1- 002320. A sticker pasted on the fan motor and there is written that voltage 230 VAC, single phase. what does it mean? if you have any idea how to know it has a DC motor or AC motor. Please tell me.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

I have tried reaching out to Superfan company with your issue. Hopefully they will contact you.


Hii Abhishek, thank you very much for your valuable support. They called me and told all the A1 series fan is AC input ceiling fan. Although they did not give any clarification about product's manual and one more thing is the speed of fan and air delivery of the fan is slower than the local fan which is already installed in my rented flat. do i have to contact to the manufacturer?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Superfan A1 has air delivery of 220 CMM. If your local fan is 230 CMM, this might feel just a bit less (I am sure it would not be too bad). Superfan X1 has 230CMM air delivery.


Hi abhishek
I brought the Crompton Esaver 50 fan. Few days its worked very good and right now sometimes in day its automatically stop running and then suddenly start also in night time after 2.00 am same thing stop but start after 6 or 7 am. I called engineer he told me it’s happened due voltage fluctuation. But other appliances like led tv and d2h system, led tube light don’t have a problem. Recently I checked the product detail its mention the fan immune 150 to 265 volt. Can you pls help me out from this problem what I need to do?

Thanks & regards.


Thank you very much Abhishek for your prompt reply.

I have checked with electrician. In day time voltage is not dropping down. It might be happening in night time so could you please explain why this problem exists and should I need to fix the stabilizer.

Thanks & Regards,
Hemant Rasam.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Hemant,

Difficult to say anything without looking at it. I think you should put a complaint with the company to check the same.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Did you check how low is the voltage dropping in your home? LED TV and all can work at a voltage as low as 90V. So they would not have a problem. Is the voltage dropping below 150? Ask an electrician to help you out in measuring the same.


hey fends tell me which fan is durable and long lasting for a newly home
as super-fan provides FUN colors n blades design
other gorilla dosent give such options
i placed order of 6 super fan
all 2 pc each model

so just i want to ask u
m i taking right decision or i sholud purchase goriila fan
i m living in kolkata plzzz help me

Manas Chakraborty

I from Kolkata bought Gorilla Fan online through Amazon & Atomberg. I had problem with the fans. Their customer care unit is excellent. They replaced it. Though it took more than expected time. So I can recommend Gorilla Fan from Atomberg

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Kayal,

Based on our evaluation, both the companies are equally good. You can go for anyone of them.

jaswanth pothuri

I'm planning to buy gorilla fan. Is superfan a preferrable than gorilla one?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Both are good brands and both have their strengths and weaknesses. I would not rate one higher over other. Superfan has great presence in south, so if you are in North India, go for Gorilla Fan.


Are fans available with star ratings in India, how to check star ratings while buying fans online?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Yes Fans do have star ratings in India. You can check the latest list with online buying links over here: https://www.bijlibachao.com/top-ten-appliances/best-ceiling-fan-khaitan-havells-usha-crompton-greaves-orient-in-india-electricity-consumption.html


What is the full form of CMM?
How we can define & measure it?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

CMM is cubic meter per minute. It is the volume of air delivered per minute. You will need an Air Flow Meter to measure it.


Thanks a lot Abhishek for your response.


Hi , I got a Superfan from Amazon after reading all the pros below, but ever since delivery am getting a consistent erratic loud clicking sounds , I have tried removing the protection cap altogether, but the loud clicks persist.
This is driving me nuts , can anybody help, or is this the flaw in BLDC technology


1+. I too experience similar clicking sound; intensity of the noise varies over time; sometime louder, other time mild, and occasionally quiet. I bought V1 model a month ago directly from Superfan; ever since I hear such clicking sounds. This problem was reported through email as their website's online submission does not work (it does not go further even after attempting their captcha multiple times); received a call next day stating an engineer might visit my home...

An Update...two guys came, removed three wings (wings alone), hammered lightly on three rivets in each of the wings, fitted them back. It ran quiet for 2 hours or so, thereafter the clicking noise resurfaced and became louder than earlier...Reported the problem again... I wonder that fan wings can cause such 'tick tick' noise randomly; earlier, I was thinking, such noises were caused only in the head assembly of the fan.

Another Update...on second time report, I was assured a replacement wings and received them through courier service; fitted new wings, no noise thereafter.

Customer Support seems to be great and responsive.


Dear Sir,

Good Evening!!

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Please provide us your contact number to the email address: [email protected], so that our service engineer will call and assist you in a better way.

Thank you,
+91 94885 94506


i have sent a video clip to your mobile


i have also confused in buying super fan or gorilla fan. can you help me?


What was your verdict? Which one is better?


about super fan the switch off on the remote does not completely switches off the fan,
but rather it goes in standby mode while still consuming about 1.5W
power in addition to that irritating led that keeps glowing,
can we elaborate above matter

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

It would be about 0.5W and not 1.5W. And this happens with every appliance that operates on a remote control (even your TV, your AC, everything). The best option for any appliance with a remote is to switch it off from the plug point. Otherwise, some sensors have to keep on working to sense the instructions from a remote. And it will need some electricity.

Also, LED does not glow all the time. It glows only when you change speed. In both superfan and gorilla.


i have also confused in buying super fan or gorilla fan. can you help me?


Hi Abhishek,
I have seen so many reviews that superfan is making humming noise. What is the reason for that? Compared to Gorilla fan by Atomberg whose poewer consumption is 28 watts, but super fan is 35 watts. Why superfan is not improving their design. The Atomberg is claiming no humming noise. So, it humming noise is a technological glitch. If I compare Superfan and Gorilla which have more air flow? I am planning to buy super-efficient fan for my new house but I am confused between Superfan and Gorilla.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Vineet,

I am not sure why people get humming noise. My own superfan does not make any humming noise. I think you will have to confirm this with the company. As far as air delivery is concerned, current as per the specs, Superfan has better air delivery.


Thanks for reply. I too don't notice the humming noise while seeing the demo, but reviews are different. Can you comment why superfan is limited their design to 35W instead of improving it to 28W as provided by Gorilla fan and Orient Ecotech.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Vineet,

I am not sure why Superfan has not improved to 28 watts. What Gorilla and Orient Ecotech has shown is that the power consumption can be improved. But only the Superfan management can comment as to why they have not improved their fan.


Thanks Abhishek for the information. Keep updating Us. Do you have any post or analysis for LED Tubelights and comparision.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Are you looking for comparison of various brands of Tubelight? We have not done brand comparison, but we do have writeups on comparison of LED Tubelights with regular tubelights. Do check our section on lights: http://www.bijlibachao.com/save-electricity/lights


Thanks Abhishek.


hi abhishek, i would like to get the meter u test usage with. where can i get it.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You can buy it on Amazon using this link: http://amzn.to/23kNL0q


What is the Air delivery range of Superfan ? Is it deliver air to the corners of room or just below the fan itself ?


Do you guys have any reviews of Superfan vs Atomberg Gorilla (which has even lower power consumption rating than Superfan)

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

We have tested all of them: Versa Drives, Atomberg and Orbit Greens. Here are some pros and cons of each

1) Versa Drives:

(some of the pros and cons mentioned are common for all)

Pros: Great quality product with high efficiency and really good air delivery. You get the same amount of air as you would get with any good air delivery fan in the market. Extremely low power consumption (35 Watts). Backed by some really talented engineers from IIT Madras.

Cons: Limited presence throughout the country. They have good market in South, but not much presence in North. Tech is relatively unknown to regular electricians, so difficult to get service (if it fails). Although they do replace the product if it is under warranty. But getting a replacement is a few days job and sometimes you cannot live without a fan. Finally using a remote control for a fan is a hassle (personally for me). Small remote control gets lost in the house and you keep finding it. Changing speed without a remote is a bit of a hassle. And remotes (for almost all appliances) do not last long unless you take really good care of them. They are expensive and are not as silent as what people expect at that cost. But then they are highly energy efficient and as noisy as regular fans. So compare them with regular fans and not the luxury fans.

2) Atomberg: Most of the pros and cons above apply for Atomberg as well. But I think they have come up with a new design to make the fan work with a normal regulator (just confirm with them). This is a big relief. It is run by a team of engineers from IIT Bombay who are again quite talented. The product quality is good and power consumption is better (28W) than Superfan (versa drives). But Superfan has more design variations. Super fan also has more models. Atomberg is much newer as compared to Superfan, so their presence is lesser than Superfan. Ya and one more thing, there is a LED in the center of these fans that blinks when you change speed. Superfan blinks as many number of times as the speed, while with Atomberg it blinks only once. Remote control from Atomberg is of better quality than Superfan and is more feature rich.

3) Orbit Greens: These guys are trying their best, but somehow they are the weakest amongst the group. The product quality is not as good as others. Firstly their air delivery is low and one may complain that that it does not give good air. Their remote control was not of great quality when we received it. It did not last 15 days. The overall experience was not really great as we could not change the fan speed after the remote got damaged. But yes, the electricity consumption was quite low.

But most of the pros and cons are common.


Present Price of Superfan 35 Watts is Rs. 3420/- and Havells 50 watts Rs. 2550/- Approx MRP. how does the table show a different Price? is there any Superfan brand at lower price?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

When superfan started selling their fans, their price was low as they were giving less warranty (2 years). Now they give 5 years warranty and that is why they have increased the price. This table is a bit old. Thanks for pointing out, we will update it.


I m using superfans from last 3 years... and i m fully satisfied with efficiency. .....

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Thanks for the feedback.


I am also thinking if Superfan / Versa Drives is a fly by night shop. I placed an order on 7th March'16 on their website, next day got an email from Versa Drives that shipping details will be updated within 3 days. Today is 14th and no communication. No reply to email. Nobody answers their toll free #. Same about the chat service. I was lucky to use the chat once before ordering, and the experience wasn't good, the chat was abruptly closed. When I said this was unprofessional. The chat guy came back to chat and said your issue has been notified to appropriate people. I went ahead with placing order after reading some product reviews. But now I wondering... If you read their 56 inch 5 years warranty tag. The warranty is about the motor and not even on the remote. What would happen if somehow the remote get lost or damaged. Will someone buy another fan for a remote. Also, the warranty is carry-in warranty, so if there is no authorized service centre, you're done about warranty. And, there is no cancellation of orders. I am worried about my money now. Order ID: 7829


Surprisingly, the fan was delivered in few hours after posting here.


Superfan / Versa Drives is a complete fly by night operator. Deal with them at your own risk. Their business practices are unethical.
Based on the review(s) above, I ordered 1 Superfan for trial, thinking that if successful, I would change all the fans in my house & in the company for whom I work. Amazon had the V1 model Superfan @ Rs. 3630/- delivered to me in Mumbai, on cash on delivery basis. When I contacted Superfan directly, they promised to send the V1 model to me inclusive of delivery @ Rs 3530/-, but I would have to deposit the cash in their account. I have the emails to prove this. I deposited the cash as per their email, even though their bank location was inconvenient. Superfan is now demanding additional 10% octroi, even though the email from Superfan stated it would be delivered at Rs 3530/-. The additional cost was hidden from me even though I had specifically asked about costs on the phone with them. Now I am required to pay an additional 10% or I lose the money already paid to Superfan. I am doubtful that such a company will return my funds. I am now not sure if the package to be delivered actually contains a BLDC fan or not. I may have to chalk up the loss of Rs. 3530/- to experience, & deal in future only with established fan companies.


Subsequent to my post on this site, I received a communication from the company, & they agreed to supply the fan at the original contracted price.
I am pleased to be able to say that I received the fan yesterday, largely due to the efforts of Ms. Susila from Versa Drives. Kudos to her! As it is the holiday season, I will not be able to get an electrician to install the fan for a few days. When installed, I hope to be able to review it for the benefit of the members of this site.


Many people on Amazon & Flipkart are also giving bad reviews for this fan.


A 56" Leading edge fan throws 26500CFM (778 CMM) almost three times the air any Indian fan throws, and uses just 110W. That gives it a rating of 7 CMM/Watt - more than any Indian fan at this speed. Whats more, its a split capacitor design.


Fan power
varies approximately with the cube of the target air speed .

The power of the fan is directly proportional to the cube of the wind velocity.

This has
very interesting implications for manufacturers of “power saving” fans. If a
fan produces 230 CMM and uses 70 watts, the same fan at 210 CMM will use 53 watts.

In other
words, you can achieve the same thing that a BEE 5* rated fan does, by just
setting the regulator of your fan from 5 to 4.

There are a very few manufacturers that actually make genuine energy saving
fans, but all of them use BLDC technology.

While it is theoretically possible to increase the efficiency of regular split
capacitor fans, no Indian manufacturer actually does so AFAIK.


Fan power varies approximately with the cube of the target air speed

P = c 2 V³+ c 3

where P = fan power [W],
c 2 = constant [W s 3 /m 3 ] and c 3 = constant [W].
The two constants depend on the fan-person distance.
If distance between fan & person is ignored, a generalized equation can be made : -

P α V³

Or, the power of the fan is
directly proportional to the cube of the wind velocity.

This has very interesting
implications for manufacturers of “power saving” fans. If a fan produces 230
CMM and uses 70 watts, the same fan at 210 CMM will use 53 watts.

This is what most manufacturers of "power saving" fans do.
They reduce the air throw of the fan to get lower energy usage figures.
A reduction in air throw of 10 % equals a reduction in power usage of 25%.


In other words, you can achieve the same thing that a BEE 5* rated fan does, by just setting the regulator of your fan from 5 to 4.
There are a very few manufacturers that actually make genuine energy saving fans, but all of them use BLDC technology.
While it is theoretically possible to increase the efficiency of regular split capacitor fans, no Indian manufacturer actually does so AFAIK.


Where can I find a 60 inch /1500 mm fan with metal blades that throws more air?


I want to speak to the core team member of bijli bachao team as we are the incubate of IITM and we have some special products which works on similar lines what you are working on. please visit http://www.cygni.com and you can call me @ 7382754039 or send me mail at [email protected]

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Kamarsu,

We at Bijli Bachao just provide researched information to consumers. We do not sell any products through our website.


Hello Mr. Jain,
Can I have your phone number and mail ID to send my product details, so that you can give the same information to your customers, I am not expecting you to sell my products, I want you to know about my products and advise your viewers for this fantastic product.


On their website, Polar fans Winaire++ model claims a CMM of 295 for their 1400mm model, & 250 for the 1200mm model. Can these claims be trusted?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

250 CMM is not very high considering that it is a 75 watt fan. And same goes for 18 Watts 1400 mm Sweep fan. Higher sweep can give more air delivery.



Is it okay to use superfan x1 on modified sine wave inverter?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

It should work well on modified sine wave inverter.


Please note that the 1200mm Havells energy saving fans which you have recommended elsewhere on this site use 50W and deliver 215 CMM. The 1200mm polar winaire++ fans use 75W and deliver 250CMM .
If the Winaire++ fan is set to use 50W with a regulator, it will deliver 218 CMM.
If the figures given by Polar are accurate, then this fan is more efficient than the Havell fan, and can be set to deliver more air as well.


My main interest is in the air delivery of the 1400 mm model. I have not been able to find a fan with greater air delivery than the 295 CMM that Polar Winaire++ claims. Superfan has just 230 CMM. This is a big difference, when you take into account that an increase in air delivery is proportional to the 4th power to the electricity consumed (for the same fan. Different fans have different constants).


Sorry, air delivery is proportional to the cube of the power consumed.


I stay near Patna. This year I purchased some new fans for my house and store. I asked my local electrician and he bought fans for me. He brought Havells Turboforce wall and pedestal fans (18 inch) for my shop. I had also bought Havells turboforce exhaust fan (12 inch) for business purpose. For my home he bought Havells V2 (18 inch), Crompton Hi-flow, Bajaj midea and Modi pedestal fan (a local brand by Ansu engineering works, my electrician bought) (all 16 inch). We are extensively using all for 4-5 months.

Now I have noticed some differences and i want to ask you some questions

1) I found all industrial grade pedestal and wall fans in my shop has ball bearings, where as all domestic purpose pedestal, wall and table fans have sleeve bearings only my kitchen and bathroom Havells ventiliar DB has ball bearings. Why companies use sleeve bearings than balls in domestic grade products, does it improve efficiency or saves electricity?

2) I found crompton runs cool same as Havells V2, Bajaj runs cool too. All have plastic cover over motors. The local company Modi pedestal fan motor (it is metal and has no plastic cover) reach 80-95 centrigrade while using for 4-5 hours. It seems that my hands will definitely burn if I touch the motor after long use. The air coming from the centre of grill feels hotter too. I feared the fan was defective and will burn soon. But it seems the motor is fine with such high temperature rise. Is it ok? What is the ideal temperature rise of motors? Can I use it overnight without being worried?

3) The high speed pedestal fan (Modi) uses 80 watts at 205 V, 100 W at 230 V, 110 W at 240V, which I have tested with watt meter, Why wattage increases with voltage?

4) Suppose a fan comes with 440Volt 4 microF capacitor. What will happen If I replace it with 2.5 microF capacitor and with 6 microF capacitor? Which is bad for motor higher or lower assume in both cases motor starts and runs with no difficulty.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

First I should appreciate your inquisitiveness to understand the basics of engineering and efforts to save energy.

1. The selection of bearing is part of the design part of a particular concern. However, it appears that all fans which are having horizontal mounting are using sleeve bearing. Sleeve bearing is cheaper with less life. Keep a watch on the performance as you may not be able to do anything at this stage. Please advise the make of the fan in which sleeve bearing is used.

2. Temperature going so high in Modi pedestal fan motor cannot be a designed feature. It means winding temperature may also be going very high and the fan is likely to fail earlier. You should write to the firm.

3. When voltage is low, the speed of the fan goes down. This is the principle of fan regulator in which the voltage is reduced to control the speed of the fan. At lower voltage, the speed is less and as per the characteristics of the fan, the power consumption is proportional to the square of the speed of rotation.

4. I am unable to understand you stating voltage as 440V. Single phase system is operates on 240 V. Capacitors are used to start the motor and to improve the power factor during running. There is sufficient tolerance in the design of capacitors and will not cause any problem. For very low value, the fan will either not start or run at low speed. For very high value, there will be over compensation, and not good for the system.


Thank you Abhishek for your elaborate reply. I was waiting for your valuable suggestions.

1) I found all new pedestal fans by Havells, Bajaj, Crompton for my home has sleeve bearings. We have one old Usha pedestal fan from my father's time. When I was young I watched him pouring few drops of oils in oil canal once in a year. But in new fans I couldn't locate any hole to drip oil. Our electrician told me that they can't be oiled as the newer age sleeve bearings are oiled for life. As I understand from your reply that the newer age fans have plastic body, blade, so they have shorter life. Thus their bearings need no oiling during that lifespan, but somehow I like the transparent blade fans.
Fans in my shop have ball bearings, and metal body and blades. So I hope they will last for 10+ years at least with heavy use.
2) As you have suggested I will ask the electrician to replace the local fan with a branded one. I noticed this fault one day, after runnning it for some time, when I touched the motor to engage the oscillation. I was anxious that it might catch fire and throw flames at bed or curtains through the openings of motor. It has 2 years guarantee. But it is difficult for me to run after a company for free service just for a mere fan.
3) The fan stamp says 90 watts. So I was wondering. Thanks for your explanation.
4) When ever our ceiling fan capacitor fails, the electrician always replace them with higher ones. My relative saw him doing that and told me this will ruin the motor. The electrician explained, since voltage often drops below 200 so a higher capacitor will keep the motor running at high speed at low voltage. But my close relative told him to change those with normal ones. After doing so I found the fans are running bit slower.

After reading your article I am interested to buy superfans for my shop as they run continuously for 10-14 hours. But they only manufacture ceiling fans. Is it economically beneficial to replace ordinary fans with superfans for an air-conditioned room? In our locality none keep Superfans, so I want to buy them from online stores. In case of malfunction, can I get them repaired on site by company? I am interested to buy a inverter front loading washing machine by samsung. Is it worthy to have one instead of having a normal front loading automatic washing machine?

Can you write an article on food processors available in Indian market. There are so many food processors that we feel puzzled. My friend told me mixer grinders are not very much useful rather food processors are must have for a kitchen. We have Bajaj food processor for some time, but it is awfully noisy.
Are hand blenders worthy? Most user complain about burnt motor when motor was stressed.
I would like to see an article from you on microwave and induction ovens in future. My question is are they going to cost less than gas cylinder (subsidy cylinder, 1 in every month)? If we start cooking using electricity only (Microwave, Induction occasionally oven) in Delhi and in Patna?
Thanks and regards.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Ajay,

Superfans are quite efficient fans and if your usage is long then they can certainly benefit a lot. The only challenge is that they do not have service centers everywhere in the country. They have a 5 year replacement warrant, so they replace fans when it does not work properly and they are not able to help you fixing it over the phone. But the total delay of replacement can be 5-7 days (shipping time). People have had great experience with superfan while using. And it is not that they always go bad. But if they do go bad by chance, then the whole experience is a bit cumbersome. They usually do not send anyone to repair it onsite. And the only place to buy them in North would be online.

As for inverter tech washing machine: if your usage is high (as in multiple loads in a day as would happen in a laundry) then it makes great sense to go for an inverter tech washing machine. But if you use it just once a day, then you will not be able to get payback of the extra investment that you put in for buying one. The machines are great, just a bit costly (because of the technology).

We do not have article on food processors yet. But we will try to research on that. As far as microwave and induction cookers are concerned, you can look at these:





sir, but I heard very bad feed back about super fans and even I experienced very low air delivery.i felt havells ES40 has better promising air delivery and what is ur opinion? i felt that havells es 40 can be used in offices and institutions with out doubt.but 210 CMM is not a satisfying air delivery for few domestic areas and for people who expect very good air delivery.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

It is difficult to satisfy all customers. No brand in this world will have 100% customer satisfaction and you will get mixed reviews of everything. ES40 and ES50 are fantastic models. People may find that the air delivery is less (and it is when you compare it to 230 CMM of most fans). But then it depends on the customer. Not everyone will find it too less. I have a few ES50 in my house and for me it is fine. Superfan has slightly better air delivery and they are also working well for me for past 3 years now. There were a few issues with my superfan in the beginning, but the company did fix it.


The power saving is great in Superfan but it has a lot of crucial cons...
1. As you mentioned, the switch off on the remote does not completely switches off the fan, but rather it goes in standby mode while still consuming about 1.5W power in addition to that irritating led that keeps glowing, many reviews online (on Flipkart, Amazon) complain of this, the off button on the remote is pretty much useless. A zero speed would be more useful (especially in winter to circulate the air and get rid of the cold air pockets without decreasing the room temp further).
2. They offer 3-5 years warranty (onsite!, offsite!)..YAY!...not so much, remember, your fan is not a light bulb which you can just pull from it's socket and replace a new one, and anybody who has experience with claiming warranties at service center(s) (which is pretty much everybody!), would know that it can be quite a pain in the butt. In fact one of the reviews (on Amazon) mentions that their warranty terms and conditions are such that they can easily void your warranty anytime, like for eg, you lose or break your remote, they will counter claim physical damage and void your warranty. They can also say they don't have any stock left to replace your fan and make you wait for weeks..(better keep a large newspaper handy!).
3. It's Hi-tech, the old creaking and groaning fans might not be so but they at least keep ticking while taking all the licking for decades...same can perhaps not be said for the new Hi-tech fans like Superfan. It has a sensor microchip in it which will cause the fan to stop (to standby) if it's blades encounter any obstacle (while still damaging the object), but limit the damage to the fan itself. Now the sensitivity of this sensor may be in question, while using fans we normally tend to keep our windows open...what if Lex Luthor outside decides to send in a butterfly...

Orbit Green fans seem to be very rare ( I could only find one site online offering a BL30 for some 3k Rs), their availability in local shops is doubtful (although I'll ask around when I can find the time). Their nearby service centers location may also be a problem (same for Superfan!). Orient Ecotech is too expensive (at some Rs 5k), don't know if they will last long enough to give any positive returns, which is the whole point of going to all this trouble to change fans.


very good review bro.other BLDC fans are expensive.well explained about warranty claims and issues.Really speaking i have very wrong opinion about super fan.i haven't checked other bldc fans.but i am satisfied with havells es 40 and havells es50. 47% power saving with havells es 40 and better cost.i yet to try gorella 28w fan


Hello Scott274, No BLDC motor is required. The existing AC induction motor can be made superior to fulfill the BEE 5* requirements if the companies are forced to do so. Most of us are not aware of the fact that permanent split capacitor single phase AC induction motors used in fans (ceiling, desk, pedestal, wall or exhaust for domestic purpose) are 30-50% efficient only. So, inherently they are too wasteful in terms of efficiency.

However, a point to be noted that pump motors and newer refrigerator and air-con compressor motors are more efficient and they are ~70-85% efficient. Induction motors found in Air-con blowers are also 70-85% efficient.

After BEE implementation the manufacturers has bought 5* fans which have lower air delivery but have the same motor as older ones have. By reducing load on motor they have reduced energy consumption, but this does not change the technical scenario that motors used in fans are wasteful. So only 30-50 % is used for work rest is wasted as heat.

Now it is clear that the existing motor technology needs to be changed. But instead of bringing radical change in motor technology i.e replacing AC induction motors with BLDC motors, the existing AC induction motors can be improved as super efficient AC induction motors. Currently in Europe, America, Canada newer motors for industrial applications needs to to be efficient by law (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Premium_efficiency ). Such efficiency scale are not yet implemented in domestic scale motors, but it seems that companies are adapting the advanced efficient technology in domestic applications to attract customers.

We the Indian customers have to raise our voice forcing the companies to make energy efficient motors. The energy efficient AC induction motors will be costlier for use of copper instead of aluminium in both rotor and stator and more iron in cores. But it will pay back in few years. Also efficient motors will be stronger and thus will deliver more air by using same energy as current motors. If you look at BEE site you will notice that 1200 mm sweep fans have to deliver 210 cum/min air to qualify (see http://www.beestarlabel.com/Content/Files/Schedule-8.pdf ). Most 1200 mM sweep fans deliver 210-230 cum/min, which indicates all fans are only marginally better than minimum requirement.

In USA I have seen fans whose blade pitch can be changed as per requirement. This is a useful feature. BLDC motors have unque characteristic that their torque and speed both can be adjusted independently also simultaneously. So the feature that I have just mentioned perfectly suits the BLDC motors and should be adopted by manufacturers. By this one can increase blade pitch, decrease motor speed but increase torque. Hence fans will run silently delivering same amount of air as normal speed. Also, when required we can increase both speed and torque to deliver more air if there is more people in room. BLDC motors are versatile, instead of making ordinary BLDC fans manufacturers should look into the matter to dig out more from BLDC motors.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

As far as payback is concerned, we have seen that in Mumbai it ca payback in less than a year is many cases. I am sure Orient Ecotech will also not be for more than 2-3 years in Mumbai. And tariffs are quite high in several places in the country.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

It's a catch 22. To have a market transformation, someone needs to try and buy these fans. If no one buys them, then there will be no adoption and then we will remain as energy inefficient as ever. As far as technical glitches are concerned, the concerned companies must take a look at the feedback and improve.


Orbit Green, Orient Ecotech and Crompton Greaves Fontier are not even in the Indian market, so the question of trying and buying is out...company has to advertise and bring them in the market....surprisingly in fans market today in India, energy efficiency don't seem to be much of selling factor if you look at the best selling fans online. Most product pages don't even bother mentioning the power consumption in their product specifications.


Dear Bijlibachao team,

Can you please clarify if we run this super fan from the 12 Volt inverter battery directly without a need for an invertor?

Warm Regards,

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Superfan is compatible with inverter. It can also run on DC, you just have to ask for such model.


Horrible Service by Superfan employees.
I ordered 2 Superfan X1 models in colours White and Brown.
I was told delivery would happen in 8-10 days as fan was not in stock and payment would be done post installation. I agreed and asked them to process the order at the earliest.
15 days later when I called them, they said the fans had arrived and would be delivered in 2 days.
When the fans dint arrive even after 7 days, I called them and they said it was raining heavily and so they would wait for the rains to halt and then deliver the fan.

Its been 4 sunny days with not the slightest of drizzles around, but still no signs of their employees coming for installation.
I called them today and they said that the fan is now out of stock and would take another 15 days to be available.
27 days since I ordered the fans and still they tell me the same thing that I was told on the first day.
Worst experience ever.
Would never recommend anyone to buy a Superfan ever!!!


Economic of ceiling fan in india..... screen shot picture comparision are too old, plz arrange to update latest, sheet calculatioc


Could you please recommend fans which are silent / almost silent? This includes the noise created by air movement. As a reference, please check Aeratron (http://aeratron.org/), Big Ass Fans - http://www.bigassfans.com/for-home/haiku/ and others like Casablanca, which are super silent. Could you please recommend such silent fans in India.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Ananth,

You can look at Usha Hunter Range or Luxaire (http://www.luxaire.in). Luxaire is energy efficient as well.


Thanks for the excellent review. Could you please give the list of brands under Super Fan and BEE 5Star rated fans

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Pardhy,

There are three super efficient fans in the market: Orient Ecotech, Superfan (http://www.superfan.in) and Orbit Greens BL60. For all other BEE 5 star rated fans you may check this link: https://www.bijlibachao.com/top-ten-appliances/best-ceiling-fan-khaitan-havells-usha-crompton-greaves-orient-in-india-electricity-consumption.html


Hello BB team,

As you have used a superfan model for some time now, can you please tell how much noise this fan makes at different speeds compared to normal fans? By noise i mean any humming or buzzing sound other than the sound of moving air. Is it completely noiseless otherwise?



I have purchased three superfans and unfortunately all three have been making a clicking noise, in terms of quality these fans are no where close to the likes of Usha and Havells. I have even replaced the motor on one still nothing happened. Moreover they just send the replacement they dont send a technician to replace the faulty part and hence you yourself have to pay the electrician.


BLDC fans are expensive in India.that's the problem with India.they try to make maximum profit as far as possible.If we import from chaina,then we can get for cheaper rates.Indians should learn to play volume games.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Praveen,

We have seen 5 superfans till now. The noise is same as that of any normal fan (of moving air). We had issues with two fans twice: one was fake one was real. Once there was strange sound coming and we put in a complaint with superfan team and we realized that the cap on top was making some sound, which was resolved by moving the cap up slightly. The other issue happened when it started making clucking sound at startup and it also increased with time, but then Superfan team duly replaced it with a new motor as they were not able to solve it on phone. The only challenge was that we could not use that fan for 4 days while the new motor was in transit. Since then (for last 6 months) the new motor has been working properly. Rest all fans have not had any issues yet (using them for more than a year now).


how about air delivery? is it satisfactory?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

I have personally used both Havells ES50 and Superfan. I have found both to be good, but superfan is slightly more as compared to ES50.



Is it okay to run Superfan x1 on modified sine wave inverter?


Please don't buy superfan. Their customer care is just non existent. The product is good overall. Although the built quality and paint finish isn't comparable to the likes of Usha, Havells and CG. I purchased three X1 fans, one of those is making a noise at low speeds. I mailed them multiple times but they don't respond. I called at their customer care, they told me to contact the dealer. He told me to write in to the company, although he said he'll replace the fan motor if the issue persists. God knows what will happen to their 5 year claimed warranty, might be just on on-paper claim, as you have no where to go to claim the warranty.


i do domestic energy audit.i approached super fan for dealership.they said,''they already have a dealer is my area and they don't want one more.''I left it as they offered me very disappointing reseller price.later i inquired in one university where they sold 600 fans and they said that those fans are not working well.then i found havells es40. now i am promoting havells es 40 only.


I too got a glimpse of the poor customer care when I ordered my Superfans. They were supposed to ship within 3 days but were taking longer. Hence I wrote a mail to them asking about the delay. They shipped the fans on the 6th day but never bothered to reply to my mail which was disappointing.

Well Indian companies are known for their poor to non-existent after-sales service & customer care. I was hoping for something different from Versa Drives since they came up with such an innovative product but I guess I was wrong.

Moreover, I am doubly worried as there is no dealer or service center in Kolkata. So if one of my Superfans develop a snag, I will have to ship them back to Chennai and who knows how the Customer Care will respond at that time. Post-warranty support is another concern since local electricians can't repair these types of fans.


Dear Sir,

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Please provide us your contact details to the email address: [email protected], so that our Service Engineer will assist you in a better way.

SUPERFAN is designed and manufactured by Versa Drives Private Limited and are 25 years old company located at Coimbatore.

Kindly write to us at [email protected] and [email protected] if you have any queries regarding SUPERFAN and we will be at your service always.

Thank you,




Hello Madam,

Is it okay to run Superfan X1 on modified sine wave inverter?


Sorry, I meant 300 CMM


India is a hot country. I am searching for a fan with air delivery close to 300 CFM. Any recommendations?


Hi Kush,
The Superfan V1 model delivers 270CMM which is close to your expectation. It really serves my 180 sq ft room very well. I am loving this fan and hope it lasts long enough.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Kush,

We have not seen any fan with 300 CMM output.


I have seen that Polar fans Winaire++ model claim a CMM of 295. (On their website).
Can this figure be trusted

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Kush,

Someone has to really measure the same to tell you if it can be trusted or not. If it does not have BEE rating, then it will be difficult to comment.

Koustav Mazumdar

Hi, I am looking forward for some input on quality and efficiency of tower fans available in the market.


Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Koustav,

Currently we do not have much research on the same. When I last measured a tower fan (regular sized used at homes), it consumed about 55 watts at peak speed.

Koustav Mazumdar

Thanks for you reply.


which ceiling fan is best in India by 1200mm or 48 inch category?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Joshi,

Best is a very subjective term and if you want to have my bias then I would say I love superfan. I have 4 of them in my house. They save a lot of electrcity and are quite good in air delivery. But if you need data purely in objective terms in terms of electricity saving then you can look at the list on this link: https://www.bijlibachao.com/top-ten-appliances/best-ceiling-fan-khaitan-havells-usha-crompton-greaves-orient-in-india-electricity-consumption.html

Bala satputeePlese

How i can purchase the super efficient fan?Please give the full information for puchasing the same.


To Mr. Bala Satpute

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your interest in SUPERFAN.

You can purchase Superfans at our online store (https://www.superfan.in/superstore) or you can write us at [email protected] and your query will be addressed immediately.




Abhishek Jain (Mod)


The easiest way to buy super efficient fan is to buy it online. You can check this link: https://www.superfan.in/superstore/


Superfans are also available online at pepperfry.com, snapdeal.com. Ihave purchased 3 of them from pepperfry.com

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

They are selling on most online marketplaces.


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