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Super Efficient Fans in India – a result of SEEP (Super Efficient Equipment Programme)

By on April 22, 2016
Hindi Translation: भारत में सुपर-कुशल पंखे — ‘सीप’ (सुपर कुशल उपकरण कार्यक्रम) का एक सुखद परिणाम

BEE launched its standards and labeling program in 2006 and since then many electrical appliances are being rated on their efficiency on a scale of 1-5. Most appliances are labeled and sold as BEE star rated appliances. Even after all these years, the level of efficiency of appliances in India has not reached the level of efficiency prevalent in most efficient appliances globally. A study by Prayas group of Pune suggests that if a rapid market transformation is done to only four appliances: room air conditioners, refrigerators, television sets, and ceiling fans: India has potential to save 60 million units of electricity (source). This translates to avoiding a peak capacity addition of 20,000 MW. In view of this BEE has launched a new program to support manufacturing of Super Efficient Appliances and the program has started with Fans.

What are super efficient fans?

A regular ceiling fan that does not include any efficient technology consumes 75-80 Watts of power. Since BEE introduced star rating for ceiling fans, we have started getting fans that are efficient to the point that they consume only 45-50 Watts of power. However some people had complaints with BEE 5 star rated fans about their air delivery being less (and some more, which we discussed in our previous post: BEE 5 Star rated ceiling fans: myths and realities). The regular fans have air delivery of about 250 cumm and BEE 5 star rated fans have air delivery of 210-225 cumm. Looking at all this BEE has proposed a Super Efficient Fan program where fans manufactured will consume only 30-35 Watts of power and would deliver about 230 cumm of air. In the previous post mentioned above, we have already written about our test results of a ceiling fan that delivers about 225 cumm of air and we hardly felt much difference as compared to regular fans. And thus we believe that 230 cumm is a good value.

Comparing Numbers for various kinds of fans

Looking at the high costs for buying a super efficient fan, most people would be interested in comparing numbers before making a buying decision. Below table compares all kinds of fans.

Regular Fan

BEE 5 star Rated Fan

Super Efficient Fan





Yearly Units Consumption (assuming 8 hrs usage everyday)




Yearly Electricity Cost (at Rs 5 per unit)

Rs 1095

Rs 730

Rs 511

Cost of Buying

Rs 1200

Rs 1600

Rs 3000

Based on above numbers a BEE 5 star rated fan pays back for additional cost as compared to regular fan within one year.

A Super efficient fan will pay back for itself in about three and half years as compared to a regular fan.

These numbers can vary depending on your use and cost of electricity, which you can validate, using our calculator: Online Electricity Bill Calculator – For all states in India. If your using cost is more than 5 then the payback can be faster. If it is less then it will be slower.

What does Super Efficient Fan technology include?

There are 3 things that are done to improve the efficiency of fans in super efficient fans:

  1. Performance is improved by improving the induction motor.
  2. Use of BLDC (or Brushless DC technology). To know more about brushless DC technology check: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brushless_DC_electric_motor
  3. Improving the design of the blades.

The above implementations involve replacing some electrical components with electronic components thus allowing for a smoother control of the fans.

As per BEE specifications, these changes should allow super efficient fans to give:

  1. Higher air flow at full speed
  2. Low noise through the use of better quality blades;
  3. In order to be more suitable for Indian conditions:
    1. a.None or very low degradation in performance at lower voltages;
    2. b.Reliable even under high ambient temperature;
  4. Lowest power consumption reasonably possible.

The one downside of a super efficient fan is that the power factor of such fans is 0.9 as compared to 0.95 of regular fans with induction motors. It may impact commercial connections with demand charges in their tariff plan.

Source of Information

Development of Super efficient Equipment Programme ( SEEP ) for Fans

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  • Harsh

    Hello there, if you want BEST CELLING FAN then i suggest buy ATOMBERG GORILLA FAN. this fan is very best fan in market. I also happy with this product. Of you want any help you contact on whatsapp no. 7698953225

  • Amit Joshi

    Which is better fan between Gorilla and Superfan X1 ? Are these fans suitable for long use like 12 hr a day in hot summers ?

    • Harsh

      Gorilla fan is really good fan.

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      They certainly are suitable for long use in hot summers. There is absolutely no issue with that. Product wise both are good, but I would rate Gorilla fan a bit higher for its build quality.

  • Deepak B J

    Hi Team,
    Could you please suggest and Super efficient fan for 10×10 living room.

  • Chellappan

    What is the meaning of power factor of .9 for super fan vs .95 of regular fans . I am planning to change my fans in my clinic to super fans . I have commercial connection . Will it affect the tariff

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      On commercial connections in some places there is penalty if your power factor is less than 0.9 and rebates if power factor is better than 0.95. However it is not there in every state/every city. Depends on your tariff plan. However, at 0.9 power factor there is no penalty at any place in the country. So rest assured that you will not have any problems. And in fact power saving will work well for you.

  • K. Gupta

    Superfan / Versa Drives is a complete fly by night operator. Deal with
    them at your own risk. Their business practices are unethical.
    on the review(s) above, I ordered 1 Superfan for trial, thinking that if
    successful, I would change all the fans in my house & in the
    company for whom I work. Amazon had the V1 model Superfan @ Rs. 3630/-
    delivered to me in Mumbai, on cash on delivery basis. When I contacted
    Superfan directly, they promised to send the V1 model to me inclusive of
    delivery @ Rs 3530/-, but I would have to deposit the cash in their
    account. I have the emails to prove this. I deposited the cash as per
    their email, even though their bank location was inconvenient. Superfan
    is now demanding additional 10% octroi, even though the email from
    Superfan stated it would be delivered at Rs 3530/-. The additional cost
    was hidden from me even though I had specifically asked about costs on
    the phone with them. Now I am required to pay an additional 10% or I
    lose the money already paid to Superfan. I am doubtful that such an unethical
    company will return my funds. I am now not sure if the package to be
    delivered actually contains a BLDC fan or not. I may have to chalk up
    the loss of Rs. 3530/- to experience, & deal in future only with
    established fan companies. I have been doing business for 30 years, & only the most unethical companies hide costs like this. Most companies are extremely upfront about their costs.

    • K.Gupta

      UPDATE: –
      Subsequent to my post on this site, I received a
      communication from the company, & they agreed to supply the fan at
      the original contracted price.
      I am pleased to be able to say that I
      received the fan yesterday, largely due to the efforts of Ms. Susila
      from Versa Drives. Kudos to her! As it is the holiday season, I will not
      be able to get an electrician to install the fan for a few days. When
      installed, I hope to be able to review it for the benefit of the members
      of this site, and other prospective buyers.

    • K. Gupta

      I must also take this opportunity to thank the Bijlibachao team. Without them, the problem could not have been resolved. I am sure that they resisted the efforts of Superfan to take down my review. Hats off to them!

    • Manoj Yadav

      untill and Unless Bijli bachao team would give fair reviews and non baised recommendation ,this site is going to rock.
      But you know “India main sab kuch bikta hai” i doubt they will continue on this path, Once this site will become money making machine they will Start doing unethical also.
      Team Please Keep doing unbiased and Fair recommendation as long as possible.

  • Pritesh S

    Currently Led Bulbs are being distributed under EESL Scheme, the Goverment should provide Super Effiicent Fans under EESl Scheme too with subsidy. Since Fans runs continously throughout day and night, the conventional fans consumes 75w while super fans consumes 35w max so it will help the goverment in saving maximum energy.

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      They should certainly start something for Fans as well.

  • Rohith K

    I would recommend you to the lowest power consuming fan from Basil Energetics Pvt Ltd. Basil’s iBreez consumes only 20w to 25w. They also provide super-efficient Air-conditioners (iChill), Refrigerators (iFreez) and lighting.

    For further details contact:

    BASIL Energetics Private Limited
    Solar Energy Company

    Developed Plot # 2D/1,
    North Phase,
    Sidco Industrial Estate,
    Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600098
    Phone:044 4311 1289

  • Rajiv

    Hi Sir,
    I’m interested in buying a Superfan but I’m pretty confused in determining the fan sweep that I should choose. I plan to get the Superfan for my coaching centre, whose dimensions are: Length- 12 Feet, Breadth- 7 Feet, Height- Approx. 6-6.5 Feet. Please assist me in choosing the fan sweep, so that i can choose the perfect fan to cool all my students this hot summer.

    • Susila G

      Dear Sir,

      Thank you for your interest in SUPERFAN.

      Please let us know the correct roof height to assist you with the correct model.

      From SUPERFAN

    • Rajiv

      Not more than 6.5 feet at the most. Will it make a lot of difference between 6 or 6.5 feet?

    • Bijli Bachao Team

      Hi Rajiv,

      Height of 6 feet is too low. If you put a fan it will be so low that it will hit people in the room. Are you sure that the height of the room is 6 ft?

    • Rajiv

      Yeah,I know it’s weird but yesterday my builder measured the height & it’s 6 feet. The reason being that the upper portion has an artificial plywood partition. My builder suggested me the low roof(with partition) as apart from me(the teacher) all are children below 5 feet height.
      If I have 4-5 children for my batch in the room of above dimensions, what should be the perfect sweep for the fan chosen?

    • Bijli Bachao Team

      Hello Mr Rajiv,

      It is very dangerous to go for a ceiling fan if the roof is at 6 feet. You should better go for tower fans or pedestal fans or table fans for your room.

  • Richard

    Hello Superfan Team/ Mr. Abhishek,

    Thank you so much for your detailed reviews on the product, which I was trying to find out for about 6 months; as I dint have proper contact.

    Added to the questionnaire discussed below, I have an doubt too, does the drive will be able to withstand voltage fluctuation, surges and spikes???
    I live in Trichy, Tamilnadu.


    • Susila G

      Dear Sir,

      Thank you for writing us .

      The drive in the Superfan has an in-built EMI filter. Hence it has immunity against spikes and other disturbances in the supply line. All the components are carefully chosen to work over a wide voltage range. The drive can withstand voltage fluctuations. The drive has been tested at ETDC Chennai for immunity against Electrical fast transients, surges, and power line disturbances.

      Finally we have thousands of fans working well all over India, in villages, small towns, and big cities with all the different Electricity board supplies.

      From SUPERFAN

    • Richard

      Dear Madam/ Mr. Abhishek,

      I am very clear technically now and I will promote Superfan as much as I can.

      Thank you so much for your patience and detailed explanation through your reply, even though it took time.

      Wishing all luck and success for Superfan!!


    • Abhishek Jain

      I just forwarded your email to Super fan team. They will surely respond soon.

    • Richard

      Hello sir, their no update till date.

    • Abhishek Jain

      Just wrote to them again. Hopefully they come back.

  • Rehan Shaikh

    Hi Abhishek,
    You stated in a comment above “The one downside of a super efficient fan is that the power factor of such fans is 0.9 as compared to 0.95 of regular fans with induction motors. It may impact commercial connections with demand charges in their tariff plan”
    Would this be an issue if I were to install a Superfan V7 or X7 at my residence and would my tariff get affected? I live in in Bangalore.

    • Abhishek Jain

      It will not have any impact on resedential connections.

  • Gurnam Singh

    Where is the list of Fans ?????
    : (

  • Abhishek

    I’ve recently come across the Superfan brand. They look very interesting and are very power efficient as well. But I have not seen even one in real life conditions as they are not popular yet. I want to know if it is safe to purchase from this less known company and if the fans are really reliable or not? I don’t see any certification like from BEE etc on their site. I am not comfortable buying uncertified items of this nature. If you can reassure prospective customers about this brand, then people will feel more confident buying them. Kindly let me know if you have any information about Superfan company.

    • Abhishek Jain

      Hi Abhishek,

      SuperFan is a product of Versa Drives, a company from Coimbatore that has been making Variable Frequency Drives and Brushless DC motors for industrial use since quite some time. The promoters of the company are quite competent Engineers. They launched SuperFan (which uses Brushless DC motor) late last year (December 2012). So the product is certainly new in the market. As per my last discussion with them they have applied for BEE star rating and are waiting for their certification.

      Regarding the performance of the fan, I have been using the fan myself for last 3 months and it is working really nice. We also did a check on the power consumption using a energy meter and here is the video of the same:


      Even the air delivery is quite good as compared to a regular ceiling fan. They are providing 2 years of warranty on the product as well. Based on my usage of the fan for last 3 months, I would certainly recommend it.


    • Abhishek

      In the video, I found your power consumption meter really interesting! I was searching for something like that. Can you give more details about that consumption meter, how much it costs and where I can buy it?


    • Abhishek Jain

      I use a machine called “Kill-a-watt” which I got from US. It is also available on ebay india, and I guess it costs about Rs 2000 or so. You can check it out.

    • Abhishek

      Thanks, I have read about “Kill-a-watt” but didn’t realize you were using that itself. I will buy it if it is available.

    • Abhishek Jain

      You can get it on ebay india website. Some people import it and sell it online. Although if you know someone who is coming down from US/Europe, you can get it for much cheaper from there.

    • Abhishek

      Ebay India doesn’t seem to have the original brand Kill-a-watt it seems. I’ll be on a look out for it though. Thanks.

    • Abhishek

      Hi Abhishek,

      Thanks for your prompt reply, I really appreciate it.

      The video was very useful! I really wanted a demo of the fan and your video did just that. Certainly feeling more confident about buying the fan now. I had a few more queries about the fan, hope you can answer them.

      1. About these fans, it is advertised that they are very silent compared to the normal fans yet generate more air. Do you think it is true? The fan in the video seemed to be very loud, although I understand that sounds can feel louder in videos. What’s your take?

      2. The humming normal fans produce while running on inverter power is something that really irritates me. Are these fans free of that noise? Also, does the LED on the fan keeps glowing when you switch the fan using the remote? I wonder if might create sleeping issues for some individuals who are sensitive to light.

      3. If the fan is switched off from the wall outlet and not by the remote, when the next time it is switched on, does it start at the same speed setting?

      4. Superfan does not have any distributors and after sales support in my region. So that is a big deterrent for me because if the fan stops working then I am not sure where to take it for repairs. Can it be repaired at local repair shops?

      5. How was the buying experience? Was their service and shipping good enough?

      I was amazed by how it was barely using any power on lower speeds. If one can replace all their fans with Superfans, then can save a lot on electricity bills. These fans are very good for AC rooms where you don’t need the fan to run at maximum speed. Seems like a good buy!

    • Superfan

      Hello Mr. Abhishek

      Thanks for your comments on Superfan. Moderator Abhishek has answered most of the questions. Thanks to him too.

      Superfan does not produce any extra noise while working with inverter, nor does the speed change. Obviously Superfan works longer on the inverter compared to other fans because of lower consumption.

      The LED blinks when you operate the remote and stays off when the Superfan is running. Otherwise it is kept on when you switch off the fan using the remote to indicate the standby power consumption.

      Superfan is our first product in consumer durables, but we have been making highly reliable industrial products since 1989. Please visit http://www.versadrives.com.

      We are currently in the process of appointing distributors and dealers, but consumers have the option of buying online to get door delivery. We mostly use India Post EPP service for shipping. Till we have service centers in place we offer replacement warranty in case the product fails within the warranty period of 2 years. We are confident of establishing service centers within those two years.

      If you use ceiling fans along with Airconditioner, you can set the thermostat higher and save considerable energy thereby.

      Hope you would buy Superfan and save energy!

      Happy savings,
      Superfan Team

    • Abhishek

      Thanks to the Superfan team for the reply. All this extra information is indeed very useful. I would suggest you to add a demonstration video on your official site of Superfan in operation. That way buyers will be able to see the fan in operation and also determine better how different models actually look when they are installed in a room.

      Most of the issues with regular fans, like humming while running on inverter power have been taken care of by Superfan but I had one issue with the standby LED. Many a times when the weather is not that hot, people do switch off their fans at night, like around 4-5 am. Switching the fan with the remote in such a situation will cause the LED to light up. Now these blue LEDs, as you know are newer and intensely bright compared to the older red and green ones. For health reasons it is advised that people sleep in pitch dark. I have noticed that LEDs on appliances like computers, routers, ACs, etc cause sleep disturbance to many individuals who are sensitive to particular wavelengths. Blue LEDs have been found to be more notorious in this regard, although it has now become a fashion to have blue LEDs in nearly every appliance.

      I’d thus request your team to either reduce the LED’s intensity or make the display smaller or have an option to switch it off. Having the LED light up on switching the fan using the remote will otherwise discourage some individuals from using the remote at all, which doesn’t make sense. I don’t think a lot of people will like to have a bright light shining above them in the middle of the night when they are trying to sleep.

      Hope your team can incorporate these changes. I’ll place an order soon. India Post service is not reliable so I hope you stick with services like FEDEX or Blue Dart.

      Best regards.

    • Abhishek Jain

      Hi Abhishek,

      Let me try to answer your questions one by one:

      1) I was not concerned much about the sound so it never bothered me. But I feel it is similar to all other fans I have used and it is not too loud.

      2) We do not have power cuts in Mumbai, so I have not tried it on inverter. We have some people on Bijli Bachao community on Facebook who have purchased the fan, may be I can try to get this information from them. And yes the LED switches on whenever the speed is changed. And I have given back this feedback to the company.

      3) The interesting part of the fan is that it does not need a regulator. When you switch on the fan next time from the switch, it starts at the same speed at which it was stopped. If you loose the remote, then you can work only with the switch. If you want to change the speed of the fan to 3 without remote, just toggle the switch 3 times and it changes the speed to 3. They also have versions of ceiling fan without remote that are cheaper.

      4) They are aggressively looking for distributors in various regions. As they are making ceiling fans for the first time, they are taking some time to reach to various regions. But I will try to get the answer to this question from the promoters themselves.

      5) The buying and shipping experience was smooth. The product was shipped to me by Fedex and it reached to me on time. I got it installed by our local electrician and it was quite easy. Did not have any problems in last 3 months to call for service. But again I can get details on service from the promoters.

      As far as power consumption goes, these are certainly the best in the market. We were able to reduce our monthly units consumption by changing one of the fan which is used a lot (almost 20 hours). And at times the fan is run at a speed of 2 or 3, and it saves a lot of electricity. Performance wise it has been quite good and I have no complaints. Just that I never had to call for service in last 3 months, so I cannot comment on that. But certainly a good buy because if you do not use AC then ceiling fans are second highest contributor to electricity bills.


    • rajesh

      thank you for your valued input mr. jain
      we decided to go with versa drive superfan this time.. they look more sophisticated and reliable :)

    • rajesh

      hi mr. jain, do you know any other manufacturers of BLDC motor based ceiling fans in india besides superfan?

    • Abhishek Jain

      Hello Mr Rajesh,

      There are several that are making BLDC fans for working with Solar Panels. However they have not got it rated by BEE. There is one more that recently got a BEE 5 star rating and that is BL-30 by a company called Orbit Greens (http://www.orbitgreens.com/includes/pdf/LITRATURE.pdf).

    • Abhishek

      Hi Abhishek,

      Thanks for your prompt and very detailed reply. All my queries were answered by you very satisfactorily and I feel more confident about giving Superfan a try. If it works well, I will probably replace all the aging fans one by one in my house. Never realized how much ceiling fans contribute to the bill. It is not surprising though since a lot of the fans are in operation nearly throughout the day in summers.