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Save LPG used by cook stoves: Make sure your gas burners burn blue for higher fuel efficiency

By on April 22, 2016

Although induction cooktops are gaining popularity, but traditional old gas stoves are still the most used cooking appliance in households. At Bijli Bachao, we profess saving energy, and although our name gives a feeling of saving electricity, but saving other sources of energy are as dear to us. LPG and PNG are the most common fuel used for cooking on gas stoves in India, and saving them is as important as saving electricity. Although there are several things that can be done to save gas, but one of the early indicators of gas being used inefficiently is the color of the flame when it is burnt. The color of the flame from a gas stove can be blue, yellow or orange, but it is important to note that blue color is the indicator that the gas is burning efficiently.

How do LPG or PNG burn?

When a lighter or a lit matchstick is brought close to the LPG or PNG, the gas combusts producing fire. If the gas burns completely it produces Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and water vapor. It also produces blue flame when it combusts completely. But when it does not burn completely it produces Carbon Mono-oxide (CO) and burns with a yellow or orange color. This happens when the burning gas does not get enough air.

Indicators of inefficient burning

Color of the flame is the first indicator of inefficient burning. A yellow or orange colored flame should be tackled immediately. Occasional yellow or orange may appear in the flame due to impurities in the gas, but a persistent yellow or orange color is an indicator of inefficient burning. Another indicator of this is that you start seeing black colored soot getting deposited on the cookware or burner.

What should be done for yellow/orange flame?

As a first step, you should make sure that you clean up the gas stove thoroughly. The gas stove should be clean of dirt, grease or any other buildup. Make sure that the holes on the burner are open and there is no built-up of food on them. If the problem persists even after cleaning, please call a technician immediately to solve the problem.

Health impacts of Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Carbon Mono-oxide (CO) is a gas that is harmful for human beings. In rural areas where wood and coal are the most common fuel used for cooking, the flames are mostly yellow and they generate large quantities of Carbon Mono-oxide, which results in many health problems for women and children. If the flame on the cook stove is yellow, then the combustion process is incomplete and is producing Carbon Mono-oxide that can be harmful for the people in the house and especially that are close to the cook stove.


It is not only for the efficient use of gas but also for better health that it is important to make sure that the gas stove is burning efficiently. And the color of the flame is good indicator of it. So make sure that your gas stove burns blue!


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Can you suggest good brands for stoves


Why is my cooker burning little yellow flam?

Radhakrishnan Patavara

Why do my new Lpg gas stove's flame showing yellow/Orange flame. ?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Flames are Yellow/Orange when LPG is not burning properly. You will have to check if the holes in the gas stove are not blocked. It typically happens when the holes are blocked. Or if that is not the case, then the stove is not designed properly. Ideally if the stove uses LPG efficiently then the flame should be blue.

Radhakrishnan Patavara

My new Lpg gas stove's flame top colour not blue, it looks yellow/Orange flame why.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

It should not have yellow/orange flame. If it is then it means that the gas is not burning well. Try to see if the holes on the stove top are sufficiently open.


Well written, while shopping someone told me blue flame burner ,,, now i know the advantage thanks Abhishek !

Venkatesh pappu

Can you share video how to Attach new gas cylinder to stove


This is one of the most user friendly sites. Amazing and simple design and interface. Most informative and easy to understand.Great job.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Thank you Sir. I am glad that you liked it :). Keeps us motivated to do better.



It would be nice to know how to clean an LPG stove to avoid a yellow or orange flame. Just cleaning the burner holes does not seem adequate.

Radhakrishnan Patavara

My branded new LPG stove flame showing yellow/Orange flame why ???

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Flames are Yellow/Orange when LPG is not burning properly. You will have to check if the holes in the gas stove are not blocked. It typically happens when the holes are blocked. Or if that is not the case, then the stove is not designed properly. Ideally if the stove uses LPG efficiently then the flame should be blue.


If you want to fix the problem of a yellow flame yourself, allow the stove to cool, remove the top grates and lift up the stovetop to expose the burner piping. On most stoves, the air shutter is just behind the burner gas valve. It is a sliding plate or tube that covers the burner air vent. Loosen the set screw that keeps the shutter from moving. Turn the burner on fully and slowly open the shutter until the flame turns blue. Retighten the set screw, turn off the burner, lower the stovetop and replace the top grates.


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