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Switch off the Plug Point

By on May 2, 2017 with 15 Comments  

Many a times we think that switching off the Television from remote, or just turning the power button off for an appliance makes sure that it is not consuming any electricity. But the fact is that the appliance continues to consume electricity till the plug point is not switched off. The LEDs and internal circuitry constantly consume electricity till the power is switched off from the plug point.

study done on this topic reveals that we waste about 7-10% of units consumed in form of standby power.

Some sample numbers for various appliances are as given below:

ApplianceStandby Power
Television Set7 W
DVD Player7.54 W
Set Top Boxes17.8 W
Video Games23.34 W
Laptop15.77 W
Desktop PC21.13 W
Modem5.37 W
Music System13 W
Speaker System2 W
Cell Phone Charger2.24 W
Microwave Oven3.08 W

Details on more appliances can be found on the US government research link.

Based on the number of hours an appliance is connected to the mains and is switched on, one can calculate units consumed per month. This number will give a good indication of how much electricity bill can be reduced by taking simple measures.

Thus unknowingly, people waste a lot of electricity in form of standby power. A simple way to cut this down is to make a habit of switching off the appliances from the plug point as soon as the appliance as been used. For those who find it difficult to unplug many appliances in a go, they can use a surge strip or power strip to control the same. A typical power strip has 4-5 plug points and can be connected & switched off from the mains through a single plug. Smart power strips or energy saving power strips that automatically disconnect appliances from mains when in sleep mode, are available in various developed countries. We will continue to research and provide you ways you can source them in India. So keep reading Bijli Bachao!

About the Author:
Abhishek Jain is an Alumnus of IIT Bombay with almost 10 years of experience in corporate before starting Bijli Bachao in 2012. His passion for solving problems moved him towards Energy Sector and he is keen to learn about customer behavior towards Energy and find ways to influence the same towards Sustainability. .

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