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Difference between single phase and three phase connections

By on November 30, 2019 with 10 Comments  

There are a lot of misconceptions about single phase and three-phase connections. Many a time people are advised to go for a three phase connection when they put an AC in their house. People find it difficult to understand when to go for a three phase connection and when for a single phase. We tried to explain it in detail in our article: What are single phase and three phase connections and how to choose between the two?. The picture below shows an easy explanation of the difference between single phase and three phase. All residential appliances can run easily on a single phase individually. It is just that when the instantaneous load (appliances working together) is more than 5-7 kW, utilities (electricity distribution companies) suggest going for a 3 phase connection to manage the load better.


You may note one more aspect that generation of power is in three-phase and all the home appliances works on single-phase only. The power distribution company desires that the load on all the there phase is balanced. As you have noticed on the highway, the municipal corporation directs each lane for a type of traffic like heavy, cars, public transport etc. similarly you can also designate each of the phase (Y,B,Y) for a specific load in the house. Further, three phases are essentially required for the heavy industry which uses three-phase motors.

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