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Energy Saving Wallpaper can provide thermal insulation and save electricity

By on April 22, 2016

Extreme weather is uncomfortable to everyone and we all like to sit in a cold room during hot summer months and in a warm room during extreme winters. We use appliances like air conditioners and heaters to make rooms comfortable but it increases the electricity bills significantly. In addition to various other ways, there are simple techniques of thermal insulation that can make the environment much more comfortable and can reduce the electricity consumption. In case you are someone who is very concerned about your electricity bills due to air conditioning or room heating, you should consider thermal insulation of your house during next renovation of your house.

In our previous article on thermal insulation (link) we talked about how you can use thermal insulating paint to control the temperature in your house. But in case you are someone who likes more designer looks for your room and prefer wallpapers to paints, then you can consider trying energy saving or thermal insulating wallpapers instead.

Why Thermal Insulation

There is always a temperature difference between outside and inside of your room. In case there are some walls that are directly exposed to the heat or cold outside, then there is a heat flow between outside and inside through the walls. In case the environment is very hot outside then the walls facing the sun will become hot and thus will increase your air conditioning cost. In case the environment outside is cold then your room heating cost will increase, as the heat from your room will flow outside. Putting a material on the wall that prevents or slows down the heat transfer will always keep your room at a comfortable temperature.

As per a presentation by CII a building gains 3-8% of heat through walls (source). It is quite probable that a major portion of the same can be saved using effective thermal insulation.

Energy Saving Wallpapers

There are some brands that make and sell energy saving wallpapers in India. They claim to reduce about 7% electricity consumption during winters and summers. Although we do not have a credible source to verify the claim, but we at Bijli Bachao are working towards finding one and will update this article when we get one. We would love to listen from our readers if anyone has used them and have seen the effect.

About the Author:
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