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Use Sun Control Film to block heat through window glass and enable effective air conditioning

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We all love to have windows in our house. They infuse beauty and warmth of natural light and brighten every small and little space alike. They improve the ambience of the room and make us feel better. Unfortunately they also let a lot of heat exchange from outside the room. During summers, heat through the window can increase the temperature inside and in winters it can let the heat through the room escape impacting units consumed (of electricity) for air conditioner or room heaters. There by it is very important to insulate the room properly.

Sun Control Films for glasses

Sun control films are plastic films that can be applied to glasses on the window to reduce heat transfer from outside. These films have been in use for cars since quite some time in our country. People are aware of the tinted glasses in the cars and have seen how it prevents excess heat in the cars. The same can be applied on glasses on windows at home to prevent heat from outside to come in the room, thereby reducing the load on the air conditioners. A sun control film can typically cut down 78% of heat coming through the windows and thus can reduce the units consumed by air conditioner. In winters they reduce heat loss by reflecting up to 35% of heat back into the room. On the whole it can give 5-10% savings on electricity costs and reduce your electricity bill due to air conditioning by properly insulating your room.

Do not like dark color of tinted films?

Not all sun control films are dark in color. They come in varied shades and some do not reduce the brightness in the room. In fact they reduce the glare from the sunlight and make the ambience much more elegant. The view remains clear both in the day as well as night. Good quality sun control films even obviate the need of heavy curtains and air conditioners can be operated effectively.

Other benefits of Sun Control Films

Sun control films prevent UV rays from entering the house. UV rays can be harmful for humans as well as they fade away the colors of the interiors and furnishings. Putting on sun control films will help you to maintain the beauty of your interiors by preventing the shades of the colors used inside.

Thus sun control films not only help you reduce your electricity bills but also help you maintain the ambience and beauty of your house.

Here is a short video for tips to buy the best air conditioner in India

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