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BESCOM – Bangalore Electricity Bill Payment Online

By on June 27, 2015

Paying electricity bills online is the easiest way to avoid standing in queues for electricity bill payment. Most states in India now have online bill payment and Bangalore being the hub of IT industry has multiple avenues to make payments of electricity bills online. Based on convenience and ease of use people can choose one of the multiple methods that are available for making the payment:

(Please note the RR number/Sub Division or Account Number and bill amount on your bill before you login to any site mentioned below).

  1. PayU Money: PayUMoney has started providing online bill payment facility for BESCOM. Payment can be made through all major credit and debit cards and also through netbanking. Click on the button below to make the payment.
  2. Bangalore One Portal (http://www.bangaloreone.gov.in/): Bangalore one portal provides multiple services that include phone bill payment (both mobile and landline), electricity bill payment, water bill payment, ticket booking, flight booking etc in Bangalore. This is the most commonly used and preferred portal by most people in Bangalore. They also charge transaction fee for using their system.

    Modes of Payments accepted: Debit/Credit Cards (VISA, MASTER CARDS and AMEX CARDS)

  3. Billdesk (http://www.billdesk.com):Billdesk has been providing services for online bill payment of all kinds of bills (electricity, telephone, etc) for more than a decade now. In fact many utilities BESCOM and Bangaloreone included use their services for bill payment. Bill desk works on bank account registration and you will have to fill up a physical form and send it through snail mail before you can start using their services. But once the registration is done the services can be used across the country. Also they will send notifications when there is a new bill for your account.

    Modes of Payments accepted: Mostly Bank accounts.

  4. BESCOM portal (http://bescom.org/en/consumer-portal-for-online-services/):  This is the least publicized portal but is maintained byBESCOM themselves. There is a service charge of 1% for using this portal.

    Modes of Payments accepted: Netbanking and Credit Cards.

  5. Netbanking portals: Most nationalized banks like HDFC,ICICI, IDBI etc have tied up with Billdesk to provide online bill payment facility. You just need to sign up for bill payment facility with your bank and add your BESCOM account on it and you can start making the payments. Most banks also provide notification service when a new bill is available for payment. 

    Mode of Payment: Only Netbanking.

About Bijli Bachao: Bijli Bachao is an initiative to provide electricity saving tips to people & motivate them for saving electricity at their home and offices. Bijli Bachao has been started with the vision of empowering consumers with useful information and tools to help them understand their electricity consumption and learn ways to reduce the same. The idea essentially is to make energy efficiency ‘a cool product’!

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July 3, 2015

How can pay electricity bill

Thankappan Nair
May 22, 2015

Kindly let me know the Place name against the sub division code 140001 of BESCOM which is asking for bill depositing to my flat No B 311, at Nishant Prime at bangalore, My R R No.is MS4EEH 109708 or can I deposit the bill thru online by net banking, for that which list I want to choose?

Prashanth hulumani
April 17, 2015

Hi I am interested to become business partner of reputed organization in bangalore to provide utility bills payment services to my huge clientele. If you are interested please let me know so that i can discuss further terms and conditions.

July 18, 2014

how to fill cheque to pay bescom bill

July 5, 2014

What is the
Bescom company code?

June 14, 2014

Location code does not appear on bills now – Though it can be found in pdf bills whcih can be seen upon registration to site: http://bescom.co.in , then go to http://bescom.co.in/SCP/MyAccount/ViewBill.aspx – download pdf bill, open and on top of the bill sub code will be mentioned (eg: S7)

Hope this helps

February 11, 2015

I checked the .pdf and did not find the info that you had mentioned. I wan unable to use my Citibank account to make the payment because I could not figure out the “Location Code”. In the event that you have not already figured out the solution, you might find this helpful. Please refer to
I got this info from a CC rep on BESCOM’s 24/7 helpline.

April 17, 2015

Thank you very much! very useful info.

April 14, 2015

JPEG is not there in the link

July 9, 2014

Dear Ravi, Please could help me out in saying the S7 location code. I have been trying to find out this as you said. But the website Always throws an error saying “Application encountered some issue. Kindly wait for some time and try again. If the problem persist. Please inform customer care.” Please do concern my request. I would be thankful to you

June 9, 2014

The location codes are not mentioned in the new BESCOM bills. So how to pay the bills online?


Jogesh Patel
May 5, 2015

you can visit http://bescom.org/en/consumer-portal-for-online-services/ and create your login id and pay bills through credit & debit cards.

February 11, 2015

Please refer to
I got this info from a CC rep on BESCOM?s 24/7 helpline.

April 27, 2014

What r the conditions to get a new eletricity connection for a building of three floors measuring about 6500 sqft

supreet singh
April 18, 2014