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PUVVNL / MVVNL / PVVNL / DVVNL – Uttar Pradesh (UP) Electricity Bill Payment Online

By on May 6, 2015

Paying electricity bills online is the easiest way to avoid standing in queues for electricity bill payment. Most states in India now have online bill payment and Uttar Pradesh is not behind. Recent unbundling of state electricity boards has resulted in 3 different utilities or electricity providers in Uttar Pradesh. So the UPEB or Uttar Pradesh Electricity Board is no longer supplying electricity and it is the state distribution companies that are doing so. The four companies are: Purvanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Ltd. (PUVVNL), Madhyanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Ltd. (MVVNL), Paschimanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Ltd. (PVVNL) and Dakshinanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Ltd. (DVVNL). All four of them have online bill payment through UPPCLOnline (or Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited Online):

UPPCLOnline Portal (www.uppclonline.com): UPPCLOnline portal provides multiple services that include new connection application, printing of duplicate bills and online bill payment in Uttar Pradesh. Currently the website only serves a few cities:


1) Badaun

2) Faizabad

3) Gangaghat

4) Hardoi

5) Jalalabad

6) Kakrala

7) Khairabad

8) Lakhimpur

9) Lucknow

10) Mahmudabad

11) Mallawan

12) NawabGanj(Barabanki)

13) NawabGanj(Bareilly)

14) Pilibhit

15) Rae Bareli

16) Rudauli

17) Sandila

18) Shahabad

19) Shahjahanpur

20) Sitapur

21) Sultanpur

22) Tilhar

23) Unnao

24) Zaidpur


1) Bijnor

2) Bilari

3) Budana

4) Chandpur

5) Dadri

6) Debai

7) Gajraula

8) Ghaziabad(EUDD-4, 5, 6 and 7)

9) Jahangirabad

10) Kairana

11) Khekda

12) Khurja

13) Mawana

14) Meerut

15) Moradabad

16) Muradnagar

17) Najibabad

18) Noida

19) Saharanpur

20) Shikarpur

21) Sikandrabad


1) Aligarh

2) Atrauli

3) Bharthana

4) Etah

5) Etawah

6) Farrukhabad

7) Firozabad

8) Hathras

9) Jalesar

10) Jhansi

11) Kosikalan

12) Mathura

13) Sadabad

14) Sikanderabad

15) Tundla

16) Vrindavan

and in PUVVNL:

1) Azamgarh

2) Bansi

3) Bansi

4) Bhadohi

5) Deoria

6) Ghazipur

7) Ghosi

8) Gorakhpur

9) Jaunpur

10) Kopaganj

11) Maunath Bhanjan

12) Mubarakpur

13) Mughalsarai

14) Obra

15) Renukoot

16) Robartsganj

17) Varanasi

More cities are getting added to be served through this portal.

Modes of Payments accepted: Debit/Credit Cards (VISA, MASTER CARDS and AMEX CARDS) and Netbanking. 

About Bijli Bachao: Bijli Bachao is an initiative to provide electricity saving tips to people & motivate them for saving electricity at their home and offices. Bijli Bachao has been started with the vision of empowering consumers with useful information and tools to help them understand their electricity consumption and learn ways to reduce the same. The idea essentially is to make energy efficiency ‘a cool product’!

Tools on our website that you can use:

Online Electricity Bill Calculator – For all states in India

Top Ten Appliances (ACs, Refrigerators, Water Heaters, Fans, Etc)

Appliance Comparators

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Mera bill date of Canecson se mil rha hai


How can I pay the bill online.what is the process.


bijli bill online payment paytm se nahi kar pa raha hoon usme Abc code maangta hai.
mvvnl ki website se bhi nahi ho paa raha hai uske liye id banana hota hai wo bhi nahi banta qki mera account no. 12 word ka hai aur 10 maang raha hai
help me


I have new connection whose account id 7370213151806 and book number is 151806 written with to KBWMC upto rupees thausand recipt book number is 463904 and rasheed number is 10 dated 12/6/16 please let me know service connection numbernumber


very good


how get own house electricitybill on line. Pl tell me system

शशि कान्त वर्मा

मेरा कनेक्शन नंबर G227554155160 है और मैं अपना कनेक्शन कटवाना चाहता हूं इसके लिए मुझे क्या करना चाहिए कृपया आप मेरा मार्गदर्शन करें जिससे मेरा कनेक्शन कट जाए।

शशि कान्त वर्मा

मेरा कनेक्सन नम्बर G227554155160 है और मुझे अपना कनेक्सन कटवाना है । यह कार्य कैसे किया जा सकता है कृपया मेरा मार्ग दर्शन करें।


Graham drampur post burning Chapra Jila Siddharth Nagar Hiralal Maurya


solar light


solar light contact no

Abhishek Kumar singh

Plz make easy payment option


sir, me apne phone me electricity bill dekhna chahta hu. please help me


My khand sanket 842 book no 0222 and connection no 201316 my bill is not proper since 25 09 14 and it is not giving account no.plz correct my bill and intimate account no.


How can find My Subdivision Office Number. I am From Obra Sonebhadra Uttar Pradesh. can you Explain Me.


Very useful sirg

Ashok Kumar Singh

I am resident of village Haldi, District Ballia. Will you please inform what is status of on line payment facility for my place & how to know electricity bill on line.
Pl help.
Thank you


How will i get to know my account ID because on my bill its only connection no and ledger book no??, plz assist m ASAP??

House locked 1year.what to do to save charges?

My house is locked for the last one. Year. No use of electricity . What to do to save charges?

Ashok Kumar Mehrotra

Mr. NITUL (Mob No.8057543249) Meter reader Of our Area EDD-I Moradabad (Sub Division EDSD-I Majhola ) visited my residence for reading and told that since the area is online and now we can pay the bills online. Since morning I am trying to pay the bill but the A/C No as shown in the bill is not traceable. It is requested to help to enable me to pay the Bill. The details of Bill are as under:-
1. Bill No.20176771724419465 dt.20/06/2017. Amount.Rs.4981.00
2. My A/c No as shown in the bill:-771724419465 and SC No 3328518025793
3. Meter No.4590
I am a senior citizen and the window for cash deposit of bill payment is about 8Km from my residence therefore, I would like to pay my bills online. Please help and guide me accordingly.

Ashok Kumar Mehrotra

I tried to pay the bill on the sight as informed by you, but this is not accepting the account No. as shown in my bill. After the 10th digit there are 2 more digit in my account number as shown in my bill (i.e. 771724419465) and the system accepts only(7717244194) and thus showing the account number wrong.
Please help,so that I may pay the bill.

Roshan Lal Verma

I want to register myself for on line payment of bill.my mobile number is 7838663395

Ramesh vishwakarma

I want to pay bill online of connection no 495720 in lalganj azamgarh

vineet kumar bind

Ghazipur city ke sakas goan me tar khiche 1 year ho gaya hai but light ka abhi kuch pata nahi chal raha h please help me sir

rajendra Prasad mishra

I want to know that when did Mirzapur up 231304 will be readythrough net payment of clectricity bills.


Dear sir bijli bibi send to Every munth

Jagatamba Yadav

Dear sir ,
please send Details of account no.751729088663 payment done in May 2017 ,which available balance in last Year .


bijli bil katne ke liya sar loginid ki jarurat hoti hai ya exam dena padta hai mujhe iski pure jaankari dena meri gmailpar

Rajendra kumar

Pl send details of account no.781705848967 payment done in April and may 2017


Hello sir,
ye bijli bachao ka karya kese pura hoga jb tk ye katiya or bijli choron ko nhi pakda jayega,,,,, hmare ganv me hi kitne log bijli chori kar rhe hain unke wajah se Hm logo ki light aye din bigad jati hai lekin prasasan sant hai...... ap inko roko pahle


Lucknow bill payment online is on an unsecured website. Getting message website security problem. Please advise. Cannot access through https connection.
How can I view my past bills and payment history?


Dear team,
is there any criteria to put any account under 1 Kilowatt connection or 2 kilowatt connection?????

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

All depends on the load.


in my home,we use 1 fridge and 1 invert-er on continuous basis and TV which we use max 4-5 hour a day and 2-3 CFL,1fan ...who will decide the load and type of connection???

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Contact the electricity distribution company. They will do a load survey and based on that they will decide the load and type of connection.

surya bali singh

I've lost my account number of electricity connection. How could I get it again


Dear sir,

Please provide your email id and location we can provide you detail
proposal or send your email at [email protected]
or you can contact us on

office- 0522-6064100

Sunita Singh
( Lucknow Uttar pradesh )
Su-kam Power System
Kotak Solar Pvt.Ltd


Sir please,,, please afford online bill payment in our state.
Mostly state have online pay electric bill, so Am why not?

Dushyant Chauhan

I've lost my account number of electricity connection. How could I get it again?


dear madam i am dinesh ku srivastava working in mumbai i want pay our electricity bill for allahabad house on line from mumbai pl give me advice


http://www.uppclonline.com not working for over two months in Lucknow. As a result unable to make elect bill payments online and have to stand in queue and waste time. Why?


Dear sar mera nam Imtiyaj Ali sir Maine apnea pita md hanif Ke nam se barsathi block se electricity caption Liya tha 2009 me jiska bill nahi Aa raha hai mere gav ka nam gav Saray


Sir Maya connection lenr ka kya process hai aur kitne rupees payed Karne hotel gain
Sir kindly informe

Salik ram pandey

I have connected with mvvnl belonging to sultanpur district,i had pay all dues Electri Bill but when next bill came to me for clearance, demand amount showing access but all the time bill had manipulate by franchise head.When i want to clearance him he says don't worry pay your bill accordingly.
Plz help .....
My bill number-56/2-0804-913180
Name-salik ram pandey
Address-lala ka purwa post-palhipur


Dear Sir/Madam, I have to change my name on electricity bill (domestic) instead of my brother name. Kindly let me know the procedure.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Gupta,

We would suggest you to contact the customer care of your electricity distribution company to get an idea on the procedure for name change. We will not be able to help you with the same.


line man problam


I want to deposit my electricity bill online,so could you help me how to do this?
(Inhauna, Mahrajganj, Rai Bareilly Uttar Pradesh)


how to change the name in electricity bill

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You need to submit an application with the customer support of your electricity distribution company.

Ishwar chand yadav

How could i know my account No. i have my connection No.


i am a senior citizen and i want to register for the ECS option. kindly advice me the procedure. i am a resident of mumbai



I want to deposit my electricity bill online,so could you help me how to do this?

(bareilly uttar pradesh)


Go to the website http://www.uppclonline.com and click on 'Insta Bill Paymenbt' box or click the link https://http://www.uppclonline.com/dispatch/Portal/appmanager/uppcl/wss?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=uppcl_billInfo_payBill_home&pageID=PB_1010 . Then Enter your account ID then click view and proceed further as mentioned on the page

u may write me an email.


hi, i am ashu joshi. I have debit card from bank of baroda, but your site is not showing the option of "other bank" while doing payment. Only three bank names are displayed.


i m frm moradabad

apki site bank of baroda k debit card or net banking accept nhi kr rhi aesa kyun?


I, ramesh Chand account no 9976663000, bill paid on 03 july 2014 of rs 2199.00 receipt no is 110648469 but not subtract as yet

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