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Telangana (TSSPDCL) – Hyderabad Electricity Bill Payment Online

By on September 17, 2018

Paying TSSPDCL electricity bills online is the easiest way to avoid standing in queues for electricity bill payment. Most states in India now have online bill payment and Hyderabad being the hub of IT industry has multiple avenues to make payments of electricity bills online. Based on convenience and ease of use people can choose one of the multiple methods that are available for making the payment:

  1. TSSPDCL Portal (http://www.billdesk.com/APCPDCL/apcpdcl.htm): TSSPDCL uses Billdesk as a provider for enabling online electricity bill payment. The only limitation with this portal is that it is only for LT (or Low Tension consumers). 

    Modes of Payments accepted: Debit/Credit Cards (VISA, MASTER CARDS and AMEX CARDS).

  2. E-Seva Portal (http://www.esevaonline.telangana.gov.in/):E-Seva portal provides multiple services that include phone bill payment, electricity bill payment, water bill payment, Property Tax, Sales Tax etc in Telangana. This is a portal that is set up by Govt of Telangana for the benefit of people of the state.

    Modes of Payments accepted: Debit/Credit Cards (VISA, MASTER CARDS). Cheques, DDs and Cash is also accepted offline.

  3. Billdesk (http://www.billdesk.com):Billdesk has been providing services for online bill payment of all kinds of bills (electricity, telephone, etc) for more than a decade now. In fact many utilities like TSSPDCL use their services for bill payment. Bill desk works on bank account registration and you will have to fill up a physical form and send it through snail mail before you can start using their services. But once the registration is done the services can be used across the country. Also they will send notifications when there is a new bill for your account.

    Modes of Payments accepted: Mostly Bank accounts.

  4. Bill Junction (https://www.billjunction.com/apc.jsp): Bill Junction has also been providing services for online bill payment of all kinds for more than a decade. They have been a competing service to Billdesk and the operations are very similar. It requires a Bank account registration that works similar to Bill desk. And most of their services and processes are similar to Bill Desk.

    Modes of Payments accepted: Mostly Bank accounts.

  5. Netbanking portals: Most nationalized banks like HDFC, Citibank, SBI, IDBI etc have tied up with Billdesk to provide online bill payment facility. You just need to sign up for bill payment facility with your bank and add your TSSPDCL account on it and you can start making the payments. Most banks also provide notification service when a new bill is available for payment.

    Mode of Payment: Only Netbanking.

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