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NDPL Online Bill Payment and Customer Portal provides offers to save electricity

By on May 3, 2015

NDPL/Tata Power DDL, one of the three electricity providers in the city of Delhi provides offers on various electricity saving appliances as part of their DSM (Demand Side Management) program on their customer and online bill payment portal. Many people use the portal to make online bill payment, but a detailed look at their website can take you to discounts and benefits that NDPL provides to it’s customers.

(note: if you came here looking for online bill payment link for NDPL, you can click on this link: http://www.ndpl.com/cmspage.aspx?section=Bill+Payment&tabname=Pay+Bill+Online&level=1)

What is DSM?

DSM or Demand Side Management is initiative that electricity providers (distribution utilities) take to manage and modify their customers’ electricity consumption through incentives and education to the consumers. As part of this initiative, utilities offer discounts on energy efficient appliances, help customers in electricity consumption monitoring and also educate customers on saving electricity.

What does NDPL Offer?

Having access to big number of customers, NDPL strikes deal with manufacturers to provide deep discounts on energy efficient appliances. For manufacturers a bulk order provides much needed scale to produce the appliances at a lower cost. NDPL has been successfully running programs for replacement of 5 star rated refrigerators and ACs since some time. They have a deal with Godrej and Panasonic to provide Air Conditioners and Refrigerators at discounted rates.

NDPL is also running program for CFLs (under Bachat Lamp Yojna of BEE) along with CQC (C-Quest Capital Malaysia) to provide CFLs at cost (Rs 15) of incandescent bulbs.

Why would NDPL want to reduce your electricity consumption?

A common question that people ask is: why will utility want to reduce my power consumption? And a quick answer to this is: Electricity consumption is increasing drastically and the production is not growing up at that pace. To make sure that there is sufficient supply for the demand, utilities have to make sure that they help their customers manage their power consumption. It is not that they reduce their profits by helping customers reducing consumption, but they do this to make sure that they are able to supply electricity to all customers as per their demands.

Another problem that utilities face is of peak power demand. There are certain times in the day when the demand for electricity is at its peak. During these times, utilities have to purchase power at very high cost, much higher than the price paid by consumers. To reduce the peak power demand there are two options: Either they reduce the power demand at the peak hours or overall reduction in power demand.

Hence, by participating in such programs, you not only reduce your own consumption but also help your utility manage the load better.

Benefits of Participating in such programs:

  1. You can get 30-50% electricity savings by using energy efficient ACs and Refrigerators. And it does not reduce your comforts.
  2. You get discounts on energy efficient ACs and Refrigerators that makes your payback early and you recover the extra cost that you pay to buy the appliance in a much shorter duration (due to savings in your electricity bill). Note: Please check with dealers if you have to pay for transport costs.
  3. You need not worry about your old ACs and Refrigerators as most of these programs are exchange programs and the old appliances are taken away.

All in all, such programs as a win-win for customers, utilities and the country.  So if you are a NDPL customer in Delhi, do avail the benefits.

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