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Haier Refrigerator in India - Review 2019

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Haier is a brand that deserves to get noticed. According to the market research firm Euromonitor, Haier is the global market leader in the white goods (major home appliances) segment with its market share in double digits. This is an astonishing feat considering Haier was once debt-ridden refrigerator manufacturer. Haier has manifested a remarkable turnaround in the last 3 decades. Now its growth rate is such that it adds 100+ customers every minute! This is one of the few Chinese brands that has earned  respect and good brand value amongst the global consumers. As per the statistics, more than 80% of Chinese export of consumer durables comes from Haier.

Haier began its operations on the Indian soil in 2004, as a part of its “internationalizing strategy” and since then it has rapidly spread its wings across the country. It has operations in more than 30 cities in India and employs over 500 people across various profiles. Talking about refrigerators, in 2017 Haier has launched innovative and attractive series of refrigerators in India. With a new catalog of refrigerators, Haier has strived to create technologies that are not only advanced but carefully considered the requirements of the Indian consumer. Haier is apparently the only brand offering a complete catalog of refrigerators, from the compact 52L single door to the mammoth 565L multi door. A complete list of refrigerator types offered by Haier is:

  1. Single door refrigerator
  2. Double door refrigerator
  3. Bottom mount refrigerator
  4. French door refrigerator
  5. Side by side refrigerator

Key Haier Refrigerator Technologies

360 Degree Air Flow for Uniform Cooling

Latest single and double door refrigerators from Haier come with 360 Degree Air Flow technology that maintains even temperature throughout the refrigerator. It circulates air uniformly in multiple directions from its multi air flow vents so that every corner of the refrigerator is evenly cooled. This air flow system helps to cleanly keep the interior uniformly cool, free from any odd frozen or warm spots. Thus, the stored food item remains fresh for longer with this astutely designed air flow system.

1HIT Technology for Faster Cooling

There are occasions when guests are coming over for a party, but you fail to realize there is no ice at home! This panicky situation is a passé with modern Haier refrigerators coming with innovative 1 Hour Icing Technology (1HIT). 1HIT brings down the freezer temperature to -5oC in less than an hour. This is made possible by improved design which meticulously trims down the compressor cycle to impart super-fast cooling.

Diamond Edge Freezer Technology with Bigger Cooling Pads

Power cuts and load shedding are commonplace in India, especially in distant towns and villages. Since refrigerator generally works 24×7, it is a home appliance most susceptible to the erratic blackouts. Power cuts poise serious challenge of the food spoilage. Haier modern refrigerators are well-equipped to tackle this problem using canny design and bigger cooling pads.

The new line up of Haier’s single door refrigerators has been revamped based on the detailed study and research about refrigeration technology. As an outcome of this study, inner edges of these refrigerators come with diamond shape design. The main benefit of this design is that it slows down the process of ice melting. This becomes a very useful during the power cuts, helping to prolong the cooling retention period.

Most of the new Haier refrigerators come with the cool pad which is nothing but the cooling gel. This cooling gel keeps the food well frozen for several hours without power, and keep the freezer compartment cold even in the absence of electricity. This means even ice cream kept inside the refrigerator won’t melt for few hours during blackouts. Another specialty of this cooling pad is that they are bigger in size compared to the ordinary ones. Bigger size results in a bigger period of cooling retention. Thus, with the Diamond Edge Freezer technology and bigger cooling pads, food items stored inside the refrigerator can remain chilled for several hours even in the power cuts.

90 Degree Contour Door and Toughened Glass Shelves

Modern multi-door models from Haier comes with a slider chiller tray for stuffing dairy products with a lid to keep products intact and ensure longer duration of freshness. Chiller tray temperatures are usually colder than the refrigerator compartment. One of the usual problem faced by refrigerator users is that shelves tend to get cracks when a heavy block of food is kept inside the refrigerator. Big brands like Haier have made a note of this problem and their new models come with toughened glass shelves as a solution. Toughened glass shelves are capable of bearing extra load without breakdown. This toughened glass shelf comes with a solid border that prevents seeping of liquid from the shelf in case of a liquid spill. Thus, it can handle the load and liquid with ease. Vegetable crispers given in high-end Haier models are roughly 50% bigger than the conventional ones. Another important utility is that the crisper can be easily removed even if there is less space for opening the door, thanks to its 90 Degree Contour door design. This would be a boon for the users who plan to install their refrigerator in a place where the complete opening of the door would be difficult.

Customizable My Zone Drawer

Premium side by side models comes with full-depth large drawer at the bottom named My Zone. The best part about My Zone drawer is that it can be set to 3 different modes based on the cooling requirement. All one need to do is press the mode button on the LED control panel mounted on the front door. Functioning of these modes are as follows:

  1. Q-Cool: This mode is especially suited for chilling fresh foods and drinks in a jiffy.
  2. DFrost: This mode allows the user to slowly defrost the frozen food without leading to any unwanted moisture build up.
  3. Chiller: This mode brings down the compartment temperature to zero degrees—a level meant for preserving meat and fish.

Removable Anti-Fungal Gasket Ensures Food Protection

A gasket inside the refrigerator is a flexible elastic strip attached to the outer edge of a refrigerator. Modern Haier refrigerators are designed with an air-tight structure which insulates the cool air inside the appliance from the warm external environment. Also, this gasket is made up of anti-bacterial material to keep the stored food hygienic and free from pesky bacteria. It is removable too; meaning users can easily clean it if the need arises. Thus, the airtight gasket seals the freshness by prohibiting the entrance and accumulation of bacteria-laden spores and dust particles, that generally blights the stored food inside the refrigerator.

Luxury Home Bar to Automatically Dispense Ice and Water

There’s nothing easier than pressing a lever to fill a glass with chilled water or fresh ice. Luxury Home Bar feature of premium Haier models offer this ease; that too without needing to open the whole refrigerator. They come with an inline automatic dispenser giving out water, cubed or crushed ice just at the press of the lever. Also, users can select the amount of water needed, and the fridge will fill the container with that amount

Child Lock and Door Alarm to Safeguard the Refrigerator from Frisky Kids

The Child Lock feature provided in new Haier models prevents opening of the door and accidental changes in the refrigerator’s settings by the toddler. Additionally, certain models also come with Door Alarm which alerts the user if the door of the refrigerator is kept open for a long time. Thus, Child Lock and Door Alarm would be a savior for parents nurturing curious toddlers.

Fuzzy Logic with Holiday Function to Smartly Manage the Refrigerator

Premium multi-door refrigerators come with the fuzzy logic controller, assisted with a specialized temperature sensor. The job of the sensor is to diligently monitor the change in the temperature of the compartment. Based upon the inputs from the sensor, the controller adjusts the temperature for optimum preservation of freshness of the stored food and drinks. There is another useful function named Holiday Function, which when enabled, makes the freezer compartment operate normally but sets the temperature of the fridge compartment around 17oC. This ensures minimum energy consumption. It is a very useful function for the frequent travelers who are worried about their refrigerator gobbling up on electricity units when they are out on a vacation.

Full DC Inverter Compressor with Stabilizer-free Operation

Compressors in the lower-end/primitive refrigerators come with single speed motor. They are either “on” or “off” based on the temperature in the refrigerator. Such compressors are designed to work incessantly at the peak load conditions (for high temperatures in summers), which means that they run at peak load even in winters when the cooling requirement is less. This is where reputed brands like Haier manifest smartness. New Haier refrigerators come with Full DC inverter compressor that continuously runs at a variable speed based on the cooling need.

Working of this compressor with inverter technology is analogous to the car accelerator. When the speed required is more, the acceleration is more, and when it is less, and then the acceleration is less. This makes sure that during the summer season when the cooling load is more, the compressor works at the peak capacity taking more electricity. But during winters when the cooling load is less, the compressor runs at the lower speed thereby consuming less electricity. Even during summers, the night temperature is less than the day temperature. Thus, electricity is saved even during the late evenings when compressor can run at a lesser speed. The DC Inverter compressor technology from Haier not only results in cost savings but also emits less noise and mitigates the carbon footprint.

Another good thing about latest Haier refrigerators is that they can work without the dedicated stabilizer. These refrigerators can operate steadily without the risk of getting damaged due to voltage fluctuation. Also, if the voltage fluctuation exceeds the preset permissible limits, the power supply is automatically switched off, so it does not cause any harm to the refrigerator. Haier refrigerators are designed to work stabilizer in the voltage range of 135V to 290V.

Pros and Cons of Haier Refrigerators

Talking about the good things, a quintessential Haier refrigerator offers plenty of style and feature for the amount spent. New Haier models come with a clutter-free design with removable gasket and don’t emit any odd pops or gurgling noises. Haier is one of the oldest refrigerator brands originating in Asia and their models are known to deliver consistent cooling, thanks to its 360o Airflow design. It is presently the only brand in India to offer fridge as compact as 50 liters and refrigerator and as large as 550 liters. Though Haier offers a teeming class of models for the mid-range category, premium side by side models also deserve to get mentioned. It offers the luxury of the large refrigerator at a great price. Side by side models like HRF-618SS consumes less than 1 unit of electricity per day, making it one of the most efficient refrigerators in its category. Also, Haier’s side by side models boasts of best fridge & freezer ratio over the capacity compared to other counterparts in the market.

Non-availability of 5 star rated single door model is something which disappointed us. Similarly, for French door, models typically come with just 2 stars. Another problem reported with Haier models is that their chiller section sometimes gets odd spikes of -4oC. Though this variation isn’t critical, it might cause some soft fruit to loosen its freshness. Most of the new Haier models come with stabilizer free operation but the stabilizer-free operating range 135V to 290V is less compared to brands like Whirlpool offering 80V to 300V protection.


Haier is to refrigerator what Xiaomi is to smartphone—a Chinese brand offering a good set of features, aptly targeting demands of its consumers. Just like Xiaomi, it delivers popular features and functionality at a reasonable price making bigger brands like Samsung and Whirlpool run for their money. It is worth noting that Haier was amongst top 20 most trusted brands in India according to the Brand Trust report. In 2008 it had surpassed Whirlpool as being world’s top refrigerator manufacturer. Backed with formidable numbers and a good combination of features like 360o Airflow, Fuzzy Logic Controller, and Full DC Inverter Compressor Haier could be your go-to brand if you want good cooling with energy saving at a decent price point.

Some Good Haier Models:

  • Haier-HRD-1954CMM-E
    • 195.00 lts
    • 151.00 units
    • Single Door
    • Star Rating: 4
  • Haier-HRD-1953SR-E
    • 195.00 lts
    • 186.00 units
    • Single Door
    • Star Rating: 3
  • Haier-HRD-1903PBM-E
    • 190.00 lts
    • 212.00 units
    • Single Door
    • Star Rating: 3
  • Haier-HRD-1703SR-E
    • 170.00 lts
    • 208.00 units
    • Single Door
    • Star Rating: 3
  • Haier-HRD-2204PRJ-E
    • 220.00 lts
    • 168.00 units
    • Single Door
    • Star Rating: 4
  • Haier-HRF-3554BS-E
    • 335.00 lts
    • 270.00 units
    • Double Door
    • Star Rating: 3
  • Haier-HRB-3404BS-E
    • 320.00 lts
    • 265.00 units
    • Double Door
    • Star Rating: 3

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