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Replacing old or buying new, why a BEE 5 star rated refrigerator always makes sense

By on April 22, 2016
Hindi Translation: पुराने रेफ्रिजरेटर को बदलते समय या एक नया रेफ्रिजरेटर खरीदते समय हमेशा एक 5 स्टार रेटेड फ्रिज को ही तरजीह देनी चाहिए

Since last few weeks we have started auditing some homes in Mumbai to get a feeling of different kind of appliances available in various homes and their consumption pattern. And one interesting fact that has come to our notice is that the refrigerators are the second biggest consumers of electricity in any home after air conditioners, that too if there is a significant use of air conditioners in that home. Else refrigerators are truly the biggest consumers. The observations also show that old refrigerators consume a lot more than the new energy efficient ones and because refrigerators are kept on 24 hours a day all 365 days, it always makes sense to buy a 5 star rated refrigerator.

Observation No 1: Refrigerators consumer more units than they are rated for.

These days most refrigerators come with annual units consumption value written on them. These values are derived under test conditions and should be taken as the minimum number of units that the refrigerator can consume. The actual units depend on how the refrigerator is used, how it is kept and how frequently it is opened. In short the usage of the refrigerator drives the actual number. Based on our observation for a few refrigerators it was 50-100% more than the rated value. Here are some sample observations:


Units Consumption per day (as per BEE rating)

Units Consumption per day (actual)

% Increase

A 4 Star rated refrigerator of 310 lts volume purchased in 2008.

1.34 units per day

2 units per day


A 4 star rated refrigerator of 560 lts volume purchased in 2010

1.5 units per day

3.3 units per day


A Un-starred 310 lts refrigerator purchased in 2007

1.5 units per day

2.5 units per day


As per our analysis of BEE data, the difference between yearly units consumption in refrigerators for each additional star in star rating is about 60-100 units. But if we factor in the above observation the difference comes out to be 100-150 units per year. Which means a 3 star rated refrigerator will consume about 100-150 units more than a 4 star and similarly a 4 star rated refrigerator will consume 100-150 units more than a 5 star per year. It we take average tariff of Rs 5 per unit then it converts to Rs 500 – Rs 750 difference in operational cost. It can be more or less depending on your using cost of electricity, which can be fond out by using our calculator: Online Electricity Bill Calculator – For all states in India.

While buying a new refrigerator always buy a 5 star rated one.

We also did some analysis on the pricing of refrigerators that are available on various websites online, and found that the price difference between a 4 star rated and 5 star rated refrigerators with similar technology and same brand, is so much so that the extra price for 5 star rated refrigerators can be recovered in about a year or year and half in form of savings in electricity bills. A refrigerator will go on well at least for next 8 years, so after the recovery period it will be savings in electricity bills.

While buying a new refrigerator one should just keep a note of the year of rating as BEE star rating changes every year. It’s always good to buy a refrigerator with the latest year rating.

Observation 2: Old refrigerators consume significantly higher units as compared to new ones.

With improvement in technology, the efficiencies of refrigerators have been increasing regularly. And we saw live examples of the same when we did some recordings:


Units Consumption per day actual


A 15+ years old 260 lts volume refrigerator – un-starred

3 units per day

Old refrigerator consuming a lot of electricity and not giving enough cooling

A 12 years old 260 lts volume refrigerator – un-starred

3.5 units per day

The freezer was stuffed with food and temperature was extremely low.

On checking the units consumption of BEE 5 star rated 300 lts refrigerator we found that they are rated to consume 0.9 unit a day. Even if we add 50% on it, it should consume about 1.35 units. But the old refrigerators were consuming 3 & 3.5 units per day. Which means that replacing them with new BEE 5 star rated refrigerator will save about 1.7-2.2 units a day, which is about 620-803 units a year! Which is saving of about Rs 3000 – Rs 4000 per year if we take an average tariff of Rs 5 per unit. It can be more or less depending on the unit rate of electricity, which can be derived using our calculator: Online Electricity Bill Calculator – For all states in India.

Replace old refrigerators (12+ years old) with new energy efficient refrigerators

Buying a new refrigerator will not only save electricity but also give better cooling and more/latest features in the same sized refrigerator. Thus replacing very old refrigerators with BEE 5 star rated refrigerators make a lot of sense.

Here is a short video for tips to buy the best refrigerator in India

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  • hilda simon

    How do I know if the BEE rating and the power consumption number given by manufacturer for a fridge is for the low, medium or strongest setting? Because I imagine that the power consumption will be significantly less if the cooling is at the least.

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      All manufacturers have to report their data for standard test conditions (temperature etc is specified for testing). This is to help you compare apples to apples.

  • Brian

    Hello Sir
    I’m planning to buy the samsung RT28JARPDSA but I cannot find any reviews on it. Could you kindly shed in some insight? I will really appreciate it

  • A.Srinivas Reddy

    Hi Sir,

    We are family of 5 Members.We have a 2008 model 3 star Videocon Refrigerator(275 ltr Double door).This is consuming heavy power(2.5-3 units per day).Hence I am planning to buy 250-300 ltr Double door refrigerator.We live at Hyderabad.Pls give some models along with power consumption per day.My budget is 20k to 40k on the basis of power saving.Hope my choice is right(changing Refrigerator)

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      Hi Srinivas,

      You can look at these models:

      Samsung RT30K37547E/HL
      LG GL-U302JSOL
      Godrej RT EON 290 SD 4.4

      These are 275lts+ models and have a BEE 4 star rating.

    • Srinivas Reddy

      Sir,Is there is any 5 star you recomend

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      There are no BEE 5 star rated models as per BEE’s latest star rating specification.

  • Anand

    Hi BijliBachao,
    i plan to buy a single door , 5star, inverter compressor fridge. presently LG with 235lts and samsung with 210lts are available. Please let me know which one to buy. lg or samsung as i feel both are equally good companies. I require your specific observation on the new gen inverter compressors of Samsung Vs LG which makes the better compressor, reliable , economical and trouble free. Which has MORE reliable after sales service.

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      Both LG and Samsung are leaders as far as refrigerators are concerned. It is extremely difficult to say one is better than other. People have varied experiences and some will like Lg and some will like Samsung. Answer to your question would have been easy if there were glaring differences. As far as service is concerned, your local dealers will be able to tell you better as to which one has better service in your area.

    • Anand

      Thanks Abhishek for the quick reply.
      Just want to know , as inverter compressors in refrigerators are a new concept (ac segment started this earlier),
      and there isn’t much public feed back in this aspect.
      So the question would be who makes the better inverter compressor, lg or samsung, all other things remaining equal.
      That would decide my choice.

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      Hi Anand,

      Both LG and Samsung are selling double door models with inverter compressor since quite some time now. As far as I remember Inverter compressor started coming in refrigerators (double door) around the same time as that in Air Conditioners. It is new as far as single door refrigerators are concerned. And the theory and technology behind ACs and refrigerators is exactly the same. The way an AC works, the refrigerators work in same way (just the volume of space to be cooled varies and thus the size varies).

    • Anand

      Thanks Abhishek for the clarity.
      I’ve decided to go for LG single door 5star, 235L, GL-D241AHAI
      I presently have a 165L whirlpool 15yr old gem working flawlessly without a single service call till date. As 165L is becoming cramped and so have to go for a larger one, even though i dont want to give away my whirlpool gem,
      I was waiting for whirlpool to come out with inverter comps., but they seem to be in no hurry. so have to settle for the next best brand.

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      Great! Do let us know your feedback on the same once you have used it.

  • Guruprasad

    Hello Bijli Bachao Team,
    I am having a 17 year old Godrej Frost free double door refrigerator.We are the family of 3.2 Adults and one 6 year old kid.We are vegetarian.After going through your article we would like to change of refrigerator.Could you please suggest a best suitable one with the best possible price.

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      Any model from Samsung Smart Convertible would be good for you. You can look at these models:

      Samsung RT30K37547E/HL
      Samsung RT30K3983BZ/HL
      Samsung RT30K3983SL/HL
      Samsung RT30K3983UZ/HL

    • Guruprasad

      Thank you

  • Tarun

    Hi Bijli Bachao Team ,

    Need suggestion for Videocon Refrigirators for category between 300-400 ltrs.
    Please help me. I have been an avid follower of your site & bought super fans 3 years ago. Only after your detailed blog post. That was the best decision i ever made for fans.
    Please help me now.
    I have shortlisted this https://videoconworld.com/titanium-frost-free/330-l-titanium-ultra-refrigerator

  • phani

    hi, compressor of 8yrs old 4star-180lts-refrigerator is gone.. plz suggest will i have to buy new refrigerator or new compressor.

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      better to buy a new refrigerator as the technologies now are much better than what they were 8 years back.

    • phani

      thank you sir..

  • Sudipta Das

    Can you please tell me what is the annual electricity consumption of Samsung RT28K3043S8 ? Is it a good buy ??

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      It would be 243 units a year as per BEE star label.

  • Narendra

    Whirlpool 260 L Frost Free Triple Door Refrigerator(FP 283D PROTTON ROY, Alpha Steel (N))…. Is it good model to purchase it ? how much electricity it will consumes? We saw this model but we did not see any star rating instead they mentioned in sticker that(uses less energy than a CFC) what does it mean?

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      Hi Narendra,

      At the bottom of the image they have mentioned *Terms and Conditions: As compared to a 60 Watt CFL :).

      Now if a 60 W CFL is used for 24 hours (continuously), it would consume 60 x 24 = 1440 Wh or 1.44 kWH or 1.44 units of electricity per day. That makes it about 525 units of electricity per year.

      If that is the right number, then it is not energy efficient at all, because most BEE 5 star rated 2 door models (of about 250 lts) consume as less as 190 units of electricity per year.

      I do not have the exact electricity consumption of this model as the manufacturer has not published it and nor does BEE rate multi door models (which makes it mandatory for manufacturers to publish energy consumption data).

      But I think it is better if you go for 2 door model of similar size with BEE star rating and inverter technology compressor. They have better energy efficiency.

  • Rik

    I will buy my first refrigerator and I have only solar power so the fridge has to be powered by inverter only. So far I just switch it on in the evening and switch it off before I go to bed. Now with my new setup (upgrade to be able to add a refrigerator (and washing machine) I have to adjust this habit. First I was considering an LG 190L Evercool but I just discovered an LG 190 liter with ‘inverter technology’ (GL-D201AHAI) within my budget (below Rs 20000). Can you please give information on how many hours an Evercool needs to ‘recover’ from a 9 hour power-cut. And what are the consequences of long power-cuts for the inverter technology fridge.
    Naturally I would choose for LG but why not Samsung with similar features?

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      Both LG and Samsung have their strong points. Samsung has great double door models for vegetarians. LG has super technology in refrigerators in general. And yes they are the first to bring inverter tech in single door models (something that should have been done long back).

      As for evercool technology, actually they are cooling pads (Ice packs with cooling gel) that can retain cold for a long time. So when the refrigerator is on, these cooling pads store cooling. And when the refrigerator is off, they release the cooling. They can last max for 9 hours. Frankly I don’t know as to how long they need to be cooled to get back in state.

      As for consequences of power cut, I don;t think power cuts should be bad for inverter tech.

    • Rik

      I didn’t realize the Evercool technology wast that simple! Just put some cooling-elements (chillers) in the fridge and done. In Europe etc. almost every family used to have a cool-box with cooling-elements based on this principle but here in India I can find only small ‘chillers’ for lunchboxes, not the gel cooling elements as in this image (very common in Europe etc.).

      Does Samsung also have inverter technology of around 200 liters? If not, I’m sure I will go for LG 190 liter with ‘inverter technology’ (GL-D201AHAI), power-cuts and switching off the power is so common in India, that don’t think it will hurt fridges, I just never heard of it outside India.

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      Samsung does not have inverter tech in sub 200 lts models yet. I think LG model would be better choice.

  • Binny Thomas

    Hi There. Very informative site regarding electricity savings. Regarding refrigerators, we used to shutdown our refrigerator during peak hours to save on electricity (6pm-10pm) following the advice of a family friend. He suggested that this has the added benefit of reducing the wear and tear on the compressor. The refrigerator is still working after 20 years of purchase. However is the point regarding electricity savings valid or is it just a myth?

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      Hello Mr Thomas,

      If you do not use an appliance for 4 hours in a day, you would certainly save electricity. There is no doubt about that. 4 hours is a long time for a refrigerator and it will certainly save if it does not work that long.

    • Waruna

      Is turning off the fridge at night save electricity since it doesnt get open during night time? At the same time, i dont think fridge consumes lot of electricity at night since the door stays shut most of the night.

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      It can certainly save electricity if you switch it off for 8-9 hrs.

    • Waruna

      Did you mean for old fridges? What about new 4 star inverter
      fridges? If you turn them off for 8-9 hours every night, do you still save a lot of electricity? Isn’t daily on/off cycles bad for the fridge? I assume the compressor has to work twice as hard to every morning to bring the temperature up.

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      Even for new 4 star inverter fridges. Stabilization of temperature in morning won’t take more than 20-30 mins. Keeping it off for 9 hrs would certainly save more electricity. And if on/off was bad for compressor, then old compressor (which used to have daily on/off cycles) would have failed in just a couple of years.

      Frequent on/off is bad only when the on/off cycle is less than 2-3 mins.

  • Harish chandran, kodambakkam

    Dear Bijlibachao,
    Kindly Suggest me a 5 star Refrigerator having a capacity of 320-360 litres….

  • prasar

    Dear Abhishek
    I am looking at either buying a 100 liter chest freezer -around 14000 Rs in Pune & an 350 Litre fridge OR a 600 Litre side by side from Samsung or Videocon or even Haier. We eat lots of meat and hence a good qulity freezer is important. We currently own a LG DIOS side by side, but totally fed up with LG service in Pune, hence not considering that brand any more.
    Which do you think would be more economical to use – A small independent chest freezer and a small Fridge (4 or 5 Star) OR a 5 star side by side, keeping purchase cost in mind along with consumption. A 5 star, side by side Fridge, is costing around 75-80000 Rs.
    Thank you for your efforts, woould be delighted with a detailed perspective.

    My best wishes. This website is a WONDERFUL resource.

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain


      Having a single machine would be better from an energy efficiency perspective. A bigger refrigerator would be better. I would suggest going for a Samsung 600 lts side by side refrigerator with inverter technology compressor. Videocon and Haier do not have inverter technology. I would strongly recommend you to go for an inverter technology model.

      Chest Freezer + 350 lts refrigerator (a good one) would also cost you about 50-55K. But the chest freezer will consume more electricity. If it consumes 1.5-2 units more per day you would be using about 50-60 units electricity extra in a month. At Rs 8-9 it would be about Rs 450-500 more per month. I think a bigger refrigerator from Samsung with inverter technology would be better.

    • prasar

      Much Appreciate your response. I have read you reply in detail. I was asking you from the perspective that these days the chest freezers in the market have a 5 star rating. How much would a five star freezer and a five star 350 litre fridge consume.
      Also, could you tell me how much would a 600 litre side by side fridge with inverter tech consume Vs normal 600 litre side by side.
      If I get a 4star side by side, for 10000 Rs less, how does that work over let’s say 15 years, which I take as life of the fridge.
      Thank you for making my decision easier with your inputs. This website is really very helpful, literally saving money for me:-) Cheers to you and your team

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      Hello Mr Prasar,

      Chest Freezers are not rated by BEE yet, so if anyone is claiming BEE 5 star rating for it, then they are wrong. In fact even side-by-side, multidoor refrigerators are not yet rated by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency in India a Govt body). Ideally freezing takes much more energy as compared to regular refrigeration (which is at much higher temperature as compared to freezing). And thus my assumption of 1.5-2 units of electricity was assuming that a chest freezer of 100 lts would consume much more than a refrigerator of 100-120 lts. In fact most small refrigerators/freezers do not have energy efficient technologies as there is no mandate for them to become efficient (as BEE is not rating them) and consumers are not demanding the same.

      Now in general inverter tech is 30% (or more) energy efficient than regular technology. As side-by-side refrigerators are not rated by BEE, their energy consumption data is not available in public domain (manufacturers do not publish information till it is made mandatory by the government). Still a 600 lts refrigerator with inverter technology would consume about 1.5 units of electricity in a day. A non inverter would consume about 3 units (or more). You will not get a 4 star rated side-by-side refrigerator because they are not yet rated on energy efficiency. My guess is that inverter tech should save at least Rs 400 per month for you. Which makes it Rs 4800 per year (at Rs 8 a unit). But I cannot give you an exact answer as there is no data for side-by-side refrigerator energy consumption in public domain (I am just using data for a top freezer model which should be close enough).

      My assumption is that inverter tech should have a payback in max 3 years (may be less). And beyond that it should be savings (15 years is a highly optimistic usage of a modern refrigerator, 10 years would be more real).

    • prasar

      Thank you so much.
      Some websites are claiming that the 100 liter blue star chest freezer is 5 star rated. This is contrary to your understanding….wonder what’s making them claim this.

  • Jasminder Singh Dureja

    Thanks for reply; kindly inform their brand and model?

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      Hello Mr Dureja,

      My father has a Hitachi Inverter Refrigerator at his place which is bottom freezer. My Sister in Law also has a LG bottom freezer refrigerator. I am not sure of the exact model numbers though.

  • Jasminder Singh Dureja

    Are Bottom freezer refrigerators successful in Indian hot and humid conditions?

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      Hello Mr Dureja,

      Bottom Freezer models work perfectly well in Indian conditions. I have personally seen two of them working perfectly fine in my family for last 2-3 years.

  • Jasminder Singh Dureja

    Thanks for your reply. But I would like to highlight that dual fan technology comprises of two cooling fans, one dedicated for supplying chilled air to freezer compartment and other one for REFREGERATOR compartment. This allows independent control of temperatures of each compartment.

    These are not meant for cooling the compressor any way.


    Dr J S Dureja

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      Thanks for your reply Dr Dureja. There is a Dual Fan Compressor Technology that Whirlpool has. I got confused with that. Having different fans in the two compartments will certainly give more control in maintaining temperature of the compartments.

    • Jasminder Singh Dureja


  • Jasminder Singh Dureja

    How about Samsung convertible refrigerators. They claim that these are double fan refrigerators. Are these comparable to Hitachi refrigerators having dual fan technology

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      Samsung convertible refrigerators are a great choice if you are a vegetarian and want more space to store veggies and would like to convert freezer into refrigerator when needed. Double Fan technology is there in lot of brands these days. It is useful if the refrigerator will be kept in a really hot space. Typically compressors have a operating temperature beyond which they trip (or stop working). This temperature is typically about 46-48 degrees. If the temperature goes beyond that, they trip. Dual Fan cools the compressor and makes sure that it works even if the ambient temperature crosses 46-48.

      So Double Fan is just a technology to keep it running beyond a certain temperature. Just having this technology does not give edge to a brand. This is one of the multiple features a brand has. Hitachi is a good brand, their products are quite superior, however we have heard of patchy service of Hitachi from a lot of people. If their service is good in your area, then you may surely consider it.

  • Jasminder Singh Dureja

    pl suggest about
    Search Results
    Samsung RT42HDAGESL Frost-free Double-door refrigerator. Does it have water dripping problem/

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      Hello Mr Singh,

      We do not have feedback on individual models of these brands. So cannot comment.

  • Jasminder Singh Dureja

    Is it advisable to go for inverter series refrigerators like LG, Hitachi etc. or non inverter series like Whirlpool (although energy efficient)

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      It is better to go with Inverter Technology. You can choose any one of the brands you have listed. Both LG and Hitachi are good brands.

    • Jasminder Singh Dureja

      Where does Samsung refrigerators stand vis a vis lg refrigerators

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      Samsung and LG refrigerators are quite comparable. Both have their own pros and cons. But frankly quite comparable.

    • Jasminder Singh Dureja

      Dear Sir
      Thanks for your reply. But I would like to highlight that dual fan technology comprises of two cooling fans, one dedicated for supplying chilled air to freezer compartment and other one for REFREGERATOR compartment. This allows independent control of temperatures of each compartment.

      These are not meant for cooling the compressor any way.


      Dr J S Dureja

  • Jasminder Singh Dureja

    Kindly suggest which is having best performance and best after sales service

  • Jasminder Singh Dureja

    i want to choose amoung Hitachi 451L/Hitachi 489L and LG470L models (all inverter compressor models)

  • ankit dalal

    Dear all,

    I want to buy 210 ltr,5 star rated fridge. So how much units will consume by fridge/per day?

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      Hi Ankit,

      A BEE 5 star rated 210 lts refrigerator should consume about 200 units of electricity in a year. So in a day it should be less than a unit of electricity.

  • prasad mayya

    i have purchased whirlpool 340l fridge … 3star rated…. daily consumption is around 1unit ….


    I am at present use whirlpool 19premier fridge purchased in 2008. Now a days power consumption is very high. I wish to purchase a new one of same capacity with 5star rating. Kindly advise me on selection.

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      What is the volume/size of your current refrigerator?


      180 L is the size of my fridge.

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      Hello Mr Unnikrishanan,

      You may look at these refrigerators:

      LG GL-201KAG5
      LG GL-B205KSLN
      LG GL-B205XSHZ

  • Somnath

    Hello Sir,
    I have purchased a new BEE 3 star(Label Period:~ 1st Jan 2014 – 31st Dec 2015) refrigerator.
    Model No is Samsung RT27JSMSARZ/TL.
    How about the Refrigerator & the power consumption.
    Thanking You.

    • Bijli Bachao Team

      Hi Somnath,

      We are not able to find details of this refrigerator online so cannot comment a whole lot. However if it is a BEE 3 star rated refrigerator, ss per BEE rating it would consume about 303 units of electricity in a year. These numbers are in test conditions and we have observed that in general refrigerators consume 30% more in general usage.

    • Somnath


  • shailey

    hii i want to know what would be per day consumption of a 3 star LG single door fridge 175 ltr 2 years old? and also for 4 star fridge LG 2 years old single door 175 ltr ? very urgent

    • Bijli Bachao Team

      As per BEE rating for the 3 star rated fridge it would be about 400 units a year and for BEE 4 star rated fridge it would be about 300 units a year.

  • yathish

    I have purchased new 3 star refrigirator.how about power cosumption.make iswhirlpool

    • Bijli Bachao Team

      What is the model number of the refrigerator that you have purchased?

    • yathisha

      Whirl pool FF2D258 3S/2015

    • Bijli Bachao Team

      Hi Yathisha,

      This model has yearly electricity consumption of 306 units as per BEE. However these numbers are in test conditions and in real life you can expect about 30% more.

  • Avinash

    Read a news item “A short circuit in the compressor of a refrigerator reportedly triggered a fire in a locked flat in Vardhaman Garden complex in Thane on Saturday. The inmates of the 19th floor flat had gone to their native place in Kerala. Neighbours noticed black fumes coming out of the flat window and alerted the fire brigade that doused the flames. ” We in general take for granted these Electrical appliances for years together”. No one bothers to check the wiring,circuit for over load and this happens. With curtains mattresses and furniture made of highly inflammable materials adds to a small fire. This is summer season so be vigilant !!!

    • Bijli Bachao Team

      We certainly should be vigilant!!

  • rajiv

    Is an inverter type fridge cosumes less power that a 5 star rated fridge for equal cooling

    • Bijli Bachao Team

      Refrigerators with inverter technology are being rated by BEE and most of them have 5,4 and 3 star rating. So if you go for a BEE 5 star rated fridge, it will mostly likely be inverter technology fridge.

  • Neel

    Hi, I am evaluating Sharp SJ-PK64G (585 litres (Net 541) with 484 units as annual consumption. Was a 4 star last year in 2014 now in 2015 a 2 star. I am evaluating this Sharp model v/s Hitachi R-V610PND3KX (565 litres (Net 510) with Inverter and 331 units as annual consumption a 4 star rating in 2015. I am trending towards the Sharp due to the cost benefit analysis which is almost a difference of Rs. 10000 between the two. The power benefit then becomes marginal about Rs. 1000~1300 (if I add 30% extra then rating) per year thereby taking me anyway 8~10 years to recover the costs. Is it really beneficial to go for Hitachi Invertor model in this case especially knowing Invertor technology is more difficult and expensive to maintain. Also I have realized the moment one goes above 600~650 liters capacity the advantage of Invertor makes more economical sense not so much in lower capacity below 600. Thoughts.

    Many thanks.

    • Bijli Bachao Team

      Hi Neel,

      You may go for Sharp if it is not economical for you to go for Hitachi refrigerator. The difference per year would be about 200 units. Also many people are going with inverter technology air conditioners and refrigerators these days and so it’s maintenance will not remain expensive for long (with scale it will come down).

  • B.J. Ram

    Dear Expert pls suggest best among in these model as per energy consumption :
    Godgrej RD Edge 185 CHTM DC 185 ltr
    Godrej GDE 23BXTM DC 221 ltr
    Godrej RD EDGE pro 190 CT pentacool 190 Ltr
    LG 205KAG series 190 ltr
    Samsung RR1914 190 ltr
    Why latest 2015 BEE list is not available for. Refrence.
    Thanks & regards

    • Abhishek Jain

      LG 205KAG series 190 ltr will be the most efficient models amongst all these.

  • jagadeesh


    • Abhishek Jain

      I would not suggest that. Because energy efficiency depends not only on compressor but also on the efficiency of condenser and evaporator. The whole package has to work together.

    • jagadeesh

      than kou sir

  • Sanjay

    Hi Expert

    I’m looking to buy a mini bar fridge which is the most efficent & power saving brands available…LG & Samsung seems to have discontinued please help me…urgent Also please let me know how much space should be left on all the sides?

    Best Regards

    • Abhishek Jain

      Hello Mr Sanjay,

      Mini Bar fridges are not very energy efficient. The best you can get is BEE 4 star rated. Here are some of the mini bar fridges:

      Brand Name Model Number Gross Volume(Litres) Electricity consumption (unit per year) Star Rating
      ELECTROLUX ECP093 80 375 3
      VIDEOCON VCP093 80 375 3
      ELECTROLUX ECL093 80 375 3
      ELECTROLUX ECP093 80 375 3
      VIDEOCON VCL093 80 375 3
      ELECTROLUX ECP063 47 360 3
      VIDEOCON VCP063 47 360 3
      GODREJ GDC 110 S 3.1 99 340 3
      GODREJ GDC 110 S 4.1 99 305 4
      LG GC-051SA 48 263 4

      you should have at least 2-3 inch space on the sides.


    sir v planning to buy LG MODE L NO-GL-B282SLCL and GL-M292RLTL ..which one can v go for..n wad abt power consumption??how much electricity bill will be increased if v go for double door fridge??and can u suggest can another model for 250 lt??or v selected the right model??plz giv ur view..thnakyou..

    • Abhishek Jain

      Hi Khushboo,

      Both are BEE 4 star rated models. GL-M292RLTL has yearly electricity consumption of 238 units and GL-B282SLCL has yearly electricity consumption of 240 units. Both these models are good models you can go for anyone of them.

  • Prakash

    Nice writeup
    As the power n size of compressors has gone down the energy efficiency has gone up.
    Any old fridge suffers from loss of cooling due to wear and tear of compressor, old gaskets and seals, damage to filter and loss of coolant over time.

    My question is what fridge is more efficient ? The single door direct cool or the frost free fridge ?
    Do most fridges consume more than what they claim ?

    My experience shows that the dc fridges are less complicated than ff models, and servicing costs are much much lower.
    I must have spent something like Rs 10000 to service my whirlpool ff, which kept giving me problems.

    • Abhishek Jain

      Hello Mr Prakash,

      Till about a couple of years back Direct Cool refrigerators were more energy efficient just because frost free models used to take more energy for defrosting. But since inverter technology compressors are introduced in frost free models, they have become more energy efficient. It is not that inverter technology cannot be implemented in Direct Cool refrigerators, but manufacturers have not implemented it. So if you plan to buy a refrigerator between 200-250 lts right now, you will get more energy efficient options in Frost Free than in Direct Cool (LG and Samsung are two brands that have inverter technology compressor in refrigerators of that size).

      Also we have observed that refrigerators consume at least 30% more than what they claim on the BEE label in real usage. The numbers on BEE label are in test conditions.

      In terms of servicing cost, DC will certainly be more economical. In fact inverter technology being a new and latest technology is complicated and expensive to maintain right now.

  • Dhaval

    Thank you
    for best suggestion
    and congrats for nice efforts

  • kumar

    Dear Sir,

    Iam planning to replace my old kelvinator 165 ltr becos the body got rusted but the compresor is still smooth as iam using less (switch off b4 go to bed and switch on at early morning) I prefer to buy whirlpool fusion 300ltr single door frost free. I heard frost free wl consume more electricity than ordinary one. Pls suggest wch brand is good and swithch off the fridge at night wl really saving electricity or not.
    Pls suggest.

    thanks n rgds

  • A Shah

    Hello Sir,
    Am planning to buy a refrigerator ranging 300-350 lts.
    Have zeroed down to LG and Whirlpool.

    Can you please answer my following queries:

    1. LG boasts of digital inverter technology, but as per my knowledge, Panasonic provides a TRUE INVERTER while LG & Samsung offers only the technology ( I may be wrong). Can you please throw some light on it.

    2. Which one would be a better buy? LG (GL-P 372 RSJM , GL-P 372 RLJM, GL-P 322 RPJL) or WHIRLPOOL proton 3D world series 6th sense 335 lts.?

    3. LG claims to lower the electricity consumption by 30-40% while Whirlpool claims it consumes less than a CFL bulb of 60 watts. Can you please suggest about the difference of the electricity comsumption?

    4. LG (GL-P 372 RSJM, etc.) displays only 4 star while there is no star rating on Whirlpool world series.

    please suggest.

    Would be waiting for your response.
    Thanks in advance.
    A Shah

    • Abhishek Jain

      Hello Mr Shah,

      1) All inverter techs are inverter techs. There is nothing like true inverter or just the technology.

      2) You can look at these models:

      Brand Name Model Number Gross Volume(Litres)
      LG GL-D322RPJZ 310
      LG GL-D322RPJL 310
      LG GL-E322RPTL 310
      LG GL-M322RATL 310
      LG GL-M322RLTL 310
      WHIRLPOOL NEO IC355 340
      LG GL-D372RLJM 335
      LG GL-D372RPHM 335
      LG GL-D372RSHM 335
      LG GL-P322RPJL 310
      LG GL-D372RPJM 335
      LG GL-P372RPJM 335
      LG GL-P372RSJM 335

      These are BEE 4 and 5 star rated double door refrigerator models. Please note side-by-side, bottom refrigerator or multi door refrigerators are not rated on BEE star rating yet.

      3) 60 watts CFL in 24 hours would consume 1.44 units of electricity or 525 units in a year. That is quite high and would rank as BEE 1 star rated refrigerator. And I doubt whirlpool would claim like that. Their refrigerators in general are quite energy efficient. Typically 300-350 lts refrigerator of BEE 4 star would consume about 250 units in a year.

      4) BEE has only rated double door and single door models.

    • A Shah

      Thanks for clearing the doubts.
      Would be proceeding for LG then.
      Thanks again.

    • A Shah

      Thanks for the prompt reply.

      But still confused on which to buy.

      Whirlpool FP 343D Royal(330 Ltr)
      LG (GL-P 372 RSJM) ?

      LG is double door whereas whirlpool is three doors.

      which consumes less electricity and is three door a better option?

      would appreciate if you suggest a single pick for me.


    • Abhishek Jain

      I would suggest you to go for the LG model.

  • jagadeesh

    hello sir,

    it is possible to change old compressor with new 5 star rating compressor?if possible give sellers details

    • Abhishek Jain

      Hello Sir,

      It will be better to ask the manufacturer of your AC to check on feasibility and a compressor that is compatible.

  • Amanjeet

    Hi Abhishek,

    An year old refrigerator from LG, GL 195RL4 (185 litres) with 10th-JAN 2013 as its manufacturing date is available for INR 7500. Price for the same new refrigerator is around INR 10,800 to INR 11,300(online). It is rated 4 star. Is it advisable to buy this old refrigerator or should I buy a new one from a different brand.


    • Abhishek Jain

      Hi Amanjeet,

      It is still a BEE 4 star rated refrigerator as per current BEE rating standards. If you are getting it at a decent price and you are fine with it, you can go for it.

  • Anup V S

    Hi Abhishek,

    Appreciate your efforts.

    Meanwhile, why there is no star rating for 3 door refrigerator like Whirlpool Proton 263D ? I am not able to find any star rating for such type of refrigerators.
    What is you opinion about such refrigerators, since my assumption is that by the use of separate compartments for vegetables, the energy consumption may be reduced? Please comment.


    • Abhishek Jain

      Hi Anup,

      Not sure why BEE has not rated 3 door refrigerators. Also energy consumption depends on several aspects which includes the working of internal components. So I cannot say if these refrigerators will be more efficient or not.

  • Parvez Khan

    I want to buy a Refrigerator probably 310 lts and above capacity preferably with Digital inverter technology, which one would you suggest for me. LG or Samsung ?? And if I have to go for 275 Lts then what u suggest with same Digital Inverter. I am a bit confused…..

    • Abhishek Jain

      Hello Mr Parvez,

      Go for LG GL-D322RPJZ. It is the most energy efficient BEE 5 star refrigerator in market.


  • INT

    i am writing this in april 2014…. i want to buy a refrigerator… there was one lg model of 4star rating but of 2014 and another of 5star rationg of 2013…….WHICH one is better? the shopkeeper says that the new 4 star is 6 star if according to previous years rationg… is this correct?

    • Abhishek Jain

      You will have to compare units consumed by both the refrigerators on their BEE label. Although the ratings have been revised in 2014 by 2 levels, but BEE 5 star rating has an open ended criterion (with only lower efficiency limit and no upper efficiency limit). So an old BEE 4 star rated refrigerator is now BEE 2 star rated refrigerator and old BEE 3 star rated refrigerator is BEE 1 star. But old BEE 5 star can be BEE 5 or 4 or 3 star in 2014. To give you a hypothetical example of a size of refrigerator if in 2013:

      BEE 1 star was more than 300 units
      BEE 2 star was more than 275 units less than 300 units
      BEE 3 star was more than 250 units less than 275 units
      BEE 4 star was more than 225 units less than 250 units
      BEE 5 star was less than 225 units

      In 2014 it is

      BEE 1 star was more than 250 units
      BEE 2 star was more than 225 units less than 250 units
      BEE 3 star was more than 200 units less than 225 units
      BEE 4 star was more than 175 units less than 200 units
      BEE 5 star was less than 175 units
      (note: the numbers above are hypothetical and just for representation. Actual numbers depend on volume of refrigerator)

      So essentially levels have improved by 2 levels. But a model consuming just 100 units was BEE 5 star in 2013 and is still BEE 5 star. A model consuming 180 units was BEE 5 star in 2013 but BEE 4 star in 2014. A model consuming 210 units was BEE 5 star in 2013 but BEE 3 star in 2014.

      So you will have to compare year units on the refrigerator.

      Hope this helps.


  • Mahesh

    Hi, we are family of 3 and want to replace our 10 yr old fridge. Can u pls suggest models as per 2014BEE ratings.

  • Lakshmi Menon

    Hi Abhishek,
    This question must have come up time and again and I did see something similar to this. i currently have a 230 L 4 star rating fridge and i want to buy a 550L plus (twin door preferably) fridge. Most of the refrigerators that I saw didn’t mention about a BEE rating , instead it mentioned about Inverter Linear Compressor. By Inverter Linear Compressor , they are referring to the Inverter Technology isn’t it? Are there fridges in above mentioned capacity which have a BEE rating?

    Thanks & Regards

    • Abhishek Jain

      Hi Lakshmi,

      Inverter Linear Compressor is LG’s technology. Typical motors have rotary movement. LG’s linear compressor has a motor with linear movement and they claim that it saves electricity. They have combined Linear Technology with Inverter Technology and call it Inverter Linear Compressor. So yes it is Inverter Technology refrigerator.

      As for the BEE ratings, it is mandatory for all Frost Free refrigerators to have BEE star rating. Manufacturers cannot sell refrigerator without a model having one. So all 550L plus refrigerator should also have BEE star rating. Please note that the BEE star rating standards have changed this year (have been upgraded). So the a model that was BEE 5 star rated last year will be BEE 3 star rated in the current year. Make sure that you check the year mentioned on BEE star label. Although I must say that till now very few models have been given BEE 5 star rating this year, so a model with BEE 5 star rating from last year (or 3 star in current year) will be your best bet to save electricity.

      Hope this helps.


  • Abhishek Jain


    The electricity consumption of 200 lts refrigerators is typically in the range of 1-1.5 units per day. Even the most efficient refrigerator cannot decrease your electricity consumption by more than 0.5-0.8 units. So your numbers look fair. If you want to measure, you can check out our old post: https://www.bijlibachao.com/assessment/measuring-electricity-consumption-of-home-appliances-and-doing-self-audit.html .


  • Anup Singh

    I have sold my old freeze and buy new 5 start rating (whirlpool refrigerator 190 ltrs. 205 ice magic 5g (wine orchid) but still it looks like there is no decrease in electricity bill. Earlier my consumption was 7-8 unit per day. Which is now come to 6-7 unit per day. Is there any device to measure the consumption of electric device, which can be connected directly to freeze to know the consumed unit per day basis.


  • Jatin

    What r ur thoughts on inverter fridges do they save any more electricity than a 5 star rated ones they would obviously becz the cut in cut out of the normal fridge consumes more electricity but how much do they save is imp and is it worth and also let me know whats better to go for 2 200 ltr 5 star rated fridge or 1 400 ltr 5 star fridge and pls let me knw the brand aswell

    • Abhishek Jain

      Hi Jatin,

      It’s better to buy 1 400 lts 5 star fridge than buying 2 200 lts fridges. The total energy consumption of 200 lts fridge will be more than that of 1 400 lts fridge. If we look at numbers, a 5 star rated 200 lts fridge is rated to consume 300 units a year, whereas a 5 star rated 400 lts fridge is rated at around 420-450 units. Although the numbers on BEE labels are units observed in test conditions and they are typically 30-50% more in actual use.

      Inverter Technology refrigerators are expected to save 25-30% as compared to a regular refrigerator. So if a 400 lts 5 star rated refrigerator consumes around 630 units a year (420×1.5), then a 400 lts inverter tech should consume about 440-450 units. So somewhere around 180 units of saving every year.

      Hope this helps.


    • Chandra

      Pls provide a list of 5 star 600 litres above LG refrigerator models that consume less units.im planning to purchase
      LG GR-B812GSPH

    • Abhishek Jain

      Hi Chandra,

      If you are thinking of buying a refrigerator of size over 600 lt then it is best to buy a refrigerator with inverter technology compressor. It can provide up to 22-30% savings over a BEE 5 star rated single speed compressor refrigerator. Also Inverter Technology refrigerators are not rated on BEE star ratings yet and thus their energy consumption details are not available. LG, Sharp, Hitachi are few brands that offer inverter tech refrigerators, with LG having the most number of models with that technology. You may try anyone of them.

      Hope that helps.


    • DGM WCR

      I have LG frost free refrigerator of model no. GL-295TM,ABSQEBN(IN). It is about 8 years old. It consumes about 150W, when compressor is on, from electric metre readings.
      How does it compare with new 5 star BEE equivalent refrigerator ? What will be payback, if I replace with new 5 star BEE equivalent refrigerator ?
      Please guide and help on this.

    • Abhishek Jain

      Hello Mr Sachin,

      Refrigerators typically have a duty cycle of about 50%. So if it is consuming 150 W at peak, then in 24 hrs it will run effectively at peak for 12 hours. So 150×12/1000 = 1.8 units of electricity in a day. Or about 657 units in an year. Now I think you have a 280 lts direct cool refrigerator. A new BEE 5 star rated direct cool (single door) refrigerator is rated to consume about 263 units in a year and latest frost free refrigerator with inverter technology is rated to consume about 200 units a year. Now on actual use the numbers are about 30% more. So direct cool would be about 340 units and frost free with inverter tech would be about 260 units.

      So you would save about 320 units per year on direct cool. And 400 units per year on frost free. Assuming your electricity cost is Rs 5 per unit, then you save Rs 1600 per year on direct cool and Rs 2000 per year on frost free refrigerator.

    • Chandra

      Thank you Abhishek