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Guest Post: Financing Options for Solar Rooftop Projects in India

By on November 5, 2016

Solar power is experiencing rapid growth in India, powered by a variety of recent developments: central and state governments have been announcing policy initiatives to drive adoption, solar power is already at grid parity for SME & industrial customers in 12 states, and cost of grid power is increasing by 5 – 10% every year for almost all customers. Combined with environmental concerns and widely prevalent power deficits across the country, going solar should be top of mind for everyone.

However, despite compelling long-term benefits and positive environmental impact, we haven’t seen solar adoption going viral, especially among rooftop owners. Customer awareness and high capital costs are the largest hurdles in today’s marketplace.  Given the rapidly changing environment, rooftop owners often lack clear, up-to-date, information. Bijli Bachao has previously produced an excellent guide to buying rooftop solar in India, here:

This video provides an overview of a rooftop solar system, tells you about the types and cost of such systems. It also provides information about additional factors that you should think about like system size, and how much roof space will it need.

The high initial cost of solar is becoming easier to address. For residences, housing societies, and small commercial establishments, loans are available at low EMIs under MNRE directive to banks to treat rooftop solar as a priority sector for lending. For establishments with large electricity consumption (>10,000 kWh a month), pay per unit financing deals are becoming available. Under such contracts, a third party owns the solar installation, and the roof owner enters into a long-term (10-20 yrs) agreement to purchase power generated by the system at a set rate. Capital cost to the owner is zero, they pay only for power used from the system and save from day-1. Some companies are offering leasing models, which are somewhere in between the two stated above. However, the market is changing quickly, and it is not easy to avail these schemes. Loan products are still evolving, and PPA and leasing models for rooftop solar are in nascent state.

Will a rooftop solar system save me money?

A key question that most potential buyers have is: will a rooftop solar system save me money? Of course, the answer depends on the type of connection, state and amount of usage. Let’s look at a couple of examples.

First, consider a small urban household that consumes 10 units (kWh) of electricity daily, with a 2 kW system installed on the roof.  In 2015, this system would cost approximately INR 2 lakh to install. The lifetime of a typical solar system is 25 years. So, the system costs INR 8000 per year. A 2kW system should comfortably provide 8 units (kWh) of electricity per day.  At INR 4 per unit, the monthly electricity bill goes from INR 1200 to INR 240, saving INR 11520 annually on electricity costs, and INR 3520 annually net of system cost.

If you were to use financing for a rooftop solar system, you would be saving money net of EMI within a few years. Shown below is a payoff curve (net of EMI) for a 10KW system in Bangalore, financed with a 5 year loan at 10.75% interest rate.


It is important to note state and central government incentives are not factored into the calculation above. A profitable corporation can take advantage of accelerated depreciation benefits (writing off 80% of system cost in year 1) on their tax return. For solar loans to individuals and SMEs, MNRE is spending funds on lowering interest rates on loans. Lastly, while subsidies are available for rooftop solar from central and state governments, they are difficult to get as there is a priority list for approval. MNRE has advised people to set up rooftop projects without waiting for subsidies given constraints on availability of funds.

Oorjan Cleantech (http://oorjan.com), India’s first rooftop solar financing platform, can help you solve the capital cost hurdle. If you already have a price proposal and project design from an installer, send it to us for evaluation and financing. If you are just getting started, we can help you choose a highly rated local installer and obtain financing. Loan approvals for EMI schemes typically take 2-3 weeks, while pay-per-unit agreements take upto 6 weeks. We also provide a user-friendly app to monitor system performance once your project is installed, and provide periodic alerts. Contact  us if you have always wanted to go solar, have questions and/or money was in the way!

This post is a guest contribution by Oorjan Cleantech, a company that enables solar rooftop financing. It is an initiative by Alums of IIT Bombay having years of experience in Solar PhotoVoltaic Markets. They have an estimator and contact form on their website www.oorjan.com.

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I am start work in soular system tell me about this work. 9623081787. in satara.

Basic Education Point

I want to set up 5kw efficient solar panels and I want to know: 1 What is the investment needed ?
2 How long will it support ?
3 What is the maitainance cost annually ?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Well a lot depends on the type of solar PV system you put up. There are two types: Off-grid and Grid-connected (you can understand more on this link: http://bgli.in/WgPd4 ) ..... Off-grid needs batteries and thus the cost is more and energy efficiency is also less .... grid-connected cost less and generate more electricity .... but then Off-grid is good if you want to use solar as a backup of power cuts .... grid connected is good if there are not much power cuts in your area and you are using it just to reduce your electricity consumption from the grid.

1 kW off-grid would cost about 80-90K per kW (based on market information ... please note, we at Bijli Bachao do not sell panels).
1 kW grid-connected would cost about 55-60K per kW.

You will get 25 years warranty on the panels. Inverter may have 5 years warranty (or less depending on type) and if you go for off-grid then batteries will have their warranty (of 2-3 years). But batteries will need replacement every few years (5-6-7-8 depending on how well you keep them).

Annual maintenance cost is roughly 1% of the total cost of the project.


rightly said


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I am resident of Mysore,Karnataka.I have a built up area of 2450 sq ft (two floors with first floor half open and a slanting roof towards east of say 350 sq ft -with open terrace ).
I am interested in generating electricity via psv and link to power grid of chamundeswari power supply who are government electricity supply chain here.
I would like to know if a single agency can ensure my PSv system needs, and also financial aspects including getting grants/subsidy sanctions as permissible including all aspects. Regards
Pl email me.


We want to rent out terrace for solar panels .We reside in Borivali , Mumbai ... Can you advise who is the best person to contact


Request you to call on 9920244163 or 98672 52568 to discuss further and what details needed


You can contact us on [email protected] We are located in Borivali.


Certainly. You can Email us on [email protected]
We are located in Borivali.


Certainly. You can email us on [email protected]
We are located in borivali.

Parul Bhatnagar

Pl contact me for some details of solar syatem for my house.


I am Sr. engineer of Mharatna engineering corporation, Please give me your mail id or whats up no. send me a Request on my whats up 7415324645,



Arup kumar sinha

I require a rooftop solar power sustem. I am of 74 years age. I provide english education to students free of cost. How I can get solar power at a. cheaper rate


Generally 5KW with lowest quality in cheapest rate will cost 2.5Lakh. But the system is not reliable! You can avail it!

Alternate power technology

we are solar installer in all over India. provide a better service as well as good quality
[email protected]

Alternate power technology

dear sir ,
we are solar installer in all over India with cheap cost. We provide a better quality as well service. if any one interested then feel free to call us
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Alternate power technology

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Prashanth Balankhe

Hi, thanks for this informative article.I am a civil contractor in Nagpur and many if my clients are interested in rooftop solar net metering system.interested in in knowing project finance and system installer in Nagpur. Your help in this regard will be highly appreciated.
Prashanth Balankhe


Please call - 9604050248 in Nagpur


let me know! We can discuss and take it forward at [email protected]!


We are an Solar company in Jodhpur and we can provide all appliance related to solar system with and without
solar Rooftop system subsidy
-On grid(with net metering)
-Off grid(with battery)
Agriculture water pump
-Solar street light
-solar water heater etc.
contact me at [email protected]
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Hi, I have the following numbers of questions that I need clarification. Please provide me the details.

1.How much it will cost to have a solar PV system in uttarakhand, uttarpradesh states, Especially in hill.
2.what is the required degree of sun light to charge the system.
3.how long it will take to charge for to use one unit of current.
4.what is minimal to maximal life of the PV system and especially the battery life if I use,say for example 3 to 5 lights and 1 fan especially with or without a heater.
5.how much unit required to use,say for example 3 to 5 lights and 1 fan up to 12 to 16 hour's and especially with or without a heater which is around half an hour with this PV system.
6.does the PV system needs to be turned on 24/7 or when I need to turn it on and off.
7.Does the subsidy in uttarakhand and uttarpradesh will give any concession for having PV system.
Thank you in advance for your clarifications .


I wants roof top solar panel for my Home so please help me with subsidy so i could get it done. How much subsidy government gives for the total cost % ??

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Anand,

Subsidy is up to 30% but then you will have to get approvals from your state renewable energy development agency before starting the project. We have written a long article on grid connected rooftop, and I think this should help you: https://www.bijlibachao.com/solar/grid-connected-solar-pv-rooftop-system-india-home-panel-subsidy-cost.html


I want to install solar power system for a cold storage unit
Approx 200-300 KW.Want to know the approximate project cost and break even period.


for any queries
please contact 8059121997
shivam gaur
sunrize sola


We are already doing one cold storage in Moradabad, UP. We are providing the most reliable and quality system which is made in USA at competitive prices. Let us know and we will support you with best solution! [email protected]


Hi Aparesh Please share your contact details we will guide you
[email protected]


Please send your power bill copy of last six months and shade free area of your roof and premises, type of roofing, ur planning of getting installed in which month.
Pls send information on [email protected], 9996120180.
Will give you best equipments at best prices.


Kindly share your information regarding your query
We Provide Complete Solutions on Power Generation through "Grid Connected" Roof Top Solar Power Plants .
Contact us : solarpowerdl @gmail.com

Solar Touch Systems

Hi Aparesh,
Greetings from Solar Touch Systems.
Can you share your contact details so that we can send you the quotation for the requirement?
We are a solar EPC company and we provide end to end solutions for Solar Projects.
Please send us your inputs at [email protected]


hi, may i know all the details, roof top solar panel cost and subsidy, 9560233465 raj


I am looking for rooftop solar consultant for implementation for 10KW.

krishna shrivastava

Sir please send me your contact details for contact.
We are channel partner of MNRE and can provide your best system with subsidy..
contact us
Mharatna engineering corporation, jabalpur
authorized channel partner of MNRE


Hi, I am looking for Roof Top Solar solution with Net Metering for my society in Thane City. If anyone provides end to end solution then please contact me on below emial address.

[email protected]


We have done multiple such societies in Delhi and Bangalore. All our clients are extremely happy and making most of the systems we installed. We provide the best quality along with guaranteed performance. Please let us know at 7259011326 or [email protected]

Omega Natural Polarity Pvt Ltd

We are an Solar EPC company and we can provide

solar Rooftop system

-On grid(with net metering)

-Off grid(with battery)

-Solar street light

-solar water heater etc.

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Hai everyone. I am living in Coimbatore, I would like to install solar panels for my house off grid. I am estimating to have the branded battery and certified panels. Please provide me a good supplier who installs and provides after sales service and my budget is INR 75K

Omega Natural Polarity Pvt Ltd

Can you please mail your contact no. to [email protected] We will contact you soon.


We are an Solar EPC & Solar Panel Mgf company and we can provide

solar Rooftop system

-On grid(with net metering) cost Rs. 80000 per KW

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We are an Solar EPC & Solar Panel Mgf company and we can provide

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Geddada Vijaykumar


Geddada Vijaykumar

Dear sir,(Mr. Gireesh)

I Geddada Vijaykumnar- Solar consultant,
We have a rooftop solar project near Delhi
We are looking for finance to this project Rs. 1.80 Crores

Size:- 300kw
PPA Details (Private)
Tariff: Rs. 5.80/kwh (No escalation)
Tenure: 15 years,
Type: Rooftop
Annul: 4.10 lakhs units per year.
Deadline: Jan 2017

About the buyer
Power buyer is world No: 1 manufacturing company in their business segment.
They are European MNC and Zero debt company,
Buyer scope:- annual irrecoverable, revolving BG equivalent to power generation.


Hi plz call me I can arrange finance call at 8697000196 B Sen Solar Consultants


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Abhinandan Choudhary

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We are an Solar EPC company and we can provide

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Abhinandan Choudhary

We are an Solar EPC company and we can provide

solar Rooftop system

-On grid(with net metering)

-Off grid(with battery)

-Solar street light

-solar water heater etc.

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DBG Green Solution has successfully commissioned more than 150 MW installations in Transmission, Distribution and Renewable Energy in India with a track record of technology leadership, project execution excellence, world class safety processes and customer oriented services

For MW Scale solar projects, Rooftop Solar Projects in Maharashtra.

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We want subsidy for solar panels how to? [email protected]


We are an Solar EPC company and we can provide

solar Rooftop system

-On grid(with net metering)

-Off grid(with battery)

Solar street light 15w to 65w

solar water heater and etc.

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We are an Solar EPC company and we can provide

solar Rooftop system

-On grid(with net metering)

-Off grid(with battery)

Solar street light 15w to 65w

solar water heater and etc.

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Devadas Krishnan

Hi, I am constructing a house on Kerala with good plinth area. I am planning to install solar with an eye on net metering. I'd like to hear from anyone here on their experiences on net metering as well as installation. Plus is there any hindrances to secure subsidy on net metering projects?


We are an EPC company, contact us for the solar power plant installations, Emial : [email protected], contact : 7307420111


I am looking for solar panel ranging from 5-25W with aluminium frame. I am planning to work on a project - which would require solar panel both single(mono)crystalline and polycrystalline solar panels. If my project works out - I would be able to place order in bulk. I am currently in chennai. If anyone knows solar panel companies in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India which sells best panels with certification. Please reply to this post and give me your email contact details.


We deal in Solar PV Installation providing end to end Solution right from the Planning to commissioning. We have Installed Solar PV at Pan India level. As Market is flooded with Bad quality panels , it becomes essential to buy certified Panels. Feel free to give me a call at 977354397 to get the PDF guide for Solar panels.


Hi Abhishek I am planning to buy AC staying in Mumbai , 1.5 ton 3star in Voltas can u suggest some good option . Budget is 30k

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You can look at any of these:

Voltas 183 CYE
Voltas 183 DYA
Voltas 183 EY-R
Voltas 183 EYI
Voltas 183 MYC
Voltas 183 CY

They all have same energy efficiency and may fit in your budget.

Base Solar System

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What about subsidy from MNRE. IS it available or not.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Not really.


Solar power solution for reducing electricity Bills. Install anywhere in India. reach us at [email protected] (7504647207)

Abhishek Chaturvedy

Hello ,
I am from Kolkata. I would like to know , how a common man can start using Solar Panels. Total Cost and from where to purchase the required tools.


Hi Abhishek plz call me at 8697000196 B Sen from Aura Energy , Kolkata


Hi Abhishek, This is Shankhadip, CEO of Drishti Solar, KOlkata based Solar company. I would like to help you. Our mission is to provide exact service what you are looking for. We are trying to make solar energy affordable and available for normal people and looking at privately held property like normal household, school, colleges, mall, hotel, factory, showroom etc and have started our journey. We would like to talk with you once and if possible please provide us your contact details so that we can reach to you and give you the proper explanation over this. My contact details are +91-9038633211 and [email protected]

Looking for your response and co-operation.

CEO, Drishti Solar Pvt Ltd


For solar powered residences to become mainstream, we need some breakthrough in battery technology. It's not the cost of solar panels that acts as an entry barrier since even middle class families can afford to spend 2-3 lakhs on panels considering they last for 25 years. But batteries....they are expensive and they need replacing every 1-1.5 years and that's a big no-no for most people. It completely nullifies any amount that you would have otherwise saved over the long term.

With grid power costing close to Rs. 9/unit in West Bengal, solar panels are a no-brainer if the government can introduce Grid-assisted solar power systems with net metering to eliminate the need for battery.


Hi, Can we place the solar panel on the wall as we place LED TV on wall ? Because i live in a flat in Pune. My gallery is in South direction and there is enough solar direct rays on the outer walls of gallery. please suggest the cost of solar system as my monthly electricity bill is around INR 800.


Hi Vivek, for Pune the optimum tilt is 22° for a south-facing panel. If you install the same panel vertically (ie at 90°) facing south, the average yearly output will drop to about 45% of the optimum so you will need to install more than twice the number of panels for the same desired output. Since panels are typically 45% of the system cost, you are looking at at least 155% of a standard system price if you go this route.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Vivek,

For a solar PV to give best (most) output, it has to directly face the sun. In fact the more sophisticated systems have sun tracking device that makes sure that solar PVs are moved automatically so that they track the sun. If you put it on the wall just like a LED TV panel, then its output will decrease significantly. By how much? well that will have to be calculated.


Hi, I am from Mandya(571401), Karnataka. i would like to know is net metering is introduced in Mandya, if so what will be cost for solar panel for Roof size 1200 SqFt, subsidy, etc and guide me further steps or give me contact person who can help me in this regard.
Thanks in Advance.


Kindly fill the information on the following link and we can help you further from there http://www.oorjan.com/connect_with_oorjan

Sreenivasula Reddy M V

Hi, Im located in K R Puram, Bangalore. My house area is more 500sqft (available on roof) and I'm having Inverter for my house (900W). My monthly Electricity bill is around 350/ to 400/- Rs. How much capacity will be recommended for Net metering On Grid and also which distributor will be suggested to take the project.


PL.provide me an Roop top solar panel installation connecting to Grid and how much subsidy we will get from Central @ state govts.


PL. suggest me to go for 30'×100' solar flat panel installation connecting to Grid and the % of Central and state govts. Subsidy?


Please let us know how to get it financed.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

I would suggest you to take help from Team Oorjan. This is the link to their wesbite: http://www.oorjan.com/


Thanks Bijli Bachao team. Look forward to helping the readers on the forum!


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