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Roof-Top Solar PV system project for home and office

By on September 5, 2017

Electricity generated through coal plants is becoming expensive by every passing day. Power cuts and increasing dependence on DG sets is causing a lot of damage to the environment. The demand supply gap for electricity is increasing in the country which makes it very important for people to start thinking of other ways of realizing their energy needs. Keeping this in mind Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India is promoting off-grid solar PV systems under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission in the country. Many people in the country have started feeling the need of installing solar PV system for their home, apartment complex or small office use, and with this article we would try to provide some information which can be a good starting point for a roof-top Solar PV system project.

What is a Solar PV cell and module?

Solar PV cell is the basic building block of a PV system. It consists of semiconductor material that absorbs sunlight to generate electricity through a phenomenon called “photoelectric effect”.  Only sunlight of a certain wavelength can effectively generate electricity. Although a solar PV can generate electricity on a cloudy day, but it is not as effective as it is on a sunny day.

A basic PV cell produces a very small amount of electricity and multiple of them are connected together to form a Solar PV module that can generate 10W to 300W output. If more electricity is required, them multiple such PV modules have to be installed in an array.

Multiple kinds of materials are used to create a solar cell and the efficiency of solar cell depends on the same. The efficiency of a solar cell is defined as its capability to convert a certain amount of sunlight into electricity. Solar cells available in the market are of various efficiencies: 4%, 8%, 12%, 14% and 16%. The size of a Solar PV module required will depend on output and efficiencies:

Roof Area Needed in Sq. Ft.

PV Module Efficiency (%)

PV Capacity Rating (Watts)








































For example, to generate 2000 watts from a 12% efficient system, you need a 200 sq ft of roof area. (Source: solar PV sizing information on energysavers.gov)

Solar home lighting systems approved under NSM (National Solar Mission) are required to have a certain level of efficiency. The CFL based solar systems are required to have module efficiency of 14% and above and a LED based solar system is required to have module efficiency of 12% and above. Please note that such systems will have a serial number starting with NSM engraved on the frame.

Sizing a solar system

Before you buy a system, it is very important to size your solar system properly. Sizing will depend on the load requirements in your setup. It is important to note that a Solar system is good for operating low wattage appliances like lights, fans, TV, etc. High wattage appliances like Air Conditioners and Water Heaters cannot be operated using solar PV system (in fact solar water heaters and solar air conditioners are available separately). It is very important to make sure that your system is energy efficient so that you do need a bigger sized solar system. Please read our previous article: Before Renewables think Energy Efficiency. The connected load of your setup will help you determine the size of system that you need and that in turn will drive the cost of the system.

Other considerations for installing a solar system

Although a solar PV system can generate electricity through direct or scattered sunlight but it is very important to assess the amount of sunlight available at the location where a solar PV system is being installed. To collect maximum sunlight the ideal orientation of a Solar Panel is towards south.  However a 45-degree east or west of south can also work. The system should be placed in such a place so that there is no obstruction of trees or adjoining building. In case these requirements are not getting fulfilled, an expert should be hired to do a detailed analysis on the amount of sunlight available. <we are in the process of creating an online directory of such experts, please sign to our newsletters to get the updates>

The load carrying capacity of the roof where the solar panels are to be installed should also be done. Solar Panel structure typically weight 15kg per sq meter and the roof should be able to handle the load.

Tilt at which the solar panel is installed is also an important consideration. It is important that the tilt of the solar panel is the same as the latitude of your location.

System output or electricity units generated from a solar system

Although we talked about wattage capacity of a solar PV system, but that does not mean that the wattage will be available 24 hours a day and all throughout the year. The units or kWH output of a solar panel will depend on the panel efficiency and availability of sunlight in a location. The factor that defines this output is called CUF (or Capacity Utility Factor). For India, it is typically taken as 19% and the calculation of units goes as:

Units Generated Annually (in Kwh) = System Size in Kw * CUF * 365 * 24

So typically a 1kW capacity solar system will generate 1600-1700 kWH of electricity per year (please note that this is just a thumb rule as the CUF will vary in different cities in India).

Components of a Roof Top PV system

A typical Roof Top PV system also contains a set of batteries and inverter along with the modules of Solar PV cells. The overall efficiency of the system will also depend on the type of battery and inverter used in the system.  It is important to choose the right components for most effective use of Solar PV systems.

“Deep Cycle” batteries (generally lead-acid) are the best suited for a solar PV system. They last for 5 to 10 years and are 80% efficient (can reclaim 80% of energy stored in it). These batteries are also designed to provide electricity for long periods and can discharge up to 80% of their capacity repeatedly. Automotive batteries that are shallow cycle should not be used. Sealed maintenance free or tubular positive plate batteries are good for Solar PV systems. It is important to size the batteries properly so that they can store sufficient power based on your needs during cloudy weather. Batteries should be located in a space that is easy to reach (for maintenance), well-ventilated and protected from extreme weather.

Even inverters are not 100% efficient and it is important to choose the right inverter that is at least 85% efficient (If a system is purchased under National Solar Mission then these standards are guaranteed). A modified sine wave or a pure sine wave inverter is better suited for a solar PV system. Modified sine wave inverters are cheap but less efficient. They waste some electricity in form of heat. They create a buzz sound with appliances and thus should be used only with low-end appliances. Pure sine wave inverters are most efficient but are expensive. They are good for all kinds of appliances.

Warranties and Maintenance requirements for a Solar PV system

If purchased under NSM a Solar PV module comes with a warranty of 25 years from the date of supply. A solar home lighting system (with inverter) comes with a warranty of 5 years and the batteries if sealed maintenance free come with 2 years warranty and lead acid flooded type battery comes with 5 year warranty.

It is important that the manufacturers provide an operation, instruction and maintenance manual in English and local language along with the system. As with all electrical and mechanical system, solar PV system also needs regular maintenance. An efficient long lasting system is one that is maintained properly and regularly.  A solar PV system does not require a lot of maintenance but it is good to clean the system of dust and bird droppings regularly to maintain its efficiency. If you choose a maintenance free battery then you need not worry about the battery, else the battery will need regular maintenance. Make sure that the system is getting adequate sunlight and is not getting shaded by nearby trees, etc.

Costs of Solar PV systems and incentives from MNRE

As per our resources from the solar PV industry, cost of a PV module (just the panel) costs anywhere between Rs 30 to Rs 50 per watt of power generated. A good imported module will cost around Rs 40 per watt. Good ones manufactured in India would come as low as Rs 30-32 per watt. Please note that this is the cost for the panel and in case you are looking for inverter and batteries, the cost would be additional. A good 5 kW system for a home would cost around Rs 3-4 lakhs to setup, which can provide electricity for 25 years. The additional operating cost will include the cost of replacing the batteries.

Where can you buy solar PV system from

The list of authorizes suppliers/manufacturers is available at MNRE link: http://mnre.gov.in/file-manager/UserFiles/list_manufacturers_SPV_NABARD-part-I.pdf

Quick video that can guide you on Rooftop Solar PV buying in India:



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Yagya Valkya Sharma

I have around 9000 sq yards farm land in Rajasthan fully exposed with Sunlight. Could you please provide me with cost benefit report also check the regulatory requirements. 90% of total electricity output would be given to Grid. Please provide me with viability report as soon as possible.

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What is the to install solar pv system to power 100 electric cars in car park?


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basant kumar jain

what is the cost of fixing solar power unit for 1200 sq foot independent house and where we can buy this unit what subsidy we can get i am a resident of bangalore


Hi Basant ji,
We are from bangalore and install for residential, commercial and industrial applications. To give you an accurate answer, I would need to get few more details from you, for e.g., electricity bill, and also do a site survey. Kindly call me on 9940645659 and we can take the discussion forward.

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Hi Gajendra,
Its depend on your uses. App kitna electricity use karto ho uske upar depend hai.
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On Grid - approx 65000/- per KW
Off Grid - approx 85000-1lac per KW

Actual cost will be based on quality and backup hours. Subsidy will be applicable as available.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Do tarah ke solar pv system aate hain: grid connected aur off-grid. Agar aapke yahan bijli kaafi jaati hai to aapko off-grid system hi lagana chahiye. Par agar aapke yahan bijli zyada nahin jaati hai aur aapko apna bijli ka bill kam karne ke liye solar lagana hai to aapko grid connected system lagwana chahiye.

1 kW off-grid system 80-90 hazaar tak ka padta hai. Agar aapko zyada ki zaroorat hai to usi hisaab se zyada hoga (to 5 kWp lagbhag 4 lakh ka padega).
1 kW grid connected system 55-60 hazaar ka padta hai.

Agar aap grid connected lagwana chahte hain to aap maximum apne ghar ke connected load (kW) tak hi laga sakte hain. Aapka connected load aapke bijli bill par hoga.

Agar aapko offgrid lagwana hai to aap hamari website ke is page par diye hue calculator se apne load ka hisaab laga sakte hain: https://www.bijlibachao.com/solar/solar-panel-cell-cost-price-list-in-india.html

Off-grid system mein battery hoti hai to wah bijli generate kar ke battery mein store kar ke rakhta hai jo ki zaroorat padne par istemaal ho sakti hai ... Grid connected system mein battery nahin hoti hai aur aapki bijli jo generate hoti hai wah bijli company ko bik jaati hai (tabhi aapka bijli ka bill kam hota hai).



I am looking for a solar PV system for anganwadi in rural Maharashtra.
I just need electricity for two lights and one fan and one electric water filter. what will be instructions from your end before buying it from Local solar pv system providers. I am in Gadchiroli 4 hours from Nagpur city.

I need quotation request format for the same.



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Hello her I m very much interested in solar system of 150kva for commercial uses
Kindly gaid me regarding this
Kunal varshney


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approx 75 lacs with cost with around 2.25 lac unit per year generation

Tekchand Dalsukhani

Are there any government rebates or incentives available to reduce the cost of a solar installation? Could you also cover pros and cones of energy storage systems like Tesla's Powerwall in another article.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Tesla Powerwall has not yet come to India. We will surely cover it once it does. There are subsidies, but they are extremely hard to get. You can read more over here: https://www.bijlibachao.com/solar/grid-connected-solar-pv-rooftop-system-india-home-panel-subsidy-cost.html


How many 300w panels required for 5 kw


16 panels will be 4800w

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

1 kW = 1000 W .... you can do the math accordingly.


40kwp grid connected solar lagwane se kitna bijli ka bil kam ayega


40Kwp will produce 200 units per day, if commercial rate is applicable it will give around Rs 1600 saving per day. (commercial rate are different in different states)

prem prakash bathav lodhi

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How the government purchases the units, per unit price?


Every state has a different policy. You can get some details on this page: https://www.bijlibachao.com/solar/grid-connected-solar-pv-rooftop-system-india-home-panel-subsidy-cost.html


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How can i use solar panel roof top without battery.only sun light can I use Dc convert Ac kw.


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deepak purohit,,

sir.,how can i run 1/2 HP water pump by solar panel...is inverter required. or direct dc pump is preferred..what price of submersible pump..panel etc price...???


Dear Deepak Purohit,
DC solar pump is generally prefered upto 5hp...You can even use ac solar pump but will require an inverter along with solar panel. Ac solar has advantage that one can switch to normal supply in case non availability of supply from solar panel.The cost of solar pump ranges from 65K to 1.5L as per requirement


Is the pricing data also more than a year old? I see that this nice article was written on 29 Jun 2016, how frequently you update price data in rapidly changing market?


I want to set up solaris Pv module on my roof.So help me for all.I am in south 24 pgs in W.B.


I would like to install a solar PV system for a home in Sikkim. I have been trying to find an expert who could do an analysis and guide in procuring the system and setting it up.


I am looking for a Service Provider in Jaipur , Rajasthan , for Installation of Grid Connection Roof Top Solar PV System at my Residence and which can handle end to end work of system installation including subsidy , financing (if available) etc.


How shall I get govt.subsidity solar equipment s for my home install. Assam, lakhimpur dist.

Deepanshu bansal

I want to apply for home solar system so please telle the cost of apply and how much time it will take to complete the setup.


please contact with details i am a retired electrical engineer from railways and working as a consultaint for solor renovable energy


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kedar Nath singh

i want to setup solar power system at home. i want government subsidy also. i am farmer. can you provide me any mail details that guide me to provide subsidy. so that i can setup solar system
thanking you
Kedar nath Singh
village-khadhi(east tolla)
post + ps- bhore
state -bihar


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What is the cost of... 2bhk house.... Please inform me.. On my email
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We are interested to have roof top solar panel with full installation in Ghaziabad. Can we get some suppliers contact numbers in Ghaziabad so that we may get full information on our requirements &total cost.
Kapil Palta


I am interested to fitting solar panels on roof top of my house. To guide me for subsidy from government & contact service provider. Thanks for sahakar.


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I am interested to buy a sollar PV for rooftop of house.
If possible, provide me the contacts of service provider


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