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By on April 22, 2016

Any new technology can be daunting to understand if one is not very tech savvy. And when it is electrical or for that matter renewables, then it gets scarier. With more people getting interested in solar applications, there is more demand from people to understand the concepts in renewable space. People specially want to understand how they can use these technologies to get over with power cuts and rising electricity cost. As with every other thing in this world, solar science is not a rocket science and it is certainly not difficult to understand the basics. With this article we will try to clear some cobwebs around the basics of solar science.

Solar Electric vs Solar Thermal

Solar energy has multiple applications and it is not necessarily converted into electricity in every case. For e.g. a solar cooker uses heat from sun to cook food, a solar water heater again uses heat from sun to heat water. These are solar thermal applications where heat from the sun is collected and utilized or transferred. No electricity is generated in this case.

Another example is the innovative day-lighting solution we discussed in our previous article (link), which does not convert solar energy but just innovatively moves light from sun using reflective surfaces.

None of the above applications use photovoltaic cells (or PV in short) and are highly efficient systems (efficient in utilizing energy from sun) and are cheap as compared to a photovoltaic application. A PV is required when solar energy is used to generate electricity. PVs are made of silicon and available in 2 types: 1) mono-crystalline 2) poly-crystalline. As per their name, they convert Photo (or light) into Volt (or electricity). Their efficiency in utilizing sun’s energy is much less as compared to thermal or photo applications as explained above. The difference between mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline is that mono-crystalline is made of single silicon crystal whereas multi-crystalline PV is made up of multiple crystals. A mono-crystalline is more efficient in converting solar energy into electricity per sq meter area than a multi-crystalline PV. Thus the space required for the same amount of wattage is less in mono-crystalline PV panel and hence it is costlier than a multi-crystalline PV.

Solar Power Generation

Solar energy can be used to generate electricity in almost any part of the world. The most important thing is availability of some sunlight, which is there everywhere. To generate electricity from sun, you need a solar photovoltaic system. A solar PV system is a long lasting system and can last for 20-30 years. There are 2 types of Solar PV system assemblies that are available:

  1. Off-Grid solution:  An Off-Grid solution is a system that works independently and is not connected to the Grid. Grid over here means the wiring network from the electricity distribution company that provides you electricity. An off-grid solution generates electricity and stores it in a system of batteries and does not provide it back to the grid. A typical off grid solution looks something like shown below:SolarInverter

(Source of photo: http://www.altestore.com/)

In an off-grid solution a PV Module generates electricity that charges the batteries connected to it through a charge controller. The charge controller prevents overcharging of batteries and also makes sure that the batteries do not get discharged at night or cloudy days. There are three types of charge controllers available: 1) Shunt 2) PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) 3) MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking). MPPT being the most sophisticated, efficient and thus more expensive and Shunt the simplest, least expensive but less efficient.

The battery bank is the component that needs regular maintenance. Solar systems need deep cycle batteries and cannot be operated on batteries used in automobiles. Life of batteries depends on number of times it is discharged and thus deep cycle batteries are a must. There are multiple types of batteries available in market. The maintenance free ones are the most expensive and they also last no longer than 4-5 years. The other regular lead batteries need to be filled with distilled water regularly for right operation but if maintained well can run for long and are cheaper than maintenance free batteries.

The inverter converts DC current from the battery into AC current that is useful for various appliances in a house. For using with Solar Panels, it can be the same inverter if you have one in your house. There are two types of inverters available in the market: 1) Modified Sine Wave and 2) Pure Sine Wave inverters (more details on inverters available in our article: Choose right inverter for home and maintain it right to manage electricity bills.

So in case you have an existing inverter solution and you want to have a PV system integrate to it, you can do that by getting a PV module array and a charge controller and connect it to the existing system.

  1. Grid Connected Solution: A grid-connected solution is simpler and cheaper to install as compared to off-grid solution. It also requires less maintenance, as there are no batteries involved in it. So essentially a grid connected system is similar to the above diagram without a charge controller and a battery bank. Something like this:GridConnected

In this case the electricity generated through the PV array is connected to the inverter as well as the grid. During the daytime when there is ample sun, the electricity generated will be used in the house through the inverter and any extra electricity generated will be sent into the grid. The distribution company can use this extra electricity generated to distribute in other areas. In return the producer of the electricity (the one who has installed the PV system) gets rebate when electricity is used from the grid during the nighttime. This system turns out to be cheaper as it does not involve any batteries for storage and thus require less maintenance as well.

As it does not involve storage, such a system is not good for places where there is lot of power outages during nighttime.

Sizing of a PV system

Sizing of a solar PV system is not very important if you are installing a grid-connected solution. That is because in case your usage is more than what the system installed can generate, then extra electricity required can come from the grid. If your usage is less than what the system has generated, then the extra will go into the grid and you will get rebates on the electricity you use from the grid.

But sizing can be very important for an off-grid system. The number of PV modules, size of battery array and the inverter will depend on the setup that you want to support on it. As per the standards taken everywhere, it is assumed that on a good day a solar PV system can generate electricity only for 5-7 hours. Which means a 1 kW system will generate 5-7 units of electricity on a real good day.

The best thing that can help you in sizing your system is your electricity bill. If you get monthly electricity bills then just take the electricity units on your bill and divide it by 30 (or 31 based on the month) and you get your daily units usage. If you do not have the same, then you need to find out the wattage of all the appliances that you have and use the formula below to calculate daily units:

                        Units = (wattage of appliance) x (number of hours of usage in a day)/1000

Sum the units of all appliances and you will get your daily units.

While sizing make sure that you look at the month when you have the maximum electricity consumption. Please note the electricity consumption changes every month (link). Size your system according to the maximum electricity consumption.

Here is a quick video that can guide you on Rooftop Solar PV buying in India:



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4 bulb 2 fan 2tv ka kitna soler penal ka karcha aayga.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Humne is page par ek calculator banaya hai jiski sahayata se aap apna hisaab laga sakte hain: http://bgli.in/E4Ht6 ..... 1 kWp (1000 Wp) ka panel 80-90 hazaar ka aata hai ... agar yeah calculator aapko 500 Wp ka solar panel lagane ko batata hai to aap us hisab se apne kharche ka hisaab laga sakte hain


We are stàrt a commarcial plant in shimla 7 to 8 hour sun light and 1000 sq foot area how mach coast. Please sug. Me .thanks


1000 Sq ft mean upto 12KW , rest final can be said after site survey or photographs. Call us 9927532753


can we use solar power without netmetering & without battery storage bank. in other word name of device between we can use direct solar dc power to in ac power for our home appliance.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You will have to use DC appliances if you want to run them directly from solar. Those appliances will run directly from DC power.


Dear sir,
I am from a rular area. I want a solar panel for home use. Just for use in power cut. My use is only for 4 or 5 CFL and 1 fan. Pls suggest process, price and other details

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Your total Wattage would be about 200 watts. Which means if you plan to use it for 5 hours, you would use 200x5 = 1000 Wh or 1 unit of electricity. A 1 kWp solar panel would generate about 3-4 units of electricity. So I think 250-300 kWp system should be good enough for you. It should cost about Rs 20000-25000. You should go for an offgrid system (one with batteries). You would need a 100-120 Ah battery, a 450-500 VA solar inverter and 300 Wp solar panels.

Ishwar Sinmgh Kundu

आभार इतनी अच्छी जानकारी के लिए. श्रीमान मेरी एक शंका है आशा है आप जितनी जल्द संभव हो निवारण करेंगे. मेरा एक कृषि फार्म राजस्थान सूरतगढ़ ,गंगानगर जिले में है. बिजली कनक्शन नहीं मिल रहा. हमने 12.5 के वी ए की सुब्मार्सिब्ल मोटर लुबी मेक डाली हुई है. उसको चलाने के लिए कोनसा व् कितनी शक्ति का सोलर सिस्टम चाहिए व् अनुमानित लागत क्या आएगी. सब्सिडी आदि के चक्कर में नहीं पड़ना ,संभव हो तो सप्लायेर भी सुझाए/ आभार


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i am soler deeler panels parises


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How much is 75000 to 90000 in dollar


1100 to 1500 dollars


As per my electricity bill
Load: 0.25 kwh
units consumed: 135 units per month
Bill amount: Rs.600/-(approx)
So per day I require 4.5 units
So to generate 4.5 units of electricity per day I need to install 1 kwh grid system and the cost of which is said to be aroundone Rs. 75,000 - 90,000
Don't u think it is COSTLY for me to invest Rs. 75,000 - 90,000 for a monthly bill of 600rs.
Pls explain...

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Santosh,

Solar PV does not prove out to provide quick ROI for everyone and you need not go for it if it sounds costly to you.


I need a 5 KW off Grid system at Mumbai ... Would prefer supplier from Mumbai or nearby place ... My Mobile No 9820171571


Sir.... I need Off Grid System at Mumbai ... About 5 KW - would prefer some Company/Individual from Mumbai or nearby... My Mobile 9820171571


Is it feasible to install 200kWp plant on open land in Maharashtra? What is the probable price of ppa per unit generated ?


you need to check with MEDA and Maharastra is profitable in PPA as of now. Call JP Solar 9927532753


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Sir - I would need a 5 KVA off grid system at Mumbai.


How many kilowatt panel is used for 1 ton air condition with stabilizer
Please suggest

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

I will just share a reply that I gave to an individual having questions about solar panels. The context is very similar so I am copying it here:


1 kWp solar panels can produce 3-4 units of electricity in a day. But that is just energy generated. Running of appliance will depend on the capacity of the inverter and usage in hours. To give you analogy: Units of electricity are just like lts of petrol to be used in car. Batteries are like fuel tank of a car. And inverter is the load carrying capacity of a car. And appliances are like load (or number of people in a car).

Solar panels generate energy (which is equivalent to generating petrol for a car). 1 kWp panel can generate 3-4 units.

Also imagine that you have a car that can carry only 5 people. If you have 10-20 people travelling then you cannot fit them in a car that can carry 5 people (you need a mini bus for the same). Similarly if you have lot of big appliances, you cannot run it using a small inverter.

Also if suppose 3-4 units were equivalent to 10 lts of petrol, the mileage that car can give you will be more than mileage the mini bus can give you. So number of hours that appliances can run will depend on the energy that you will be able to generate.

And finally battery is like petrol tank of a vehicle. It stores petrol or energy. You need bigger petrol tank to store more petrol and smaller to store less. Similarly you need bigger and more batteries to store more energy and less and small to store less.

When you need to size a vehicle, you need to know: number of people that will travel (to get right sized vehicle), their weight (because to cannot fit multiple obese people in a mini bus as well), distance they have to travel (so that you can put petrol accordingly).

Similarly to size solar panel you need to know: Appliances and their wattages (to get right sized inverter), Number of hours that they have to run (to get number of units they will use), accordingly you can size the panels, batteries and inverter.


Now what you are asking is similar to asking how much petrol will be required to carry 1 person in a car. It is difficult to answer that. Because the person is also very heavy (ACs are heavy load).

To make any suggestion you need to know the power consumption of the AC (in watts). And watts is like speed. Speed is distance traveled per time. Watts is energy consumed per sec. And energy consumed or units consumed is like total distance. So if you travel at 100 km/hr then in 1 hr you travel 100 km. Similarly if you have an appliance that is 1000 W, in 1 hr it will consume 1000 Wh or 1 unit of electricity.


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Sir, where are you located - I need Off Grid System at Mumbai ... About 5 KVA


Sir, where are you located - I need Off Grid System at Mumbai ... About 5 KVA



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Hi Abhishek Jain ji
I have 30 cents of land, is it feasable for me to start a solar project to make revenue out of it please suggest me awaiting your reply

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

30 cents would be about 13068 sq ft. Typically 1 kW system can be put on 100 sq ft space. So certainly it is feasible.


For a typical consumption 1 ton AC, 2 LEDs TVs,32inch..... 5-6 LED lights 1-2 cfl and a laptop +100 W avg other equipment... what is the recommended KW rating needed for an off grid system. Assuming the entire system is running 8-10 hours every day


5KW Solar Panel
15Amp Charge Controller
7KVA Inverter
12V 150Ah - 28 No's - Batteries for Back up (10 Hrs)

Thanking You

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Abhishek Jain (Mod)

I would not suggest running an AC on an offgird system. If you want to run AC, then an on grid system is better.


Hi I am planning to buy solar pv off grid system. how much for 300kw solar panel? can i use it with my normal 100ah tubular battery ? which one is cheap and best company in the solar panels ? for 300kw panel did they give subsidy for this? if i purchase it myself and install it according to my needs.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Do you mean 300 Watt panel, because 300 kW is huge. 100 Ah may be a bit small for 300 W as 300 Watt panel can produce 1.2 units or more in a day. A 150 Ah would be better for 300 W.

You can check these links:





i mean 300Watt panel, how many hours it will take to charge a 150ah battery ? how many units used in a day in a normal house? home usage with 2 fan. 4cfl, 1 32tv, mixer.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Production can be anywhere between 3 to 5 units per day from 1 kWp system. It is higher for a grid connected system and lesser for an off grid system. It also depends on how well your panels have been placed (right angles and position) so that they get maximum sunlight and no shade.

So 300 Watt can produce anywhere between 0.9 unit to 1.5 unit per day. A 150 Ah battery can store about 1.5 units of electricity. So full day to charge it.

Unit consumption of a normal house depends on how you define a "normal house". A fan consumes about 75 watts power. Units used by fan will depend on how long you use a fan. If you use 75 watts for 10 hours it would use 75 x 10 = 750 Wh or 0.75 kWh or 0.75 units of electricity. Two fans would be 150 watts. 4 CFL would be about 100 watts (assuming 23-25 watt CFL). LED Tv of 32 inch would consume about 40 watts (so 0.4 units for 10 hours usage). Mixer grinder consumes about 1000-1500 watts (depending on size and type). So it truly depends on the wattages of your appliances and the time for which you use them.


why off grid system produce lesser than on grid system ?


OFF Grid: Because sum amount of power negligible for charging the batteries.
ON Grid: There is no negligible because no batteries are provided.

Thanking You

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Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Off grid system stores electricity in the battery. There are losses associated with charging batteries and also with retrieval from batteries. In general a system with batteries is inefficient. In Grid connected system whatever you produce you either use it or send it back to the grid. Efficiency is better in grid connected system.


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I'm interested in the on grid system. I'm from Vadodara, Gujarat. If I need to install 1 KW setup at my roof, what could be the cost?


is it necessary that the battery management system is necessary for 1kw or 4 batteries to charge or discharge the batteries in a equal system as the sukam company has introduced the battery management system as I ma facing now the voltage of one battery shows 8 volt and another is 12 volts. please guide. everybody is only telling the methods of solar system only and the practical problem does not telling.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Battery Management System is not a necessity, it is a feature. If it was necessary then every inverter would have that. Also, it is wrong to mix batteries of different voltages (8V and 12V). You should have batteries of similar voltages.


one vendor is tellin g me that it is very important to fix proper grid tie inverter for on grid 30kW syste m we are planning. he persistent regarding sma Germany. Is it necessary. or we can take electric from directly charger.using SMA INVERTER is too costly.but does it really affect total output?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

It's a choice that you have to make. SMA is the best inverter out there in the market. It's like when you are buying a car, you choose between BMW, Honda or Nano. There are expensive but best inverters which will never give you any issues (kind of fit and forget), while some will give lots of issues. You have to choose what you want to invest on. It is not necessary to buy SMA, but yes it is one of the best in the market.


1 if we connect charger to instrument.. will it work. or inverter is must in between to run the instrument. all this for on line system. 2. Which system will be efficient A system connected 4000w panel→charger→my existing3.5kwsu Kam with batteries ups→instrument
or B 4000w panel →charger →SMA inverter grid tie (to be brought)→instrument or

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

From Charger you mean charge controller?

You can certainly take the output from Charge Controller to the appliance if your appliance can run on DC (or Direct Current). Otherwise, if it runs on AC (which is for most appliances), you need an inverter to convert DC to AC.

System B is more efficient because it is grid tied. Losses are much less because you eliminate the battery.


Sir please can u provide me ur mobile no.


We are an Solar EPC company and we can provide

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I have app 1800 sq feet roof top,three side open.Sun it there till rising to sun set with abundance sunlight.Summer consumption is app 1500 units per month,say 30 units per day.Your website has helped a lot to deciding for installation of Solar System,thus needs advice for installing grid connected solar panel in New Delhi.Kindly advise the genuine manufacturer/distributor in New Delhi.Thanks.


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Is there any similar training program in Mumbai? Do let me know, i am interested. mail me on [email protected] and [email protected]

ankur srivastava

i want to start a business as a solar pv system installer and seller...any help to clear my basics about the practical aspects????


Hii...what if I install a solar system to run my computers , should I use a UPS or connect them directly by solar ?


Solar Lightning Systems generates the power DC. so, you must use UPS/Inverter.

Thanking You

contact me: [email protected]
Phone 9449171280
We are the solar power packs manufacture in Bangalore from Guhan Solarmax

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You can run it directly from an off-grid solar system (the one with batteries).

ravindra n thorat

Looking for more details on pv ....and also to get subsidy by installing pv system at rooftop

Cell no. 9739673109


Contact : soler off grid ,on grid solutions for home / institutes / hospitals / malls / 1KW to 20KW . We provide services east up at verry nominal rate which
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Bijili bacho contact no?? email?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Ananth,

Just replied to you on email. We at Bijli Bachao do not sell solar panels. Bijli Bachao is just an information platform where you can get well-researched and unbiased information about Energy efficient and Solar products.


Selling back to the grid is a difficult proposition (especially, anything with the government is difficult in India). I also understand that a grid tied system will not have power when there is a grid failure. And a grid failure or load shedding is common in India. So, aren't the Hybrid systems more suitable? As rightly spoken in the Video, I have been thinking of installing Solar at home, considering the costs and the inadequate knowledge (and service availability), I have not been able to decide and keep searching all the time. I will be keen to have information like
- What inverter, panels and batteries are most suitable
- Inverters come with different priorities. What will be most useful and will make the most out of the sun.
- Finally, the cost and services in our area.
I am in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.


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Compact structure , small size ;

High Performance for current vector control ;

Drive permanent magnet synchronous motors and asynchronous motors Simultaneously;

“0” encoder Vector control up to 0.5Hz, 150% torque ;

0Hz control with encoder provides 180% torque at zero speed ( with vector control )

V / F control up to 0.5Hz, 150% torque ;

Support multiple voltage levels: 220V, 3 -phase 380V, 3 phase 480V, 3 phase 690V, 1140V.

Please contact me freely for more details.

Transfer advantages: ( from Emerson ) program source code ( with comments ) , hardware schematics layout and PCB ( control board , driver board , keyboard plate ) , BOM, product user manual in electronic version.

Cooperation: technology transfer, technical cooperation and joint development, co-production, etc., offer technical service for companies or individuals who wants to manufacture inverter and support you to launch the production into market smoothly..


Contact : Solar grid solutions for
Home/ Institutes/ hospitals/ malls/ industry/ Hotels/ apartments 1 KW to 10 MW. We provide services across India at very nominal rate which are competitive in market.

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Our contract demand is 130 KW for our Institution Centre for Enviroment Education (CEE) . CEE is planing for 50-60 KW of solar Power to install.
1. what will be the cost ?
2. Government Subsidy ?
3. Industries working on solar power under CSR Project /programme .


Contact for Solar grid solutions for Institutes, hospitals, malls, industrial areas and large scale plant 200 kva to 10 MW. Our manufacturers have very vaast experience in this field. We provide services across India at very nominal rate which are competitive in market.

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Hi,i have a total load of 25kW of my residential house and i want to install solar system, how do i select a proper charger controller and inverter


Choose wide range of best quality Generator Batteries, Inverters and Home ups at discounted prices. Batterybhai.com offers a complete range of generator batteries of all brands starting from 90 Ah to 190 Ah. For best generator batteries visit here http://www.batterybhai.com/category/genset-batteries/6


Hi All,

We are providing the customized solutions to our customers as per their requirement. We provide free site survey to our customer and design the system after proper site analysis.

We are installing solar projects with minimum space. We are providing solar consultancy to big solar firms. We have a strong team of IIT grads. for designing the system with maximum energy generation. We guarantee the least weighted structure to big solar firms.

We provide world class products (panels, inverter, cables etc.). We design the complete system as per Indian standards.

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I am Gurumoorthy , residing in secunderabad.

Can anybody tell me the details :

1 ) My total load per month is 1000 units ( as per the meter reading )

2 ) Roof area required to install solar power panels;.

3) Cost of the system ( ie control unit , batteries , solar panels , installation etc )

4 ) I want to use the solar power during day time .

5 ) pl. split up the cost for each of the above mentioned items.

Thank U



How the connection in solar panel to grid ?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

It needs a special kind of meter for netmetering and it also needs a different kind of inverter for connection to the grid.


Are grid connected systems available in India, for households? If yes, can you also please tell about the benefits that we receive for the current that is fed into the grid?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Vindhya,

It is available only in few states in India. It is available in Delhi, Karnataka, AP, Punjab. Are you planning to install in any of these states?


hi Abhishek,

Thank you for the info.

I have found what i was looking for.

The feed in tariff is pretty low. Only INR 3 for unit, in ap


Is it safe to battery with existing Electric Inverter to connect Solar Charge Controller through Solar Panels

Krishna shrivastava

Dear sir shriikanth ji,

it is fully safe to battery with existing Electric Inverter with connect Solar Charge Controller through Solar Panels.

For more information and any doubt please contact us.

Krishna shrivastava

[email protected]


+91 7415324645

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You existing inverter will have to be modified before using it with solar. 1) It should not draw power from mains to charge the battery 2) The switching action will have to be changed (if needed) so that it can be switched over to battery as and when needed rather than at the time when light goes off (this has to be done if you want to use solar even when you are getting power from mains).


I want to set up a small solar power system for my home and for this purpose i made a calculation .Please have a look below:-

1.Power requirement calculation:-

(i) 5 ceiling fan (each consumes 35 watts) so, 5 x35 watt = 175 watts

(ii) 6 LED lightning bulb (each consumes 12 watts) so, 6 x 12 =72 watts

(iii) 2 (32") LED tv (each consumes 64 watts) so, 64 x 2 = 128 watts

(iv) Miscellaneous item 50 watts


Total power required = 425 watts

Total current needed = 425/12 = 35.4 amp(current) [ i divided 425 watts by 12 because the battery voltage output is 12v )


2.Number of Solar panels required for 425 watt or 35. 41 amps = **8 panel of 100 watts** (as each 100 watt solar panel produce 5 amps).


3. One Charge controller [24 volts/40 amps]


4. One Battery [100AH(amp-hour) 12 volt battery]


5. One solar inverter [500 watt 12DCA to 220ACA]

The whole system would be cost up to Rs.65000

(i need solar power only during day time that`s why i choose 100AH battery for getting constant voltage for solar inverter)

****But before going ahead i wanted you to verify my calculation and requirements and also do correction if needed.*****


Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Subhankar,

How many hours of backup do you need? 100 Ah battery would give you 2 hours of backup. Rest all looks fine.


I need back up hardly for one hour after sunset.


Q. Does solar charge controller will be able to convert 40amps into 5amps(for the purpose charging battery @5amp) and also 17~18 volts into 12 volts.

***(i am making parallel connection between solar panel)***

Q. What happens if battery get charged to 100% during daytime and 425 watts load is still there?(A/C to http://www.freesunpower.com/solar_simulator.php 100AH battery will take roughly 17~20hrs to get charged(@5amp without any load) so as i think 3-4 day will be enough but what happen on the fifth day with a load of 425 watt )?

thanx a lot in advance again!!!


Dear Shubhankar,

we are a company based in Bareilly (U.P) wherein we provide solar solution assessment and complete system, incase you are located in North India and need us to help you may call me on 9457819102

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Subhankar,

The role of charge controller is to control the amount of current that goes to the battery. It prevents overcharging and prevents batteries against over voltage. If you say 40 Amp charge controller, then that is the maximum current it can manage. So it should be perfectly fine if you need 5 amps to charge your batteries. The charge controller will shut the electricity to the battery once it is charged.


Can i directly use solar power energy to run appliance during sunshine time

I mean SOLAR PANEL[8 unit each, 100watt{5amp}]--------->Charge controller[40amp{12/24volt]----------->POWER INVERTER[500watt{12vdc into 220vac}]----->LOAD[220vac 425watt].

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

you surely can.


OfThaks for the information. can u pl. Let me know the rooftop area required to install the cells for one kw power consumption.


Thank u for the reply.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Will depend a lot on the efficiency of the panel you buy. A 16% efficiency panel would need about 80 sq ft. Efficiency more than that would need lesser space.


Very useful information. I'm planning to set up a grid connected solar power plant in MP soon. Thanks for the information you shared


Hi Priyank,

We are providing best solar solutions as per our customer's requirement. We are providing most efficient and premium quality system. We are designing the system as per Indian standards.

For any query, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or +91-8527652687


Next Engineering


Hi, you mentioned that 1KW solar panel generates 5-7 units per day. I have to correct you here a little bit - 1KW solar panel generates normally 4 units using a PWM solar charge controller(most common type) and 5 units using a MPPT charge controller. Only if you use a single axis tracker+MPPT inverter/charge controller, you may get 6 units.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.



dear sir i am kiran from vijag we are started a business like solar distribution,i have a doubt about the panels what is the difference between china made and india made,at the same time panels are same quality are using the world wide are if any diferences,pls let me know ,thanmiking u sir


How much cost mini solar panal


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