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Solar Panel Price in India

By on July 29, 2015

Hindi Translation: भारत में सोलर पैनल की कीमत

Electricity is becoming expensive with each passing day and more people are getting interested in using solar energy to meet their electricity needs. Power cuts and dependence on DG sets is making people look for more and better sources. Solar PV panels provide a very good alternative. Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India is also promoting solar PV systems under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission in the country. They also provide subsidy to people buying solar panels under this scheme. There are a lot of people keen in buying solar panels in India so we thought of doing a research on price of solar panels. Below is our research on price of solar panels:


As per our resources from the solar PV industry, cost of a PV module (just the panel) costs anywhere between Rs 30 to Rs 60 per watt of power generated (depending on the quantity you are buying). A good imported module will cost around Rs 40-45 per watt (for bulk transactions, not for retail). Good ones manufactured in India would come as low as Rs 30-32 per watt (for bulk transactions, not for retail). Please note that this is the cost for the panel and in case you are looking for inverter and batteries, the cost would be additional. A good 5 kW system for a home would cost around Rs 5-7 lakhs to setup (at retail price of around Rs 50-60 per Wp) , which can provide electricity for 25 years. The additional operating cost will include the cost of replacing the batteries.

MNRE provides 30% capital subsidy on capital expenditures for rooftop solar systems for both commercial and residential entities for systems up to 100 kW. The government also provides loans at 5% per annum for 50% of the capital expenditure for 5 years tenure for both commercial and residential entities. Commercial entities can claim either capital or interest subsidies. (note: As on October 2014, we have heard from several vendors that subsidy is hard to get, as either the applications are not being processed or taking quite a lot of time to get processed. Please check with your vendor if they will be able to get you subsidy or not.).

MNRE has also published a list of authorized suppliers and manufacturers that is available at the links: http://bit.ly/1nEVoJh and http://bit.ly/1qyMv8D

We have also started doing some research on the prices of Solar PV Panels from various manufacturers in the country and here are some numbers from a good indian manufacturer (for bulk transaction) and some retail vendors/suppliers (for retail/small transactions):

Bulk Prices (click to expand)

Products Inputs / Watt Price / INR
Special SPV Mono 180W / 190W Rs. 34/W
Special SPV Multi 230W,240W, 245W, 280W,290W Rs. 32/W
SPV Mono 10W Rs. 53/W
SPV Mono 20W – 30W Rs. 43/W
SPV Mono 30W – 300W Rs. 41/W
SPV Multi 10W Rs. 50/W
SPV Multi 20W – 30W Rs. 40/W
SPV Multi 30W – 300W Rs. 38/W
Thin Film Multi SPV 100W Rs. 32/W

Retail Prices (click to expand)

Products Inputs / Watt Price / INR
SPV Polycrystaline Module 3W Rs. 89/W
SPV Polycrystaline Module 5W Rs. 85/W
SPV Polycrystaline Module 10W to 15W Rs. 65/W
SPV Polycrystaline Modules 18W to 40W Rs. 61/W
SPV Polycrystaline Modules 50W to 75W Rs. 59/W
SPV Polycrystaline Modules 100W to 200W Rs. 57/W
SPV Polycrystaline Modules 220W to 300W Rs. 52/W

Please note that Mono is for Monocrystaline PV cell and Multi is for Multicrystaline (or Polycrystaline) PV cell. The difference between the two is that Monocrystaline is made of single silicon crystal whereas Multicrystaline PV is made up of multiple crystals. A monocrystaline is more efficient in converting solar energy into electricity per sq meter area than a multicrystaline PV. Thus the space required for the same amount of wattage is less in monocrystaline PV panel. Thus it is costlier than a Multicrystaline PV. The choice between the two depends on the area that you have for PV installation. Also the price increases as you decrease the panel wattage. So smaller the panel you buy, costlier it is.

More details on Solar PV roof top systems are also available on our link: Roof-Top Solar PV system project for home and office

Understand more about basics of Solar PV systems on our link: Solar electric, solar thermal, power generation, inverters, grid, off-grid: clearing the cobweb

Understand more about how to get NABARD subsidy on Solar PV Systems: Procedure to get subsidy on Solar PV Systems through NABARD in India

Here is a quick video that can guide you on Rooftop Solar PV buying in India:

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July 28, 2015

I want 3 HP system for my home.what it who would cost

yogiraj jawale
July 23, 2015

dear sir,
i required solar panel for 48 v and 2 kw motor , please suggest solar panal

Krishna Mohan
July 21, 2015

Dear Sir,

Please advice the best solar panel (company) with that i can use one air conditioner, two lights, two fans etc.

Also please advice what is the total cost for the same?

kamal singh tundele
July 21, 2015

what is the total cost to install roof top solar system with battery of 1000 watts(1KW) after deducting subsidy, indore m.p.

rinku Kumar
July 21, 2015

Kamal Ji,
We provide all tipe solar system in India.please contact 8766199346.
[email protected]

July 20, 2015

dear sir mujhe 10 KW ke load ke liye solar panels lgvane …plz iski cost kya hogi ye bta dijiye

July 22, 2015

500000 rupess

rinku Kumar
July 21, 2015

GovInd Ji,
We provide solar panels in India..
Any more information and cost please contact 8766199346.
[email protected]

July 19, 2015

my power load is 20 HP of 3 PHASE, what will cost of solar panel and solar plant

Rinku Kumar
July 19, 2015

Hi anurag Ji,

We provide all tape solarsolar system in India.20 HP cost information please contact 8766199346,[email protected]

July 18, 2015

is it necessary to install solar rooftop system from a MNRE approved company only?

July 16, 2015

Solar grid solutions for
Home/ Institutes/ hospitals/ malls/ industry/ Hotels/ apartments 1 KW to 10 MW. We provide services across India at very nominal rate which are competitive in market.
For any query call – 9312700996
visit us at : http://www.solarbird.in

Riken patel
July 16, 2015

hi. we want that plant for my house purpose. and we have used 7 celling fan and 8 nos of 40w tub lights and 1nos. of 1.5hp submersible pump and 1 television and 1 refrigerator and 1nos.flour maker. so please give us a tentative cost with installation for solar plant and what is the maintenance cost after installation? how much area do you want for panel installation? please refer above details and tell me how much tentative unit consumption in my home?

rinku Kumar
July 17, 2015

Hi Patel Ji ,
We are provide all tipe solar system any more information please contact 8766199346.
[email protected]

July 13, 2015

I want to install 1 M.w power plant what will be the cost to install,govt subsidies etc pl inform. The site is near to sea coast and in air polluted area.

July 14, 2015

dear sir, installation cost for 1 M.W solar power plant is 6cr. All equipment we provide good in quality MNRE approved. There is no subsidy given by govt. for commercial power plant. you can contact on 9810506477 for more information or mail us [email protected] or visit http://www.clicktoshoponline.com

July 13, 2015

sir, the cost of installing 1 M.W solar power plant is nearly 6cr. A little more cleaning of modules will be required if it is a dusty area. there is a central government subsidy of 15% however it will be more clear if you can tell the state where you are installing the plant. You can contact on +91-9837792324 if you want any more information. We have an experience of installing more than 120MW of solar plant.