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Top Ten Solar Panel Brands (Manufacturers) in India

By on January 31, 2020 with 369 Comments  

With rising costs of electricity, reduction in prices of Solar PV Panels and lots of government policy support, buying a Solar PV system has become very lucrative in many parts of India. The interest in buying Solar PV is increasing, however, there is still some lack of awareness about technology, brands, and prices amongst the consumers in the country. We at Bijli Bachao have created several pages (link) on this website to create awareness about the technology. And in continuation of the same, below is the list of top ten solar panel brands available in India. Please note that there are both Indian as well as International brands of Solar Panels available in India. If you are looking for subsidy on your Solar project then you have to go for a brand that is Made in India. Some international brands are selling really high-quality Solar Panels in India, but if you consider some of the top brands in India, then they are quite comparable in quality to the international brands.

The list we have prepared does not include any subjectivity (our personal preferences) but is purely based on data. The data that we have taken is from MNRE website (link) which lists the Installed capacity (or in other terms the size of solar panels installed in the country) of various manufacturers. The assumption here is that a brand that has done more work has a better experience and makes better quality panels.

So here is the list:

Best Solar Panel Brands in India:


Rank Brand/Manufacturer Installed Capacity (in MW)
1 Vikram Solar 500
1 Waaree Solar 500
2 Goldi Green Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 450
3 Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd. 300
4 Moser Baer Solar Limited 230
5 XL Energy Limited 210
6 Solar Semiconductor 195
7 Emmvee Photovoltaics Private Limited 150
8 Navitas Green Solutions Pvt. Ltd 135
9 Satvik 125
9 Panchwakra Solar 125
10 Surana Solar 100




Some of our Indian manufacturers also list in top global manufacturers. The list of top global manufacturers is available via Bloomberg, but that is a paid subscription. But we do have access to some information through Wikipedia (link). Vikram and Waaree that are on top of Indian list will also figure in the top global list (as per Wikipedia data). However, it is only the beginning for Solar PV sector in India, and in coming years, we will surely see some more shuffle. In case you are looking for international brands then here are some top international brands that we know are available in India:



Rank Brand/Manufacturer
1 Trina Solar
2 Canadian Solar
3 Jinko Solar
4 Risen Energy




If you are aware of any more top international brands, feel free to put in your comments in the comment section below. Please note, all the lists above are created on installation capacity.

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Here is a quick video that can guide you on Rooftop Solar PV buying in India:




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