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What is the difference between solar inverter and regular power inverter?

By on April 22, 2016

Power inverters or home UPS have been in use in India since quite some time. Thanks to frequent power cuts, home UPS or power inverter industry has done well in India. But with increasing interest in solar power and solar panels many people are thinking of using Solar Power to charge the batteries to save electricity drawn from the grid. Having heard of solar inverter, many people wonder if their existing inverter system is useful or not. In past, we at Bijli Bachao have got this question many times: what is the difference between solar inverter and regular inverter? With this article we would try to answer the question.

What is an inverter?

A power inverter or invert is a device that converts Direct Current (or DC) to Alternating Current (or AC) using transformers, switching and control circuits. And this is the basic function of any inverter: be it solar or regular inverter. A home UPS or home inverter take the DC power from the batteries and convert it to AC power used by appliances. A solar inverter also does the same if it is an “Off Grid” solar power system. In case of “Grid Connected” the DC power is from the solar panels and AC power is given to the grid. (To know more about “Off Grid” and “Grid Connected” solar power system, read our article: Solar electric, solar thermal, power generation, inverters, grid, off-grid: clearing the cobweb).

Working of a Home UPS/Inverter

A regular home UPS/inverter system has a system of inverter and batteries that is connected to the home power connection. When the power is coming from the grid, the UPS/inverter system charges the batteries using the power coming from the grid. When the power is off, the inverter takes the DC power from the batteries and converts it into AC used by appliances. There is an automated switch in the system that senses if the grid is not supplying power and switches the UPS into battery mode.

Working of a Off Grid Solar Powered system

An off grid solar powered system has an assembly of solar panels, charge controller, batteries and inverter as shown in the image below. The batteries are charged using solar panels and the inverter has the same function of converting DC to AC. It can also have an automated switch to sense if grid is not supplying power that can change the power source of the connected home from grid to batteries. Depending on the need the system can be designed to: 1) To completely rely on solar power 2) Charge the batteries from solar power when sun is available and from the grid when it is not.SolarInverter

An existing home UPS or Inverter system can be converted to be used with an off grid powered system by just adding a switch which can control the change source: solar or grid (based on availability).

Having said that, to answer the question posed in the title of this article: there is not much difference between a solar inverter used in off grid system and a regular inverter.

Working of a Grid Connected Solar Power System

A grid connected solar power system additionally supplies excess electricity to the grid. People go for this kind of system when they feel that they have enough space to install solar powered system and they can sell the extra electricity generated back to the electricity distribution company. The structure of a grid-connected system is shown below:GridConnected

The purpose of the inverter in this kind of system is also to convert DC (generated from Solar Panel) to AC. But it additionally needs a MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) feature to be built in it. Because the voltage generated by Solar Panel varies depending on the temperature and availability of sun (more on this on our article: Solar Glossary – photovoltaic, panels, modules, cells, voltage, watt and current), MPPT enables solar inverters t draw maximum power from the solar panels. The solar inverter used for grid-connected solution also includes an anti-islanding functionality to prevent risks to grid in case there is power failure in the grid.


The basic purpose of any inverter is to convert DC power to AC power be it solar inverter or regular inverter. Depending on the situation and setup one may need some additional features, which can be implemented in existing home UPS/inverters through simple modifications.

Here is a quick video that can guide you on Rooftop Solar PV buying in India:

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  • Srinivas Betada

    I already have a 3KW Tie Grid Net metered connection at my residence. I am exploring the option of tapping some energy from the existing Panels directly to a Solar Hybrid UPS Inverter. The reason i would want to do this is, in Tie grid installation, solar power is isolated when there is power shutdown on the grid. Can you kindly educate me if I can tap the solar energy from the existing Solar Panels before they are fed into the Dynamo (tie grid inverter) ? Is this feasible and is it safe ?

  • Nagesh G

    and my Max budget is 35 to 40 thousands if you have any particular model please suggest me


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  • Dev

    My electricity bill was same even though with solar inverter… There was no change in my electricity bill … How much does a LED Tv consume electricity from solar panel???

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      Typically LED TVs consume less than 100 Watts. A 100 Watts when used for 10 hours makes 1 unit or 1 kWh of electricity.

  • Dev

    Hi, how to recognise whether the solar inverter is working using sunlight or it is working by using electricity from mains?

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      Do you have a solar inverter (one that just charges battery from solar) or a solar hybrid inverter (one that charges battery either from solar or mains)? In case of just solar inverter, there should be no electricity consumption from mains for charging the battery. A solar hybrid inverter should show when it is charging from solar and when from mains.

  • Arvind Vachaspati

    I am having house at south delhi and like go for solar panel for 1kv and have to following question
    1. already having 1 kv inverter with 2 battaries of 12v each
    2. average daily 14-15 units
    3. which are best solar panel available in market cost efficient
    4. which controller
    5. whether in night light will be consumed from batteries or from grid
    6. in day 1kv will be sufficient to charge batteries and lighting requirement for day time except AC , refrigerator , washing machine
    7. please suggest some agency of repute for installation and buying of solar panel

  • Vinay kumar

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    • hayour

      my name is augustine i want u to teach me how to install solar street light and solar inverter and power inverter


    What should be the angle of the Solar Panels during Summer in Delhi????


    Dear Abhishek,

    Thanks for the explanation! BUT what will happen when there will be power failure just after the drain-out of the battery? At that time we will be just out of any power back-up! There should be an alternative system so that when there is sufficient Solar Power from the PVs then it should be used directly through some DC to AC inverter so that batteries should not be used at that time & only be used when there is no electricity! Can you suggest something like that! Many Thanks – Gurdeep Gupta

  • Senthil Kumar

    I am using 500va normal inverter and connected 2fans and 2tublights and want to use su-kam solar convertion kit to use existing inverter as solar inverter.Now my question is if battery fully charged by sol con kit then it disconnect mains and supply through inverter to connected fans and tubelights.During this time remaining appliances will get power from mains or not(other fans,fridge,mixie,water pump etc) and anyother special wiring required further to existing inverter wiring to fans&tubelights. Please clarify.

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      All depends on how you do the wiring in your house. If you do not connect other appliances to the inverter, then they will not get impacted. Only those appliances that are connected to the inverter will get impacted by the conversion kit.

  • Arun

    Complete solar roof top system grid connected installation at 56000 per kw (MNRE approved). Contact: 08130841685. Loan facilities and RESCO facilities also available at nominal rates

  • Mahaveer Soni

    I want to buy a Solar Invertor for Home purpose.
    Consumption is 5 FANs, 6CFL, 1 TV,

    Please let me know the price of inverter batteries, Solar Panel.

    What space required for solar panels?

    What is maintenance?

    What is life span of Batteries and panel?

    I wnat to install at district Churu Rajasthan where hottest day during summer but coldest day during winter.

    Please suggest

    Mahaveer Soni
    [email protected]

  • Sanjay Saxena

    I have a Microtek Intelli Systems SEBz 1600. The per month consumption of my house is around 700 units per month. I for sure am looking for reducing the electorcity consumption and one of the options I thought of is the solar inverter / converter system. What I need to understand is what capacity of the solar inverter I should look for, what savings can I get from it on a monthly basis, what all do I need and what would it cost me?. Sunlight on my roof top is there for a min of 8 hours a day.

  • http://www.Batterybhai.com/Inverter-Battery-brands-main.php Ravi Panwar

    A solar inverter converts the electricity from your solar panels into power that can be used by the plugs in your house for your TV, computer, and other wired products. Panels can’t create AC power by themselves; they need the helping hand of a solar inverter.

    An inverter is an electric apparatus that changes direct current to alternating current. It is not the same thing as an alternator, which converts mechanical energy into alternating current.

  • Amit Chaudhary

    Dear sir
    i want to know that can sukam solar con. kit of 24v-40Amp can run the home appliances in day dime along with charging the inverter battery with 1600 falcon+??i mean can i do both things at the same time with sol con kit?

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      As 12V Sukam sol conv kit can handle 320Wp panel. I guess a 24 V can handle double. So roughly 600-640 Wp panel. It should generate about 2.5-3 units of electricity in a day. You will have to check your electricity bill to see if that is sufficient to run all appliances in your house. It should work with your existing inverter. It charges the battery and extra energy can also be used to run home appliances.

    • Amit Chaudhary

      my que. is not about how sol con. can handle the power i just want know that can sukam sol. con kit of 40Amp(pwm) can run the appliances at the same time when it charge the battery because i asked the sukam distributor he told me that it can only charged the battery.

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      Check this link: http://www.su-kam.com/power-solution/solar-packages/conversion-kit …. It says:

      “During the day when solar power is being generated and and fully charging the batteries, Solarcon intelligently disconnects the mains and powers your house via inverter using energy stored in batteries. You take almost nothing from the main power supply which means your electricity meter stops – more savings for you.

      When batteries are drained Solarcon first tries to get charged through solar but in absence of solar, goes on to mains mode and gets you power from main grid supply.”

      So it first tries to charge the battery. When the battery is charged it switches to the mains providing electricity to the appliances. The first objective is to charge the battery.


      Dear Abhishek,

      Thanks for the explanation! BUT what will happen when there will be power failure just after the drain-out of the battery? At that time we will be just out of any power back-up! There should be an alternative system so that when there is sufficient Solar Power from the PVs then it should be used directly through some DC to AC inverter so that batteries should not be used at that time & only be used when there is no electricity! Can you suggest something like that! Many Thanks – Gurdeep gupta

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      Most states in India now have a net metering policy wherein you can install a grid connected solar PV system. In a grid connected system you use power from solar if it is available and if you generate extra it gets sold to the grid. If you regularly generate extra, you earn money. And the best part of such a system is that you do not need any batteries. Whatever part of your consumption solar can provide, you use it, the rest is provided by Grid. If you generate extra it is sold. And in case of power cuts, you just use solar.

      But for that your state should have net metering policy (which 17-20 states in India do have). Just check it out.

    • Amit Chaudhary

      Thank you for information

  • Kumar

    I’m using Exide 850VA solar home ups with 300 watts panel, but the cooling fan is running 24 hours and consuming around 30 – 40 watts / hour. will it be like this or there is any problem in the solar inverter. please clarify

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain


      You will have to call up the manufacturer/dealer and ask them to check it out.

  • http://getgnulinux.org puchasanyasi

    Kerala government has announced inverter users to either upgrade to solar inverters or be ready for disconnection. Solar water heaters also will be mandatory for large houses. This is the Malayalam link of the news report: http://www.mangalam.com/print-edition/keralam/380660#sthash.3b3kQVQt.dpuf

    Now, My query is: I’ve a Su-Kam Falcon Plus inverter. Is it possible to install solar panels as a add-on?

  • slingshot2013

    Can i connect my microtek ups jm sw 2000 24v ac input main wires directly into my solar charge controller or are the main wires used only for main power not solar power plants help and thank u

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain

      You can use output of charge controller (which is Direct Current) directly to charge the batteries (if the batteries have the same voltage). You will not have to pass it through your regular inverter.

      However if you want to use your existing inverter system with solar, then you should use a solar conversion kit along with your existing inverter system. You can read more about it on https://www.bijlibachao.com/solar/solar-conversion-kit-a-better-way-to-use-existing-inverter-battery-system-with-solar-pv.html

    • slingshot2013

      Thank u Jain and sorry for my late reply your reply helped me a lot and the link u sent did also I have another question why does my microtek upseb 2000 va 24v does not have a outer fuse I’ve seen photos online with fuses right under the reset button and thanks agin

    • https://www.bijlibachao.com Abhishek Jain


      I am not sure on why your UPS does not have fuse. You may have to contact Microtek for that.

  • vinod kr


    I am having a regular/normal inverter with inverter battery connected with normal electricity connection . Now I want that battery should be charged through solar panels also in day time.
    1 Can I add the solar panel to battery in the existing system???

    2 of what spicefication of device (solar panel and solar charge) be used
    3 when the battery is fully charged what about the cut off device
    4 can i used the solar charge output supply without battery

  • Rajesh

    I wish to buy 600 W solar Panel ( for Exide 12V 850VA inverter). For best performance and efficiency 6X100 Watts or 3X200 Watts which is better or both are same in performance. Any advantages & disadvantages ?

    • Bijli Bachao Team

      Hi Rajesh,

      I am not very sure, but most likely the performance should not be very different. However you may have to look at the voltage also. Each module gives 12 V. So if you put 3 in series it will be 36V, If you put 3 series of 2 in parallel then it will be 24 V. So you will also have to look at the voltage that you need. All of them in parallel will be 12 V.

    • Rajesh

      Thank you

    • Kapil Bhatia

      you should have to take 2 * 300Wp (16 Volt, Voc) modules, and connected them in parallel, it will give you the best results and less wiring also…

  • Solarbird

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  • Rajesh

    Dear Sir,
    When I am searching online I found similarity in Eapro solar inverter and Exide solar inverter ie both are looking like same and specifications are also about same but only little price difference . My doubt is both are same or not. you can clear my doubt. please check link: http://www.eapro.in/solarhomeups.html http://www.amazon.in/Exide-Solar-Inverter-850va-Controller/dp/B00OBSZ49Y

    • Bijli Bachao Team

      Although Amazon has not given detailed technical specifications, but from whatever is available, both look similar. I hope you are comparing 850 VA models from EAPRO.

  • Rajesh

    One of my friends using LUMINOUS inverter and he told me its working perfectly so I went to buy 850W inverter. When I went to shop salesman told me EXIDE inverter is better than Luminous because Exide inverter has some additional features. (salesman is also my friend). now I am confused. So still i did not buy. What is your opinion ?

    • Bijli Bachao Team

      Hi Rajesh,

      Both Luminous and Exide are good brands. While comparing you should compare the features of the models and not just the brands. Some models of Exide may have better features than some Luminous model and vice versa. So it is important that you look at specific models.

  • Ann.A

    I wish to buy a new Solar hybrid inverter 850 VA. LUMINOUS, Su-Kam, Microtek, & EXIDE. In these brands Which one you recommend for me. Also you can recommend any other brands better than this. I need one more information from you Which are the best solar panel brands (400Watts)
    Thank you

    • Bijli Bachao Team

      Hi Ann.A,

      Tata BP Solar, Jain Irrigations, Moser Baer, Sukam, Luminous are some top companies selling Solar PV Systems. Sukam, Luminous, Microtek also have good inverter systems.

    • Ann

      thank you

  • Ann.A

    Dear sir
    I am using an inverter 850va local made. my area there is no power cut but some times only power failure. I wish to use solar power day time for my house ( 250 to 300 watt maximum ). i have separate wiring for iinverter it automatically switches to inverter when power failure.
    Now my question is:1. after battery fully charged use solar power instead of grid power for lighting my house automatically only inverter line max 300w. (fridge t v mixi computer and the lightings and fan have separate grid line ) .so which charge controller prefer you for this purpose (automatic switching) or if i buy a new inverter which one you suggest. 2. I I buy luminous , su-kam or microtek hybrid solar inverter ( ups ) when sun available only charge the battery or while charging the battery excess power can i use for lighting and baterry fully charged can i use complete charge for lighting. if ilighting is possible inverter switches from grid to solar automatically or not
    Thank you

  • abdul rashid

    I am having a regular/normal inverter with inverter battery connected with normal electricity connection . Now I want that battery should be charged through solar panels also in day time. Can I add the solar panel to battery in the existing system

    • krishna shrivastava

      Dear Sir, you can easily add solar panel for charging. please contact me on 07415324645 for for detail.

      krishna shrivastava

    • Bijli Bachao Team

      Hello Mr Rashid,

      Charging can be either through the grid or solar panel. It will not be possible to have both charge the batteries. So if you put solar panel, then you can have a switch to charge it either through panel or grid. But you cannot have both. Also your inverter needs to be solar inverter in that case.

  • vinay kumar

    Contact for Solar grid solutions for Institutes, hospitals, malls, industrial areas and large scale plant 200 kva to 10 MW. Our manufacturers have very vaast experience in this field. We provide services across India at very nominal rate which are competitive in market.

    For any query, please feel free to contact us at +91-9312700996

  • http://aparnabhattacharya306.wordpress.com aparnabhattacharya306

    I have 300 watt modules,20 amps pwm charge controller,150 ah a2 volt battery & non solar invertor & AC load. Please send me the circuit diagram for connecting & charging the battery(12 Volt system).

  • rakesh

    One thing that I want to know is, watts,, units of electricity, Ah of batteries, Hp in moters for pumps.how all these units be compared

    • Bijli Bachao Team

      You may read this article: https://www.bijlibachao.com/electricity-bill/what-are-watt-kilowatt-and-a-unit-of-electricity.html

      Watt = rate of consumption of electricity (just like how speed is for distance).
      Unit of electricity = Kilo Watt Hour or 1000 Wh = If 100 watt bulb is run for 10 hours. (just like actual distance travelled).
      Ah of battery is energy stored = 12 V battery if it has 200 Ah storage would store 200 x 12 = 2400 VAh of electricity. There is a concept of power factor (you can read about it on: https://wp.me/p4hAhQ-1Y ) which related VAh and kWh. Assuming power factor of 0.8 2400 VAH = 2400*0.8 = 1920 Wh or 1.92 units of electricity.

      HP in pumps is just like watts. 1 HP = 750 watts (it is just like how meter and feet are two different units of distance, watts and HP are two different units of rate of energy consumption).

  • rakesh

    How much is the cost difference between solar power system includes batteries & the the system without batteries. Second is can power companies purchase electricity from us.

    • Bijli Bachao Team

      It will depend on the number of batteries that you need. More the backup required, more will be the batteries required and more will be the cost. A 150 Ah battery that can store 1.5 unit of electricity costs about Rs 10000.

      Power companies can purchase electricity from you however it depends on the state that you live in. The state should have a netmetering policy. Currently there are very few states (Karnataka, AP, Delhi, Punjab) that have netmetering policy.

  • Sunil

    What is the specification for 1kW off grid and 1KW on grid ? ( want to know solar panel in W, battery need to be used, charge controller and inverter VA)
    thank you

    • Bijli Bachao Team

      Wattage of solar panels would be 1 kW in both the cases. Off Grid will have batteries and on grid will not have batteries. 1 KW off grid will produce 4-5 units per day so it would need about 3-4 150 Ah batteries. Inverter VA would depend on your appliances you want to run on it.



    • Bijli Bachao Team

      Hi Mr Reddy,
      For one cycle of charging a 12V/100AH Battery would consume about 1 units of power.

    • A.N.REDDY




    • A.N.REDDY


    • Bijli Bachao Team

      You calculation of energy stored in the battery is right. So 1 unit is the amount of energy that is stored in a 100 Ah battery. However charging efficiency will vary from battery to battery and how efficiently it is designed. It can vary from 80-95%. So there can be 5-10% losses. On top of it if you leave a fully charged battery on charger, there will be trickle charging (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trickle_charging) that will cause more losses. So it truly depends on how you use it.

  • Vinay Jaiswal


    I am looking to purchase good quality Solar / hybrid inverters in bulk/wholesale quantities for our dealer networkin U.P. It would be great if anyone can suggest a few reliable suppliers details for the same.


  • cd singh

    hi , i have a load of 600va ac and i want to run it directly on solar panels without the use of batteries, is it possible, if yes then how many watts of solar panels required and what other hardware need to be installed

  • Sam

    HI Abhishek,

    I am looking to purchase 40/42 inch full HD LED tv. My priority is for good picture quality and sound nothing other than this within a budget of 40-45 k.
    I know SONY is the best in market. Suggest me something else other than SONY brand.

    Most of the customers in this blog are looking for good picture quality and sound. But, you have suggested different brands for the same requirement. Say LG in some cases and Panasonic in other cases. Totally confused now.

    Kindly suggest one best model in LG, PANASONIC and SAMSUNG brands, so that I can finalize one by seeing the models physically at showroom.


    • Abhishek Jain

      Hi Sam,

      Picture quality or sound does not just depend on brand but also on technical specifications of the model. A higher end model of LG would be better than lower end model of Sony. So one has to optimize brand, specs and budget. And that is why you would see Sony, LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Philips, etc on this discussion. However Sony is considered quite highly as a brand in TVs.

      Now for your requirements and your budget these are the best I could get:
      LG 42LB5510
      Philips 40PFL4958/V7
      Philips 40PFL4758/V7

      However if you stretch a bit (up to 48K) you can also look at these models:

      Samsung UA40F5000AR
      Samsung UA40F5100AR
      Samsung UA40EH5000R
      LG 42LB550A
      LG 42LB5610
      LG 42LN5120
      Panasonic TH-42A410D
      Panasonic TH-42A400D

      The tech specs of these models for picture quality and sound look very similar. However the extra features may vary.

  • Palani

    Hi Abhishek,
    I am looking for a 42 inch Full HD Led tv with all features. Brands that i am looking in LG, Philips, Samsung and Panasonic. Kindly suggest me which model can I go for my budget is within 45-50k.

    • Abhishek Jain

      Here are some more models that you can look at as you have increased the budget:

      LG 42LN5400
      Panasonic TH-42A410D

      The tech specs are almost the same for models in this budget range. The features vary. I liked the LG 42LN5400 model because it does up-scaling to HD.

      Samsung does not have 42 inch models. It has 40 inch.

    • Palani

      Thank you very much abhishek for the quick reply. I am also looking forward for the below mentioned question answer asap.
      1) LG42LB5610
      2) LG42LN5710
      3) LG 42LN5400
      4) LG 42LB5510
      Among these which is better in user friendly as well as quality in picture and sound. Budget is not a matter or if any other 42 inch model is better than this kindly assist me?

      Thank you very much in advance


    • Abhishek Jain

      Hello Palani,

      The specs of all the above models for picture quality look same. The first model has lower volume so I rule it out. LG 42LB5510 is a Smart TV and has quite a lot of features. So if you want smart TV then this one is better. If you are looking for Smart TV then you can also look at Sony KDL-42W700B.

    • Palani

      Hello Sir,
      I am looking forward to your answer for my question if possible today. Thank you very much.


    • Palani

      Thanks a lot. I forget to mention except sony I am looking in other brands. I have read that “Viewing angle in this tv (42LB5510)is pathetic not worth to buy” is this correct?. Also, I am disturbing you a lot. Please let me know the best 42 inch LED full hd tv’s in LG and philips by considering picture and sound. Kindly answer asap.

      Thank you very much in advance.


    • Abhishek Jain

      These are the best 42 inch LED TV by LG:

      LG 42LB750T
      LG 42LB6700

      Next best are:
      LG 42LB6500
      LG 42LA6910
      LG 42LA6620
      LG 42LA6200

      all are in order of decreasing picture quality. All of them are 3D TVs.

  • Palani

    Hi Abhishek,
    I am looking for a 42 inch Full HD Led tv with all features. Brands that i am looking in LG, Philips, Samsung and Panasonic. Kindly suggest me which model can I go for my budget is within 45k.

    • Abhishek Jain


      You can look at:
      LG 42LB5510
      Panasonic TH-40A400D
      Philips 40PFL4958/V7 or 40PFL4758/V7

      Their specs look comparable and these are the only models you can get within 45K.

  • Abhishek Mathur

    Hi, I am Abhishek i wanted to take franchisee of solar in rajasthan

  • dr.shiv verma

    Hi abhishek,
    Planning to open up a poultry farm in a rural area ( mewat, haryana). Facing big trouble with grid electricity there. Electricity comes for 12 hrs during day time for 15 days and 12 hrs during night time for 15 days. Besides the voltage is so low that one has to apply for a personal transformer to get legible voltage. Getting this transformer installed in the farm has many red tape hurdles.
    Pretty fed up with the local electricity dept. And have not been able to get the transformer installed, which in turn is delaying my poultry project.
    Getting back to the point, i thought if I could run the farm completely on solar power
    A shed (of 5000sq ft area)requires about 15 tubelights running at NIGHT ONLY for about 12 hrs say 7pm to 7am.
    About 8 fans during summers for about 6 hrs during DAY time.
    If we were to install solar panels on the shed roof……
    1) how many solar panels of how many watts would be required for 1 shed
    2) cost of this equipment for 1 shed
    3)cost + capacity of solar inverter and battery reqd for 1 shed.
    4) is it possible to get a subsidy from NABARD
    5)Whom to contact for consultation and installation of equipment.

    Dr.Shiv Verma
    New Delhi.

  • S K GARG

    can we connect directly solar panel to normal invert er using charge controller in between and then battery and normal light at house is their any risk or how can we find that panel is how much generating the electricity.

    • Abhishek Jain

      What is the size of panel that you have? If you use your normal inverter then your normal inverter will draw power from your electricity connection to charge the batteries, whereas you would want to charge the batteries from the solar panel.

  • Nagaraju

    I had AC Inveter 900va, How much solar panel (WATS) required for me.and how much charger controller is required. I would like to convert inverter as a solar inverter… is it possible.

    Thank you,,

  • RVT


    • Abhishek Jain

      It should work. You just need to make sure that you have a switch that shifts it to panel and grid when required.

  • Akhilesh

    How can we convert the home inverter to solar inverter ?

  • Paul McGrath

    How large a system will I need in Inverter and Batteries to run( 9 x 48 watt bulbs and 2 x single fluoro tubes of 40 watt and 4 computers) in 12volts. I have a 4.2 kw solar power system on my roof which gives approximately 8.0 kw/d, I’m on east coast of Australia. the reason being is my power bill is now outstripping the power I produce and I was told if I put in 12 volt lighting I would be able to make some money back on my system.

    • Abhishek Jain

      Hi Paul,

      For how long (hours per day) do you use the bulbs, fluoro tubes and computers?

  • Dr. Gopalkrishna Kamath

    I live in Mumbai. We have a small Co operative Society and want to put up a solar panel with invertor and battery pack . There are 16 flats . Each flat uses on an average 300 KWH ( units per month. The approximate power charge is Rs 2500 per month per flat. Please advise if it is advisable to change over to Solar for the entire building from Reliance energy to solar. We may pay the bank installments instead of paying reliance for the power. Who will guide us in the selection of equipment and other items like getting the Government subsidy.
    please reply and help us to decide.
    E Mail: [email protected]
    June 2, 2014

  • Sreedhar

    Hi Abhishek,

    First of all I appreciate you for this nice article.

    I want to use 1 Tubelight, 3 CFL, 1 TV and 3 Fans. So total Watt will be approx 600W. And we may need 4 hours backup. So please let me know how many Solar panels are required and the approximate total cost for the panels, inverter, battery and miscellaneous.

    Thank you so much for your help.


  • Vishwajeet kumar

    My need is 900va inverter
    Bettery 150ah I’m facing 10-12hr power cut
    I’m confused about solar inverter + battery and normal inverter battery
    I want to install inverter battery right now and solar panels install after we found need of solar so please suggest me which inverter battery good for me

    • Krishna shrivastava

      Dear sir,
      please contact me so i will give you information and any right solution.

      Krishna shrivastava
      Brimatec solutions

  • sukumaran thonur

    I have two solar panels to charge 12 v 7Ah battery for my emergency lantern. When connected to a table fan runs on 6DC/AC 220 v it is not working . Pl suggest what to do for running the fan from direct to solar panel? The input from solar panels is around 20-22 V.

    • Abhishek Jain

      Hello Sukumaran,

      Does the fan run on DC or AC? When you connect directly from panel, you get DC and if you fan runs on AC, then it will not work and you will need inverter for it.

      Hope this helps.


  • binu

    hai abhishek
    now the turn for Inverters.Can you please give an advice to choose which type of inverter for home?Also expect a detailed article of its working…

  • ghanshya


    We are very thankful that you provide such a good information. But for a normal user
    It would be great if we get some link to buy those products from the bijli bachao website.


  • yamuna

    Actually our usage of inverter is hardly 3-4 months then in that case which is better either a regular inverter or solar inverter with off grid/on grid.Also tell me which company is good to buy.please reply me as soon as possible.ours capacity of usage is maximum 4 tube lights,4 fans,2 bulbs(with less volts)

  • kanna

    Microtek said that its manufactured inverter which theyve said doesnt require a grid! How far its true n how does that work? it’ld be glad if you mention on this regard…

    • Abhishek Jain


      Can you please give more details for your question? From grid do you mean, electricity coming from the electricity distribution company? A solar inverter may not require grid if the charging is done only from solar panels.


  • Sampat Dhoot

    thanks abhishek for useful information

  • prabhakar

    some what useful

  • Dhiraj

    Which is best & reliable home solar system.
    Consumption 4 cfl, 3 tube light, & 3 fan.
    How much the solar system cost,
    I already have inverter with one tubular battery. Can this inverter & battery be used for solar system.

    • Krishna shrivastava

      Dear dheeraj ji,
      As your detail i suggest you 750w solar power system. it’s cost appor. 80,000/-
      For more detail please contact us.
      Krishna shrivastava
      Brimatec solutions.

    • Rajeev Mahendra Sharma

      dhiraj, you can use your existing inverter and battery . all you need to buy is charge controller and 150 watts panel may be 100 plus 50 or you may use 100 w panel and reduce load by using LED Lights instead of cfl and tubes .
      check on e bay……this may give you around 6 hours . if it does not give you need to enhance battery by connection another in parallel .of course cables connectors and junction box lugs etc are assumed extra. i assume your inverter is at least 750 va……

    • Abhishek Jain

      Hi Dhiraj,

      The sizing of the solar PV system will also depend on your usage of the appliances. From the appliance name you can just guess the wattage of the appliance. The actual energy consumed will also depend on how long you use those appliances.

      Also regarding the existing inverter battery system: I would suggest that you check with the manufacturer if the inverter is solar compatible. If it is then you can use it as is, else some basic circuit changes will be needed in it.


  • ramana

    Please tell me any change in wiring in home between solar and electric inverter and how many panels to use 4 fans and 4 lights .

    • Abhishek Jain

      Hello Mr Ramana,

      There is no need to make any changes in home wiring for solar inverter. There is not much difference in solar and regular inverters and in fact many inverter companies these days make inverters that are solar compatible. The number of panels will depend on the wattage of your appliances and the time for which you want to use the backup power.

      Hope this helps.


  • Sid

    what is the approx cost of owning a Solar Inverter that is expected to run a fan, tublight, a CFL bulb and a laptop

    • Abhishek Jain

      Hi Sid,

      You will need a full set of off-grid solar panel system and not just a solar inverter. To size a solar panel system, you also need to know how much will each of the appliance be used, because the battery and panels will have to be sized accordingly.


  • Nikhil Chheda
    • Krishna shrivastava

      Dear Nikhil ji,
      I’m from madhya pradesh. I can supply you solar panel and installation.For more detail please contact us on 09303875399.

      Krishna shrivastava
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