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Sony LED TV in India - Review 2021

By on January 8, 2021 with 60 Comments  

Sony is one of the premium brands in televisions. If you are looking to buy a TV then consider Sony as your safest bet. In terms of picture quality and sound, you can find the best models in Sony. However, Sony mostly has high-end TVs and they are pricey. They provided limited choices when it comes to budget TVs in smaller sizes. However, you can be assured of top-notch quality if you buy a Sony.

Key Sony TV Technologies

What is X-Reality Pro?

Sony offers its latest version of 4K TVs powered by the X-Reality Pro Engine, which can be best described as a smart processor. This intelligent technology not just improves picture content and video quality but also up-scales every pixel for unmatched clarity. Be it your favorite TV show or sports or your home videos, Sony’s X-Reality Pro analyses and rebuilds every pixel of the picture and translates it into higher resolution, thus enhancing its clarity.

This process of retouching encompasses adding missing colors, lustre, vibrancy, texture and details to the picture and happens in three steps- Image analysis followed by image noise reduction and reality creation. This is similar to the work of a professional artist working to restore an image to its true original beauty.

Similar technologies from competing brands include Samsung’s HyperReal Engine, LG’s Triple XD Engine and Panasonic’s Fine Remaster Engine. But in terms of picture quality, it is observed that Sony’s picture engine has the best output with Samsung giving it a good competition.

What is an OLED TV?

Taking cues from its arch rival, LG, Sony too has introduced OLED display in its premium 4K TV. OLED is a state-of-the-art technology which stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode which uses organic material that glows when electricity is passed through them. The main difference with organic LED as opposed to the standard one is that in organic LEDs pixel provides its own illumination whereas other TVs have LCD screens and LED for backlighting. The ability to turn off and on individual pixels empowers OLED TVs to attain superior black levels and wide contrast ratio compared to conventional LCD/LED TVs.

What is Triluminos Display?

Triluminos is another of Sony’s trademarks that allows for an enriched viewing experience comprising of a wider color palette with shades closer to reality. What is special about Triluminos Display is its outstanding ability to reproduce blues, reds and shades of green, which most other TVs with conventional LED display struggle to display efficiently. This technology also brings natural skin tones more closer to reality owing to its spectacular gradation and extensive color adaptation.

In competing brands, similar color quality can be seen in Samsung’s QLED TV and LG’s OLED TV.

Performance of Android OS in Sony SMART TVs

Setting itself apart from competitors Samsung and LG, which offer a streamlined smart TV experience, Sony has introduced Android OS into its Smart TVs long back (since 2015). Besides having an easy launch action with a simple touch of the Home button on the remote control, Sony’s modern Android TVs come with a clean Content Bar that allows you to discover your favorite movies without needing to close your ongoing content on the TV. All you need to do is to call up the Content Bar while watching the television and scan through the movies, live TV shows, on demand videos etc. Moreover you can customize this Content Bar to show you more personalized content.
We specially liked the bold fonts and menu display layout. As it has official Android you get Play Store to download the apps you want. If you own an Android smartphone you’ll surely love the Android UI on your TV as it’s familiar corridor for you now. Newer Sony models running on Android Oreo comes with Google Assistant which makes searching easier just by pressing Google Assistant button and telling Google what you want to see. 

Sony TVs with the Camera

Yes you read it right. New premium Sony TV models come with built in camera to record the special moments at home with family, friends or guests. Not just the selfie or groupfie it can record video too. Premium BRAVIA® models come with Tellybean that facilitates free full-sized video calls right from your TV.So now you can bring together your family & friends closer with this video calling app on BRAVIA® models.

Acoustic Surface Technology, ClearAudio+ and Musicbox for Immersive Sound

In most cases, sound comes directly to you from the speakers of the television. But in premium Sony models like KD-65A1 sound appears to come from the entire screen providing  complete immersive experience as you watch content on the giant TV screen. Sony achieves this by using Acoustic Surface Technology with ClearAudio+ wherein two actuators are tactfully placed behind the TV which vibrates the screen to produce sound that’s really immersive and uniform. It is complimented further by a subwoofer which provides even deeper bass.

Premium Sony TVs also come with exclusive music sharing app called Musicbox that facilitates collaborative music listening experience from multiple smartphone devices. With this app you create and share your music playlist on Sony TV with multiple users (up to 5) through the WiFi network.

HDR + WCG in Sony TVs

Premium Sony OLED TVs come with HDR and WCG technology. Well, High Dynamic Range (HDR), is a display technology in TVs to improve dynamic contrast, impart better brightness and give a wider color palette that brings the TV viewing experience to a more life-like one. So, the whites are brighter, blacks are darker and other colors more natural. HDR enhances image quality and details that are usually lost in translation in older TVs with standard display models.

Premium models like KD-65A8G  comes with proprietary Dolby Vision HDR which is best standard for HDR out there. HDR that other budget brands provide is usually HDR10 which supports 10 bit color depth. But Dolby Vision support 12-bit color depth instead of just 10. Though this difference might not seem big but it translates profoundly when it comes to color reproduction, Dolby Vision HDR TV are capable of producing up to 68 billion colors as opposed to 1 billion colors by HDR10.

Premium models also support HDR gaming which means you can enjoy PS4 on your giant TV with brilliant visuals and impeccable graphics, thanks to the mesmerising HDR technology.

Add to the power of HDR high-end Sony 4K TVs also are bestowed with Wide Color Gamut (WCG) technology. Sony’s trademark TRILUMINOS Display using WCG technology reproduces every shades reds, greens and blues—colours which are otherwise difficult for ordinary TVs to display accurately. Thanks to WCG premium 4K Sony TV gives out the finest colour variations for the perfect looking pictures.

So Sony’s 4K TV with HDR +WCG are built to deliver the best content to you with a richer and more vibrant display compared to most other TVs. It presents a more lifelike image without hidden dark shadow regions and areas of sunlight.

MotionFlow XR for Blur-free Viewing

TVs are marketed using different specs and one of the lesser known parameters is refresh rate. Sony’s MotionFlow XR is the world’s first quadruple speed that can convert up to 200 frames per second. Faster the refresh rate, the clearer the perception of fast-moving objects on screen. Sony’s MotionFlow rate creates and inserts three new transient images from the incoming signal into the original image, thereby improving display speed and clarity and allowing for sharper and smoother onscreen images. This is particularly valuable when you are watching your favorite sport live. Sony premium models like KD-65A8F comes with impeccable 200Hz motion flow rate which allows to observe detailing even in the fast-paced scene which is otherwise lost as blur and judder in ordinary 4K TVs.


X-Protection Pro

Modern smart TVs by Sony come with X-Protection Pro technology that protects your TV from 4 failures:

  1. TV is designed such that there are no ventilation holes so that dust and other such particles don’t sneak inside the TV.
  2. It has internal safety capacitor which would protect the TV in case of sudden power surges.
  3. Cables and wire that comes with the TV are coated with special anti-humid coating so that there is no chance of short circuit due to high moisture level.
  4. Finally, there is a protection against the lightning strikes up to 9000 volts.

So this way you can be rest assure that your TV remains protected from the external anomalies like high moisture, lightning or power fluctuations.


How Does Sony TV Compare to Other Brands?

Sony is one of the premium brands. The brands that can be compared include Samsung, LG and Panasonic. However, Sony is the best in terms of picture quality. Samsung would have comparable picture quality.

In OS, LG has better user interface but Android has its own benefits in terms of availability of number of apps.

Sony Review: Pluses and Minuses

When it comes to TVs, Sony is one of the best and the safest bets available today owing to their great picture quality and overall appeal. In fact, Sony would soon launch stunning 8k TV (Z9G series) with mammoth screen size of 98′ in India soon. Even though they do not have great options in the budget range, their medium and high-end models are the best. Sony TVs have good handling of motion and great upscaling. However, Android OS isn’t as smooth as LG’s webOS. Samsung comes the closest to Sony, especially in the higher-range, while Sony TVs do better in terms of picture quality when compared to LG, even though the latter is at an advantage being more cost effective.

  • Sony-KLV-24P413D
    • 24 inch
    • HD Ready
    • 10 W + 10 W Audio
    • Refresh Rate: (native 50 Hz)
  • Sony-KD-49X7002G
    • 49 inch
    • Ultra HD
    • 10 W + 10 W Audio
    • SMART TV
    • Refresh Rate: Motionflow™ XR 200 (Native 50 Hz)
    • Yes (HDR10, HLG)
  • Sony-KLV-50W672G
    • 50 inch
    • Full HD
    • 10 W + 10 W Audio
    • SMART TV
    • Refresh Rate: Motionflow™ XR 200 (Native 50 Hz)
    • Yes(HDR10, HLG)2
  • Sony-KD-55X7400H
    • 55 inch
    • Ultra HD
    • 10 W + 10 W Audio
    • SMART TV
    • Refresh Rate: Motionflow™ XR 100 (Native 50 Hz)
    • Yes (HDR10, HLG)
  • Sony-KD-43X8000G
    • 43 inch
    • Ultra HD
    • 10 W+10 W Audio
    • SMART TV
    • Refresh Rate: Motionflow™ XR 200 (Native 50 Hz)
    • Yes (HDR10, HLG)
  • Sony-KD-55X8000G
    • 55 inch
    • Ultra HD
    • 10 W+10 W Audio
    • SMART TV
    • Refresh Rate: Motionflow™ XR 200 (Native 50 Hz)
    • Yes (HDR10, HLG)

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