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Vu LED TV in India - Review 2021

By on January 8, 2021 with 179 Comments  

Vu TV is the decade-old desi brand, which could be one of strong claimants for the best budget LED TVs in India. Vu pronounce as view, is the Indian brand which is grabbing the bull by its horns—taking on the TV giants like Samsung, Sony or LG, for that matter. It has been a disruptive brand which is changing the dynamics of the fast-growing Smart TV segment, with its innovation and sales, especially in the e-commerce space, where Indian buyers were traditionally hesitant to buy big appliances. In fact more than half of its sales happens through online channels. Online consumers in India are trusting Vu because it is providing what they want at the reasonable price (nearly half to the aforementioned premium brands) and offering them a good after sales support. Vu LED offers complete range of TVs starting from basic 32′ HD TV to the monstrous 100′ 4k TVs.

Key Vu TV Technologies

4K TV – Power of 8+ Million Pixels

Many of you might be aware that the 4K is the next big thing like HD was, all this time along in broadcasting. Like its name suggests, it is 4 times sharper than the Full HD TVs. With 4K, pictures would look mesmerizingly stunning and life-like with a minute details visible thanks to its high resolution. Complimented with its WCG (Wide Color Gamut) technology Vu TVs brings colors to lifelike color so that users can see color as naturally intended. This technology also helps in reproducing the color so that it matches with nature’s true palette when compare to standard LED TV’s, thus enabling users to enjoy videos and picture in their very true color.

Quantum Pixelight

Following the footsteps of bigwigs like Samsung and TCL, Vu too has launched quantum-dot powered displays in its Quantum Pixelight series. Quantum Pixelight models coming in large sizes of 65′ and 75′ feature QLED (quantum light emitting diode) display. Quantum here indicates quantum dots which are nano-sized crystals (one billionth of a meter or 1/10,000 of hair strand size!) made of semiconductor materials, which has a very good light absorbing and emitting capacity making it apt for brilliant display quality and energy efficiency.

Models coming with QLED use special optical materials for controlling multiple zones backlight and thus creates wide range colour and contrast depending upon content running on the display to bring out the vibrant, true-to-life picture quality. As opposed to conventional display which tends to get mix up with adjacent colors, quantum display provides improved color volume thus making visuals on the screen sharp and life-like.

HDR Supreme

Besides 4K another happening TV technology which Vu is focusing on, is HDR. So, what is HDR and its importance? HDR is High Dynamic Range which significantly expands the range of two important factors—contrast ratio and color accuracy Thus, bright parts of the image get much brighter, so it seems image possesses more depth. Color range expands to show brighter blues, greens, reds and everything in between. Thus HDR-compatible movies push TVs to their limit, with brighter highlights and perfect blacks.

Premium 4K Vu models come with HDR Supreme technology. What HDR Supreme does is, it enhances brightness range so that the brightest and darkest parts of the picture are distinctively visible. Besides the improvements on dynamic contrast, HDR Supreme also manages to enhance the picture detailing to provide users with high quality pictures.

dbX-TV with Dolby Digital to Give Sound Surround & Sonics

Premium Quantum Pixelight Vu models uses dbx-TV which are product of renown American brand Harman Kardon to provide users with high quality audio effect to compliment amazing 4K viewing experience. It provides quite a few useful audio improvements in the form of volume control, equalization, range control and custom calibration.

To get into more specifics, it has 3-way technology to give users complete mesmerizing listening experience:

  1. Total Volume: This technology is the boon for those users who gets irked by constant variation in loudness caused due to loud commercials, switching channels, etc which sometimes caused sudden unwanted spikes, ruining the listening experience. This technology removes the constant need for remote to mute loud commercials or lower the volume, to tame those sudden spikes.
  2. Total Sonics: Total Sonics is custom-tailored for Vu Premium TVs so that they can provide sophisticated sound, dynamic equalization to extend bass response, overload protection to trim down the distortion and various types of filters to widen the stereo output. All this is made possible keeping the speaker size small so TVs appear slim and premium.
  3. Total Surround: Total Surround delivers immersive surround sound which wonderfully compliments 3D TV offering from Vu. To achieve this, it employs its unique psychoacoustic processors that amplifies the aural cues that makes the sound to appear behind, beside and above the viewer. It can intelligently discern and classify rudimentary portions of TV audio like tone, dialog, special effects, spatial cues and background sound. It then efficiently controls each of these elements, so that dull TV sound gets transformed into vibrant all-around sound to give immersive experience.

Interestingly, latest 65′ and 75′ Quantum Pixelight Vu TVs come 55000 sound holes on the speaker with an integrated woofer ensure a beautiful audio effect. Also as it has Dolby Digital decoder so the content from the TV runs with excellent sound quality thanks to the powerful 45 watts metallic speaker in high end Quantum Pixelight series. The strength of Dolby Digital lies in compressing the size of multichannel audio files without disturbing the sound quality. What Dolby Digital does is, it takes cues from how human ear processes sound and implements it in its own functioning.

It provides 5 bandwidth channels: front right, front left, center, surround right, surround left for amazingly true sound feel. Thus, it expands right and left conventional stereo channels to give listeners enveloping 360 degrees of sound. This arrangement also helps in providing clean, crisp dialogue delivery of the onscreen sounds. Dolby Digital is known to deliver lively multichannel sound at low data rates. It also has Low-Frequency Effects (LFE) channel to grant deep, powerful bass effect to the listeners. This feature works great when there is a need to provide sound for special effects in action sequences in movies.

Android OS and Vu OS

Vu SMART TVs some years back used to come with Opera OS (operating systems). But now with the rising popularity of Android, Vu too has Android. But then some of its model comes with what Vu calls a Vu OS which is Opera-based operating system.

4K smart TV released by Vu in 2019 comes with Android Oreo TV OS. Being an Android TV, it comes with a Play Store to download apps from the app store and all the other Smart TV-relevant Google apps like Google Music, Google Play Movies, Google Games etc. Vu Android 4k TVs come with Chromecast built-in which facilitates seamless casting of videos, photos and other content from mobile, tablet or laptop on the giant Vu TV. And with Google Home app you can seamlessly control your TV with your Android smartphone.

For the TVs coming with Vu OS, there is AnyView Cast feature, to emulate function similar to Chromecast.  They also come with Remote Now app, which converts the smartphone into a remote for easy operating of TV.

Vu TVs Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the main qualities of Vu TVs are is value-for-money attribute. Nearly at the half the price of other premium Korean brands like Samsung or LG they provide nearly the same features. Also, they one of the rare TV manufacturers using A+ grade panel for its LEDs. It provides good amount of ports like HDMI, ethernet, USB to connect other devices to it. It also offers USB 3.0 in its high-range devices which again is quite appreciable.

But on the downside, neither the build quality is as premium as Sony or Samsung, nor the picture quality is as strikingly beautiful as OLED TVs from LG or Panasonic. Also, the quality of remote is flimsy and durability of this brand is a matter of concern. Even the user interface isn’t as fast as blitz, despite of hosting quad core processor. Motion blur and judder are present when a fast-action movie is played.


VuTV is one of the fastest growing TV brand in India, growing 28% year-on-year and has clocked 1000 crores revenues for the financial year 2018-19. Vu, is one of the brand which dared to break the unspoken rule of Indian retail—big appliances won’t find much buyers on e-commerce. Thanks to wide presence on e-commerce platforms, Vu TVs are becoming hot cake especially when discount and flash sales are on. Beyond the virtual space, it also has outlets in many cities in India like Mumbai, Pune, Puducherry, Indore etc. So considering all this, barring a few misses in the build and picture quality, it still could be your go-to brand if your budget is limited but aspirations aren’t!

  • Vu-50PM
    • 50 inch
    • Ultra HD
    • 30 W Audio
    • SMART TV
    • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
    • HDR10, Dolby Vision
  • Vu-55PM
    • 55 inch
    • Ultra HD
    • 30 W Audio
    • SMART TV
    • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
    • HDR10, Dolby Vision
  • Vu-65PM
    • 65 inch
    • Ultra HD
    • 30 W Audio
    • SMART TV
    • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
    • HDR10, Dolby Vision

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