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Best Electric and Manual Juicers in India in 2020

By on January 31, 2020 with 10 Comments  

Eating fresh fruits is better than gulping juice. But still, the juicing craze is all around us. From celebrities to health buffs, everyone is propagating its benefits. Freshly squeezed fruits are not only delicious but are also easy to digest, and ideal for the modern eat-on-the-go lifestyle.

Come summer and demand for yummy juice goes up in every house. Providing the best quality juice with vitamins/minerals intact and the right ingredients for the taste becomes a challenge for every mom or homemaker in a house. Going around a shopping mall, talking to sales advisers and choosing the best Juicer is always a painful exercise.

There is a large variety of Juicers available in the market: as a standalone function (i.e. Juicer, mixer or blender) or part of multi-functional home appliance available in the market called food processor. In this article, we will talk about a standalone home appliance, i.e. Juicer or juicer/blender/mixer and partly on food processors. There are mainly two types of juicers: manual and power-driven centrifugal type. Power-driven centrifuging are of two types: with a USB port and the most commonly used 230V AC type. 230V AC electric motor juicers are generally with additional jars and cutters for blending/mixer/grinding also for multi-functional usages.

Manual Juicer

You might be surprised to find that Manual Juicers are still in use by a large group of people. The reasons behind the existence of manual juicers is the convenience in use, simple design, and affordable price. The simplicity of manual juicing is the main reason why they still serve as a great gadget for all juicing requirements. Most varieties of manual juicers are very compact and can be carried along very easily. Manual Juicer gives you the flexibility of enjoying your daily dose of juices without the need of electricity. The only thing that you need is a bit of muscle power and your relishing juice gets ready for you in minutes.

Most manual juicers have only a few parts such as feeder and a body. You need not bother about the availability of electricity. These juicers are simple, durable, low cost, easy to maintain, quiet with no noise and simple to clean. And most importantly there is no loss of nutritional value, minerals, enzymes. It also does not cause any oxidation which the centrifuging Juicer causes due to heat produced by the friction between the spinning tools and the fruit/vegetables. The juices extracted using a manual juicer come along with the pulp, which people may or may not like. People who do not like the pulp along with the juice should not go for a manual juicer.

The accessories of a manual juicer contain

  1. Juicer Collector with Strainer
  2. Waste Collector Tray
  3. Pusher
  4. Stainless Steel Handle

This kind of Juicer is most suitable for soft/pulpy/juicy fruits like orange, pineapple, grapes, sweet lime, watermelon, pomegranate, spinach, tomato, mango, melon, etc. The price is in the range of 500-700/-, depending on the additional accessories like cutters for slicing the fruits/vegetables, jars, etc.

Based on some important few features and the general requirement of any home, the bijlibachao team has identified the best five makes namely Floraware, H k Villa, Besque, Bluzon, Wixxon available in the market and selection of such Juicer.

Electrical Juicer

In spite of so many advantages of a manual juicer, people still like to use electric juicers because manual juicers are a little time-consuming, need extra effort, and are not suitable for non-citrus food or vegetables. They are also not useful when a large quantity of juice is required.

One of the essential requirements for an Electric Juicer is that it should use food-grade material for the container because it works at high speeds. The container material should be of food-grade, non-toxic and eco-friendly material and free of BPA (Bisphenol A). Some research has shown that BPA can seep into food or beverages if made in a container having BPA. Use of food-grade material adds to the cost of the juicer. However, the Food and Drug Administration of USA suggests that at Low Levels, BPA is still safe.

Electric Juicers are of two types: centrifuging (low price range) and cold press type (high price range). Cold Press has certain advantages over centrifuging type and we will discuss them in subsequent paragraphs.

Centrifuging Juicer

A Centrifuging juicer works by rotating fruits/vegetables or any other content at very high speeds. During the process, it crushes the fruit/vegetable using a cutting tool and the juice separates from the pulp due to the centrifuging process. Since it operates at high speeds it generates a lot of noise. But since it is used for a short duration, the noise does not bother much.

There are two types of centrifuging juicers available in the market: one which operates on 230V normal power supply (usually used for household application) and another which is used for travel requirements as it operates on chargeable battery/power bank/laptop/mobile phone, etc.

USB Type Juicer

These are very handy, portable, good for travel juicers for making orange juice, milkshake, cold coffee, etc. But they are certainly not good for all juicing requirements as they have a low power rating of the motor. If you want to use it for non-citrus food, then adding water is necessary. Also, it will not start if the container is packed with cut fruits. It has a safety feature, that unless the container is tight, it will not start. Once the container is tight, the electric circuit gets completed and the motor starts.

It is provided with a chargeable battery which can be charged through the USB port. It also has a port through which you can charge your phone as well.

But be careful, since the cost of the product is very less (Rs. 600-800/-), either it does not have Warranty or it is limited to only 30 days. Since there are good reviews of few brands, you may take that there may not be many failures of the sold product but don’t grudge if the one sold to you fails for any reason since the Warranty is either not there or limited to 30 days.

230 V AC

These juicers are generally part of the juicer/blender/mixer/grinder etc. being marketed by most of the reputed brands. These operate with a motor of 500-900W which is usually run for a short time: up to 1-5 minutes. These are handy, compact and consume less space as compared to a food processor. They usually have 2-3 jars of 200-500 ml capacity with 2-3 types of cutters, which also accounts for the price difference. The price varies due to jars, cutters, product dimensions, weight, etc. Since the usage of the appliance is limited to a few minutes, the electricity consumption is not a major criterion while selecting the model.

There are different kinds of juicers specially designed to extract juice from different varieties of fruits and vegetables. The elongated jar is perfect for preparing juice of fruits like bananas, apples, guavas and more. The wide jar with a feeding tube at the top will help you extract juices from citrus fruits. It also will have an outlet for the extraction of pulp.

Some brands offer locking arrangement in which unless the jar is secured, the motor will not start, this is because the speed at no load can go very high and can be dangerous. Overload protection arrangement is provided in all brands which trip the motor if it does not rotate freely. Ensure that the plug is of three pins so that in case of any earth fault, you don’t get a shock. The appliance may give some burning smell during the first two/three usages but if it continues then contact the customer care immediately. Warranty is generally for two years for the product and five years for the motor but always check the description before buying. Warranty is applicable in a similar way irrespective of the mode of purchase i.e. online or through the dealer. Always keep the invoice along with the warranty card. The GST paid invoice with warranty mentioned on the guidebook is acceptable for the purpose of the warranty claim. In case your complaint is not addressed, don’t hesitate to approach  Consumer Forum ( you don’t have to hire the services of a lawyer) for non-compliance of warranty obligation, ensure the invoice is GST paid. For this purpose visit the website of consumer forum of your district.

Noise level is generally very high due to high speeds. It is specified by a few brands to be around 80 dB. And it is difficult to differentiate and recommend any model on this basis. Since usage is limited to 1-2 minutes, one never feels at loss with this noise level. The acceptable level of Mixer Grinder is 80-90 dB as compared to the human noise level of 50-60 dB.

We are recommending brands having motor power between 400-900 W. For tough grinding such as turmeric, masala or idli batter – use mixer grinders with wattage rating 750 Watts or more. Don’t go for a higher rating motor if you want to use for juicer and blender purpose only.

There are large many brands available in the market. The famous brands provide value to the product through better engineering, experience gained over the period, warranty and customer friendly service center. Based on this, the most popular brands identified by our team which shall meet the requirement of any Indian family are Nutri Bullet/Nirja Bullet design of USA (but may be manufactured in China or any other country), Morphy Richards, Phillips, Prestige, Maharaja, Panasonic, Bajaj, Havells. Insalsa, Sujata, etc. (Disclaimer: Our identification of these brand does not in any way having any negative recommendations towards other brands)

Ninja Brand

This is another make with three of its famous brands  but a price tag of Rs 5000-9000/- are as under:

Cold Press Type (Masticating and triturating type)

This group is called cold press juicer wherein the extraction of juice is by pressing the fruit/vegetables/leaves with the extraction of dehydrated pulp.

A masticating juicer known as cold press juicer or slow Juicer uses a single auger to compact and crush produce into smaller sections before squeezing out its juice along a static screen while the pulp is expelled through a separate outlet.

The triturating Juicer, or twin-gear Juicer, has two gears that are assembled very close to each other. When the produce goes into the machine, the gears rotate to crush and grind it into very small particles and extract the juice, pushing out the very dry pulp. Pros. Very high yield

It produces high-quality clear juice with no foam, a choice of juice passionate person. It does not generate oxidation and the degradation time is of 36-72 hours as compared to 1-2 hours for centrifuged juice. It has very high yield with almost dry pulp, negligible noise, speed is around 80-100 rpm as compared to 10,000 rpm for centrifugal type. The price range is around 2-6 times as compared to the centrifugal type. Request for home demo after purchase since the manual may not be able to answer all your queries. Be careful to cut the hard vegetables into pieces before extracting the juice for better result.

In case cost does not matter you and found of fresh fruit, vegetable and herbal juices, go for it.

Food Processor

An All-in-one food processor helps a homemaker in processing various foods requiring the function of the vegetable slicer, chopping, blending, mixing, dry/wet grinding, dough kneader, Juicer, etc. They are available in different capacities and sizes to suit the requirement. It comes with different blades and discs to perform slicing, shredding, grating, juicing and kneading the dough as well. It also has a feeding tube for you to add ingredients while slicing or shredding continuously. The manufacturers provide spatulas, blades, and covers for additional convenience. It is mostly electrical (230 V) operated but a few are battery operated too (better avoid it unless the function is limited to juicing only) for portable use.

JGM (Juicer/mixer/grinder) meets most of a kitchen’s requirement, but All-in-one Food Processors add jars and blades/disc to meet various other needs. The motor is rating is between 750-1000 W with at least two processes can be taken simultaneously, one with the longer jar at the top and the one with a broad diameter at the base.

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