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Best LED TV in India Under 60000 in 2024

By on January 9, 2023

With so many brand and models available in market, consumers are bombarded with options to buy. This can be very confusing for many people and that is why we at Bijli Bachao started providing list of top most energy efficient and good models in the market a few years back. Since then our top ten section has been quite popular. Our post on Top Ten LED TVs in India has been one in demand for quite some time. However, people searching for budget specific requirements at times do not get to that page and thus we have created this post for Top Ten LED TVs in India under Rs 60000.

Please note that we have given detailed buying guide on our Top Ten LED TVs page, that can help you decide on what to look for while buying a new TV. The list below is just a part of the big list on that page, and this one just give the list of top led tv models under the budget of Rs 60000.

Best LED TVs under Rs 60000

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