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IFB Washing Machine in India – Review 2019

By on August 14, 2019 with 59 Comments  

IFB is one of the rare, local but world-class premium brand. It is the market leader in the front loaders segment occupying over 40% of the market. This number is humongous given that even LG, the distant second occupies around 32%. These statistics speaks volumes about the presence this four-decade old brand has, in this segment. Though established in 1974 as engineering tools and blanking component manufacturers, but now has a solid presence in the consumer electronics market. Foraying into the washing machine segment at the time of economic liberalization in 1991, company has come a long way and positioned itself as market leader in the front loader segment. Build quality of IFB washing machine is superior. Industry experts reckon this is due to its partnership with Bosch and Siemens at the time when it decided to embark into the electrical appliances segment.

Key Washing Machine Technologies

Smart Loader to Smartly Manage Your Laundry

Smart Loaders are new class of washing machine which IFB believes are India’s first smart washing machine. It is smart in the sense that it takes care of the special needs otherwise not possible with conventional washing machines. For example, it smartly discerns heavily soiled school uniform which your kid would have stained during the recently concluded sports event to the near-invisible stray string of your puppy’s hair tucked inside your T-shirt. Smart loaders are also armed with smart technologies to save electricity and thereby your hard-earned money. Best part is that Smart Loaders comes with 4 years of warranty. Not only this, it also comes with 10 years spare parts support promise.

Wide Gamut of Wash Styles Soothing Your Specialized Need

New breed of IFB front loaders offers wide range of washing styles like:

  1. Air bubble Wash
  2. 360° Wash
  3. Cradle Wash
  4. O2 Wash
  5. Steam Wash

360° Wash

360° wash is achieved using an uncommon but interesting water framework which spouts the water in a 360° manner inside the drum. IFB manifest ingenious engineering where water in the wash system is sprayed out directly through a nozzle on the garments under wash, with the specifically designed drum circulating it for 360-degree motion. This wash ensures that the loaded clothes are being evenly soaked with detergent properly penetrating to provide an immaculate wash

O2 Wash

O2 wash is the technological innovation by IFB wherein washer generates millions of air bubbles which goes deep into the fabric to remove out the stubborn dirt to give a clean wash. And then during the rinse cycle through 3D wash system, the washer forces out all the detergent off the garments so that the washed-out clothes comes out absolutely clean out of the machine.

Cradle Wash

Revolutionary washing styles like 360° and O2 are pretty effective for giving stain-free wash for heavily soiled large pile of laundry. But what about the delicate wears? Well, the answer is IFB’s Cradle wash. Cradle wash is exquisitely crafted for washing the delicate clothes like satins, laces, silk etc, preventing the washer and the detergent to get too harsh on them. Cradle wash thus ensures the gentle care such delicate garments deserve.

Steam Wash

In high end IFB washing machine water and steam forms a dynamic duo. A small proportion of water can be used to generate a lot of steam, which then expands to occupy more volume. Steam wash helps in complementing the water wash, by keeping the loaded laundry soft, gentle and wrinkle-free.

Aqua Energie to Tackle and Treat Hard Water

Hard water problem is common in various places across India. Besides the ill health impact that hard water causes, it is also hazardous to the washer. It becomes difficult to dissolve detergent in hard water if used in the washer. Also, white layers of residues get accumulated around the drum and the supply pipe, thereby choking them. To tackle this challenge arising out of hard water IFB has come up with Aqua Energie technology.

Main purpose of Aqua Energie technology is to treat and convert hard water to soft. Models equipped with this technology have a built-in aqua filter that breaks down the bicarbonates in hard water into minutely fine crystals. Due to very small size of this generated crystals, they are easily removed alongside the flow of water. Thus, this way it mitigates the risk of scale accumulating on critical machine parts and subsequently getting choked. This treated water also revives the effectiveness of detergent for cleaning.

Tiradic Pulsator

Though IFB is market leader in front loaders, it is making attempt to cater audience preferring top loaders. In the last few years IFB has been manufacturing top loader washing machine too and impressing with its washing performance in this type of washers as well. Tiradic Pulsator used in the new high-end IFB washing machines is the testimony of that. It has soft scrub pads for gentle removal of stains. Then the powerful swirl 3D jet of water is activated, which helps in dislodging dirt from every corner of the garments.

IFB – Is Fine or Bad?

Though IFB has good clout over washing machine segment in India, it still has the scope for improvement. Let’s see what’s great about IFBs and what’s not so good.

Good things first. One of the commendable entity of IFB washing machine is its quick wash time compared to other premium brands like Samsung or LG. Rapid wash functionality available in high washers is pretty quick in completing the cleaning. Also, some smart loaders provide a high-speed variable frequency drive motors capable of clocking 1400 RPM which outshines its competitors. Moreover, it’s load adjustable; meaning you can change the speed of the motor to suit your needs of laundry. Also, the hard water to soft water conversion is great utility option for those residing in towns where supply-water is usually hard.

Talking about the not so good stuff, IFB washer’s build quality isn’t as premium as those offered by LG or Whirlpool. Though IFB is pretty reliable and robust brand, it lacks innovative features offered by Samsung or LG washers. For example, to counter FlexWash by Samsung or TwinWash by LG there isn’t any tangible alternative from IFB. Also, you might find some issue with servicing in some tier-2 or tier-3 cities and towns with IFB washers.


IFB, a business established during the Bengal’s communist regime has come a long way to become a dominant force in Indian washing machine industry. It’s a commendable effort considering other Indian brands like Videocon, Godrej and BPL have failed to impress Indian audience against the likes of foreign brands—Whirlpool, LG, Panasonic etc. With more than two decades of experience in this segment, and earlier partnerships with reputed global firms like Bosch and Siemens, IFB has time and again come out with products with robust build quality and decent cleaning performance at a reasonable price. It’s a shrewd Indian brand, spending minimum on advertising and marketing of its products. IFB’s primary brand attraction has been mainly due to word-of-mouth publicity and repeat purchases by the customers.

Some Popular IFB Models:

  • IFB - Senator Aqua SX 8Kg
    • 8.000 kgs
    • Front Load Washing Machine
  • IFB - Senorita Aqua SX 6.5 Kg
    • 6.500 kgs
    • Front Load Washing Machine
  • IFB - Serena Aqua SX 7Kg
    • 7.000 kgs
    • Front Load Washing Machine
  • IFB - Elite WX 7.5 kg
    • 7.500 kgs
    • Front Load Washing Machine
  • IFB - Elite Plus VX ID 7.5 Kg
    • 7.500 kgs
    • Front Load Washing Machine
  • IFB - TL-RDSS 6.5 KG Aqua
    • 6.500 kgs
    • Top Load Washing Machine
  • IFB - TL-RCH 7.5 KG Aqua
    • 7.500 kgs
    • Top Load Washing Machine

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