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Onida Washing Machine in India – Review 2024

By on February 23, 2022

Onida is one of the trusted desi brands which is slowly gaining mileage in washing machine space. Double-digit growth in washing machine sales in the testament of this. Onida is a brand of Mirch Electronics group. For those who are concern about Onida brand quality, would be surprised to know that this brand was amongst top 30 most trusted Indian brands as per Brand Trust report published in 2014. Also, Onida is only one of the few selected brands to have won an award from the Indian government. It won the accolade “Award for Excellence in Electronics” by Ministry of Information Technology. Onida provides all types of washing machines, from semi-automatic to fully automatic and from top loaders to front loaders. It designs and prices its products keeping in mind the need of Indian consumers and their budget—which is usually thrifty.

Key Washing Machine Technologies

Big & Intelligent LED Display

New Onida front load washing machines comes with big and bright LED display. Besides the clear display, intelligent control is embedded within the display panel, which smartly selects water filling level and wash cycle type. This decision is made based on the amount of load inside the drum and quality/type of the cloth stuffed inside the machine. It also has remaining time display functionality, which allows the user to know the status of the washing cycle. Also, it tells time left to complete the cycle.

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Effective Anti-Bacterial Wash

Bacteria can be left inside the clothes due to inefficient wash by the washers. Onida washing machines are powered with anti-bacteria technology gives hygienic wash by decimating harmful bacteria. Also, they remove out any detergent residue left inside the clothes.

Fuzzy Logic for Smart Washing Decisions

Fuzzy Logic is a promising concept, especially in the laundry technology. To construe its power, fuzzy logic is to washing machine what artificial intelligence (AI) is to smartphones. Fuzzy logic is an approach based on the degree of truth rather than the simple true or false (1 or 0) Boolean logic on which the present-day computers work.

Fuzzy logic employs sensors that incessantly monitor varying conditions within the machine and then accordingly adjust operations for the optimum wash result. Though there is no fixed standard for fuzzy logic they generally control the following washing processes:

  • Water intake
  • Water temperature
  • Wash time
  • Spin speed
  • Rinse performance

Beyond these, fuzzy logic also checks for the degree of soiling, the quantity of soap, water, detergent etc needed, direction and speed of the spin. Moreover, using fuzzy logic, machine rebalances washing load to ensure correct spinning.

Drum Clean

Bacteria residing in clothes can be killed with an anti-bacterial wash but what about those roosting inside the drum of the washing machine? As an answer to this Onida uses Drum Clean technology. What it does is, just at the press of the button, it automatically obliterates the residue in the diaphragm through drum sanitization. Drum cleaning is done using hot water and water jet streams.

Express Wash & Night Wash to Ease out the Laundry Chores

In this ultra-modern world, time is a paucity. And to get time for supposedly menial work like laundry is even more difficult. So, if you are someone who is constantly in a rush and can’t wait for tedious laundry process to complete, Onida’s premium washers empowers you with Express Wash option. When enabled, it will complete wash of lightly soiled clothes in just 15 minutes. Also, if you plan to put garments for wash and then doze off without monitoring the wash cycle till the end, there is an option called Night Wash to help you out. With Night Wash on, Onida washers will render a silent wash Because, in this mode, the spin process is disabled to cut short noise generated during the spin process. Thus, Night Mode option is not only useful to impart noise-free wash but would also help in areas where differential electricity pricing as per time-of-the-day applies to save on electricity bill.

Diamond Flower Drum with Stainless Steel Tub

New premium top loaders from Onida comes with Diamond Flower Drum which is specially designed to deliver a perfect wash. It delivers a gentle cleaning of the garments when get rubbed against the walls of the tub. Also, they are designed to consume less water than their predecessors. Tub inside the machine is made up of stainless steel which keeps tub protected from corrosion and rusting. This deters the dwelling of bacteria inside the machine which otherwise could cause health hazards. Also, the tub is equipped with auto-unbalance detection mechanism. Using this mechanism, if clothes inside the tub are not evenly distributed, the machine would automatically start and stop multiple times until the loaded laundry distributes uniformly.

Turbo Drying to Dry it Faster

Using Turbo Dry technology Onida washers spins hard and fast, to expedite the drying process. Due to rapid spinning, more air is drawn inside the tub. It is then supplemented by an air blast targeted on the washed clothes which make them dry faster. This feature is especially useful for the people residing in the humid area where conventional household drying method won’t work due to ambient environmental conditions like rain or excessive moisture.

Child Lock

Good thing about new Onida top load washing machines is that they come with a Child Lock option so that you can lock all the settings so that they don’t change when your kid meddles with the touch panel of the washing machine. Also, this touch panel is waterproof meaning you don’t need to worry while operating with wet hands.

Rust-Proof Body with Castor Wheels

All new models of Onida washing machine come with the rust-proof body. It is made up of high-quality plastic which would endure heavily humid climate without getting corroded. Also, it is non-breakable. Thus, you can be assured of its longevity.

There is always a risk of damaging washing machine while shifting from one place to another. The absence of wheel creates lots of hassles while moving the heavy appliance around. The new line-up of Onida top loaders is equipped with castor wheels which impart portability to the washer. Castor wheels are made up of high-quality plastic, strong enough to handle the heavy load of the appliance even during the transfer from one place to another.

Onida Washing Machine’s Pros and Cons

Onida washing machines primarily compete in the budget and mid-range market where it faces direct competition from another Indian brand IFB. Panasonic, Electrolux, Videocon etc. are its other major competitors too. So, let’s see what’s good and bad about Onida washers compared to its rivals.

Talking about good things, Onida is one of those brands that try to bring new technologies at an affordable price. Though Onida might not be the forerunner of innovation, it makes sure it doesn’t fall behind the market’s behemoth in terms of technological advancements. Another plus point of Onida washers is they provide a complete range of washing machine i.e semi-automatic top loaders, fully automatic top loaders, and fully automatic front loaders. So, it can cater needs of the larger customer base. Another good thing about Onida washers is they provide loads of washing programs, giving ample of options to the consumers.

Talking about the cons, Onida presently doesn’t have new hardware arrangements like direct drive and digital inverter in its washing machines. Similarly, Onida misses out on innovative features offered by Samsung or LG. For example, to counter FlexWash by Samsung or TwinWash by LG there isn’t any alternative from Onida. Another area where Onida needs to work better is in the customer service department, for there are lots of complaints from customers, that customer care executives can’t solve their issues.


Onida is an established Indian brand having 300+ customer relations centre across India. It offers all types of washing machines. With modern washing machines from Onida coming with fuzzy logic technology, washing machines are smarter, efficient and deliver more thorough cleaning. Also, premium washing machines from Onida comes with useful options like delayed wash and night wash, so one can schedule wash as per his/her convenience. Onida washing machines generally offer a good value for money. So, if want to only go for an Indian brand this could be your go brand if you cannot afford IFB.

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