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Whirlpool Washing Machine in India – Review 2024

By on October 17, 2022

Whirlpool is one of trusted premium brand when it comes to washing machines. It offers wide gamut of washing machines, technological innovations and abundant customization options. This premium American brand came into existence in 1911. Whirlpool which happens to be the first-ever manufacturers of motor-driven wringer washers, has now grown into world’s largest home appliance maker. Whirlpool entered Indian shores in 80s by partnering with TVS group; whose shares they later acquired. They have manufacturing units in Pondicherry, Pune and Faridabad, while the headquarter is located in Gurgaon. Whirlpool’s latest flagship series is empowered with tons of features like water jet wash, gentle tumbling wash, sensor-based load detection to mention a few. Detailed coverage of latest Whirlpool washers in covered in the article.

Key Washing Machine Technologies

Beautiful But Robust Edge to Edge Design

Whirlpool 360 bloom wash machines come with aesthetically pleasing wide edge-to-edge design for its premium top loaders. Whirlpool has received prestigious IF Design award for it in 2019. Not the design is exquisite but also robust. It comes with soft close lid which employs hydraulic mechanism for opening and closing of the door which not only imparts premium feel but also safeguard the lid from damage. Furthermore, the control panel mounted near the lid is waterproof and shockproof.

whirlpool washing machine 360

Whirlpool 360 bloomwash washing machin with hydraulic soft lid opening mechanism

Tumble Care & Pentawash for Clean & Gentle Wash

Top Load Automatic washing machines from Whirlpool are powered with effective Tumble Care technology. It employs advanced sensors to automatically sense the laundry conditions. Tumble Care technology gives unique 360° Tumble Motion. It makes loaded laundry in multiple tumbles, similar to a blooming flower. This ensures smooth and through cleaning of the garments. Tumbling action is usually associated with Front Load washing machines, and with this technology, Whirlpool has tried to replicate the washing action of a Front Load Washing machine in a Top Load Washing machine.

Semi-automatic machines from Whirlpool use Pentawash to provide scale-down version of Tumble Wash. New semi-automatic machines are armed with high torque agipeller for powerful wash. Also, it has 5 differentiated vanes to provide better cleaning.

FreshCare and Ultra Cleaning for Bacteria Removal

One of the problems that consumers face with washing machines, especially when the clothes are stuffed in the washers for a long period of time, is they give out foul odour. Whirlpool tries to solve this problem using patented FreshCare technology. It helps to keep clothes fresh and odour-free by tumbling them periodically up to 6 hours, even after the cycle ends. This means even if the user forgets to take out the laundry after cleaning, FreshCare would make sure that garments smells fresh. It also prohibits bacterial growth by making provision for air proliferation.

Also, latest Whirlpool washers are complimented with UltraClean technology which helps to kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria, which would otherwise cause health issues. Using techniques like 3D scrub and soak, agitation and built in heater, UltraClean technology helps in removing 25 types of stubborn stains.

SoftMove for Perfectly Tailored Cleaning

Using SoftMove technology, Whirlpool’s front loaders smartly senses load in the drum. It then acts upon it using adaptive programs and drum movements soothing individual need based on fabric type. Here is the short list of various motion wash designed for different fabric type:

  • Energetic wash: for bright cotton clothes
  • Soft cradle: for woollen clothes
  • Power shower: for synthetic laundry
  • Slow motion: for delicate clothes like sock, scarfs etc

6th Sense Stainwash Deep Clean Technology with in-built Heater

Stain removal is never an easy task for any washer. Whirpool utilizes decades of experience in fabric care and cleaning to facilitate removal of 16 different type of tough stains. Stainwash deep clean is another patented 6-stage technology which combines chemical, mechanical and thermal action for immaculate wash. At every stage of the wash, there is smartly-controlled, gradual increase in temperature using in-built heater. Different combination of temperature helps in removing different types of stains. For example, at 35°C protein stains are removed while at 55°C oily stains are expelled out from the clothes. Premium Supreme Care models are additionally equipped with Colour 15° technology which averts color fading problem by effectively utilizing softeners. Similarly, BioStains 15° removes the stubborn stains like blood to ensures comprehensive garment protection.

Budget machines like semi-automatic washers are provided with StainFree technology. When activated it ensures ejection of 10 household stains like:

  1. Coffee
  2. Sauce
  3. Butter
  4. Jam
  5. Crayons
  6. Deos
  7. Chocolate
  8. Hair oil
  9. Soft drinks
  10. Honey

Three 3D Technologies: 3D Scrub, 3D Lint Filter & 3D Turbo Impeller

Whirlpool semi automatic washing machines comes with three 3D technologies for a perfect wash. First is the 3D scrub technology which gives impeccable cleaning every time. 3D scrum makes laundry inside the machine rotate in an up-down motion which removes toughest of stains in a gentle manner. Second is powerful 3D lint filters  which is a three-layered filter for filtering out lint so that the washed clothes as smooth and lint-free. Finally there is a 3D turbo impeller which facilitates the 3D wash of the clothes inside this semi automatic washing machine.

Auto Detergent Dispenser

It’s always a tough call to decide right amount of detergent for the laundry. Too much of detergent will not only deplete stock of detergent faster, but would also increase the water intake. Because it would need more water to dissolve. And if not dissolve properly, residues of it would remain tucked in the clothes, which would then cause skin allergies and irritation. This might make you think that paltry amount of detergent is rather better. But then, too little detergent can cause its own complications. Besides downgrading the washing performance, too little detergent can cause discoloration and unpleasant odours. To counter this predicament of deciding correct detergent intake, Whirlpool front loaders use Auto Detergent Dosage. When enabled, this technology cleverly determines the optimum quantity of detergent based on amount of load and degree of soiling in the clothes, to provide a perfect wash.

Top loaders like Fully Automatic 360° series are equipped with Automatic Softener Dispenser too. This ensures garments are not just immaculately clean, but also soothingly soft and fresh.

Hard Water Wash to Handle Hard Water Problem

Hard water problem is common in various places across India. Noida is one of the big city facing this problem. Besides the ill health impact that hard water leads to, it is also hazardous to the washer. It becomes difficult to dissolve detergent in hard water if used in the washer. Also, white layers of residues get accumulated around the drum and the supply pipe, thereby choking them. To tackle this challenge arising out of hard water, Whirlpool has Hard Water option for semi-automatic machine series like Ace. This unique Hard Water Wash option helps in achieving better dirt and stain cleaning even when the supplied water is hard.

ZPF and Terminix Technology to Wash Even In Low Pressure

Premium Whirlpool fully automatic top load washing machines come with ZPF technology which fills the wash tub around 50% faster even when the water pressure drops to 0.017MPa. Dynamix technology on the other hand ensures that there is no detergent residue left when the clothes are cleaned even when the supplied water pressure is low.

Whirlpool’s Whirls and Crawls

Though Whirlpool is pretty solid brand, it too has its pros and cons. Comparing with other premium brands like Samsung and LG, Whirlpool is arguably the quietest one around. It’s high-end Supreme Care series, can prove to be a blessing for soft sleepers who gets awake with any stray noise around. It’s loudness (or rather lack of noise) is tantamount to that of a library. Also thanks to its eons of experience and efficient engineering, Whirlpool Front Load machines can reduce your woes of electricity bills. Even water consumption is on a lower side compared to other brands. Another major plus for Whirlpool washers are its slick intuitive controls, with gamut of programming options and styles. Whirlpool’s premium washers are capable of keeping clothes fresh and odour-free, hours after wash is completed, thanks to its FreshWash technology.

The area which Whirlpool doesn’t shine bright is the washing performance. Though its efficient but degree of cleaning is generally on a lower side compared to other premium brands. Good thing is that the degree of cleaning can be optimized by smartly using right programs and cycles. Like if BioStains and Intensive option is used than cleaning performance can be improved significantly. Another missing feature with Whirlpool washers is delayed start option. Though it might not matter for residential consumers but for usage in commercial premises this might be an issue. Because there are differential tariffs based on day’s timing. Also Agipellers present in Whirlpool Top Loaders can cause some tangling of cloths which may not be really good for the life of your cloths.


Whirlpool is one of old and trusted brand when it comes to cleaning appliances. With 100+ years in laundry, you can surely opt for Whirlpool if budget is not your concern. Whirlpool washers are energy efficient, astonishingly silent and would also provide decent cleaning performance—provided users customize the programs correctly. While Tumble Care ensures immaculate wash during cleaning cycle, FreshCare would make sure those washed clothes remain fresh, dry and bacteria-free garments even after the wash. Understanding hard water problem in India Whirlpool washers are equipped with Hard Water Wash option to cleanse the clothes even in hard water. Also, BioStains 15° and Color 15° ensures immaculate wash even in cold water. Moreover, Whirlpool is one of the only brands to provide in-built heaters even in top loaders.

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