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Bajaj Geysers in India – Review 2024

By on October 17, 2022

Bajaj is India’s one of the most trusted brand when it comes to electrical appliances. Bajaj Electricals—a subsidiary of Bajaj group, manufactures household geysers. Company also has a presence in other areas such as luminaires, consumer durables, telecommunications etc. It’s worth noting that the lighting and electrical works in the Commonwealth Games held in Delhi were done by Bajaj. Bajaj Electricals offers all varieties of geysers—from a simple immersion type heater to the mammoth capacity storage water heaters. Also, they offer a new class of gas heaters which would work on PNG or CNG depending on the model of the geyser. With winters on the way, you can opt for Bajaj heaters if you don’t want to deal with freezing waters in those cold chilly winter mornings.

Key Technologies in Bajaj Water Heaters

Elegant Body Shell with Neon Indicators

New models from Flora series of Bajaj instant water heaters are spectators delight. With its exquisitely designed body shell, it surely adds to the aesthetics of the bathroom. Also new series of instant heaters like Flora and Majesty comes with a tempting neon indicator which gives the status of water heating and readiness on the display panel.

Adjustable Thermostat for Precise Temperature Control

How many times does it happen that you want a warm shower but geyser supplies you with very hot water and you need to add cold water for optimally heated water? Well, that won’t really be the case with new Bajaj models like Popular Plus which comes with an adjustable thermostat that allows the user to precisely control temperature of the knob so that you can warm water when you set it to the lowest and hot water when you set it to the highest and you can experiment with the temperature in between too.

Digital Display with Handsfree Remote Control

Latest high-end storage water heaters like Calenta Digi comes with modern features like the digital display and remote control.  The wireless remote control operated on batteries allows the user to set the temperature in the range of 35 degree Celsius  to 75 degree Celsius. Thus, users get the complete liberty to set the optimum water temperature according to their requirement without needing to mix cold water intermittently for optimal water temperature.

Easy Installation and Energy Efficient

Bajaj geysers come in all sizes and shapes. Moreover, horizontal heaters like Majesty comes with 16A-3 pin plug alongside other free mounting accessories, making the process of installation easy and hassle-free. Another good thing about these heaters is that they are convertible from wall mounting to floor mounting, thereby offering mounting flexibility if you decide to port the geyser to a differently constructed bathroom in future.. Most of the new storage heaters from Bajaj comes with 5-star BEE ratings. This simply means these heaters are highly energy-efficient and would help to trim down the electricity bill.

Thermoplastic Body and Glass lining to Fight Corrosion

Rusting is a common problem which impacts the water heater in the long run. Bajaj is in the geysers business for decades now and with their comprehensive domain experience, their new line of geysers is well-equipped to fight rust and corrosion. Instant water heaters from Bajaj are manufactured using an outer thermoplastic body which serves this purpose. The main advantage of using thermoplastic material is that they can be cooled and heated innumerable times without leading to any unwanted change in its chemical or mechanical property. Also, thermoplastic material helps in protection from electrostatic discharge.

Outer thermoplastic body is immune to corrosion but what about the tank where water gets heated and stored? Well, Bajaj has work in this area too, and it battles corrosion by employing glassline inner tank. The process of making glassline inner tank is an elaborate process. Here, the glass powders are applied onto the metal first and then heated in a furnace, which leads to the formation of a glass coating on the surface. It is a very effective technique providing tremendous resistance to corrosion.

PUF Insulation to Keep Heated Water Intact

New Bajaj geysers come with Poly-urethane-foam (PUF) injected into the heater so that heat from the water is not dissipated easily. Polyurethane is one of the subtypes of polymer class with the excellent insulating property. It finds wide industrial application in the field of automobiles, packaging, bedding etc. It’s worth noting that it is moulded inside the car seat to prevent engine’s heat to reach the seat. Thus, the cellular structure of PUF injected inside the tank of geyser helps to keep water in a heated state for prolonged time period.

Suitable For High-Rise Apartments

Modern Bajaj water heaters are designed to work in bathrooms of high-rise buildings. These heaters can withstand very high pressure head up to ground, for 8 bars, or 20 floors.

All-around Protection

Gas heaters from Bajaj are shielded with tangible protective measures. They are elaborated as follows:

  1. Child lock: All new gas heaters come with astutely designed child lock feature which disallows kids and toddlers from turning on the gas supply.
  2. Anti-freeze: Bajaj geysers comes with anti-freeze additives which decreases the freezing point of water so that during winters water don’t turn into ice in case if geyser is not used for a long time. Also, it increases the boiling point of water so at higher temperature water don’t escape in the form of vapours.
  3. Flame failure protection: This feature is used to prevent the buildup of large amounts of gas in case the pilot system goes out. This is done through the arrangement of thermocouple, coil, and valve.
  4. 20-minute timer: Bajaj gas heaters automatically cut off the gas and power after 20 minutes of incessant usage to avoid any mishap from taking place.
  5. Fire-retardant cable: Modern Bajaj geysers comes with a fire-retardant cable which resists combustion and restricts propagation of flames in case of fire.


Bajaj is a renowned desi brand, boasting of its presence in India even before the country earned its independence. Bajaj offers a rich catalogue of geysers to cater varied needs of the customers. Starting from basic and cheap immersion rod type heaters to all the way to 25 litres storage heaters, you’ll find them all with Bajaj. Also, they come with horizontal type heaters, suitable for those with limited vertical space or have height constraints in their bathroom. It is one of the rare Indian brands which offers 5-star heaters even for horizontal-style heaters.

Energy-efficiency is the main strength of Bajaj geysers and they are arguably best among all when it comes to efficiency. Another important area where Bajaj water heater excel is the standing loss of the heater. Standing loss is the amount of heat/energy lost to the surrounding in 24 hours while a water is heated. It is an important factor used by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) to decide on the star rating of a water heater. When tested by the organization Consumer Voice, Bajaj was found to be the best, passing their claims of standing loss with unmatchable accuracy.

The area where Bajaj needs to work is their reheating time. Theoretically speaking, reheating time is the time required for heating the water from 22oC to 72oC. This becomes an important factor in the areas where load-shedding is common. So, if you reside in a place where frequent power cuts are common, you might notice Bajaj heaters perform little sluggish to reheat the water back. But leaving this shortcoming Bajaj makes a decent choice when it comes to choosing a heating appliance. It provides comprehensive protection from rusting, corrosion, fire, and electricity and is designed to curb/prevent any untoward incident.

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