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Havells Geysers in India – Review 2018

By on June 6, 2018

Havells is one of the market leaders when it comes to water heating appliances segment. The company which started with a capital of meagre 10,000 Rs has now grown into 17,000 crores FMEG (fast-moving electrical goods) empire. Havells command a strong market presence, offering a wide spectrum of products like industrial & domestic circuit protection devices, cables & wires, motors, fans, modular switches, home appliances, electric water heaters, CFL lamps, luminaires for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Also, recently it has ventured into AC, TV and washing machine market after the acquisition of Lloyd. You would be surprised to know that Crabtree, Standard Electric and Promptech are actually sub-brands of Havells.

Havells is one of the sought-after brands when it comes to water heaters or geysers. It offers a complete range of water heaters like:

  1. Storage (tanked) water heaters
  2. Instant (tankless) water heaters
  3. Natural gas water heaters
  4. LPG gas water heaters

So many of you might be wondering what’s the difference? Well, water heaters can be classified in two ways. First is based on the capacity, where it can be storage water heater also known as a tanked water heater with capacity generally around 8-10 litres or more. While another type is instant water heaters, also called tankless water heaters which generally have much lesser capacity but deliver much faster heating than the storage counterpart. Another way of classifying water heaters is based on the fuel they used for heating. Though the conventional water heaters operate on electricity, there exist another lesser known new class of heaters which makes use of compressed gas to heat up the water. These are gas water heaters and are of two types: natural gas heaters and LPG gas heaters. Also, note that all Havells gas heaters are instant water heaters with lesser storage capacity but quicker heating.

Key Technologies in Havells Water Heaters

Pentashield Technology for All-Round Protection

Modern electric geysers from Havells are protected with Pentashield technology. They come with IPX4 technology which safeguards electrical parts from water splashing. There is a high precision thermostat control to change the temperature as per requirement. It has preset thermal cut-out if it exceeds the threshold temperature limit to avoid burning of geyser or catching of fire. Havells water heaters are also protected with ELCB (earth leakage circuit breaker). This makes sure that power supply is cut off immediately to the heater in case if any leakage of current is detected. This ensures protection from electrocution.

Beautiful Color-Changing LED Temperature Indicator

Adonia series of storage water heaters from Havells comes not only with the mammoth capacity of 25 litres storage but also with an aesthetically beautiful LED indicator which is one of its kind. It not only allows to adjust and display the temperature of the heater but also changes colour from blue to amber as the water heats to the desired temperature. Havells has patented this LED colour changing display, which means you’ll only see this feature in Havells water heaters. Digital temperature display is without the usual temperature display found in ordinary heaters, making it unique and is simply controlled with a feather touch. This makes the bathing experience more rich, intuitive and delightful.

Feroglass and Incoloy Glass for Durability

A new generation of Havells electric heaters is constructed with trademarked Feroglass technology. This means geyser is made with ultra-thick and super cold rolled steel plates. This imparts higher resistance to corrosion which in turn results in longer overall lifespan. The heating element of new Havells washer is coated with incoloy glass which helps in delivering better heating performance. It also provides resistance to oxidation, corrosion, and carbonization, which frequently occurs at higher temperatures. A Newer class of Havells heaters like Antonia and Puro have the capacity to withstand a high-pressure, up to 8 bars. This makes them suitable for high-rise buildings and towers where water comes with great pressure due to height. Also, there is a multi-function valve installed in the heaters which prevent the pressure to exceed 8 bars, thus ensuring the safety of the heater.

Whirlflow Technology to Avert Mixing of Water

Havells electric heaters make use of Whirlflow technology which prevents the mixing of cold water supplied from the main tank and hot water generated by heating from the geyser. This makes the hot water flow faster and improves energy saving roughly around 20%.

Flame Out and Overheat Protection of Gas Heaters

Electrical water heaters from Havells have Pentashield protection, but what about gas water heaters? Well, even the gas heaters of Havells are equipped with ‘all-inclusive’ protection too. With Flame Out protection Havells geysers will automatically cut off the gas whenever the flame goes out during the use. Similarly, Overheat protection feature will automatically cut off gas if the temperature of water flowing out of the heater exceeds 95o C. This would be a boon for those who fear/experienced an accidental burn due to overheated water. Additionally, there is 20-minute timer protection too; which would let heater cut off the gas and power after 20 minutes of continuous working to avoid any mishap from taking place.


Havells is one of most sought-after brands when it comes to selecting geysers for the daily heating requirement. It’s also a versatile brand offering all types of heaters from instant to storage, from electrical to gas, from natural gas to LPG ones. Consumers can rest assured of safety when it comes to Havells heater for they come with exhaustive indemnity in the form of Pentashield protection. The colour-changing patented LED panel adds visually attractive proposition to the heaters. Havells has 90+ branches across the globe and 12 manufacturing units in India. All the Havells geysers manufactured in this state-of-art manufacturing plants pass through stringent quality tests like a uric acid test, anti-alkaline test, fatigue test, environment synchronization test etc to ensure the safety is top-notched. Havells geysers rank higher in quality and durability ratings of its products. The downside of owning a Havells are few and less-frequently reported. Adonia series of Havells geysers which sports digital display panel is visually appealing and intuitive but is also delicate. So, there is a risk of damaging it upon rough usage given its exquisite construction. Havells could be your go-to-brand if you are looking for a good quality of water heater with an attractive design.

Some Good Havells Models:

    • 6 lts
    • 0.320 units standing loss
    • 10 lts
    • 0.400 units standing loss
    • 10 lts
    • 0.400 units standing loss
    • 15 lts
    • 0.460 units standing loss
    • 15 lts
    • 0.460 units standing loss
    • 25 lts
    • 0.560 units standing loss
    • 25 lts
    • 0.560 units standing loss
    • 35 lts
    • 0.640 units standing loss
    • 35 lts
    • 0.640 units standing loss
    • 50 lts
    • 0.740 units standing loss
    • 50 lts
    • 0.740 units standing loss
    • 100 lts
    • 0.960 units standing loss

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