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Racold Geysers in India – Review 2024

By on October 17, 2022

Racold Thermo is one of the reputed brands when it comes to water heating appliances. It is a fully owned subsidiary of Italian giant, Ariston Thermo Group—a conglomerate known for quality across the globe. Racold boasts of India’s largest fully integrated water heater plant at Chakan which is operational for more than 17 years. Ever since its inception, Racold has striven to change the benchmarks in the Indian water heating industry by introducing new technology, improving the aesthetics, enhancing the build quality of the appliance and ensuring the performance in top-notched. Racold has a stronghold in branded water heating solutions department and it is growing at a good pace. This is evident from the fact that the company is planning to set up additional 4,000 outlets and 80 service centers across the country, especially in tier-2 and tier-3 cities in next couple of years. Also, there are plans to improve the production capacity of the Chakan plant from present 6 lakh units per annum to 8 lakhs per annum.

Customers can find a medley of water heaters from Racold. From compact 1 liter instant heaters to mammoth 300 liters specialized storage heaters, Racold serves all the eclectic water heating requirements. Apart from usual instant and storage heaters working on electricity, Racold also offers gas heaters which help to cut down the fuel cost and delivers faster heating. They utilize household compressed gas as their fuel instead of electricity. For industrial and institutional users, it offers pump and solar heaters. These are much more efficient compared to ordinary heaters. In this article, we will give you a small gist of each class of geysers, their new technologies, and prominent features.

Key Technologies in Racold Water Heaters

Instant Water Heaters

Instant water heaters, as the name suggests are designed to deliver warm water instantly. Having a minimal storage capacity (around 1 to 6 liters in case of Racold), they can heat up the water really fast.

Visually Appealing Italian Design

Since Racold is a subsidiary of Italian group Aristo Thermo, its premium range of water heaters are designed by renown Italian designer Umberto Palermo. These premium instant heaters exudes a rare combination of the premium quality and aesthetic design. Thus, elite models like Pronto offers a stylish look to the bathing space. Racold has won Good Design award thrice for its lovely designing of water heating appliances.

Smart Control Technology

Racold has recently released Omnis Wi-Fi water heater which is a truly smart geyser fully  equipped with Smart Control Technology. With Smart Control Technology users can enjoy controlling ease, bath personalization and decent energy saving thanks to WiFi connectivity feature which we reckon would completely transform the bathing experience. WiFI connectivity coming in the Omnis models makes it extremely easy to control the geyser and its settings with simply tap of a button without even needing to go to the bathroom. Omnis comes with specialized app from Racold to do all the controlling of the geyser.

Racold net app for geyser control

It comes with Smart Bath Logic which customizes the water heating but also empowers the user to program water heating as per their bathing requirement. It allows the user to set the heating between 40 degree Celsius to 80 degree Celsius. Users can also instruct the geyser if they are planning for a bucket bath or a shower bath and the geyser will cool accordingly. Racold app also allows user to schedule the bath which makes bathing a very systematic routine.

The feature we liked the most as energy saving enthusiast is that the app gives complete account of geyser usage and helps to track electricity units consumed by it

Ecosense Technology for Timely Alerts

Premium instant heaters from Racold comes with intelligent power saving feature which triggers the buzzer after a preset interval to alert the user that the geyser is on but not being used through its Ecosense technology. Racold is the first brand in India to use this sort of innovation in its instant water heaters offering.

PUF Insulation and SPHP Protection

Instant water heaters from Racold comes with Poly-urethane-foam (PUF) injected into the heater so that heat from the water is not dissipated easily. Polyurethane is one of the subtypes of polymer class with the excellent insulating property. It finds wide industrial application in the field of automobiles, packaging, bedding etc. On the similar lines, inner container of the heater is coated with Super Polymer High Performance (SPHP) coating which helps the heater combat corrosion occurring out of hard water

Storage Water Heaters

Storage water heaters are geysers for big families needing a larger volume of warm water for bathing, especially during crunch morning time. Racold offers a variety of water heaters. Storage heaters generally come with 2 years of warranty with up to 5 years of warranty on inner tank.

Silver-ion Technology to Decimate Harmful Bacteria

Anode of modern storage geysers is equipped with Silver-ion technology which inhibits proliferation of harmful bacteria dwelling in water. Thus Silver-ion technology ensures healthy and clean bath by killing over 99% of bacteria.

Titanium Plus Technology to Combat Corrosion

Racold is one of the few manufacturers to use Titanium Plus technology in its premium storage heaters. To protect the inner tank from rust and corrosion, titanium enameling is done at a very high temperature which creates robust vitreous enamel layer. Titanium enameling not only fights corrosion but also imparts strength and brings down the energy consumption. Therefore, new models like Intello comes with 5-star BEE energy rating.

Gas Water Heaters

Though the conventional water heaters operate on electricity, there exist another lesser known new class of heaters which makes use of compressed gas to heat up the water. These are gas water heaters. Also, note that all Racold gas heaters are instant water heaters with lesser storage capacity but quicker heating. Gas water heater from Racold generally comes with 2 years of warranty.

ISI Assurity and High Energy Efficiency

All gas heaters from Racold are certified by ISI issued by Bureau of Indian Standards. Also, Racold geysers employ precise burners which facilities complete combustion. This improves energy efficiency up to 85%.

Summer/Winter Function

The hotness of water required during winters is different from those needed during summers. Taking the cues from this need of the customers, Racold came up with Summer/Winter function. This function allows the geyser to deliver hot water during winter and warm water during summer.

Low Starting Pressure

Modern Racold geysers are designed to operate even at low pressure. This would be helpful if the water supply in your house do not come with sufficient pressure.

Solar Water Heaters

In this age of spiraling cost of electricity, Racold provides an energy-efficient alternative to ordinary geysers in the form of Solar water heaters. Racold offers a different set of solar heaters for household and commercial purpose. Key technologies in this segment are covered as follows.

Durable AZ Sheet Outer Body

Racold Solar Heaters employs cutting-edge technology by providing Zinc-Aluminum (AZ) sheet which is estimated to offer 4 times more service life compared to galvanized steel. The matte metallic finish of AZ-coated sheeting reflects most of the heat incident on it, making them highly suitable for the heating application. Also, they can withstand temperature up to 350oC which is another big plus.

Duronox Inner Container and Rust Proof Body

Racold solar heaters come with a specially treated inner container that ensures durability and resistance to corrosion. The best part is that they come with a 5-year replacement guarantee. The outer body is made of high-grade plastic material ensuring protection from rusting.


Racold is one of the trusted brands offering a gamut of water heating solutions. It was amongst the Most Trusted Brands in India according to Brand Trust report 2016. Racold water heaters are known for excellent water heating performance. Because they employ a high-quality material for constructing geysers. Be it titanium enameling for storage heaters or be it using high-grade AZ-sheet for solar heaters, Racold ensures best material and state-of-the-art technique is being used. Also, in terms of ergonomics, it is one of the big players; thanks to its design by renown Italian designer. Andris, one of the most beautiful geysers around is the testimony of that.

Racold leads the charts in the two important parameters useful in deciding the performance of the geysers—standing loss and reheating time. Standing loss is the amount of heat/energy lost to the surrounding in 24 hours when the water is heated. While reheating time is the time needed for heating the water from 22oC to 72oC. That is the very reason it has won the energy conservation award from BEE for 5 years in a row.

Though quality-wise Racold is pretty solid, but then good quality comes with a premium price tag. So, you might find it difficult to find a Racold heater if your budget is frugal. But, if you can shell out some bountiful bucks, Racold geysers would probably exceed your expectation.

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