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Venus Geysers in India – Review 2024

By on February 23, 2022

Venus is an established water heater brand known for its quality, reliability, and performance. Hailing from south India, this 5-decade old company has been one of the pioneers of water heating technologies. You can rely upon Venus water heaters for continual need of hot water for your sundry household needs. You can find a complete gamut of water heaters with Venus. Be it compact 1 liter instant heater to mammoth 100 liters storage heater, from basic and cheap immersion heater to large and efficient solar heater, from vertically mounted heater to horizontally mounted one, all your heating requirement would be served with Venus heaters.

Apart from usual instant and storage heaters working on electricity, Venus also has a gas heater which helps to cut down the fuel cost and impart faster heating. Also for commercial and industrial users, it offers heat pump and solar heaters as more efficient and green alternative to ordinary heaters. In this article, we will give you a small gist of each class of geysers, their new technologies, and prominent features.

Key Technologies in Venus Water Heaters

Instant Water Heaters

Instant water heaters, as the name suggests are designed to deliver warm water instantly. Having a minimal storage capacity (around 1 to 3 liters in case of Venus), they can heat up the water really fast. Venus generally provides 2 years warranty on instant heaters with a handsome 5 years warranty on the inner tank in its Instant series.

Color-Changing LED Display

Taking cues from Havells, Venus has also introduced color changing LED display panel which changes color as the water starts heating till the time its done with heating process. Red color indicates water heating is ongoing and yellow indicates that water is heated and ready to use.

Stainless Steel Inner Tank and ABS outer body

Inner tank of new Venus geysers is made from high-quality stainless-steel material with a good insulation property which restricts heat to escape from the geyser upon heating. Also, they are coated with anti-corrosion coating for protection from corrosion. When it comes to outer body, it is made up of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic which is sturdy, strong and shockproof. ABS plastic is immune to corrosion, thanks to its innate chemical properties. Also owing to their amorphous chemical composition they do not catch fire upon heavy heating but rather melt, making it possible to remold and reinject. This makes ABS plastic recyclable. Being a good insulator, you don’t have to worry about getting electrical shocks when using new Venus heaters.

Porcelain Enamel Technology and Sacrificial Magnesium Anode to Fight Corrosion and Impart Longer Life

Venus is the first manufacturer in India to manufacture geysers with Porcelain Enamel technology. To protect the inner tank from rust and corrosion, dry powder enameling is done at very high temperature (around 850oC) to create robust vitreous enamel layer. This is implemented by forming a mechanical bond with the metal substrate. This promising European technology enhances the longevity of the heater compared with geysers using other coating methods. Moreover, this technology is approved by reputed organizations like BIS, IEC, DIN, UL.


Source: http://www.venushomeappliances.com/enamel-technology.html

The glass-lined incoloy element can withstand temperatures as high as 1000 degree Celsius. Modern Venus heaters also comes with sacrificial magnesium anode to further boost the corrosion resistance capability of the geyser.

Instant heating models like Zippy comes with HiGrade 22 304 tank which known for its ruggedness and resistance to corrosion to hard water.

Storage Water Heaters

Storage water heaters are geysers for big families needing a larger volume of warm water for bathing, especially during crunch morning time. Venus comes with a variety of water heaters. With its new Lyra series with a capacity starting from 10 liters all the way up to 100 liters. Storage heaters come with 2 years of warranty with up to 7 years of warranty on inner tank. Modern models like Lyra Digital and Lyra Smart comes with smart technologies which is covered below.

Smart Digital Display with Wireless Remote

Premium storage heaters from Venus comes with a handful of smart functionalities. Lyra Smart model boast of multi-function smart digital display which is not only aesthetically appealing, but armed with loads of controls and functionalities. It gives a visual indication of the temperature and host couple of programming options like morning shower and evening shower programs. Also, there is a smart ring that vividly changes color to indicate hotness of the water and show if it’s ready for usage. The best part is, it comes with wireless remote control. Users can easily control their geyser eliminating the need to reach geyser every time.

Hard Water Protection

The hard water problem is common in various places across India. Noida is one of the big city facing this problem. Besides the ill health impact that hard water causes, it is also hazardous to the life of the geyser. White layers of limescale deposit get accumulated around the tank and the heating coil. This limits their heating capability. To tackle this challenge arising out of the hard water, Venus geysers employs many preventive measures like using porcelain enamel glass lined tanks and magnesium anode. As we covered earlier porcelain enamel technology is the latest European technology approved by reputed standards organization which helps in providing resistance to corrosion, scale deposition, and breakdown at a higher temperature. On the other hand, magnesium anode is added as a sacrificial rod which itself bears most of the corrosion attack, extending the life of the tank.

Source: http://www.venushomeappliances.com/hardwater-protection.html

Solar & Heat Pump Heaters

Solar and pump heaters is the commercial variety of heater developed by Venus to provide large volumes of water 24×7. It is the first brand in India to introduce this hybrid variety of water heaters. This concept heater is pretty useful for places like hotels, schools, hospitals, hostels where there is an incessant need for hot water, that too in a large volume. It comprises of dual combination—a solar heater and a pump heater. Solar energy can be harness during the sunny day to serve the heating requirement. But during the evening or rainy season, water is heated using a water pump. It ensures an uninterrupted flow of hot water in an efficient manner. Water pump harnesses heat from the ambient air to give out the warm water. This kind of water heaters are known to save 60-70% electricity bills compared to conventional heaters.

Vaccum Tube Collector

The Venus vacuum tube collector in the solar water heater is made up of rows of parallel, transparent glass tubes. Each tube in this arrangement consists of an outer glass tube and an absorber, covered with a selective coating which is good in absorbing solar energy well but prohibits heat loss. The air is withdrawn from the space between the tubes which forms a vacuum, that eliminates both, the conductive and convective heat loss. The vacuum tube collector absorbs the heat from the incident solar rays & then heats up the water stored in the system.


Venus is one of most trusted brands when it comes to water heaters. Not only it offers a complete range of geysers, but is also the vanguard of innovation in the water heating technology. It has been rated the best heater by consumer voice report when it comes to 25 liters storage geysers segment. Venus is arguably the best brand in terms of quality and safety. Venus uses the best of raw materials and adopts the high-quality assurance practices to make sure their geysers deliver what they are intended to. Introduction of porcelain enameled tank is the testimony of it. The best part about Venus as a brand is that it is certified by reputed national and international organizations like BIS, IEC, Inertek etc. It has also won an award from the government of India in 2000.

Shortcomings of Venus heaters are scarce. The area where Venus can improve would be the standing loss. Standing loss is the amount of heat/energy lost to the surrounding in 24 hours while the water is heated. Here, Venus needs to improve over its competitors like AO Smith, Havells, Bajaj and Racold. Another place where Venus doesn’t do well is its weight. Venus geysers are noted to be slightly heavier than the models offered by its rivals. Wireless remote control works well but brands like Havells and Racold have introduced app-based controlling of geysers so Venus needs to bring that functionality in its upcoming models.

If Venus can work on these areas it can become undisputed king in the water heating segment in India. Further, Venus also boasts of 500+ employees at work with over 175+ service centers PAN-India, ready to serve its customers quickly and effectively through its “Service within 24 hours” program.

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