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Comparison of various brands of Water Heaters/Geysers on BEE star rating in India

By on June 25, 2014


In our series on comparison of various brands of appliances on BEE star rating, we would like to add water heaters/geysers today. As we discussed in our previous posts on refrigerators and air conditioners (link and link), we are trying to do Olympic style ranking of various brands on BEE Star Ratings. To do so we have gathered data for various brands and their models, with their star ratings and have ranked various brands based on the same. It is our hope that this will induce some healthy competition amongst the brands and that will help improve the overall energy efficiency in the water heaters.

Water Heaters

To achieve at this ranking, we collected the data from the BEE website www.beeindia.in. The data was collected for all types of storage water heaters that have been registered with BEE for star rating. It is heartening to know that most registered models with BEE are 4 and 5 star rated. But because BEE star rating is optional for water heaters not all water heaters available in the market are rated. As we have already discussed in our previous articles on water heaters, it is always better to buy a branded water heater because brands comply with BIS standards and are safe to use. So we hope that the list below will help you choose your brand. The list of various water heaters and their star ratings is available at the link in the end of this article.

So here are the rankings:

Overall Ranking:

RankingBrandStar RatingGrand Total
3AO SMITH21800029
13INDO PLUS12000012
38PRIME US600006
44RS RED STAR500005
47VICTOR TVS500005
74VPL INDIA300003

Please note that this ranking is just based on the number of models by a brand in a star rating. This does not represent comparison of models. Individual model of a particular brand may be better than the best brand on this list, but that information is not available in this list. We do plan to provide that information as well in our future evaluations. We also plan to keep updating this data every month so that we provide the latest statistics. So keep reading Bijli Bachao.

Link to list of BEE Star Rated Water Heaters: http://bit.ly/OBnYiX


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There Are 123 Comments

  1. satyam agrawal says:

    which are bets geyser for long life use instant or storage

  2. renu khanna says:

    hi Abhishek, I need to buy 2 geysers for a 3 bhk flat 7th floor. Total number of floors are about 25. This is in noida which has very hard water..TDS is very very high. First this appt is renting out to someone so will 15 l in both bathrooms suffice or is 25 l better, Also is AO smit better or Bajaj as both come with a glass lining.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      A 15 L model in both the bathrooms should suffice. Both AO Smith and Bajaj are good brands. You can look at either AO Smith HSE-VAS-015 or Bajaj Majesty 15 GPU. Warranty wise AO Smith is better, however it is more pricey as well. I would go for AO Smith just for the warranty that it is providing.

  3. A.Talwar says:

    What is the technically & quality wise difference between Bajaj Majesty and Bajaj Flora 3 litre, 3 kW instant water heaters?

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      There is not much difference between the two. Flora just has an option of 4.5 kW heating element as well which will heat water faster.

  4. ANIL says:


    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Anil,
      Both Racold and V-Guard are good brands. But Racold is more popular brand for water heaters. You can go for 3L instant water heater from Racold. It can handle the pressure well.

    • anil says:

      But racold guarantee on heating element is 2 year and tank 5 years.working pressure is 6.5.
      Where as v guard guarantee on heating element is 5 Yeats and tank 7 yeas,working pressure is 3.5 for 3l instant geyset
      Suggest me to buy which

      • Abhishek Jain says:

        You can go for the one which satisfies most of the parameters that you have in mind. Both are good brand.

  5. Sivakumaran says:

    Hi Abhishek,

    This is Siva from Bangalore. I live in a apartment having two bathrooms. We are 2 (A) + 2 (Kids) in house and planning to buy a geyser. We have falls ceiling in bathroom and forced to go only with horizontal models. Can you kindly help me out to select the right one.


    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Sivakumaran,
      If you are looking for horizontal model, A O Smith EWSH Plus 15 lts water heater is really good. I would suggest that you go for it.

      • Sivakumaran says:

        Thanks Abhishek. Can i know the BEE rating for this model. I am not able to find this info in A.O Smith website.

        • Abhishek Jain says:

          Hi Sivaraman,
          The BEE rating of A O Smith EWSH Plus 15 ltr water heater is 4star. But it has a temperature control knob that can help you reduce the temperature and therefore save electricity.

  6. Venkatesh says:

    Can you give the pro’s and con’s of polymer coating against glass coating

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Venkatesh,

      Polymer is not a coating but a material used to make inner tank. Typically either a metal like Copper or Steel are used or Thermoplastics are used to make inner tank. Copper or Steel as they are corrosive need glass lining to protect them from corrosion. Where as Thermoplastic or polymer does not need coating but a better insulation. So along with polymer (or thermoplastic) manufacturers have to apply additional insulation like foam or extruded polystyrene. I think glass lined is better than thermoplastic.

  7. mudu says:

    I saw Kent Appliances Anthias 3 Litres Electric Geyser Water Heater really 5 star rating instant geyser.pls suggest me? if any other 5 star rating 1 & 3 liters instant electric geyser.

    • Abhishek Jain says:


      BEE star rating is not available for instant water heaters of 1 & 3 lts sizes. It is available only for storage water heaters of 6 lts+.

  8. Ramakrishna says:

    Hi Abhishek, I am living in Bangalore where I see levels of hardness is high in water. Which brand is better for durability, Electricity & service point of view among Venus, Racold, Morphy Richards & AO smith for horizontal 15 lit geyser


  9. Raj says:

    hi abhishek,
    can u suggest 25ltrs geyser for shower use in kolkata under 7k?
    i am confused between Racold 25 L Geyser Altro 2 Vertical AN-25/bajaj new shakti, and majestic models, crompton greaves models as well.i am looking for a durable geyser under 7k.could you suggest please ?i purchase online generally

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Mr Raj,

      Amongst the sub 7K models I would suggest that you go for Bajaj Majesty 25 GPU. Other brands would be expensive.

  10. Gurdeep says:

    Kindly suggest best economical gyser for 3 members. Is 6 ltre is sufficient ?

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Which city do you live in?

      • Gurdeep says:


        • Abhishek Jain says:

          I guess Indore is quite cold in winters. 6 lts is good for places like Mumbai that are not very cold in winters. And that too for bucket bath. So if it will be used just for bucket bath and temperature is quite low in winters then a 10 lts model will be sufficient. If it is for shower bath then you will have to go for 15 lts water heater. You can look at these 10 lts water heater models:

          Morphy Richards Salvo 10L
          Havells OPAL 10
          Usha Aquagenie 10L
          Bajaj PX 10 GLR
          Havells BUENO 10
          Bajaj Majesty 10 GPU
          AO Smith HSE-SBS-010

  11. Rajaa Rao says:

    Hi Abhishek,
    Kindly suggest me the best brand name; eg:Quattro, Beuno, Eterno….for (15 Ltr /Storage / Vertical /3 member household /Shower bath exclusively/ Municipal + Well water / 3-4hr heat holding ) in Havells / Racold only.

  12. Pravin says:

    Dear Sir… For family of 4 living in Ramprastha Colony, Ghaziabad where there is hard ground water. Pl. suggest durable and BEE star rated best geyser. PNG gas geyser in the cold weather is became a costly affair in now. So please suggest the economical geyser from the best product. Thanks. Pravin

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Mr Pravin,

      Will it be used for bucket bath or shower bath?

      • Pravin says:

        Sir …It will be used for bucket bath only.

        • Abhishek Jain says:

          If every individual just uses single bucket then 10 lts should be good enough. Else 15 lts would be good. You can look at these:

          10 lts:
          Havells QUATRO 10
          Havells OPAL 10
          Usha Aquagenie 10L
          Bajaj Majesty 10 GPU

          15 lts water heater
          Havells QUATRO 15
          AO Smith HSE-VAS-015
          Havells PURO 15
          Bajaj Majesty 15 GPU
          Racold Eterno dg 15 lts water heater.

  13. Manoj says:

    Hello Abhishek,

    We are setting up a spa in Chennai. There are four bath-rooms and from your comments i believe we should be looking for 50L geysers. Can you please suggest brand/model and capacity we should be looking at? Thanks a lot for your help!!

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      You can look at any of these:

      HAVELLS Monza 50
      AO SMITH ELJV 35
      RACOLD ALTRO 2-50V
      RACOLD ALTRO 2-50H
      RACOLD Steamer Plus MSV 50

      • Manoj says:

        Hello Abhishek,
        To keep electricity bill in check we are planning to use two 25l geysers in parallel. Switching both at a time only when necessary and also these both shall be collected in parallel. Is this a good idea?

        • Abhishek Jain says:

          Hello Mr Manoj,

          The best idea to keep electricity bill in check would be to have individual 15 lts water heater for each bathroom. That way you can switch them on only when it is needed.

          Also I am not sure if you have considered Heat Pump Water Heater and Solar Water Heater or not. But those can give you tremendous savings. Heat Pump Water Heater works on same principle as how a hot and cold air conditioner works. It is about 3.5 times more energy efficient than regular water heaters. They are available in 50 lts+ size. Solar Water Heaters are available in 100 lts+ size. But both can give you tremendous savings if you are using it for commercial purposes.

  14. Rasik surve says:

    Thanks a lot abhishek for your prompt reply. Any other brand you would like to suggest.

  15. Uma shanar says:

    We use one bucket for one person, and we are not using shower,kindly guide me for how many Lts. and the most durable gyser for 7 persons and 2 childres. Waiing for reply, thanks; uma

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Depends on how cold your city gets. In a place like Chennai or Mumbai even a 6 lts water heater is good enough for bucket bath. But in Delhi or any cold city, one needs about 10 lts water heater for a bucket bath. You can look at these:

      6 lts:

      Havells BUENO 6
      Havells QUATRO 6
      Bajaj Majesty 6GPU
      A O Smith HSE-SBS-006 or HSE-SAS-006

      10 lts:
      Havells QUATRO 10
      Havells OPAL 10
      Usha Aquagenie 10L
      Bajaj Majesty 10 GPU

      • Rasik Surve says:

        Hello Abhishek,

        I am Rasik Surve, residential at Navi Mumbai and we are family of 3 persons. I wanted to install 3L water heater in my bathroom, But I am bit confused while selecting eater heater between Racold Pranto 3 and AO Smith 3L EWS.

        Please provide me your opinion for selection of water heater brands mentioned above.

        • Abhishek Jain says:

          Hi Rasik,

          Both the brands that you have mentioned are very good brands and the models are quite comparable. There is nothing specific that can differentiate between the two, the only thing that I can say is that Racold has been there in Indian market for slightly longer time so if I have to pick I would pick Racold (just on the basis of one point).

      • kumar says:

        Hi Abhishek,

        four days ago, i have purchased a Bajaj sakti GPV 15L water heater. its temp. meter are not working. its takes around 20 min. to warm the water. and after one hour, water go to the normal temp.

        I want to buy a another water heater in 15L for another washroom. i want to buy of different brand which have a good PUF insulation.
        washroom is on ground floor and main water tank is on second floor.
        How is V-Guard 15L Steamer Plus MSV Geyser.
        Can you suggest a best choice.

        i am living in Haryana.


        • Abhishek Jain says:


          If you are looking for 15 lts water heater, you can look at these:

          Havells QUATRO 15
          AO Smith HSE-VAS-015
          Havells PURO 15
          Bajaj Majesty 15 GPU
          Racold Eterno dg 15 lts water heater.

  16. Uma Shankar says:

    Hai this Shankar from Hyderabad, I have combined family, with 7 adults and 2 childrens. Pl suggest me, how many liters required and Please guide me in selecting the Geyser. In summer I will not use (3 months). I am staying in independet house, in ground floor, with 3 story building and using municipal water (drinking water). Kindly help me. Thanks; Uma Shankar.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Mr Uma Shankar,

      The selection of water heater will depend on the kind of water usage per person in your house. If people mostly use bucket bath then 6 or 10 lts water heater would be sufficient for each bathroom. If people use shower bath then 10 or 15 lts water heater should be good enough for each bathroom. What sort of usage will be there in your house?

  17. Vikky says:

    Hello Abhishek,

    I am Vikky from hyderabad. There are three bathrooms in my house. I want to use a single gyser for all the three bathrooms. Please suggest which type gyser will be best suitable for my house.

    Thank you in advance,

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Vikky,

      Any reason for having one single geyser for all three bathrooms? From electricity saving point of view it will be better to have small individual geyser for each bathroom.

      • vikky says:

        Hello Abhishek,

        The reason i wanted a sigle geyser is that out of the 3 bathrooms , we would be using gyser often only in 1 bathroom. I just want an option to be available in the other 2 bathrooms aswell.


        • Abhishek Jain says:

          Hi Vikky,

          You can go for 10 or 15 lts water heater depending on how people will be mostly using it in the house. If it is mostly for bucket bath, 10 lts should be good enough. But if it will be used for shower bath then you can go for 15 lts. You can connect the other two bathrooms with this geyser as well, but you just have to make sure that hot water is not used simultaneously in 2 bathrooms, else there will be shortage of hot water. You can look at these water heaters:

          10 lts:
          Havells QUATRO 10
          Havells OPAL 10
          Usha Aquagenie 10L
          Bajaj Majesty 10 GPU

          15 lts:
          Havells QUATRO 15
          AO Smith HSE-VAS-015
          Havells PURO 15
          Bajaj Majesty 15 GPU
          Racold Eterno dg 15 lts water heater.

  18. yogesh says:

    i am from ahmedabad, in my family 6 adult + 2 child, please suggest best water heater which is save electricity, i am live in third floor which is top floor.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      What does the family prefer? Bucket bath or shower bath or is it a mixed profile? Typically hot water requirement for bucket bath is less than that of shower bath.

  19. talha says:

    V gaurd or venus which gyser is best for salty water

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Venus is better. Avoid buying one that does not have polymer inner coating (if metallic tank) or go for one that has enamel tank.

  20. Shivshankar says:

    Hello Abhishek,

    I am from pune and looking for a 6L\8L geyser. We are family of 3 people and living at 3rd floor of a 16 floor.
    Please suggest me a good geyser which is durable and low electricity consumption.


    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Mr Shivshankar,

      You can look at these models:

      Havells BUENO 6
      Havells QUATRO 6
      Bajaj Majesty 6GPU
      A O Smith HSE-SBS-006 or HSE-SAS-006

      • shivshankar kumar says:

        Hello Abhishek,

        Thanks for your reply. I went through specification of AOSmith and Havells both and I have some more concern.

        1): regarding hard water.
        AOSmith comes with “Blue Diamond® glass lined tank” and Havells comes with “Vitreous Enamel Coated Tank”.

        2): regarding pressure:
        Havells is asking to install “dead weight valve before inlet” while AOsmith already comes with The “safety valve” if pressure overshoots the preset limits.

        3): Is 10 litre is ok for shower bath in pune.

        Please guide me in selecting the Geyser.


        • Abhishek Jain says:

          Hello Mr Sihvshanker,

          Enamel Coating is nothing but glass lining. AO Smith has proprietary technology that they have named Blue Diamond glass lining. Now I do not have test data for which one is better, but I assume AO Smith would have done some innovation on top of regular glass lining to have some proprietary technology.

          Where does havells mention to install dead weight valve? Are you looking for any specific model?

          If you take long shower baths then 15 lts would be safer. 10 lts would be good enough for shorter shower baths.

  21. Amalraj says:

    We are living in chennai using bore water for a family of four people which geyser is best 6 l or 10 l for bucket bath havells or racold pl advise thnx

  22. madhu says:

    Thanks for explaining that there is no risk to a PERSON – however, a part of my question still remains unanswered ( risk to instant geyser ) – will the geyser get spoiled or malfunction if it is left on for long time without using the water?

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Water heaters have a thermostat that switches off the water heater when the water is heated to the max temperature (or set temperature). However with time the water will loose some heat and the temperature will come down and the water heater will start again. The geyser will not get spoiled if all this happens. But you will waste a lot of electricity. So it will be better to switch it off.

  23. Madhu says:

    What happens if an instant water heater is not switched off after use? I plan to put one in my kitchen but am concerned in case my staff forgets to switch it off.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      If you leave it switched on there will be losses of electricity. Although very less as it will have very less storage (just 1 ltr or 3 lts water). But still it will loose electricity.

      • Madhu says:

        Thanks a lot for the very prompt reply. However, my question was not about electricity loss- i want to know the risk – to the INSTANT geyser or to the person – by NOT SWITCHING OFF , that is, leaving the geyser on, after putting the tap off . Thanks.

  24. Ashish Sharan says:


    I am having family of 4 including one child of age of 3 . i am leaving in surat, but transferable job. I am planning to purchase water heater . please guide me on followings :
    (1) Size of water heater, either 10 ltr or 15 ltrs.
    (2) i have seen AO smith, Bajaj & Usha in various shops. Kindly suggest me the particular brand.


    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Ashish,

      Surat is not very cold in winters. The low goes just to 15. I would suggest going for 10 lts water heater. You can look at these:

      Havells QUATRO 10
      Havells OPAL 10
      Usha Aquagenie 10L
      Bajaj Majesty 10 GPU

  25. GS says:

    Hi.. We are from delhi and looking for an instant geyser of may be 3 lts capacity. Which company would you suggest which would be long lasting and less power consuming

    • Abhishek Jain says:


      All top brands like Racold, AO Smith, Bajaj, Havells, Usha etc have instant water heater of 3 lts capacity. You can go for anyone of them.

  26. kalpana says:

    i am living in Delhi with 3 adults and 1 kid. Please guide me in choosing between racold or bajaj geyser with tank capacity. Borewell/ground water (saline) will be used.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      You can go for a 15 lts water heater. You can look at these models:

      Havells QUATRO 15
      AO Smith HSE-VAS-015
      Havells PURO 15
      Bajaj Majesty 15 GPU
      Racold Eterno dg 15 lts water heater.

  27. Kannusamy says:

    Hello Abhi,
    please suggest me,for my new appartment in chennai city, we are four elders. which is the best water heater like instant or gyger.for four people bucket bath.please suggest best one like energy save and best brand,capacity required.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      You can go for a 6 lts or 10 lts model. In case of water heaters, the smaller one is better for electricity savings. Typical bucket contains 10-15 lts water. If you use more than one bucket then 10 lts would be better. But for a single bucket 6 lts water heater is good. You can look at these models:

      6lts model:
      Havells BUENO 6 or QUATRO 6
      Bajaj Majesty 6GPU
      Usha Aquagenie 06L
      VGuard Krystal Plus 6 or CLASSIC 06 or SWH 706 or SWH 606

      10 lts models:
      Havells QUATRO 10 or OPAL 10
      Morphy Richards Salvo 10L
      Usha Aquagenie 10L
      Bajaj PX 10 GLR or Majesty 10 GPU
      AO Smith HSE-SBS-010 or HSE-SAS-010

  28. pat says:

    any suggestions with regards to instant water heater for 10 minute shower?

  29. Venkat P N says:

    Hi Abhishek,

    I live in a independent house in Hyderabad. We are 2 elders & 2 kids. We have 2 bath rooms and evaluating solar water heater and geyser. Is it advisable to go for solar water heater and which one is economical (saving perspective).

    In case of geyser, I was told by a shop keeper that 10 liters geyser will consume more power than 15 litres. is it true?
    There will not be much price difference between 10 ltrs & 15 ltrs. Is it better to go for 15 lts?
    What is the difference between horizontal & vertical geysers. If capacity of both the models is same, is there any difference in electricity consumption?

    Do you have any comparison of RaCold, Havells, AO Smith & Bajaj models


    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Venkat,

      Solar Water heaters cost about 30-35K and can run for long if maintained well. It may not give enough hot water on cloudy days but on all other days it will work well.

      I would suggest you to read these pages on this website:

      For solar water heater:

      For sizing water heater:
      (by the way electricity consumption depends on your water consumption).

      Horizontal and Vertical will depend on the space that you have in your bathroom. You will get more efficient options in vertical.

      Comparison of models:

  30. Giridhar says:

    This is Giridhar from Hyderabad. We are four elders and two small kids. We live in a flat (apartment).
    We have 2 bathrooms, one is used by my parents and the other one by me, wife & kids.
    Please suggest me, whether I take one water heater for all for bucket bath, or take one each for the 2 bathrooms?

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Its better to take one each for each bathroom. You can go for a 10 lts water heater. You can look at these:

      Havells QUATRO 10
      Havells OPAL 10
      Usha Aquagenie 10L
      Bajaj Majesty 10 GPU

  31. Sanjeev says:

    Hi Mr. Abhishek Ji
    I am living in Delhi having Hard Water. I want to buy geyser of 15 liters of adjustable thermostat with electric saving for family with two kids ( 4 members).Preferably to be used for shower. Pl suggest me full details of models of AO SMITH/ RACOLD or / V GUARD or any other economic and BEST one for long life. if 10 liters is enough then suggest for same with model detail.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Mr Sanjeev,

      If you use shower then 15 lts will be better for you in Delhi. You can look at these models:

      Havells QUATRO 15
      AO Smith HSE-VAS-015
      Havells PURO 15
      Bajaj Majesty 15 GPU
      Racold Eterno dg 15 lts water heater.

      In fact Havells Quatro Digital and Bello Digital have the most advanced and convenient features to adjust temperature, time of operation, etc to save electricity. They also have remote control to adjust the settings thus making it easier even if your water heater is at a place where it is difficult to change settings.

      • Sanjeev says:

        Dear sir
        As per your instruction
        I have tried for Ao smith HSE Vas 15 but shopkeeper asked its Now SES model VAS was an old one
        Kindly suggest is it right

        • Abhishek Jain says:

          You can go for HSE SES model as well. It is also a BEE 5 star rated model with adjustable thermostat. However VAS is not an old model. It still shows up on AO Smith India website: http://www.aosmithindia.com/HSE-VAS.html

  32. Perumal says:

    .//Ranking Brand Star Rating
    //88 VENUS 0 0 11 3 10

    Your website ranked “Venus” at Rank 88. Could you please let me know the problems in Venus brand as many users recommend this model.

    • Perumal says:

      In case, Venus brand is fine, what is the best model for a family of 5 living at Chennai

    • Abhishek Jain says:


      The list above is based on the number of energy efficient models registered by a company with BEE. If Venus ranks 88 it means that it does not have higher energy/electricity saving models. On in case of water heaters it means that it does not have good insulation.

  33. s k bokil says:

    which water heater/geyser will be suitable for 6 persons ?

  34. KOUSHIK says:


  35. Neeraj Nagpal says:

    Hi i am living in Faridabad and want to purchase a Tempcon 25 Ltr water Heater,please advice if this is fine or i should go for some other make,if other please recommend good brands in this segment.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Neeraj,

      I have not heard much of Tempcon as a brand. However you may look at these:

      Havells BUENO 25 or QUATRO 25
      AO Smith HSE-VAS-025 or HSE-SDS-025 or HSE-SBS-025
      Bajaj Majesty Rapidotherm 25 GV

      Going for a model with external adjustable thermostat would be good as it will let you reduce the temperature of hot water during various months and that can help you save electricity.

  36. sunil sachdev says:

    Hi Abhishek,

    Thanks for writing such a good comparison among several brands.

    I want to buy two geysers. One for my mother another for myself and my wife. Please suggest some good models of appropriate capacity with 5 star rating and minimum standing loss.


    PS: Geyser will be installed on 7th floor in a 14th floor apartment building.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Mr Sachdev,

      You can look at Havells Quatro, A O Smith HSE-SAS/SBS/SDS/SES models, Racold Eterno/Altero models, Bajaj Majesty GPU models. These are efficient models with adjustable thermostat. The lower the setting on the thermostat, the more the energy you can save on the geyser.

      • sunil sachdev says:

        thanks Abhishek..
        Will 3L be sufficient for bucket bath? Or should I buy minimum 6L?

        • Abhishek Jain says:

          Hello Mr Sachdev,

          A bucket can hold 15 lts of water. If you are in place like Mumbai where temperature does not go too low, then 6 lts water heater should be sufficient. But if you are in place that is cold in winters, you may need more. However 3 lts is too small for bucket bath.

  37. Nishant Choudhary says:

    Hi, I was planning to buy 25 Ltr Geyser for home with a family of 4 adults & 2 Kids. Brands i shortlisted are Racold & AO Smith. Products selected are Racold Eterno & AO Smith SDS.
    I am bit confused NOW.
    1. Rates of both the products are almost same.
    2. Standing loss of both the product is almost same.
    3. Both the above mentioned products have 5 Star BEE rating

    What i percieved from the Q&A & Excellent writeup by Mr. Abhishek Jain, the main component of Geyser are heating element & the body in which water is stored.
    (Please guiude me incase i am wrong)

    In AO Smith, the inner tank is of 2 mm & coating on the inner tank & heating element is “Blue Dimond Glass”. This helps in reduction of the possibility of corrossion. Whereas in Racold Eterno, the inner tank is of 0.8 mm & coating of Polyetene (Plastic).

    Now, need help from others to suugest the pros & Cons of both the products to take the constructive decission.

    Mr. Abhishek Jain : Need your inputs

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Mr Choudhary,

      Both the brands are good brands and as you said the standing loss of the models is same and in fact even the warranty on the product is the same. Both are providing 2 years on product, 4 years on heating elements, 7 years on inner Tank. Also I could not find the thickness of the inner tank coating mentioned on their specs (on their websites) to make any comment on that.

      Now as the standing loss of both the products is same, the only impact the thickness of inner lining can make is on the life of the inner tank. But both are giving 7 years warranty.

      In case you are wondering that inner lining can cause increase in electricity consumption, then all I would say is that electricity consumption would depend on the amount of water stored/heated. Inner lining, etc have minuscule energy consumption for heating to make a big impact.

      You can go for any one of them as both have similar specs and price. You can base your choice on your past experience with a brand or any feedback you get from people you know in your area (It will be better to get local feedback on post sales services of both).

  38. jitu says:

    I need a water heater for 2 people (shower usage will be more). I need the horizontal one as I have space issue because of false ceiling..Length is not a problem only Height constraint of 14 inch. I am considering below option

    Bajaj Majesty 25 GMH (RW) Storage Water

    Please suggest iother option as well.


    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Mr Jitendra,

      For 2 people 25 lts water heater may be a bit over sized depending on your city. If the temperature goes down really low in your city then it may be fine. But otherwise the water heater will be big. However I would suggest that if you are looking for Bajaj water heaters then better go for Bajaj Majesty 25 GMH (RF) or Bajaj Majesty 25 GMH (CP) models. In that you will have an option to reduce the temperature of water (using thermostat). And what you can do is: keep the temperature as low as feasible so that you get hot water as well as you save electricity. You may also get horizontal models with thermostat and BEE 4 star rating in AO Smith (EWSH model).

  39. Sanjana says:

    We are currently using Ketko Geyser 3 ltr capacity 4.5 KV since last 14 years and it is giving us excellent service. However, of late whenever we put on the geyser, the main DP Fuse trips. Is this the geyser fault or line fault? If we have to install a new geyser, do advise us which one. We have hydraulic pumps system in our society. Please revert. Thank you, Sanjana

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Sanjana,

      It looks like a case of short circuit in the geyser. You can get a new instant water heater of any reputed brand like Racold, Bajaj, etc.

      • arun says:

        Hi, you don’t have to buy a new one. It is a case of short circuit due to the heating coil opening up .Just ask a mechanic to change your element only. It is better to change the thermostat also. The whole excercise would cost you less than Rs 1000.

  40. Venkatesh Chinnathambi says:

    Hi abhi.. Can guide me for 15 litter capacity ……

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      You can buy Bajaj Majesty 15 GPU or Racold Eterno/Altro.

    • sitendra nanda says:

      if you go with quality,brand and price factor then go with khaitan water heater model name ocio 15 ltr good quality,best price and look compatibility

  41. Vinay. says:

    Hi, I want to buy a 25 Liter geyser in Bangalore location for my apartment. Please suggest me which one is the best among Venus(Magma or Mega Plus), Bajaj(Majesty or Shakthi) and Racold(Eterno 2 or Altro).

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Bajaj Majesty, Racold Eterno 2 and Altero look good to me. Reason: All are BEE 5 star rated and have adjustable thermostat that can help you reduce heating temperature and thus help save electricity. Racold models also have hard water and corrosion protection. On the whole Racold Altro model looks feature rich and the best.

      • Vinay says:

        Thanks you very much Abhishek. One more clarification, how about AO Smith or AO Smith-Jaquar with compare to Racold….?

        • Abhishek Jain says:

          Both are american brands and pretty well known and good brands. Racold has been in market for longer and has larger market share.

    • sitendra nanda says:

      if you think for racold then don’t think for others

  42. Sujit says:

    Hi, I want to buy 1 ton split ac 3 star rating , because the size of my room is approx 102 sq.ft. Please suggest me a good brand which use 100% Copper Coil.

  43. Rohit says:

    Which of these models have a non corrosive tank, shivalik remson Venus Bajaj

  44. ramesh says:

    which are copper tank water heaters

  45. jyothish says:

    Please note that this ranking is just based on the number of models by a brand in a star rating. This does not represent comparison of models. Individual model of a particular brand may be better than the best brand on this list, but that information is not available in this list. We do plan to provide that information as well in our future evaluations. We also plan to keep updating this data every month so that we provide the latest statistics. So keep reading Bijli Bachao.

    mention this on top why at the bottom

  46. jyothish says:

    no isi ratings and bee only tells us the standing loss of a water heater looks like this is all copied from beeindia.in

    • Abhishek Jain says:


      That is right. Currently this information is based on data from BEE and BEE ratings do incorporate standards from BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards), so it is not just about standing losses. And the data is from BEE and we have added our analysis on top of BEE data.


      • deep says:

        Sir what about say for Morphy Richards Salvo 15-Litre 2000-Watt Storage Water Heater (White) please tell me

        • Abhishek Jain says:

          The model looks pretty good for all the features and warranties that it has. You can go for it.

          • Bhavya says:

            We are a family of two living in Noida in an apartment . Can you please suggest which geyser and of what capacity will be the best for us .
            The main problem is the hard water of noida.

          • Abhishek Jain says:

            If both of you mostly use shower then you need 15 lts water heater. Else if bucket is used mostly then you need 10 lts water heater. You can look at these:

            15 lts:

            Havells QUATRO 15
            AO Smith HSE-VAS-015
            Havells PURO 15
            Bajaj Majesty 15 GPU
            Racold Eterno dg 15 lts water heater.

            10 lts:

            Havells QUATRO 10
            Havells OPAL 10
            Usha Aquagenie 10L
            Bajaj Majesty 10 GPU