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Bijli Bachao is an initiative that aims to help residential & MSME customers to reduce their electricity consumption thereby reducing the monthly outflow of money towards electricity bill. The benefits of the initiatives are many folds:

1) People & business save money on their electricity bills.

2) Reduced energy consumption reduces our increasing dependence on a depleting resource: coal.

3) Reduced energy consumption from urban areas can help reducing energy poverty in the rural areas.

4) By burning less coal, we will reduce CO2 emissions, thereby protecting the environment.

Bijli Bachao’s mission is to provide consumers the right kind of information so that they can make informed decision towards their electricity consumption.

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i am going to buy a new airconditioner so i am adding budget of 50,000 so can you get me what should i know to make sure what are needed to know before i buy it

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You can also check our video that can help you to choose the right model.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Kiran,
There are several factors that one need to consider while buying AC:

1) Tonnage of AC: Depends on several factors, but primarily on size of room, city where you live in, window sizes, people in the room. Oversized AC consumes more electricity, and undersized does not cool properly.

2) Star Rating: Choice of BEE 5 star/inverter tech or a lower rating depends on your usage of AC. If your usage is more than 1000 hrs per year (with tariff more than Rs 5), it is better to go for higher efficiency models. Benefit of inverter tech is that it is a variable tonnage AC and as the tonnage requirement is different every month and every day, this AC auto adjusts to the needs and thus saves electricity.

3) Brand: Some brands offer better reliability/technology and some have better service network. One has to factor in both. Once you have decided on star rating, the most efficient models from good brands can be selected.

If you provide us with more details as in which city you are in, what is the size of your room, which floor they are on, is there any floor above it, are the walls exposed to sun, usage in hours per day and months per year, and approximate budget, then we can suggest you something.


Excellent information. Thanks for sharing. Raj Agrawal

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Thanks :). Glad that you found it useful.


I appreciate your initiative. Website is very useful. I leave in Dosti Acres complex at wadala having 12 buildings and approximately 1100 houses. I am committee member of our building society. There are 126 houses in our society and electricity bill contributes to almost 15 % of our total yearly expenses. Can you advise the best practices to save the electricity. Thanks

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Shinde,

For residential societies Lighting and Pumping are the major requirement for common expenses. Moving to LED lights of lower wattages should be your first step. To know more you can read this: https://www.bijlibachao.com/lights/sharing-experience-of-buying-led-luminaire-for-a-residential-society.html


Thank you Abhishek.


Hi Abhishek,

I need your advice in selecting split air conditioners. There are two rooms - 150 sq.ft (on the east side facing the sun rise) and 160 sq.ft (on the west side facing sunset). The apt is in Mumbai on the 20th floor. Consumption would be 5-8 hrs / day per ac depending on the season. Generally both ac will be used everyday.

Which brand and what tonnage would you suggest?

The square living room is 550 sq.ft and I was advised to install hideaway ac units 4 units x 1.8 tons each. What would be your advise and which make would you suggest.

Thanks for your help.


Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Neha,

20th floor is top floor or middle floor? Also roughly how many months will the AC be used?


Hi Abhishek,

20th is not the top floor. Its a 30 storey building. In the bedrooms - one ac would be surely used 5-8 hrs a day all thru the year, and the other would be used for 2-4 hours during the winter months. Basically, usage would be all thru the year by both ac's.

In the living room, the usage would be need based... say not more then 6 hours a week on average. But since there is not a provision to install window units nor split A/C (would need to draw the pipes across a long distance), the architect was suggesting that we construct an artificial beam running thru the living room with concealed AC (in alternate positions to get maximum benefit) and then have an option to turn on as many as needed.



Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Neha,

As per my calculations the 150 sq ft room needs 1.1 tons of cooling and 160 sq ft room needs 1.3 tons of cooling. Your usage of AC is quite high (specially considering that tariff in mumbai is very high), and thus I would highly recommend you to go for inverter technology air conditioner. Size of inverter AC for the 1st bedroom will depend a lot on how cool you want to keep your room. If you typically keep the AC at about 25 degrees then for the 150 sq ft room a 1 ton inverter AC might also suffice. But if you keep it much cooler then you may have to go for 1.5 ton inverter AC. For 160 sq ft room you will have to go for 1.5 ton inverter AC. You can look at these ACs:

Hitachi Ace or Kampa inverter 1.5 ton
Daikin FTKM50PRV16
Samsung AR18HV5DAWK
LG BS-Q186C8R6
Samsung AR18HV5NFWK

These are little expensive (Rs 4-5K more) compared to regular 1.5 ton AC, but you will recover the expenses in electricity savings. As for the living room, as per my calculations (for 550 sq ft) you need 4-4.5 tons of cooling. Four 1.8 ton ACs will make it 7.2 tons!!! That will be a lot. I would suggest you to put two 2 or 2.2 ton ACs in the room and not more than that. Your usage is less, so you can put BEE 3 star rated 2 ton ACs as well.


Hi Abhishek,

Thanks for suggesting the models for the 2 bedrooms. If you were to pick, which of the suggested models would you pick and why?

The architect is suggesting that we should install FERDIN type (hope I got the name right) hideaway ACs fitted in the artificially created beam running across the room to get effective cooling . How effective are these ACs? They are suggesting that we should pick any of the following makes: carrier, blue star or LG. Which one would you pick and why?

You suggest that we should install 2 or 2.2 tons x 2 AC. Which make and model would you suggest in that case?




Hello Sir,

Can you please tell me, if the government is still providing subsidy for installation of solar equipment (solar water heater in particular) or not?



Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Amit,

Subsidy for solar water heater has been discontinued effective 1st Oct 2014. Here is MNRE notice for the same: http://mnre.gov.in/solarwhin/misl/swhs-subsidy.pdf


Sir i am a big fan of led bulbs. I see huge potential in them.

In the market as well as online, there are 3 types of led bulbs-

(For 7w)

1. Plastic body, local company,no warranty, rs.100

2. Metal body(heatsink),local company,rs.250

3. Plastic body, branded,philips,eveready,etc, rs.600-700

Sir which 1 should i buy?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Ankur,

Heat sink is a must for any LED based luminaire and even the branded ones like philips, eveready do have aluminium based heat sink. This is because an LED will not last long if the temperature rises beyond 50 degrees. And that is why all LED based luminaire have heat sink. Now the quality of heat sink determines the life of luminaire. Going for an unbranded LED is not a problem as long as they give long enough warranty on it. These days you can get LED luminaire with 3-5 years warranty (however most branded ones are not the ones giving those). Also please note that a 7W LED bulb will be replacement of 10-12 W CFL. It is not a replacement of tubelight. I would say a local company is fine as long as 1) you get a long enough warranty 2) the local company has decent track record of 4-5 years.


I want to purchase 1.2 Ton AC for Home Use only with running capacity of 6 to 8 hours at night only. I have one ac in mind VOLTAS 1.2 Ton 155 CY (Split) do you too recommend it, does it comes with copper condenser.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Niranjan,

There are two parts of a condenser: 1) coils and 2) fins. 155 CY has copper coils and blue hydrophylic aluminium fins. If you are concerned about longevity and corrosion protection, then this combination should work well. Here are some ACs you can look at:

1.2 ton AC:
Hitachi RAU514IUD or RAU514EUDA
Whirlpool 3D Cool Platinum V or Magicool Platinum V
Voltas 155 CY

1 ton inverter AC:
Daikin FTKM35PRV16 or FTKP35PRV16 (1 ton)
Hitachi ACE or iClean Inverter AC (1 ton)
Sharp AH-XP13LV, AH-XP13PHT, AH-XP13PMT, AH-X13PET (1.1 ton)
Samsung AR12HV5NBWK or AR12HV5DAWK (1 ton)
Panasonic CS-S12PKYP Econavi (1 ton)

I have put 1 ton inverter ACs because 1 ton inverter AC can extend its tonnage up to 1.2 ton if needed.



Nice job by hosting these informational details. let me thank the team behind this. everything is fine except the website name... well i know, you might be surprised to see my view. I am from Bangalore and let me remind you, your website is access thru out india and south indians are not so familiar with HINDI. if you had kept an english name which can relate to the cause it would have been apt and relevant. its just a passing thought. you miight miss out visitors from non-hindi belt.


We are pleased ELCSUN For solar energy systems to extend our sincere greetings and appreciation and please take advantage of the possibility to provide solar panels 200 Watt / 250 Watt Mono and Poly and please send your rates the data Shit and final delivery period and payment methods.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Sir,

We do not sell solar panels.



First of all I want to congratulate you on your fine website. It is very informative .

My problem is a bit complex one. I would like to have your advice on it.

There are two moderately sized rooms side by side. I purchased a Gree 1.5 ton inverter and installed it one room. I linked up the two rooms through a reversible ventilating fan. My idea in doing so was that both rooms could be adequately cooled.

At first, It was nice. But recently the ventilating fan has become noisy and through your website I have come to realized that a 1.5 ton A.c was not adequate for that room. The other room is not cooling adequately too.

Now I would like to know if I could sell this 2 to 3 months old Gree 1.5 ton inverter A.c and buy 2 normal 1 ton A.c for both rooms.

I would like your advice on this . Selling the Gree 1.5 ton inverter might get me some losses but I would like to know if its a worthwhile option.

Thank you for your time.

Take care,



I am from Karachi,Pakisan. The rooms are on ground floor and are not exposed to a lot of sunlight.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Usman,

Using this link () as a reference I assumed that peak summer temperature in Karachi is about 34-35 degrees (please correct me if that is not true). In that case about 1.2 ton AC would be needed in peak summer day time for 160 sq ft room. If usage is only at night even 1 ton should be good enough. So your solution should certainly work.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Usman,

I know you have 160 and 170 sq ft rooms. Can you please let me know which city are you in? Also do these rooms get direct sunlight on the roof or walls during the day?


i love your website...though i am pursuing my degree in mechanical engineering so its easier for me to understand the explanation but i think you guys make so simple explanation that anyone can understand it.

I am working on Air Conditioner Cum water dispenser project for my final year...its a system in which heat lost in condenser is utilised to produce hot water. I really need your help guys. so please in case you are intersted then reply :-) !

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Yogesh,

Do let us know how we can help you.


Can covering the terrace with ceramic tiles have a cooling effect on the building and thus save on electricity?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Yes it certainly can. You can use white bathroom tiles for it.


I want to buy 08 Nos of 1 TON Window or Split AC for my home. Which AC should I buy? The AC should less voltage consuming and make less effect on my electricity bill (presently we are using Desert Coolers fitted with Exhaust Fan) of any company/ brand.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Niranjan,

There are several factors that one need to consider while buying AC:

1) Tonnage of AC: Depends on several factors, but primarily on size of room, city where you live in, window sizes, people in the room. Oversized AC consumes more electricity, and undersized does not cool properly.

2) Star Rating: Choice of BEE 5 star/inverter tech or a lower rating depends on your usage of AC. If your usage is more than 1000 hrs per year (with traiff more than Rs 5), it is better to go for higher efficiency models. Benefit of inverter tech is that it is a variable tonnage AC and as the tonnage requirement is different every month and every day, this AC auto adjusts to the needs and thus saves electricity.

3) Brand: Some brands offer better reliability/technology and some have better service network. One has to factor in both. Once you have decided on star rating, the most efficient models from good brands can be selected.

If you provide us with more details as in which city do you live, what is the size of your room, which floor they are on, is there any floor above it, are the walls exposed to sun, usage in hours per day and months per year, and approximate budget, then we can recommend you something. Hope this helps.




Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Padmashri,

To tell you if any model is ideal for you or not I need to know: 1) Size of the room 2) your usage of AC in hrs/day.


Hi, We want to buy a Split AC for Living room. Room Dimensions are 18*12 - L Shaped. West facing Windows with glass area of 10*5 -= 50sqft. We live in Thane, Mumbai. It is a 11 storey building and We live on the 3rd Floor. Usage will be around 4 to 6 hours per day on an average. Please recommend suitable tonnage and brand.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Anjali,

You need a 1.5 ton AC for your living room. You can go for any of these:

Hitachi RAU518EUDA or RAU518HUD
Godrej GSC 18 FG 6 ONG or GSC 18 FG 6 WNG
Daikin FTF50PRV16


i want to buy 34 " led tv in 20-30 k prefferably indian make can u pl suggest,

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Priya,

You can look at these models of Indian make:

Onida LEO32ITF
Onida LEO32NMSF100L
Onida LEO32HMSF504L
Videocon VJE32FH-VX
Videocon VJW32FH-VF

Of International make you can look at:
Samsung UA32F5100AR
Philips 32PFL6577
Philips 32PFL6357
Toshiba 32PT200

These are all 32 inch models with Full HD and in your budget.


Hi Team,

Can we have the similar information regarding commercial usages of all states too?


Hello Abhishek,

Great work Abhishek.. Thank you for hosting a very informative and a very good guide... I actually visited your site for helping me to choose good a/c, but after reading many articles here, I have become overnight-energy-saving freak. :-)

I am from Chennai, and about to shift to new independent house. I am planning to put 2-3 a/cs. I am looking for guidance in 2 areas..

1) For my living room, 12x18 ft, what will be the better choice - 2.0T inverter a/c vs 2.0T non-inverter a/c..For inverter version, I have shortlisted Panasonic YS24PKYP [Rs~56000] and Hitachi Ace Inverter 1.5T [~Rs 62000].. Can I also consider Non-inverter model Hitachi ACE Cutout 2T model costing 53000?..

2) for 2 Bedrooms 10x15 ft each, I have shortlisted Panasonic YS18PKYP [Rs~56000] and Hitachi Ace Inverter 2T [~Rs 53000]..

What will be your suggested product & model among these 2 vendors & model. Please feel free to suggest any other..

I am bit worried about after-sales services of Hitachi..Reviews online are predominantly bad... so your guidance about choosing the vendor from this perspective will also greatly help..

Thanks for your time and help..


Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Venky,

Sizing for the rooms 2 ton inverter (for living room) and 1.5 ton inverter (for bedrooms) is fine. As per my calculation you need 2.2 tons cooling for living room and 1.6 ton for bedrooms. The choice of inverter and non inverter will depend on your usage of AC. If usage is more than 1200-1500 hrs per year, it is better to go for inverter tech. If you are keen on Panasonic then it is better that you look at Panasonic CS-S24PKY and CS-S18PKY. Or you can go for the Daikin FTKM series. Hitachi has patchy service in some places.


Hi Abhishek,

I am planning to replace my mixer grinder (brand - Eagle, age - approx. 10 years) with a new one. I was searching on the website if there is anything I should consider before buying this kitchen appliance e.g. watts, RPM, shape of blade, etc. I was also looking for the perfect model in the range Rs. 2000- Rs.2500. But I didn't get any info on the website. Can a review / basic info be added to the website on mixer-grinders please? As this is also often used in Indian kitchens.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Parag,

Apologies but we do not have any research and data on mixer grinders right now. Will surely try to do it in future. But at present I cannot recommend you anything.


I am happy to know that you are working to save energy because electricity is the food of our daily useful machines.

So to use such a machine we need energy day to day. For this purpose we should save energy and find out good resources of energy.

Solar energy is one of them on which I want to work.

This is my kind request to you that Please send me suitable information regarding solar energy and specially the price of Solar energy 'BATTERIES' and 'SOLAR PANALS' that can be purchase on low price and online with good quality.

Energy is not the asset of any single person. This is the asset all of us.

I am saving energy by daily routine tasks and for Solar resource please provide me information.


Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Lalit,

I would suggest that you put this question on this page: https://www.bijlibachao.com/solar/solar-panel-cell-cost-price-list-in-india.html

There are a lot of vendors and manufacturers who follow this page and someone would surely respond back to you with details. By the way there are no special Solar Energy Batteries, you need to use regular inverter batteries for the same. Solar panels cost around Rs 55 per watt.



I am planning to buy an automatic washing m/c so it would be very kind of you if you can help

me to choose a good model.

I live in Mumbai & require m/c for 2-3 persons.Should i go for front loading or top loading?

.We have ample supply of water also.

Kindly suggest me a good company & model keeping in mind the following-the m/c should be

durable,good quality,energy efficient,good results & good service.Pl suggest me out of the

following companies-IFB/Samsung/LG/Siemens/Bosch.

My price range is 20000 to 30000 RS.

Pl suggest me some good Front & Top Loaders along with model nos.




Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Sam,

As far as washing is concerned, it is better in front loading washing machine. Water consumption is also less in front loading washing machine. To save energy LG has inverter tech direct drive technology in its washing machines. I would suggest that you go for 5.5 kg Inverter tech direct drive washing machine from LG. You can check their models on their link: http://www.lg.com/in/front-loading-washing-machines


I have 3 nos. 2500 VA Inverters (one each of Microtek, Sukam and Luminous Brand) each connected to 4 nos. 150AH batteries in series. I would like to install suitable solar panels to charge batteries and as well as to provide power to inverters.

Please mail me details of complete requirements like surface area, best available and suited panels, other accessories needed, contact details of vendors and costs involved.

When and where did you install your solar system and how is their performance so far?


Rajiv Agarwal

9311607733/ 9810717902/ 01204103471

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Agarwal,

Bijli Bachao is a platform for information sharing. We do not sell solar products.


plz provde your contact address

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

you can email at [email protected]


Hi Abhisekh ji

Actually I facing a problem regarding AC .

I am from Jodhpur Rajasthan

My room on top floor . No building nearby to my floor. Direct sunlight on two walls & on top. My Current videocon split 1.5 ton ( VYS53RL1 INPUT 1840 WATT Cooling capacity 5150 . AC consume average 2 watt per hour . Cooling is not satisfactory. My Room Size 14.5 * 14.5 * 10.5 . AC USE. More than 2000 hrs.

So Please Suggest Which AC I Use to Reduce Electricity Bill.

2nd Top Floor kids room size 14.5*8.5*10.5 also suggest AC for there room.

Thanks in advance.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Praveen,

Your room needs 2.5 tons of cooling (or 2.2 ton inverter AC). However if you put appropriate AC, power consumption may be just slightly less than 2 units per hour because the room is big. You can look at Daikin FTKM71PRV16 2.2 ton inverter AC. However you will get satisfactory cooling.

The 2nd room needs 1.5 tons of cooling. Even if you plan to go for inverter tech AC, you will have to go for 1.5 ton inverter AC. Or you may think of moving your 1.5 ton AC to this room.


Hello Abhisekh ji

You suggested Daikin 2.2 FTKM71PRV16 its price is high any other brand which gives me same cooling & electric power efficiency in low price. Pls suggest if option available

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You can look at Hitachi RAU330HTD or RAU230HUD


We are introducing hybrid solar Air conditioner in Indian market, kindly share your contact details to [email protected]

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

you can contact us at [email protected]

nimish a mehta

hi abhishek

this is nimish mehta here,i am having single phase meter of 6.1 kwh from best undertaking in mumbai and i am using at present 2 1.5 ton window acs and i have 2 geyser,1 fridge and a washing machine,i intend to put a split invertor ac for a 3 rd bedroom size 14*9=126 sq feet.i have 2 queations :what tonnage ac should i buy and do i require to change the meter as someone told me that the single phase meter will not take additional load of third ac.please advice on this


nimish mehta

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Nimish,

1 ton inverter AC would be more than enough for your room. If it does not get direct sunlight on any of the walls/ceiling, then even 0.75 ton inverter AC would be good. As for the load, 6.1 will surely be a little less for the house, and it is better that you call up BEST customer support and ask them to send an engineer to re-evaluate the load. Although it is not absolutely necessary to have a three phase connection for running 3 ACs (technically), but your load will be more than 7 kW and BEST may assign a three phase connection to your house.


Dear Abhishek

So pleased that there is someone to clarify our doubts

If we have electric motor of say 5 kw and if the actual load is of say 20 watts what will happen. Will the electric motor get hot? . Will the electric motor consume 5kw or will consume only 20watt.

For such application should we use single phase or three phase motor

Similarly if a generator is rated for say 100 kw and the power consumption is very low what will happen to the electricity generated?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Umesh,

In both the cases motor/generator will work at very low efficiency unless it is a variable speed motor. It will not get hot because it will not draw a lot of current because the load is very less. You don't need a three phase motor because three phase motors are needed when there is a huge load (10HP+). It will be much more inefficient and you will waste a lot of energy.


Hello Abhishek,

Reached here while doing research on which AC to buy, very helpful.

I am getting an AC (1.5ton) for my home, usage will be low to moderate (Bangalore). I have two questions and will appreciate if you can help.

1. How does split-ac with 3-star rating compare to an inverter ACs? I read that for low to moderate usage 5-star rating might not payout in mid-long term. Also looks like inverter ACs don't have star ratings.

2. Should I invest in split-ac with 5-star or an inverter AC. Both seem to be in same price range.



Abhishek Jain (Mod)


1) Although each star rating is a range of EERs between 3 star and 5 star there is at least 10-15% savings based on what EER you choose, Inverter ACs are about 15% more efficient than BEE 5 star AC at same EER. Although some Inverter ACs have better EERs than BEE 5 star and some also have lesser EER.

2) Better to go inverter than 5 star if your usage is high.


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Chitra Balasubramaniam


This is an extremely useful site with good information what the consumer needs. Can you provide some information on the buying of fans especially which brand is good. It is such a common item but it is sold as a commodity and no one bothers to explain about it. Also your sizes are in mm, most dealers refer to it in inches. I am very new to this, so any information is welcome. If you can even tell me 3 good brands which meet certain criteria laid down by you, I will happily go and buy.


Chitra Balasubramaniam

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Chitra,

Different brands have their own pros and cons. When we put the top fans list, its purely based on data from BEE. There is no subjectivity behind it. Also because we do not collect feedback about various brands, I cannot suggest which brand is better. I have personally used Havells and Superfan and thus I can only comment about them. But that's purely personal experience. Many brands have good market share: Havells, CG, Usha, Orient, Bajaj. Superfan is a new brand, but has highly energy efficient models. You can try anyone of them.

Also standard size of fans is 1200mm which is about 47 inch.

Hope this helps.



This is the first issue of Bijlee Bachao, I have seen. Its highly informative and useful. Excellent compilation of useful energy saving tips for all householders and small offices/shops.

I congratulate for this highly useful & educative information for the cause of energy conservation.

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Energy Conservation Mission

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Executive Director

Engineers Without Borders India

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M: 9391207618

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Rao,

You can certainly use the information in your presentations, and your acknowledgement will help us to reach out to more people. Just that we would request you not to replicate the content from this website on any other website.



dear sir,any type of business opportunities in odisha as an entrepreneur?