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About Us

Bijli Bachao is an initiative that aims to help residential customers reduce their electricity consumption, thereby reducing the monthly outflow of money towards electricity bills. The benefits of the initiatives are many folds:

1) People save money on their electricity bills.

2) Reduced energy consumption reduces our increasing dependence on a depleting resource: coal.

3) Reduced energy consumption from urban areas can help reducing energy poverty in rural areas.

4) By burning less coal, we will reduce CO2 emissions, thereby protecting the environment.

Bijli Bachao’s mission is to provide consumers the right kind of information to make an informed decision regarding their electricity consumption.

Bijli Bachao Team

Abhishek Jain

Abhishek worked with Deloitte Consulting for almost 10 years before starting Bijli Bachao in 2012. During his stint with Deloitte, he managed several large-scale business transformation projects with various Fortune 500 companies with work spanning multiple countries and continents. A technology enthusiast, amateur photographer, and musician, he likes doing everything creative. He got interested in electricity savings when he returned from the US and started setting up his house in India. Rising electricity costs in Mumbai and high consumption by neighbors got him thinking that there is a lot of scope of helping others reduce their electricity bills. He also realized that helping others reduce electricity bills will also do well for the environment. He thereby decided to use his technology skills to help people reduce their electricity bills. Abhishek graduated from IIT Bombay with B.Tech in Chemical Engineering in the year 2002.

Along with Bijli Bachao, he also runs Science ABC (www.scienceabc.com), a portal for sharing fun and interesting science facts. He believes that his purpose in life is to learn and share knowledge.

Dr. Manisha Jain

Manisha has been an energy professional for more than 15 years with work experience in clean energy, climate change, and sustainable development. Having worked with organizations like TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute), she has deep insights into residential energy efficiency and regulatory & policy aspects of the electricity sector in India. She has also co-authored a book titled Managing Power Demand – A case study of the residential sector in Delhi. Manisha is M.Tech in Energy Systems from IIT Bombay and Ph.D. in Climate Studies at IIT Bombay.

Mr. Mahesh Kumar Jain

Mr. Mahesh Kumar Jain is an Alumnus of the University of Roorkee (IIT Roorkee) who has spent his lifetime serving the Indian Railways. He retired from Indian Railways as a Director of IREEN (Indian Railways Institute of Electrical Engineering) and has also served as Chief Zonal Electrical Engineer at Indian Railways. Mr. Mahesh Kumar Jain is an Electrical Engineer by profession and passion and has always been an inspirational force behind this website. He currently serves as a consultant at Nippon Koi Consortium.

Hussain Kanchwala

Hussain Kanchwala is an Electronics Engineer from the University of Mumbai. As an Analyst at Bijli Bachao, he keeps a tab on the latest technologies in gadgets and appliances, tracks businesses of white goods companies, and monitors consumer behavior. With a background in engineering, penchant for detail, and flair for writing, he regularly writes reviews about brands and their products.