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Super Efficient Ceiling Fans in India – Market Analysis

By on September 3, 2017

Sometime back we published an article on Super Efficient Ceiling Fans (link), in which we mentioned about how the ceiling fan market is moving towards super efficient ceiling fans, and how BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) is trying to push for super efficient appliances in India. Since then we have received several emails asking about super efficient fans, where they can buy them from, how much do they cost and how much electricity do they save which are the companies manufacturing them, etc. As ceiling fans contributions to the total electricity bill is significant for most of electricity bills, the interest in super efficient fans is inevitable. To find the answers to various questions we received from our readers, we decided to do a market analysis of various players in the super efficient fan segment, features of such fans, more about the technology and the cost benefit analysis. The analysis below is only a market analysis and is not a technical/functional review of the fans.

What are Super Efficient Fans and how is the efficiency achieved?

Efficiency is all about achieving the same results while using lesser electricity. Typical ceiling fans in the past (or even now) were made of Single Phase Induction Electric motor. Most of them had more use of aluminum than copper that made them cheap, but were inefficient. The result was that most of the fans consumed about 70-80 Watts of electricity. The air delivery of these fan ranges between 230 to 250 m3/min

With BEE pushing for more energy efficiency, the manufacturers increased copper content and improved blade designs to achieve more efficient fans. The result was BEE 5 star rated fans that would consume about 45-50 Watts of electricity. The resultant fans have slightly lower air delivery of about 210 to 225 m3/min (more about BEE 5 star rated fans on: BEE 5 Star rated ceiling fans: myths and realities).

The new Super Efficient Fans that are available in the market use a different type of electronic motor, which is also called Brushless DC (BLDC) motor. This new technology with efficient blade designs makes ceiling fans far more efficient, and the fans consume 30-35 Watts of electricity, which is about 50% less than the old regular fans. Some of such ceiling fans have air delivery of 220-230 m3/min that makes them almost the same in performance as compared to the regular ceiling fans. There are some BLDC fans in the market that have lower air delivery, but those fans are in the luxury segment where the emphasis is more on design, better air circulation and lower noise.

Various Brands of Super Efficient Fans available in the market

It was in February 2012 when BEE’s Super Efficient Equipment Program was initiated. And ceiling fans were the first targets of the program. Here are some brands that are selling super efficient ceiling fans in the market:

  1. Orient Electric (www.orientelectric.com): In the year 2015, Orient Electric launched their first BLDC Fan Ecotech. Now in 2017 they have launched another model called Ecogale. Below are the specifications and prices of the models:


    Model: Ecotech

    Model: Ecogale


    1200 mm

    1200 mm

    Power Rating

    32 Watts

    32 Watts

    Air Delivery

    220 m3/min

    220 m3/min


    320 RPM

    320 RPM

    Price (online price)

    Rs 4607-4850

    Rs 6507-6850

    The prices above are taken from the online store maintained by the company. The company is also giving 2 years warranty for replacing or repairing any faulty product. These models are remote control operated and do not require installation of a separate regulator.

  2. SuperFan (www.superfan.in): Launched in Dec 2012, these Fans are designed and manufactured by Versa Drives, a company based in Coimbatore that has been in existence since 2010. They have 3 models, specifications and prices of which are mentioned below:


    Model: Super A1

    Model: Super X1/X7

    Model: Super V1


    1200 mm

    1200 mm

    1400 mm

    Power Rating

    35 Watts

    35 Watts

    38 Watts

    Air Delivery

    220 m3/min

    230 m3/min

    270 m3/min

    Power Factor





    350 RPM

    385 RPM

    270 RPM

    Price (online price)

    Rs 3200-3400

    Rs 2500-2900

    Rs 2700-3100

    The prices above are taken from the online store maintained by the company. The company is also giving 2 years warranty for replacing or repairing any faulty product.

    The price above may look high but if you look at the calculation that we had done earlier in our previous article (link), at Rs 5 per unit of electricity and 8 hours of usage, a super efficient fan will save you about Rs 520 per year as compared to regular (75 W) fan. You can find the cost of electricity applicable to you using our online electricity bill calculator on this link. A Super X7 model that costs Rs 2500 can pay back for itself in about 2 years based on usage and electricity price. Typically life of fans is of the order of a decade, thus for the rest of the 8 years it will provide good savings.

    Along with energy savings, most of these models are remote controlled and thus do not require installation of a regulator. Thus any capital expense towards regulator is also saved, which further brings down the pay back period. A good electronic regulator would cost about Rs 200, which is saved with these fans. All with 2 years warranty, these fans look quite good money savers.

  3. Luxaire (www.luxaire.in):  Luxaire is also a new brand, which launched recently in 2013. Operating from Bangalore, they sell imported ceiling fans that are comparable to luxury ceiling fans available in Usha Hunter range. Most of their models are designer products that consume less electricity (30 Watt) and produce very low noise. With 30 Watts of energy consumption, the electricity saving is almost 60%. Their blades are mostly made of eco friendly wood and the company claims to be producing very eco friendly products. A good look at their website would also tell you that they offer a good 10-15 years warranty on their motor. They have models in multiple sweep sizes and their specifications are comparable to Usha Hunter designer fan range (RPM of about 175). These are very quite fans and are good for rooms where air conditioners are switched on most of the time. The operation of these fans is also through remote control, which makes them quite convenient to use.
  4. Orbit Greens (www.orbitgreens.com): Orbit Green’s BL30 is the latest (in 2015) and newest brand of super efficient fans. BL30 is a 1200 mm sweep fan however the company has super efficient fans in other sweeps as well.
  5. Gorilla Fan (by Atomberg Technologies): Launched in 2015, made by a team of engineers from IIT Bombay, Gorilla Fan is the most energy efficient BLDC fan available in the market. The fan is available only in one model which is of 1200 mm sweep. The technical specification of this fan is mentioned below:


    Model: Gorilla Fan


    1200 mm

    Power Rating

    28 Watts

    Air Delivery

    230 m3/min

    Power Factor


    Price (online price)

    Rs 3500


    The prices above are taken from the online store maintained by the company. The company is also giving 3 years warranty for replacing or repairing any faulty product. This fan also works with a remote control and does not need any external regulator to operate the fan. Based on the energy efficiency that can be achieved, this fan looks quite lucrative for the cost if the usage of fan is high.

Currently we could find only 4 brands selling super efficient ceiling fans, but as there is push from BEE for the Super Efficient Equipment program, we hope to see many more brands coming up in this category. We will keep updating this page as and when we get to know about more brands producing such models.


On the face of it, the price of the super efficient fans look high, but if we look at current and rising electricity costs, opting for super efficient fans makes a lot of sense especially to replace the high usage fans. The current specifications of these super efficient fans look really good, and if there is good response from the market, there will be significant savings of electricity for the consumers as well as nation in the future.

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Hello can you have fans with led light between 1200to3000rs


I have two Atomberg Gorilla fans. Had several issues with the first one they sent but those issues are now taken care of. When you say life is in the order of a decade, that sounds low given the life of normal ceiling fans (I had one going on since 15 years of more than half day usage). It would be a bummer if this fan failed in just a few years. Because they claim life expectancy MORE than conventional old ceiling fans, which is a bold statement to make for the company.


Fans give real cooling effect

Mohit Kumar Gupta

Dear All,

We are manufacturers of BLDC Ceiling Fan in the brand name of Jupiter. Our Fan is India's Most Energy Efficient Fan consuming only 25 watts. The fan is available on http://www.amazon.in. We have three blades and four blade model with elegant design to suit home needs. Please review the same.


Mohit Kumar Gupta


BLDC fan price list and gurantee


3 Blade price is 3200, 4 Blade is 3600. Available on amazon.in. Warranty 3 year. Motor will be replaced, no repairs at customers end.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Can you send me an email with details at [email protected] ?


I am surprised to see some results that people use Gorilla Fans. I thought it exists on paper only, because I called many times to Atomberg since April 30, but, the fan is not available ( 56 inches / brown ) any time.


what are branded of companyies are dealing


Does it performs in 48°c like West Bengal,Rajestan etc,
And what is different between 75w and above according to rpm etc.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Dipak,

If you go for a fan that has air delivery of 230 CMM or more, then it should work as good as any other fan. Difference between 75W and 30W would be power consumption! A 75 Watt fan would consume 1 unit of electricity in 13 hrs of running (1000/75) and a 30 W fan would consume the same in 33 hrs of running.


Sir, I am looking for a energy efficient ceiling fan in Dombivli (421201) area in Thane District, Maharashtra State. I need fan to cover my room area of 150-175 sq ft. Pls suggest me some good options which has a life span of atleast 8-10 years.


Buy it through TATA POWER in Mumbai, they providing on subsidy charging only Rs. 1795/- roughly.


Can I use a BLDC fan to directly replace my current AC ceiling fan to save elec bill? Do I need a AC to DC transformer or anything? I am thinking of ordering Gorilla BLDC fan on amazon. Will an electrician be able to replace it simply without any further instructions?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You do not need any transformer to use BLDC Fans (Gorilla or Superfan or Orient Eco). You just need to connect the fan just like you would connect any light. These fans do not need regulator, so that is the only difference in terms of installation. Otherwise just like you have two wires and you would connect a tubelight, similarly you can connect this fan. I did it easily myself at my home.

Srinivasa Acharya

I am using 3 superfans for last 2.5 years and 2 Atomeberg's Gorilla fans for lat 1.5 years. All these fans work flawlessly. Superfan is attractive, but remote is of very cheap quality. Gorilla fan is super efficient( I recorded max 25w at full speed) with excellent quality remote, but fans look very ordinary. I had issues with Gorilla fans initially, but Atomeberg's team did a commendable job in fixing the issues and sent the replacement fans very quickly. I have referred many of my friends to Gorilla fans and all of them talk good about it.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Thanks a lot for the feedback. This is really helpful.


I've tried the Superfan V7 model. Spoilt in less than 6 months, no way to repair it, & no response from company dealer. Avoid.

Abhinandan Choudhary

We are Solar EPC company and we can provide

solar Rooftop system

-On grid(with net metering)

-Off grid(with battery)

-Solar street light 12W-200W

-solar water heater etc.

contact me: [email protected]



Please Suggest me good fan to buy? less noisy and light in weight...bajaj harrier 1200 mm is good fan to buy?

Manohar Prakash Rao

Pls see my review. Never Bajaj again for me.

Manohar Prakash Rao

Purchased Bajaj & Orient fans and Bajaj exhaust DX200 for my new flat 6 years back, after a couple of warranty had to replace all three Bajaj bathroom exhaust fans with Crompton within a year and half. And regarding ceiling fans I can tell one thing for sure., many of them are having noisy operation with humming type noise even with good quality Wipro-Northwest step regulators in the flat. Never Bajaj again for me.


GORILLA, AC, 28 WATT / with REMOTE sped control // TIMER / SLEEP MODE - CAN CONTACT me pune 9604267174 can offer 10 % discount and door delivery free


You can buy atomberg gorilla fan for best price and its also most efficient fan in india.


sir i was lookin for usha technix, usha atom & usha powersaver LX in Pune. but the dealers said that companies r not selling them much bcoz they r very slow (250rpm). Also that they have very low amount of copper which results in humming later on, their life is only 5 yrs etc. what shud i do? pls advise ...


GORILLA, AC, 28 WATT / with REMOTE sped control // TIMER / SLEEP MODE - CAN CONTACT me pune 9604267174 can offer 10 % discount and door delivery free/ 3 years replacement warranty


I am looking For गोरिल्ला fan at Bhopal doorstep delivery of some two pieces

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You can get them on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2pfCOyv

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Check out Havells Fusion 50 or ES50 ... it is a good fan.


Read the comments,was looking for fans with noiseless operation, power savings was secondary, but as the comments mention the noise from air cutting is similar in both conventional and BLDC motors, have dropped the idea of these fans, but very informative site, Thx

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Usha Hunter type fans would be quite. You may look at them.

Vivekanand Athanikar

so are we saying that there is no option for a silent and efficient fan? We are stuck with either or? If so, do you have any idea how "silent" the Gorilla fans are?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

By the way manufacturers typically do not publish the sound levels of ceiling fans. They just publish the speed, air delivery and power consumption.

Vivekanand Athanikar

Hey Abhishek; completely understand your points and that's why I was looking for a fan that has a good marriage between speed and efficiency without being too loud. I will do some more research on the Gorilla and Luxaire fans based on your feedback.
Thanks a lot mate. Keep up the good work you guys are doing. Really appreciate it!

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

If you want really silent fan then you can go for Usha Hunter series fan .... they are silent but good for creating just an air draft in an air conditioned room. They are not high RPM fan that are typically sold in market. High RPM fans will make noise of while cutting through the air. And yes high RPM fans give more air as well. So if you want more air then you will have to go for high RPM fan which will have its own noise.

There is an energy efficient option to Usha Hunter series as well. There is a company called Luxaire (mentioned in the article above). They have Usha Hunter series equivalent fans, but with BLDC motors making them energy efficient.

By the way how "silent" do you think would be "silent" enough? Gorilla fans are quite decent.

Vivekanand Athanikar

First off, thanks for your response Abhishek. I really appreciate everything this site does. The articles and mods are very helpful..
As for the how silent question; fans in my house are on 24/7 just like they would be in any other home. I try to avoid using the AC unless absolutely needed. Personally, for me, the fan's sound seem to drown out sounds emanating from my speakers. This leads to me having to turn up the volume which then further adds to the total "noise" levels in the room. Currently what I do is, turn off the fan and turn on the AC only when watching movies. So I was looking for something that would give me a combination of both cooling and silence without a quantifiable compromise on either. Not to mention I've currently been obsessed with energy efficiency in all my appliances (hence the visit to your site :) ).
I will have a look at the Luxaire fans you mentioned; also, correct me if I'm wrong but from the videos I have seen it seems the Gorilla fans would not provide much cooling due to their low RPM. Am I correct in assuming this?


GORILLA, AC, 28 WATT / with REMOTE sped control // TIMER / SLEEP MODE - CAN CONTACT me pune 9604267174 can offer 10 % discount and door delivery free/ 3 years replacement warrnty

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Vivek,

It always feels great to interact with someone who really cares about energy efficiency. It gives me double the excitement when someone is really looking for an energy efficient product and is not just looking for someone who can provide him/her just one brand/model to buy (without thinking about efficiency) so that they do not have to do any homework.

Now sound from a fan can be from the motor and from blades cutting through the air and pushing the air down. Typically for most good brand the sound from motor is very limited. The sound from blades will depend on the RPM. Higher the RPM more will be air delivery (of course the design of blade also impact air delivery).

A fan does NOT provide cooling. It is not meant to cool the air. It just circulates air around you and the sweat from your body makes you feel cool due to the draft of air. More the air delivery, faster will be the draft of air. Now as per my observation (and my personal opinion) any fan that has air delivery of 220+ is quite good. A Superfan of 35 watts will give air delivery of 230 CMM but will have higher RPM. Gorilla fan from Atomberg will consume 28W and will give air delivery of 220 CMM (which I personally think is quite good). If you compare fans with 230CMM and 210 CMM air deliveries, then you will start feeling that the air delivery is quite less. But 220 CMM although is less than 230CMM, but is not uncomfortable by any standards. And because RPM will be slightly lower, its noise is lesser as compared to any high speed fan. But then it will certainly have sound due to blades cutting through the air and that is why it is difficult to say if you will be fine with the "noise" or not. No brand provides sound levels in "Decibels" to make a comparison. And then if they do provide it, you will have to define how many "decibels" are fine for you. Without the numbers, it will be all perception and no reality.


Among the 1400mm fans, which do you think produces the least amount of sound for the same air delivery?


try GORILLA, AC, 28 WATT / with REMOTE sped control // TIMER / SLEEP MODE - CAN CONTACT me pune 9604267174 can offer 10 % discount and door delivery free/ 3 years replacement warranty

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Superfan (http://www.superfan.in) has 1400 mm sweep fans that have good air delivery and high energy efficiency. I cannot comment on the sound though because typically sound is directly proportional to air delivery. Higher the air delivery, more is the sound, because the sound comes due to moving air.


What kind of magnet is used in the BLDC motors of Superfan, Gorilla etc? Is loss of magnetism a concern?

I read that magnets made of lower grade material can lose their magnetism at much lower temperatures.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

I am not sure about it. You will have to check with the manufacturers.


Atomberg replied... the magnets lose magnetization at > 125 deg C, and there is only +7 deg C rise in temp due to motor, so no issues with heat.

Over a period of 10 years they claim an increase of 1 to 2 watts due to magnetization loss. So it is not a concern.


try- GORILLA,AC, 28 WATT / with REMOTE sped control // TIMER / SLEEP MODE - CAN CONTACT me pune 9604267174 can offer 10 % discount and door delivery free/ 3 years replacement warranty


Is parmanent magnet used in Gorrilla fans rare earth ( NdFeB ) or ferite magnet


I think Neody magnets Ferite will not be alble to delivery efficiency ! even energy savind coompressors in AC's have Neody Magnets!

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

I am not sure about it.


looking for super efficient fans for a building project. already in touch with atomberg. would like to know reviews of versa drives, atomberg and orbit greens. or any other product in the market.
I also came across fans with PMAC motor and 20 W input power. Can u explain the difference between PMAC and BLDC motors


it is good -GORILLA, AC, 28 WATT / with REMOTE sped control // TIMER / SLEEP MODE - CAN CONTACT me pune 9604267174 can offer 10 % discount and door delivery free/ 3 years replacement warranty the other one you wrote- SIMILAR - has issue of noise at lower speed - my frind has returned 6 of these recently - gorilla at lower speed - no problem and consumes as low as 5 watt at lowest speed -- especially iN AC ROOM SOBER AIR CIRCULATION -


Which fan with PMAC motor uses 20W? PMAC and BLDC seem to be identical, PMAC is driven by AC and BLDC by DC.


Basil Energetics from Chennai are offering fans with PMAC motors and input power of 20 Watts

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

I guess I have heard about them once. They package super efficient appliances with solar (which I think is a great idea). Not sure how they are doing now.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

I am not aware of PMAC fans in Indian market. By the way BLDC has "DC" in it, but is also driven by AC.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

PMAC and BLDC are quite similar in design. It's just the waveform that drives the motor differs. One is sinusoidal and the other is trapezoidal.

As far as the companies are concerned, we have tested all of them: Versa Drives, Atomberg and Orbit Greens. Here are some pros and cons of each

1) Versa Drives:

(some of the pros and cons mentioned are common for all)

Pros: Great quality product with high efficiency and really good air delivery. You get the same amount of air as you would get with any good air delivery fan in the market. Extremely low power consumption (35 Watts). Backed by some really talented engineers from IIT Madras.

Cons: Limited presence throughout the country. They have good market in South, but not much presence in North. Tech is relatively unknown to regular electricians, so difficult to get service (if it fails). Although they do replace the product if it is under warranty. But getting a replacement is a few days job and sometimes you cannot live without a fan. Finally using a remote control for a fan is a hassle (personally for me). Small remote control gets lost in the house and you keep finding it. Changing speed without a remote is a bit of a hassle. And remotes (for almost all appliances) do not last long unless you take really good care of them. They are expensive and are not as silent as what people expect at that cost. But then they are highly energy efficient and as noisy as regular fans. So compare them with regular fans and not the luxury fans.

2) Atomberg: Most of the pros and cons above apply for Atomberg as well. But I think they have come up with a new design to make the fan work with a normal regulator (just confirm with them). This is a big relief. It is run by a team of engineers from IIT Bombay who are again quite talented. The product quality is good and power consumption is better (28W) than Superfan (versa drives). But Superfan has more design variations. Super fan also has more models. Atomberg is much newer as compared to Superfan, so their presence is lesser than Superfan. Ya and one more thing, there is a LED in the center of these fans that blinks when you change speed. Superfan blinks as many number of times as the speed, while with Atomberg it blinks only once. Remote control from Atomberg is of better quality than Superfan and is more feature rich.

3) Orbit Greens: These guys are trying their best, but somehow they are the weakest amongst the group. The product quality is not as good as others. Firstly their air delivery is low and one may complain that that it does not give good air. Their remote control was not of great quality when we received it. It did not last 15 days. The overall experience was not really great as we could not change the fan speed after the remote got damaged. But yes, the electricity consumption was quite low.

But most of the pros and cons are common.


So far related to shipment - atomberg is superslow as they use some DELHIvery courier(never heard and slow) or transport, but superfan delivers item better speed than what they promise. I ordered one superfan and one atomberg and finally this what I noticed. We don't know when atomberg's courier service DELHIvery service will atleast start shipping the item. Superfan delivered it before 1 day of their promise date.


Checked with Atomberg / Gorilla yesterday. They insisted that regulators impair the efficiency of the fan as they use resistance, so they will not provide regulators. Superfan has an edge here as the fan can at least be controlled by toggling the power switch if the remote is misplaced or not working.


Hi Abhishek Jain and Bijli Bachao Team. Please suggest me a good noisless ceiling fan with a quiet operation. The USHA's Hunter range are too pricey and the designs are conforming more to a luxury/ lifestyle design. I just need a regular design fan which is super quiet in operation that I can use in my study room

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Mohan,

Usha Hunter is the only series that I know of which is quite. Most regular fans do make noise.


Dear Abhishek and Bijli Bachao team.

And at my newly constructed house in Kerala I have a Hall which is 16 X 17 feet. As much as I would prefer 2 fans. I'm equally doubtful if there is electrical provision available for connecting 2 fans. However I'll arrange the sitting area right below one. Can you please suggest me a 4 blade modestly priced Luxury/ Lifestyle fan in a sweep diameter of 1400 mm or 52 or 56 inches category which is pleasing to the eye and has a decent or high air delivery rate. Energy rating of 5 or 4 or even 3 stars is not an issue. As my occupancy in my home is less.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Kumar,

I do not have any model at the top of my mind to suggest you. Luxury fans are mostly on the expensive side.


Thanks for your reply Abhishek. That was quick. In that case I'll go for a regular design fan in 1200mm sweep category with greatest air delivery rate (cm/m). The superfan X1 /X7 does have a cmm of 230 which is high for a super efficient fan but I'm afraid their service network is local (in Tamil nadu in case of superfan and Haryana and New Delhi in case of Orbit Green and Gorilla). These fans will finally end up in Bangalore and Kerala. And only buying option is online. Where I risk damage during transit. I'll go for the biggies like CG, Usha or Orient likewise. Please drop a few names of high air delivery fans as much as you can remember just to be sure I can at least find one available in the market. Energy rating of 5 or 4 or even 3 stars is not an issue. As my occupancy in my home is less.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Kumar,

I think Havells ES-50, CG High Speed Plus (48W) are good fans. You can go for any one of them.


Fans use more power when they are older. BLDC motors use permanent magnets which lose their magnetism over time. Has anyone tested the superfan after a year or two of usage to see how much power it actally uses?


Superfan / Versa Drives is a complete fly by night operator. Deal with
them at your own risk. Their business practices are unethical.
on the review(s) above, I ordered 1 Superfan for trial, thinking that if
successful, I would change all the fans in my house & in the
company for whom I work. Amazon had the V1 model Superfan @ Rs. 3630/-
delivered to me in Mumbai, on cash on delivery basis. When I contacted
Superfan directly, they promised to send the V1 model to me inclusive of
delivery @ Rs 3530/-, but I would have to deposit the cash in their
account. I have the emails to prove this. I deposited the cash as per
their email, even though their bank location was inconvenient. Superfan
is now demanding additional 10% octroi, even though the email from
Superfan stated it would be delivered at Rs 3530/-. The additional cost
was hidden from me even though I had specifically asked about costs on
the phone with them. Now I am required to pay an additional 10% or I
lose the money already paid to Superfan. I am doubtful that such an unethical
company will return my funds. I am now not sure if the package to be
delivered actually contains a BLDC fan or not. I may have to chalk up
the loss of Rs. 3530/- to experience, & deal in future only with
fan companies. I have been doing business for 30 years, & only the
most unethical companies hide costs like this. Most companies are
extremely upfront about their costs. Companies that need to hide things from their customers will also cut corners in their product.



Subsequent to my post on this site, I received a communication from the company, & they agreed to supply the fan at the original contracted price.

I am pleased to be able to say that I received the fan on 7th Nov. , largely due to the efforts of Ms. Susila from Versa Drives. Kudos to her! . The fan comes in an attractive box. I was able to install it easily, by my regular electrician, & it works fine. According to the electrician, the air throw is the same as any modern fan. The remote control is good. It is quite challenging to change the speed of the fan from the wall switch, as the fan has to be shut off first, & then the sequence of on-off switching can be started. There has to be a gap of about half a second between on -off switches. The fan does not register faster switching sequences.


Great article! Thanks a lot. The list of companys helped :-) We're on a mission to improve our lifestyles by changing ourselves (as consumers). Your site is a boon to anyone with such a goal! For the past four years we have maintained a detailed spreadsheet of the energy consumption of each and every electrical device we own (even mobile chargers, and the .3W used by some devices when they are in standby). We switched from incandescent, to CFL, to LED bulbs based on that data. We also maintained a formula for the way the electricity supplier bills us (this keeps changing). Next up are more effecient ceiling fans and water heaters... We thank everyone here for being here as it really helps encourage this kind of change. Also because it is so tough to go against convention even when what you are doing will "save money" (not to mention the planet) in the long term. LOL! :-) Warm regards! - Farah & Raphae Halim


Since Superfans and Orbitgreens teams are regularly viewing comments here, could they please share information on the noise levels (mechanical noise + airflow noise) produced by various models of their fans. Some of them mention that its quiet and suitable for AC rooms but there are no specs provided regarding noise levels (mechanical noise + airflow noise)


Dear Friends

Noise in fans primarily is of:

Air Cutting
Fan Blade related intermittent tik-tik sound

Generally sound is measured from 1 Meter distance with the mike away from the airflow path.

Air Cutting noise for super efficient fan and normal fan will not change much. It will be a function of fan blade design and may change marginally from blade to blade. Typically fans designed to give same air delivery at lower speed would end up having lower perceived noise. Again, it depends on fan blade design.

The intermittent rattling type short duration sound one hears quite often in fans is due to fan blade assembly, thickness of the blade etc. This can be avoided by good manufacturing practices.

Conventional fans generally do not have perceptible motor related sound unless ball bearings are not used as specified. Wear out of shaft or ball bearings can generate unpleasant noise. But that is after extended use.

Brushless motors, especially when one specific technology is used will give humming type low amplitude sound that cannot be heard over air cutting noise even at lowest speed. I am assuming one is testing for noise with fan installed at requisite height before testing. Using another technology this noise can be reduced further, but makes the product more expensive.

73 dBA is extremely high noise level. Even worn out bearings may not give so much noise. I will share the data of a typical fan at highest speed in my next comment.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Thanks for replying Mr Joshi.


Air flow noise and motor noise are two components of the fan noise. As currently only two companies (http://www.versadrives.com and http://www.orbitgreens.com) are listed to produce superfans, it will be very useful for the customers if a table of comparison is made for various models of fans including parameters like airflow, area covered on the ground from a standard height, noise level, power consumption at various speeds (RPM) and sweeps.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Sharma,

We are in the process of evaluating Orbit Greens. We should be able to put some comparison soon.

Daniyyel Emmanuel

Has anyone noticed or had a complain about the noise produced by these fans? I know it is to be expected up to a reasonable amount that any fan would make some sound when operating but I was under the impression these fans would be amongst the quiter in the market especially when compared to the normal fans. I recently purchased my first SuperFan, the X1, all the way from Chennai for use in Kolkata and have found a rather strange sort of whirring motor sound when operating at the lowest speed. The sound level rises from a base 55dB (fan off) to almost 70dB (fan operating at lowest speed setting) and thereafter another 3dB up to max 73dB on full speed. The motor whirring sound seems to reduce with increase in speed and I was just wondering if this was a normal operating sound for these fans or something might be amiss with my unit.

Planning on getting the SuperFan A1 for the other room to have a comparison as they list it as their quiter option so lets hope. Would appreciate anyone's feedback in the time being if they've experienced any such occurrences. Thanks!


I'm facing a similar issue. Bought one superfan x1 from amazon.in and it is producing a "krrrrrr" sound. this sound is noticeable at lowest speeds, but is reduced at higher speeds. No sound is produced when fan is turned off by remote. Haven't measured noise DB levels.


Hi Praveen,
My local electrician figured out the problem for me. Apparently if the covering cone is too close or touching the base of the motor it causes that sound. It's less noticeable at high speed as the sound is drowned out by the spinning of the blades and the sound of the wind being generated. Best to move the cone up an inch or two. It doesn't look as great but it solved my problem. Aside from that I've been told it's normal for fans to make some audible sound at very low speed operation. Something we just have to accept I guess. Hope that helps!


Hi Daniyyel,
Thanks for sharing your experience. I will try that too.


Dear Sir,

Thank you for writing to us.

Please provide us your contact no to the email address: [email protected], so that our Service Engineer will assist you in a better way.


Susila G



I think these fans should be heavily promoted in West Bengal. The electricity rate here is probably the highest in the country. I'm paying almost Rs.9/unit. On top of that its hot and humid here round the year except for barely 3 months of winter, meaning the ceiling fans are by far the biggest electricity burners after the refrigerator. The savings could be substantial considering all these factors.

I'm definitely ordering 3 Superfans asap for the bedrooms to start with.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

I am happy that this information helped. These fans can certainly help you a lot as the tariff is high.


Thx for the excellent info.

I would like to add some more info regarding the BLDC Fans produced by Us at Destiny Electronics. Our fan is result of two years of research and today we are producing a DC FAN which consumes 20 watt at 12 v and the same fan takes 26 watt at 230 v AC using AC-DC adapter. The fan is with excellent delivery and gives RPM of 340.

So these are actual super fans today and can be used with solar directly.


Always great to see new green innovations by startups or individuals. But you really need to get the certification done and setup distributor networks and all that or else people will not be able to buy them with confidence.

Also please note that the air delivery of the fans are most important. Superfan is great because you get 230 CMM of air delivery (same as regular fans) at just 35W. No use claiming that your fan is more efficient at 26W when air delivery is only 185 CMM. Its the same as using Superfan at Speed 4 (instead of 5) which consumes 22W.


Dear Anjan,

We also produce high quality BLDC Fans with CMM around 220 but consumes around 28-29 watt power. The speed is controlled through remote and also can work directly using solar panel of 50 watt

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Sah,

Would suggest you to apply for BEE star rating. That will give more confidence to people who are planning to buy a ceiling fan.


Guys Please also visit http://www.orbitgreens.com for more energy efficient ceiling fan with only consumption of 30W power.

This Fan is 5 Star Rated from BEE.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Joshi,

Can you please send the following details for your fan models at [email protected]?

Sweep, Power Rating, Air Delivery, Power Factor, Speed, Price


I want to buy 4 number of ceiling fan that is 35 wat , but I don't know the company name ,would you say ? How I bought this product in my home ?


Dear sudeep,

We are manufacturer of BLDC fans and are one of the best today in India with 26 watt power consumption at 230 v ac and 20 watt at 12 v dc. We can ship you the fans. please reply on my mail id.


Hi Anshuman,

Please give me the details of Fan. i.e. Guarranty/Warranty, available models and their price.

My email is [email protected]

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Sah,

What is the air delivery value of your fans?


It is 185 CFM

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Sudip,

Right now there is only one company that is making Super efficient Fan which is superfan (http://www.superfan.in). Currently they do not have dealer/distributors in West Bengal. If you want it then you will have to but it online from their website. They will ship the fans to your home. They give 5 years warranty and in case of defect they typically replace the fan if there is no dealer/distributor network in the area.


These fans are still not that super if we look at the power consumptions if rest of the specifications are same. We have developed super-2 Ceiling BLDC fan 12 V with amazingly low power consumption of 18 watt at 12 v and 24 watt at 230V AC. For more details pl. right to me at [email protected]


There is another company in Delhi, Rajivihaan which sells complete range of supper efficient ceiling fans as well as other fans like table, wall, and pedestal. In fact their ceiling fan consumes as low as 25W, and offers 200 plus CMM. Besides their complete range of fans can run from any source, i.e. AC Mains, AC from Inverter, Solar DC, or DC from Battery


send me your mail id at [email protected]


there are other cos like maa solar etc selling bldc fans

please review them !

The superfan prices are up by Rs 500 appx per fan. I dont know if they are affordable.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)


Just checked their website. Their air delivery of 200 CMM is quite less and you will feel the difference as compared to a regular fan. Also it will be good if they go for BEE certification of the ceiling fan.


I am looking for a BLDC motor based exhaust fan and also a Range Hood that uses a BLDC Motor. Any suggestions?


Why is the link for superfan (superfan.in) is striked out , while the other isn't (luxaire.in)? After all, their isn't any problem with that site.


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