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Top Ten Ceiling Fans in India by electricity consumption and size in 2016

By on April 24, 2016
Hindi Translation: बिजली की खपत और आकार के अनुसार भारत के दस सबसे अच्छे पंखे

Ceiling fans are the most neglected appliances when people think about reducing electricity consumption in their house. Most people focus on lighting to fix their high electricity bills, but fans consume a lot more than lights. To give a perspective a regular (non BEE star rated) ceiling fan consumes 75 Watts as compared to a regular (most inefficient) tubelight that consumes 55 Watts. Also a ceiling fan is used during the day as well as night whereas a light is used only during the night. In totality ceiling fans consumes more than twice or thrice the amount of electricity as compare to lights. But most people ignore power consumption of ceiling fans while buying them. BEE or Bureau of Energy Efficiency in India started rating ceiling fans of 1200mm sweep (regular sized ceiling fans) a few years back and since then the manufacturers have started coming out with efficient ceiling fans. To help people make electricity consumption as deciding factor, we at Bijli Bachao have decided to put up a list of Top Ten Ceiling Fans in India by electricity consumption and size.

  • The basis of this ranking is the data from BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency). BEE data contains power consumption and air delivery of a Ceiling Fan and this information is self reported by the manufacturers. The data is calculated in test conditions.
  • We have used Service Value or (air delivery/power consumption) for giving ranking to various models of ceiling fans. The Ceiling Fan with the maximum value of Service Value is given the highest ranking. Multiple models with the same value are given the same rank.
  • The list currently only contains data for 1200 mm sweep fans as this information is available to us via BEE. We will update the list once we get data of all other size fans as well.
  • The list below contains only the top ten ranked Ceiling Fans. List of all BEE star rated Ceiling Fans are available on the useful links given below.
  • We regularly update this list as new models get added in the BEE list of Ceiling Fans.

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Top Ten Ceiling Fans

RankBrandModelPower ConsumptionAir Deliveryid
1 Orbit Greens BL30 31.00 210.00 84
2 Superfan SUPER X7 35.00 230.00 29
2 Superfan SUPER X1 35.00 230.00 30
3 Lucas-Tvs TVS GREEN 35.00 220.00 162
3 Superfan SUPER A1 35.00 220.00 105
4 Crompton MAXIMUS 35.00 210.00 152
5 Havells ES-40 40.00 212.00 158
6 Usha TECHNIX 43.00 210.00 147
7 Crompton FRONTIER 47.00 215.00 9
8 Vasora SUPREME 46.94 211.76 94
9 Cinni REGULAR 50.00 223.56 26
10 Shivalik RG-50 50.00 223.52 20

Please note that the list above is based purely on electricity saving potential data from Bureau of Energy Efficiency and it does not include brand value of the model (as brand value is more subjective than objective). We would recommend that you go for a model that is from a brand that is known to you.

List of all BEE Star Rated Ceiling Fans:

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