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Top Ten Ceiling Fans in India by electricity consumption and size in 2017

By on September 6, 2017

Ceiling fans are the most neglected appliances when people think about reducing electricity consumption in their house. Most people focus on lighting to fix their high electricity bills, but fans consume a lot more than lights. To give a perspective a regular (non BEE star rated) ceiling fan consumes 75 Watts as compared to a regular (most inefficient) tubelight that consumes 55 Watts. Also a ceiling fan is used during the day as well as night whereas a light is used only during the night. In totality ceiling fans consumes more than twice or thrice the amount of electricity as compare to lights. But most people ignore power consumption of ceiling fans while buying them. BEE or Bureau of Energy Efficiency in India started rating ceiling fans of 1200mm sweep (regular sized ceiling fans) a few years back and since then the manufacturers have started coming out with efficient ceiling fans. To help people make electricity consumption as deciding factor, we at Bijli Bachao have decided to put up a list of Top Ten Ceiling Fans in India by electricity consumption and size.

Best Brands for Ceiling Fans in India

  • Havells
  • Orient
  • Crompton Greaves
  • Usha
  • Bajaj

These are some of the leading brands for ceiling fans in India. Among these brands you will find some good energy efficient ceiling fans. However, BLDC is the latest and most energy efficient technology available in fans and some good brands that offer BLDC fans include: Orient, Superfan and Atomberg.

Best Ceiling Fans in India

A few handpicked ones include:

Top Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans in India

Please note that the list below is based purely on electricity saving potential data from Bureau of Energy Efficiency and it does not include brand value of the model (as brand value is more subjective than objective). We would recommend that you go for a model that is from a brand that is known to you.

  • Rank 1
    • 28.00 Watts
    • 220.00 CMM
  • Rank 2
    • 32.00 Watts
    • 220.00 CMM
  • Rank 3
  • Orbit Greens - BL30
    • 31.00 Watts
    • 210.00 CMM
  • Rank 4
  • Orbit Greens - BL35
    • 35.00 Watts
    • 220.00 CMM
  • Rank 4
    • 35.00 Watts
    • 220.00 CMM
  • Rank 5
  • HAVELLS - ES-40
    • 40.00 Watts
    • 212.00 CMM
  • Rank 6
    • 43.00 Watts
    • 210.00 CMM
  • Rank 7
    • 48.00 Watts
    • 210.00 CMM
  • Rank 7
    • 48.00 Watts
    • 210.00 CMM
  • Rank 8
    • 50.00 Watts
    • 218.00 CMM
  • Rank 8
  • HAVELLS - ES 50
    • 50.00 Watts
    • 218.00 CMM
  • Rank 8
    • 50.00 Watts
    • 218.00 CMM

The basis of this ranking:

  • The basis of this ranking is the data from BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency). BEE data contains power consumption and air delivery of a Ceiling Fan and this information is self reported by the manufacturers. The data is calculated in test conditions.
  • We have used Service Value or (air delivery/power consumption) for giving ranking to various models of ceiling fans. The Ceiling Fan with the maximum value of Service Value is given the highest ranking.
  • The list currently only contains data for 1200 mm sweep fans as this information is available to us via BEE. We will update the list once we get data of all other size fans as well.
  • We regularly update this list as new models get added in the BEE list of Ceiling Fans.
  • The list below has Air Delivery mentioned in CMM (Cubic Meter Per Minute) and Power Consumption mentioned in Watts.

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Devaji Ram choudhary

me chahta hu fans ki company ko fan banate samye usme brek lagana chahiye taki jaldi usko rok sake aur room me galti se aane wale bird ki Jan bcha sake. Mere ghar me aaj ak kabutar ki Jan chali gyi kyuki switch band karne ke bad bhi fan ghumna band nhi hua. me aasa karta hu ki fans company meri bat pr gor karegi.


Im not satisfied with this fans.
1. after putting 2 nos I dont get a great air delivery till I sit right under it. no much difference in my bills either infact they have shot up in these cold season.
2. Please dont go for their ivory ya white colours. u left with cleaning them every second day.
3. They say 28 watts, I have to use both the fans to get a average delivery.

Earlier I could manage with just one fan. when the engineer visited me I took opinion of my neighbour as well as the electrical persons who had come to do the bypass thing to connect the fans. Learnt a lot of this fans but have suffered the burnt too. no one wants to take the responsibility either be the engineer or the manager. once u got it u better think u r stuck with it permanently. Just got bullied thru the Tata agency as they were giving for half the price.



How much watt used in "turbo mode" in gorilla fan.They tell about 28watt used in 5th mode but not for "turbo mode"

Speed Gorilla Ceiling Fans Ordinary Ceiling Fan
Speed 1 6 Watts 16 Watts
Speed 2 10 Watts 27 Watts
Speed 3 14 Watts 45 Watts
Speed 4 19 Watts 55 Watts
Speed 5 28 Watts 75 Watts

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Rahul,

Unfortunately we have not measured turbo mode. You will have to contact Atomberg customer support to get the information.


Sir,if sorted by air delivery how to read the list by what comes first or the rank? little confusing, for ex: usha technix comes first when air delivery is selected but it has the rank of 6.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

I would suggest that you check latest Superfan Super X1 or Gorilla Fan by Atomberg. They have air delivery of 230 CMM which is comparable to regular ceiling fans.


Dear Sir,

Excellent platform for electricity conservation and consumer awareness. Wish you all the best.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Thanks! I am glad that you found it useful.


hello Mr.Abhishek Jain,

Thank for educating us in this department.
Could you please post document/link/best brand/comparison related to
water purifier buying guide ( for municipal cooperration water, other water, tanker water)

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Thanks for the suggest Mr Patil. We will surely try to put one in future.


Correction -:
but it should have small blade length so blade should not come in bunk bad area, so child can easily climb without any risk


Hi sir,

I want to buy two fan in children bedroom where bunk bed is there.
1) Fan no.1. -
small ceiling fan in the middle of room so that all can get enough air , but it should have small blade length so blade should come in bunk bad area, so child can easily climb without any risk.Please suggest best energy efficient brand in "Less blade length" section.I search on bijlee bachav, but not found any information from small celing fans advice
2)Fan no 2
For the top of the bed , need the rotating Fan for child sleeping on the top of bunk bed,Please suggest best energy efficient brand in this '"Wall hanging fan " section.

For Invertor , which battery do you suggest (e.g. exide/amron/ so on)?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Gorilla Fan and Superfan, both the companies have come out with 900 mm sweep ceiling fans. These are small blade ceiling fans, but then usually small blade ceiling fans are for smaller areas like kitchen or balcony. You can check them over here:

Gorilla Fan: http://amzn.to/2jzfJZT
Superfan: http://superfan.in/ceiling-fan-super-j1.html

These are BLDC fan and are very energy efficient. But you will have to make sure that the area in the room is not too big also the fans should be safe distance away from kids.

As for wall hanging fans, currently there is no energy efficiency standard and nor have any manufacturers come up with efficient fans. Atomberg (company selling gorilla fans) is trying to come up with one with BLDC motor, but they are not out yet.

For inverter battery you can go for Exide or Amaron. Exide Invatubular battery would be good.

Manohar Prakash Rao

First my Thanks & congrats for your website, efforts & public service. It is claimed that full copper winding fans produce minimum winding humming noise. Is it correct ? As manufacturers donot provide noise levels as a part of specification, I feel we can be sure of low noise of fan only when we use them personally. I had bad experience with Bajaj fans which are higher end model though not luxury / premium ones in this regard producing humming noise at even medium speeds of 2 or 3. I use fans at lower speeds of 2 or 3 max 4 and never at max. 5 . Can you please suggest a few models for low noise and also energy efficient ?, Though BLDE ones are energy efficient which I may prefer but low noise is a higher priority for my bed room. In case of BLDE remote fans can we connect existing stepper regulation on our switch board ? Why I am asking this is during normal usage with fan remote controller we can keep stepper electronic regulator always at full speed. Often we dont find where we kept the fan remote in our rooms, In that case I should be able to use existing regulator connected in line for speed control

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Rao,

Noise in fans happen due to three reasons 1) Bad power harmonics: this usually happens when you use a square wave UPS/inverter. 2) Ball bearing noise: Most modern fans do not have this issue, but old fans used to have bad design and thus ball bearning used to create noise 3) Improper installation: Many a times the installation of the fan is not proper and the plastic canopy causes some noise. Copper and Aluminium are not the reason for noise in fans. I would suggest that you check the installation and see that the fan is not loose from the top and it is stable while rotating.

As you mentioned, noise levels are not mentioned in specifications, so it will not be possible for me to suggest you a fan that produces less noise. BLDC fans will not produce noise even on inverter/UPS. But they are available only in remote controlled option. And you will have to remove regulator for that. Superfan has option of toggle of switch (switching on/off) to change speed (if you do not have a remote). But others use remote only. And you will have to remove regulator for these BLDC fans.

Manohar Prakash Rao

Thank you for your kind & prompt response. I was first told plastic canopy was rubbing by Hyderabad Bajaj service centre man (one time Service charge Rs. 250) and when it didn't solve both the bearings were changed (Rs. 100) which improved speed at higher levels but humming type continuous background noise has even increased along with some new cyclical mechanical noise. The service guy said it could be due to induction noise from winding to rotor and winding may need to be replaced costing Rs. 1200. It is not blade air cutting noise and I am aware of the type of noise we hear when we use a dimmer in place of a stepper regulator or even on an inverter power, which is somewhat different. I am not sure if winding change solves the problem as it may also prove to be a waste. Another 4 fans of same model have occasional such medium humming noise, more at medium speeds. I am using Wipro-Northwest 5-step regulators which are premium priced and I run only on EB power which should be okay as our apartment has only 5-6 yr old finolex wiring with own transformer and no such issues reported by others. In this context I am planning to change regulator and see and if is not solved then I have to go for new fan based on users review opinion only.. on Amazon etc as there can be no assurance on this aspect with any brand or model. I was asking only popular models in this regard based on user feed backs , as I am aware even popular models can also give problems. Any advice to suggest ? (never mind it may not work well)

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You can also check Crompton Hill Briz (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2xQgIIr ).


Thank you for your valuable advice & kind suggestions

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

It sounds like mechanical noise due to some parts inside brushing against each other. I think you should check fans from Havells or Crompton as they are usually good. You can check these: Havells Pacer (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2xn8Lcw ) or any of the Crompton Greaves High Speed Fans ( http://www.crompton.co.in/high-speed/ )


plz suggest 1500 range fan with energy efficiency and low noise

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Ammo,

Most fans that are energy efficiency cost about Rs 2000. So it will be difficult for me to suggest one.


I would like to buy an energy efficient fan but would not want to compromise on air flow. Can you please suggest a fan which has better air flow with less noise overall. The room size is 16*12 and the height is 11. Also, please suggest a small fan around 600 mm.


Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Gorilla Fan (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2gAXJK6 ) or Superfan X1 (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2wAFjCo ) deliver 230 CMM air delivery at 28 watts and 35 watts respectively. This would be a good choice. Your room is big, so you can also go for 1400 mm sweep Gorilla Fan (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2eFJTca ) or Superfan V1 (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2gAZ97h ) which gives 270 CMM air delivery at 35 watts and 40 Watts respectively.

Are you looking for a 600 mm fan or 900 mm fan? Usually for kitchen and balconey 900 mm is good enough. Both these companies have 900 mm BLDC fans as well.


Hi Abhishek,
Thank you for all of your candid suggestions.
I have shortlisted Orient Summer Crown for my new home but worried about the speed, noise and looks factor. I am fine to change it to a better product.

Please suggest.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Jogi,

What is it that you are actually looking for? I am asking this because speed is something objective and manufacturers do provide data for it and it can be compared. But higher RPM fans usually make more noise (agreed that design of pitch of the blade can impact noise), but then noise is not a technical parameter that is provided by manufacturers, so it cannot be compared. And finally looks is very subjective. You may like something which I may not like and vice versa. So it is difficult to suggest something without proper details of what you are looking for. You can specify if you are looking for high speed fans with metallic finish, or something else and I can suggest you something.


I want to buy a ceiling fan for 12×12 square feet room. Please give me appropriate ceiling fan reviews

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

A 1200 mm sweep fan would be good for your room. You can look at any of the top ten fans listed above.


Abhishek can you suggest fan for my Master Bedroom size LxBxH 15x9x9 Feet.What size Ceiling Fan will be best suitable for my requirement.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

In my previous reply I provided you models from some reputed brands. But if I have to pick a good one (although not from a popular brand) then I would suggest that you try Superfan V1 1400 mm sweep fan. Check them on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2wu0hUI


Which of these 2 Fans are Best in Quality n Performance & Higher Speed in RPM.Superman or Atomberg Gorilla Fan ?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Quality wise both are equally good. The only difference if I have to pick up would be in remote control quality. I think Atomberg has better remote control. In terms of Air Delivery, Superfan X1 has better air delivery of 230 CMM. But power consumption of Superfan is 35 watts and that of Gorilla Fan is 28 watts.


Abhishek can you suggest fan for my Master Bedroom size LxBxH 15x9x9 Feet.What size Fan will be best suitable for my requirement. Please suggest me Best Quality Heavy duty Fan budget does not matters. I am looking for best Heavy duty n Good Quality Fan it's ok if its not energy efficient.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You can look at Havells Pacer (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2xn8Lcw ) or any of the Crompton Greaves High Speed Fans ( http://www.crompton.co.in/high-speed/ ) .... both are great brands and good products.


You have mentioned "top 10 ceiling fans" in the title. But, there are only 5 brands in the article content. Some popular brands are missing like Khaitan, Anchor, Orbit etc.

Mohit Kumar Gupta

Dear Sir,

Kindly also review Jupiter bldc ceiling fan.


Mohit Kumar Gupta


hello sir, please help me in purchasing a energy efficient ceiling fan for my new home. I will always visit your website for suggestion and view all the reviews before buying a product like this.

But this time, i am bit confused, i planned to buy Atomberg GORILLA fans to my new home because it consumes 28.00 watts power consumption, but when checking their ranking in BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency), as per the BEE rating, Atomberg GORILLA fans consumes 35.00 Watts with minimum air delivery of 210CMM, but your website shows it as 28.00 watts with minimum air delivery of 220 CMM. How come, Sir???

All other brands shows the same information in BEE as per your website. but i am not interested in getting the ORIENT - ECOTECH which is in Rank 2.

Please help me in solving this. why the information in your website about ATOMBERG - GORILLA fans differ from BEE??? Which information is correct?? Is this fans consumes 28.00 Watts or 35.00 watts (as in BEE ranking)???

Please clarify. We are interested in buying ATOMBERG - GORILLA fan.

Sanjay Ramasamy

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Sanjay,

We initially has published the data as is from BEE. But later Atomberg (the company that makes Gorilla Fan) reached out to us with a report from CPRI (Central Power Research Institutes) (link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9tmtiEjtDdlRFlZaFUzZTk1N2c ) and it showed 28 Watts as power input. CPRI has test labs where appliances are tested and then BEE rating is provided. It seems that 35 Watts was the power consumption earlier and then they modified the design and came to 28 watts. After receiving this CPRI certificate, we at Bijli Bachao even tested it on our end (YouTube: ) .... and finally we concluded and accepted that it is 28 Watts. They have submitted the report to BEE and are waiting for BEE to update the results.


Pls give suggetiin 56inch ceiling fan with less power and more rpm

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Check Superfan V1 on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2u804V1


Hi Sir,

In the above Rank Screenshot the fans which have lower watts have the higher Ranks. Does these lower watts fan will operate(speed) equal to higher watts fans? Does these lower watts fans consume low electricity?


Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Watts is just input. It is not output and one should not confuse watts with output. Just like cars or bikes can have better fuel efficiency (or mileage) and they can run for more Kms for less fuel. Similarly watts is just input (or petrol). You have to look at output (or air delivery). A fan with better or equal delivery if it consumes lesser wattage, it is better.

Any fan with air delivery of 220 and above is comparable to other fans available in market.


Sir, please help me with selecting a Pedestal fan for home. My budget should be within ₹2,000- ₹3,000. Give two or more options. Thanks you Mr. Abishek

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

We currently do not have any research on Pedestal fan, so it would be difficult for me to comment.


Dear Sir,
I want to buy a ceiling fan for my bedroom. The dimension are L-10, B-13, H-9 feet. What will be size required.
Also, I am considering - Atomberg - Gorilla. Is the make good and whether the service is good.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Atomberg Gorilla would be the best option for you. 1200 mm sweep size would work great.

dibyojyoti saha

3 bedrooms all 12 ft by 11 ft, should i buy 1400mm or 1200mm, please suggest some option in 1400 mm energy saving fans below 3000 range. Gorilla 1400 is 3500 and only available in white.

dibyojyoti saha

thankx for taking time to reply, was thinking about checking if https://www.usha.com/fans/ceiling-fans/energy-saving-fans/technix-decorative-cognac-1200 is available in retail shops if 1200 mm is enough, looks very nice and company claims 45w and mrp in company website is 2100

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Usha Technix is also a good Fan. You can go for that as well.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Dibyojyoti,

Size wise both 1400 mm and 1200 mm can fit. But 1200 should be absolutely fine for your room. You can look at these:

Havells ES50 (Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/2gj9YsZ , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/BAi4STuuuN )
and Crompton HS Plus (Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/2g7fjEt )

Havells ES40 or ES50 should be available in multiple colors.



I am going purchase one fan not much expensive between 1500-2000.. Actually I confused which brand have to purchase pls suggest me.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Nithin,

I think Havells ES50 (Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/2gj9YsZ , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/BAi4STuuuN ) and Crompton HS Plus (Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/2g7fjEt ) would be great.


Hello Sir,
Could ou please add review of Tracksun Cream BLDC Ceiling Fan

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Manish,

They have not provided much information on their website. Difficult to say anything without proper test results and information.


The fan Atomberg - Gorilla is India made or imported

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

It is India made. It is a company by graduates from IIT Bombay.


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