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Top Ten Ceiling Fans in India by electricity consumption and size

By on February 4, 2015
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Ceiling fans are the most neglected appliances when people think about reducing electricity consumption in their house. Most people focus on lighting to fix their high electricity bills, but fans consume a lot more than lights. To give a perspective a regular (non BEE star rated) ceiling fan consumes 75 Watts as compared to a regular (most inefficient) tubelight that consumes 55 Watts. Also a ceiling fan is used during the day as well as night whereas a light is used only during the night. In totality ceiling fans consumes more than twice or thrice the amount of electricity as compare to lights. But most people ignore power consumption of ceiling fans while buying them. BEE or Bureau of Energy Efficiency in India started rating ceiling fans of 1200mm sweep (regular sized ceiling fans) a few years back and since then the manufacturers have started coming out with efficient ceiling fans. To help people make electricity consumption as deciding factor, we at Bijli Bachao have decided to put up a list of Top Ten Ceiling Fans in India by electricity consumption and size.

  • The basis of this ranking is the data from BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency). BEE data contains power consumption and air delivery of a Ceiling Fan and this information is self reported by the manufacturers. The data is calculated in test conditions.
  • We have used Service Value or (air delivery/power consumption) for giving ranking to various models of ceiling fans. The Ceiling Fan with the maximum value of Service Value is given the highest ranking. Multiple models with the same value are given the same rank.
  • The list currently only contains data for 1200 mm sweep fans as this information is available to us via BEE. We will update the list once we get data of all other size fans as well.
  • The list below contains only the top ten ranked Ceiling Fans. List of all BEE star rated Ceiling Fans are available on the useful links given below.
  • We regularly update this list as new models get added in the BEE list of Ceiling Fans.

You must also read our page providing evaluation and comparison of various kinds of fans: Evaluation and comparison of Superfan, a BEE 5 star rated fan and regular fans

Top Ten Ceiling Fans

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Click To Expand: Sweep: 1200mm

RankBrandModelPower Rating (W)Air Delivery (cum/min)
1ORBIT GREENSBL3031.00210.00
2SUPERFANSuper X735.00230.00
2SUPER X135.00230.00
3CROMPTON GREAVESMaximus35.00210.00
5ORIENTSummer Crown48.00220.00
5Energy Star48.00220.00
6CROMPTON GREAVESFrontier47.00215.00

Please note that the list above is based purely on electricity saving potential data from Bureau of Energy Efficiency and it does not include brand value of the model (as brand value is more subjective than objective). We would recommend that you go for a model that is from a brand that is known to you.

Link to list of BEE Star Rated Ceiling Fans: http://bit.ly/QLiRvi


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There Are 172 Comments

  1. Sabharatnam says:

    Hello Abhishek,
    First of all thanks for letting me know about a Fan Brand Superfan. All fans I have bought so far are from CG only.
    Anyway My bedroom is 12 feet x 12 feet. The current CG fan is 1200mm and is not throwing enough air. I am planning to change. And I have serious interest in superfans. Also In case i buy I plan to buy directly from their website. Can you suggest me if I need to go for the 1200mm fan or 1400mm fan.

    • Abhishek Jain says:


      You can go for Superfan Super V1 model which is 1400 mm sweep and 38 Watt power consumption. It has the same amount of air delivery at speed of 4 that a 1200 mm sweep fan gives at speed of 5.

  2. Durai Sivasamy says:

    My cabin size is 6’x10′ (six feet x 10 feet) and office reception room size is 10’x10′ (ten feet x ten feet). Please refer me suitable size & brands of ceiling fans. Thank you.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Mr Sivasamy,
      For your Cabin (6*10) you can go for a 1200mm fan. And for your office (10*10) you can go for 1400mm fan. You can buy superfan (www.superfan.in) it will be highly energy efficient.

  3. Sivakumaran says:

    Hi Abhishek,

    Thanks for this useful article. After reading your post i have decided to go with energy efficient fans [BEE rating 5). Can you please help me in selecting the right one,

    Hall – 12 x 20 – Planning to put two ceiling fan. Havells Fusion 50 (Rs. 2300, dealer quoting price, is reasonable?) is in my mind as it satisfies with look and rating but when i go thru the reviews, this fan will have issues with air delivery. I am planning to put a corner sofa, fitting this fan will give air flow to the corners? I am right now using Crompton HS Decora which i am facing issue of getting air circulation to the corners. Please suggest.

    Master Bedroom – 12.5 x 12.5 – Orient Energy Star/Orient Summer Crown – Reviews are bad on after sales service and some are pointing poor build quality.

    Guest Bedroom – 11 x 11.5 – Crompton HS Plus

    Please suggest your valuable input on this.


    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Mr Sivakumaran,

      Standard fans have about 230 CMM air delivery. In fact I have also seen 75 watt fans that have 208-210 CMM air delivery. Havells Fusion 50 has air delivery of 225 which is not bad at all. As I personally own one, I can say that I do not feel much difference. It is a great fan. For a 12×20 room you will have to put two ceiling fans to cover the whole area. Also if you have issues with delivery air to the corners, I would recommend going for a fan with 1400 mm sweep rather than 1200 mm sweep. Because 1200 mm sweep fan can cover only a certain area.

      The brand names that you have listed are top brands. We do not have feedback on individual models, but all I can say is that air delivery of 220+ is good.

  4. alok sureka says:

    Abhishek-I plan to buy Usha technix for its low wattage but I get views that with such poor wattage the motor will not be powerful enough to deliver sufficient air and will tend to conk off.Technically this is then true of all low wattage fans.Please clarify.

    • prasad mayya says:

      i dont recomend usha fans for two reasons ….1. inconsistent power consumption ( we have 3 usha fans bought in june 2012 …..when i checked power consumption, 50w,65w,85w…… 2. low quality painting …. within one year, fans look odd …..we have another cromption greeves 3 fans …. not found above two complaints…
      last month i bought 3 cromtingreeves fans — high speed plus — rated 53w – 210CMM….. but i didnt find any noticable less air flow ….. so i strongly recomend CG HS plus as of now

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Mr Alok,

      Along with wattage you should look at Air Delivery of the fan. A regular fan gives 230 CMM (Cubic Meter per min) or air. Any fan giving closer to that (I would say 220 CMM and above) at low wattage is a good fan. And it is not right that low wattage fans do not deliver or can conk off. Fan can run at low wattages (which is what a regulator does …reduce voltage and in turn wattage). And there are many good fans that are low wattage fans.

  5. Sunil Chaudhari says:

    Hi Abhishek,

    I am planning to buy superfan Model Super X1. Should I buy Superfan or BEE standard fan? Please advise.

    Sunil Chaudhari

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Mr Chaudhari,

      Personally if you ask me, Superfan has been working great for me for last 1 year. It provides great savings and the air delivery is fantastic. They may not have large service network as it is a new product/company, but they do provide support on phone. I had issue with one fan which they were not able to resolve and they immediately replaced it. So they try to cover the limitations of their service network by providing prompt service remotely. If you have a Super Fan dealer in your city then it would be far better. But even then it has been good for me. So you can decide accordingly.

  6. John says:

    Crompton Greaves- MAXIMUS model with 35 W is not listed in Crompton Greaves’s website. Please let me know where I can buy this from?

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      We have also been trying to search for this. The company has not responded to our emails. But it continues to be on BEE’s list of ceiling fans.

  7. hariprasad says:

    is orient 48 w or crompton 53 watt better , orient seems to be more appealing design wise and blade wide being more superior , not seen crompton

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Hariprasad,
      Both Orient and Crompton are good brands. Between the two Orient 48w would be more energy efficient so we would recommend that.

  8. prasad mayya says:

    i have tested power consumption yesterday….. when i switch on 1 fan(CG HS plus ), meter shown 198.5V, 0.21A…… when i switch on 3 fans 198.5V, 063A….. when i tested with one remi fan — 198.5v , 0.3A…..

  9. Kuljeet Singh says:

    Out of the above mentioned brands which is brand is the better one?

  10. SACHIN U.G says:

    I want to buy fans..How about SUPERFANS (model v1/v7)and the company support and customer support…????

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Sachin,

      Superfan is a good product. I am personally using it since some time. However it is a new company. They do not have a large service network. But they do provide service on phone/email and in case there are things that they are not able to solve, they do replace the fans/remote with new one.

  11. prasad mayya says:

    i have totally purchased 3 CG HS PLUS fans ….. i am extremely satisfied …..

  12. vishal says:

    If possible can you please the list of Fans for the other size as well…thanks

  13. prasad mayya says:

    i bought crompton greeves high speed plus last week (53w ) …… good air flow …. ordered for 2 more fans today …..

  14. vibhuti says:

    I tried to find the Orbit Greens Ceiling fans. The search by the model ‘BL30′ does not get any fans.
    Searching through Orbit Greens, we get the website of this so called super fan. Only website is seen and no physical distribution network has been indicated.
    Even the website’s ‘Buy Online’ is not functional. I wonder what is the fun of this rating ..????

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      If you want to buy BL30 then you can write to [email protected] Else if you are interested in super efficient fans the I would suggest that you look at superfan.in, it is a really good fan.

  15. manu says:

    hi abhishek,

    I don’t see havells fusion 50 fan in their website. but could see the other 3 model’s given here. Can you please advise which is fusion 50 in this. thanks a lot for your site. I loved it.



    • Abhishek Jain says:

      ES 50 Premium looks the best amongst the 3. But the difference between the three is minimal.

      • manu says:

        Hi Abhishek, Can you please advise on the Bajaj Excel Star Ceiling Fan. Its a 5 star rated, 1200mm ; 340 RPM and 210 CMM. Is it a good choice considering their brand ,effieciency and start rating ? Its a 5 start fan and may i know why is this not in your list. Dont you advise bajaj. Please update. thank you.

        • manu says:

          Also please comment on Bajaj ELECTRA 50 (ISI & 5 star) Ceiling Fan
          SKU: 250524. Appreciate your advise. This is a 5 start fan as well. What are your views ?

          • Abhishek Jain says:

            Hi Manu,
            Bajaj ELECTRA 50 (ISI & 5 star) Ceiling Fan SKU: 250524. Has a wattage of 52W and a CMM of 210. So it will deliver much less air compared to a regular fan of (225-230 CMM).

        • Abhishek Jain says:

          Hi Manu,
          The air delivery of Bajaj Excel Star Ceiling Fan is 210 CMM. Which is much lesser compared to a regular ceiling fan (230CMM). A fan with 220 or 225 CMM would deliver more air compared to a 210 CMM. The list is based on the ratio of power consumption with air delivery ratio and Bajaj Excel Star Ceiling Fan has lower ratio compared to other fans.

  16. samir says:

    I was keen to buy orbit green fans to try,but found that the marketing is poor and their claim of 30 w power consumption though impressive,needs validation,finally bought orient summer crown on your advice

  17. Gul says:

    Hi Abhishek,

    Thanks for starting this blog and sharing some valuable information. I have been following this page for sometime now. I see you have added Orbit Greens at No. 1 in terms of least power consumption. I would like to know your review on this fan and the cost of the fan. i checked their website but no where found the cost of the fan. Thanks in advance.

    • Abhishek Jain says:


      Orbit Greens is a latest addition on BEE’s list. The company got it certified recently. We have not tested it so I cannot comment on its quality right now. Also we have not yet received the cost information for the same. I will forward you the technical details that we have received from the company on your email.

  18. prasad mayya says:

    just ordered for crompton greeves high speed plus fan ….. 1699Rs ( 2000Rs – 300Rs discount )

    • chinna says:

      hi…can you tell me from where you ordered that fan…i am planning to buy it but its cost is 2k on ebay

      • prasad mayya says:

        i ordered through ebay ….. cost is 2k ….. but applied coupon code (oxigen2015) …… so got 300Rs discount ….arrived at bluedart office only….

        • chinna says:

          hi..thanks for the quick reply
          the coupon seems to have expired…i used another 7% OFF coupon and got a 140 rupee discount though
          is this the exact item(and seller) which you ordered?

          • manu says:

            Is it a good fan china ? is it better than usha ? Please advice about warranty and other details. thank you

  19. gopi says:

    Hi Abhishek,

    Thanks for the quick response. I see in havells website air delivery rate is 220. Is it correct? I was planning to buy some energy efficient fans to my house. Could you pls let me know which fan will go other than havells brand? Any suggestions pls

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      That is right. Based on my personal experience, Havells BEE 5 star rated fans are quite good. You can go for them.

      • manu says:


        Thanks for the review on Havells fan’s. But I have seen few reviews on mouthshut asking not to buy Havells fans, because of their poor performance. Your advise please. Appreciate it.

        Thank you

        • Abhishek Jain says:

          You can also look at crompton greeves high speed plus. We got some positive feedback for it.

          • manu says:

            Thanks a lot for the reply and advise, Abhishek. I really like your site. I dint know that there are so many varieties and so much analysis for these things ….which we use daily, …. we can save money as well as our earth. Its really a good job helping so many people enlightening with these minor things which will have a huge impact on our earth. Appreciate your idea.

          • Abhishek Jain says:

            I am glad that you liked the website and found it useful.

      • manu says:


        Thanks for the review on Havells fan’s. But I have seen few reviews on mouthshut asking not to buy Havells fans, because of their poor performance. Your advise please. Appreciate it.


        Thank you

        • Abhishek Jain says:

          I personally use Havells ES 5 Star fan and I am happy with it. Air delivery is slightly less but not bad at all. But it saves a lot of electricity.

          • manu says:

            abhishek, when I went to the shop to buy Havels ES 5 star fan, the dealer scared me that 5 star rating fans will have that humming noise and he said, he is not going to exchange if I still buy it inspite of his warning. he said he received many complaints and advised not to buy fusion havels 5 star fan. Please advise which one should I buy . I need 4 fans for my new apt. Do you have any other advise. Appreciate it.

            thank you.

          • Abhishek Jain says:

            Hi Manu,

            I personally have a Havells ES 5 star rated ceiling fan and it does not have any humming noise. In my house I have superfan for the fans that are highly used and ES 5 star for lesser used fans. And both are working great. In fact I have ES 5 star since last 3 years now. I cannot say anything more than that because I am not sure what the shopkeeper is selling.

  20. gopi says:

    Is Havells fusion-50 is not the best fan. As I see it was not mentioned in the list

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Gopi,

      Havells Fusion 50 is a great fan. It just happens to be that its Service Delivery ratio (Air Delivery/Watt) is just slightly lower than the fans mentioned above that it did not come in top 10 as per BEE’s list.

  21. Maninder Singh says:

    An important parameter, pressure differential across the fan, has not been considered. The higher flow per watt could be due to lower differential pressure and hence lower reach or throw.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Thanks for the suggestion Mr Singh. Will surely send your suggestion to Bureau of Energy Efficiency to consider in their future star rating programs for ceiling fans.

  22. Vijay says:

    Hello Abhishek,

    Wonderful blog. Thank you.

    Curious to know your experience with the fans with lights. Please share some thoughts on the effect of fan usage and life of the bulbs. Also, appreciate if you can please recommend a good and economical option for a fan with lights.

    Thanks in advance for the reply.

    Best Regards,

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Mr Vijay,

      Fans with light are rare in India. The market for the same is not big and thus number of such fans available in market are less. And on top of that very few are energy efficient. The efficient ones with light that are available are very expensive (typical Usha hunter fans cost about 18-20 K a piece but they are not energy efficient while energy efficient from a company like Luxaire (www.luxaire.in) would cost as much as 50-80K per fan). But none of them are economical options. Almost all brands (Havells, Usha Crompton Greaves, etc) have underlight fans. But they would cost anywhere starting from Rs 6000+.

  23. I M Virani says:

    Mr. Abhishek
    I have decided to purchase Usha Ex3 model ceiling fan. What are your comments on it? Would you like to suggest other alternatives?

    • Abhishek Jain says:


      The Usha EX3 models have great looks but 1) They are not at all energy saving 2) They are very expensive and the price is all for looks and not for efficiency. This fan consumes 75 watts of power for 235 CMM of air delivery. A superfan would cost the same and would give 230 CMM of air delivery in 35 watts. Even these models will give good air delivery (of about 220 CMM) and consume just 45-50 watts for the same:

      Havells Fusion-50 or ES 5 star
      Orient SUMMER CROWN or Energy Star
      Crompton Greves HS PLUS

      If your primary criterion is looks then the EX3 model is good. But if you want to save some electricity as well. Then I say go for any of the models I mentioned above.

  24. Madhu says:

    Hi Abhishek,

    Kindly help me with your suggestion, i stay in the top floor of an apartment. room sizes are 12*10, 15*12, 12*10. which fans will suit with good airflow and energy efficiency.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      How much will be your usage of these fans in hours per day? Also which city/state are you in and how much is your typical electricity bill amount?

      • Madhu K says:

        thanks for your quick reply.I stay in Bangalore, usage will be about 12 hrs /day for bedroom and 5-6 hrs for other rooms. totally need 4 fans. 2 for bedroom and 2 for livings and dining.this is for my new house, average bill per month is about 600/700 Rs. Super fans are not available locally, kindly suggest me from other reputed brands.thanks

        • Abhishek Jain says:


          Your electricity bills are too low to justify high cost of superfans. I do not thing they will be able to pay back soon. However if you want to save some electricity then you can look at these fans:

          Havells Fusion-50 or ES 5 star
          Orient SUMMER CROWN or Energy Star
          Usha TECHNIX FLAIR
          Crompton Greves HS PLUS

          These should work well for Bangalore’s climatic conditions.

  25. Manik Ahluwalia says:

    Hi Abhishek,

    Can you help i letting me know if our room requires 2 48in fan for 1 56 in will do… One room is 17ft x 12ft x 8 ft.. another is 16ft x 10ft x 8 ft. I am either looking for super fan or BEE 5 star as we live in delhi and us eit for 6 months average 10 / 12 hrs a day during that period


    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Mr Ahluwalia,

      2 48 inch fans will be better if you want to cover all the parts of the room. 1 56 inch will not be able to cover the whole area. Superfan will be better for high usage.

  26. sharmadurai says:

    Dr sir i have not only invantad siling fan with power saving resantly invant all tipes of motor in to power saving in difrent uses like air condisnar motors /comprasor/ wasing macine motors /and for athor use 40%30% power saving

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Mr sharmadurai,

      There is not much that I can help you in this. You will have to contact a ceiling fan manufacturer or a motor manufacturer for the same.

  27. sharmadurai says:

    Dr sir i have invant 30 watts siling fan 1200 mm with maximum air delivari ac power fan i have patand this teknoloy invansan in india next what to do?

    • Abhishek Jain says:


      You have two options: 1) Start manufacturing, marketing and selling it yourself 2) Sell the patent to a company like Crompton Greves, Havells, Usha, etc.

  28. MRP says:

    Please post top 10 Smart/3D Television in India

    Please share your view about VU 55″ 4K Television


  29. Ravi K says:

    Hi Abhishek,

    I brought a 3 BHK flat recently in Whitefield ,Bangalore (Karnataka) and planing to buy 5 Ceiling Fan, 1 Kitchen Exhaust fan, 2 Bathroom Exhaust fans ,5 Tube Lights ,2 Gysers and some LED/CFL for balcony.I am very much concerned about the power consumption,As unit per rate is on the higher side in Bangalore .Could you please suggest some quite enery efficient appliances as per my need.


    Ravi K

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Ravi,

      You should go for SuperFan ceiling fans and T5 tubelights and BEE 5 star rated geysers with external adjustable thermostat. These will ensure that your electricity bills are optimized. Usage of light in balcony will be less and thus I would suggest going for CFL. For exhausts there is no efficient technology available yet, so you can go for any one of them.

      • Ravi K says:

        Hi Abhishek,

        Thanks for your help.Could you please suggest some alternative for super fans. It seems it will be bit difficult to get the dealers of this in nearby places.Also please provide the model details of Superfans or others.Thanks.


        • Abhishek Jain says:

          You can go for:

          Havells Fusion 50
          Crompton HS PLUS
          Orient SUMMER CROWN
          or Usha TECHNIX FLAIR

          These will save energy as well as give good air delivery.

  30. Krishna Kumar says:

    Hi Abhishek,

    Thanks for your excellent article. I was wondering if you are aware of any “flush mounted” or hugger ceiling fans in India suitable for relatively low ceilings.

    Krishna Kumar

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Are you looking for something like Usha Hunter ceiling fan? Or say something like Luxaire (http://www.luxaire.in/).

  31. DGM WCR says:

    The model X7 is not available on superfan.in. The models available are A1, A1 Gold, V1 and X1. Can you please compare them and also update your list of top 10 ceiling fans accordingly ?

    • Abhishek Jain says:


      A1 has lower air delivery of 220. X1 and X7 are similar models with 1200 mm sweep, one with remote and one without with other tech specs remaining same. V1 and V7 are also similar models with 1400 mm sweep, again one with remote and one without with other tech specs remaining same.

  32. bala says:

    Hi sir,
    I am planning to buy orient energy star fans(2 no) and going to install it in my hall. Will it give good airflow and help me whether I choosed right fan or pls provide your suggesstion


    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Bala,

      Orient Energy Star has air delivery of 220 which is quite decent. Unless you are used to high speeds of regular fan, you will not feel much of a difference with this fan. It is a bit slow than regular fan (regular fans have air delivery of 230), but not very slow.

  33. Abbas Travadi says:

    Hello Abhishek!

    Can you please guide me, which brand of High Speed Ceiling Fan (600 OR 750 mm blade size) should I choose, that consumes low power, works efficiently, is economical and is not too noisy.?

    Rajkot. Gujarat.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Abbas,

      We do not have data for noise. But from efficiency point of view, Havells Fusion and Velocity are quite efficient. Similarly Crompton BRIZAIR is also efficient. But as there is no BEE star rating for such size, there are no super efficient or BEE 5 star rated his speed fans.

  34. Saif says:

    Hi Abhishek ,

    Please help me

    I am looking for a fan which will give a good air delivery… not only to the center also to the corners
    my budget is around Rs 2500. I am from Kerala. and what are the regular size of the fans please tell me in inches.

    If you could give me a answer soon it will be a great help.

    Thank you,

    Nice information you are sharing

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Saif,

      What size if your room? If the room is big you can look at 1400 mm sweep fans instead of 1200 mm sweep. Regular size is 1200 mm sweep. Also there is no BEE star rating for 1400 mm sweep fans, so likelihood of getting efficient fan in 1400 mm sweep is less.


  35. Srini says:

    .I am getting irritating about remote operation for my A1 superfan model
    Button 1 and 2 working fine but from button 3 onwords it irritating me fan is off and restarting continuously.Please give fix this issue

    • Abhishek Jain says:


      I would suggest loging a complaint with Superfan. They should be able to fix it or replace it will a better piece.

  36. Rahul Sati says:

    Thankyou so much for sharing this information..

  37. Mukesh Jadly says:

    Dear All,
    I am a proud owner of Super Fan, I sincerely thanks your website for doing a wonderful job, by shifting to this appliance I am supporting the company which is relatively small but has a innovative technology which will help our planet by saving on energy consumption, the amount saved is tiny but if all of us shift to a better energy saving appliance than we will make a difference.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Thanks for sharing your feedback. In fact if the usage of fan is good the amount saved is not tiny. A regular ceiling fan consumes 75 watts at speed of 5. Which means if your fan runs for 13 hours a day, it would consume 1 unit of electricity. A superfan in comparison would consume about 0.45 units saving 0.5 units per day! In 30 days that is 15 units of electricity. In most places in India the tariff is more than Rs 5 a unit and in Mumbai it is almost Rs 10-12 a unit. Which means saving of Rs 75-150 per fan per month is achievable. If one is in Mumbai and buys a fan of Rs 3000, the whole fan will payback in 20 months (all of Rs 3000). And the company is giving a warranty of 5 years!! Even at Rs 5 a unit, the payback is in 40 months (of complete replacement of old fan). And in case you are setting up your new place, your additional cost of buying superfan is just Rs 1500, which means the payback is much less (10 months in mumbai and 20 months or less at any other place).

      • Rajesh Calicut says:

        I am reconsidering my option on this ceiling fan. I feel, they are practical looting interested customers. The price is as high as Rs.3000 and there is no proper service and outlets available. I was going through your list and I went to shop last day, and I was about to chose USHA Technix. But the shop owner said that also has price little high, and more over the air current was reported by them to be not good. Finally I went with Rs.1400 USHA Atom Fan(which has ISI mark) rated at 50W.

        • Abhishek Jain says:

          There are several factors that drive the pricing of any product. And one of the most important of them is economy of scale. When you produce lakhs of quantity of same product the cost of producing one of them is much less. However Superfan is a new product started by a company that is quite innovative but is entering the consumer durables business for the first time. They do not have large scale production setup, nor do they have large scale distribution network. They are not as big as Havells or CG that the people will easily buy it (as you did not buy it), and thus the distributors ask for more money to sell the product as they have to work more to sell it. You may not believe them, but those who do will surely support them as they have a good product. Also on top of it they are giving 5 years warranty. I personally bought 4 fans and one of them got defect and they initially tried to help me solve the problem on phone, but when it did not get resolved, they readily replaced it. All of this involves a lot of cost and that is the challenge of starting a new company with a new product. Even at Rs 3000 price at places like mumbai where electricity tariff is Rs 10 per unit, the savings help recover the cost in less than a year in many houses. So it truly depends. Some people will be early adopters, they will try the fan and if they will like it they will buy more. Once the adoption increases the technology will become cheaper as it will reach scale.

  38. Jeevanand Rajendran says:

    Thank you Abhishek. Does changing my fan to Super Fan will solve my issue all-together?

  39. Jeevanand Rajendran says:


    You are articles are excellent with lots of inputs. I have a CC fan at my house, the problem i face is when i keep the regulator at 4 the speed is too much and if i keep it at 3 the speed is too slow. I keep changing the regulators often and it works for couple of months and then i will end up with same problem. I even changed capacitor. Should I change the fan?

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Jeevanand,

      This is a problem with electronic regulators that the capacitors fail frequently. This is not a problem with the fan. There is no need to change the fan. Electronic regulators save electricity but this problem has to be managed with.

  40. Srini says:

    i have order online super A1 fan which is having remote one is this fan is okay .Please let u sknow ur comment on this

  41. Gagan Grover says:

    Waiting for my doubt.
    Lot of thanks in advance.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      I already replied: “It used to be like that when BEE star ratings were initially put on ceiling fans. But the newer breed of energy efficient fans do not have any problems. You should just look at fans that have 220+ CMM air delivery. Fans from top brands are pretty good.”

  42. Gagan Grover says:

    is there any problem of energy saving fans
    that its speed become very very slow at slightly low voltage,
    whereas normal fans does not become that much slow as energy saving fans at low voltage.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      It used to be like that when BEE star ratings were initially put on ceiling fans. But the newer breed of energy efficient fans do not have any problems. You should just look at fans that have 220+ CMM air delivery. Fans from top brands are pretty good.

  43. santosh says:

    Hi ahishek , who is best fan super x1 / usha technix

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      SuperFan is highly energy efficient, works well and saves energy. But it is a new brand in market. Usha is established and popular brand. May not save as much as super fan does, but still about 35% compared to a regular fan. Superfan would save 50-60% as compared to regular fan. The choice will depend on your rate/price of electricity and usage.

  44. Pinky says:

    Hi Abhishek,

    Wanted to know about decorative fans in Havells, Orient, CG. Please suggest the one which is with higher air delivery and costs less.

    Thank you.

  45. Jose says:

    How is crompton greaves ceiling fans? Is it OK for domestic purpose. How is it’s power consumption?

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      CG is a very good brand. It is certainly ok for domestic purpose. CG HIGH SPEED PLUS is a model with decent air delivery but less power consumption.

  46. sunny khanna says:

    hi abhishek, i wanted to purchase LG GL-D322RPJZ five star rating model, , i had called in every lg showroom but am unable to get it,so please help me out , they are saying that this model was launched in 2013, and is not available now, the model which has now replaced it is LG GL-D322RPJL, and it is a four star rating model , so kindly suggest me which refrigerator should i buy , please tell me one of the frost free and one of direct cool models which are low on power consumption , also mention the units they consume and which provide warranty upto 10 years , i want to purchase the refrigerator tomorrow, so please answer me as soon as possible , if you can , i will be waiting for your reply

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Sunny,

      GL-D322RPJL is a BEE 4 star rated model and it consumes 247 units in a year (as per BEE data). This model is quite good in this size range. You can also look at:

      Brand Name Model Number Gross Volume(Litres) Electricity consumption (unit per year) Star Rating Type
      LG GL-D322RPJL 310 247 4 Frost Free
      LG GL-E322RPTL 310 247 4 Frost Free
      LG GL-M322RATL 310 247 4 Frost Free
      LG GL-M322RLTL 310 247 4 Frost Free
      LG GL-P322RPJL 310 247 4 Frost Free
      VIDEOCON VCP325 307 290 5 Direct Cool
      KELVINATOR KCP325 307 290 5 Direct Cool
      KELVINATOR KCE325 307 290 5 Direct Cool
      VIDEOCON VCL325 307 290 5 Direct Cool
      VIDEOCON ICP325 307 290 5 Direct Cool
  47. Naren says:

    Hi Abhishek,

    I am new to this site and gone thru some of your posts. I must say it is very informative.

    I brought a 2 BHK flat recently in Bangalore Electronic City and planing to buy Ceiling Fan, Kitchen Exhaust fan, Tube Lights and Solar Water Heater. We are family of 2 occasionally my parents visit as of now that comes to 4-5 people. I am verymuch concerned about the power consumption. I thought installing Solar Panels but loking at the price and Break Even I am not interested in that. Insteat i wanted to buy energy efficinet electricals. I am looking to buy 5 Tube lights 5 normal lights 3 ceiling fans 1 exhaust fan and a solar heater which can be used for 2 bathrooms. Can you suggest me comprehensive list for my need. I am an engineer and looking into future of electricity consumption so only very concerned about the electricity savings.

    Apologies for the lenghty mail.

    Thanks in advance for your reply.


    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Naren,

      You should go for:

      1) T5 tubelights (they are very slim, as thin as your thumb). These are 28 watts tubelights that give as much light as any other tubelight. They may cost about Rs 500+ (with frame) and individual tube replacement would cost about Rs 100-120. Try for Havells, Osram, Philips. Equivalent output LED tubelight would be a 22 watts LED tubelight (you can look at SSK or Philips brand). But it may cost higher (about Rs 2000 a piece), but it should last for 15 years as compared to 3-4 years of T5 tubelight.

      2) Ceiling Fans: If your usage of Fans is high then you should certainly go for Superfan as they are the most efficient ceiling fans (35 watts) as compared to regular fans of 75 watts. Else if it is low then you can try for 45-50 watts fans from Havells, Orient, CG, etc. Make sure that the air delivery is no less than 225-220 CMM (Havells Fusion-50, Orient Energy Star are few).

      3) There are not many options for energy efficient exhaust fans, so you can go for any brand of your liking. They would consume about 50-75 watts.

      4) For regular lights again CFLs and LED bulbs are choices. LEDs will be expensive and slightly more efficient, but will last much longer (about 15 years) as compared to CFL. If you buy LEDs makes sure that you get good warranty on them. And prefer going for a branded LED.

      Hope this helps.

  48. Kusuma Suresh says:

    Hi Abhishek,

    Waiting for your reply,

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi, I already replied: “You should ask for Orient Energy Star or Summer Crown BEE 5 star rated ceiling fans. Their air delivery is 220 CMM which is good and power consumption is 48 watts.”

      • Kusuma Suresh says:

        Hi Abhishek,

        Thanks for your suggestion, Will you please suggest other than power consumption factor, which is good for air through.

        • Abhishek Jain says:

          You should look at the High Speed Fans from orient in that case. Check this link: http://www.orientelectric.com/fans/ceilingfans/highspeedfans-27-42.aspx

  49. kusuma suresh says:

    Hi Abhishek,
    Thanks for you helpfull information, I purchased orient quasar ornamental 1200 mm, Facing noise problem with it, so i raised a complaint they are ready to replace with new one, So i kindly request you please suggest me good orient model fan.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      You should ask for Orient Energy Star or Summer Crown BEE 5 star rated ceiling fans. Their air delivery is 220 CMM which is good and power consumption is 48 watts.

  50. kusuma suresh says:

    Hi Abhishek, Thanks for your information, I Already puchased Orient Quasar Ornamental 1200 MM, So there was an problem with noise, I raised complaint they are ready to replace it, So i kindly request you to please suggest an orient model which produce good air and power consumption.

    Kusuma Suresh

  51. sunny khanna says:

    hi abhishek , the information you provided was much helpful now finally i have decided to buy two ceiling fans, one is SUPERFAN X1 and am confused for the second one, you suggested havells ES 5 star which gives an air delivery of 225 and consumes 50 watts but in the list given on your site i saw a model KULIRMA FANS PREMIUM, energy consumption- 50 watts, air delivery – 231, but i was unable to find this model , so please help, moreover as i mentioned i want to purchase a refrigerator as well, earlier i was planning to buy LG GL-D322RPJZ which is a 310 ltr frost free refrigerator and consumes energy upto 198 watt which is quite good but the price is quite high- rs 35000, my friend suggested me to buy a direct cool refrigerator, he said that frost free will only acquire more space and direct cool is better than frost free, he also told me to purchase whirlpool refrigerator, so i checked the website and i found a model 260 FUSION ROYAL 5S (245 Ltr)- its a direct cool and price is 23000, whirlpool is providing 10 years warranty on compressor, and it says that its a five star rating product however i was unable to get an information for energy consumption of this product , the customer care executive said that its a technical information , we dont have that information with us, he told me to visit dealer, can you try to find the electricity consumption for this product, and i am also thinking about godrej direct cool refrigerator RD EP 190PD 190ltr, energy consumption-204, RD EP 190PDS, 190 ltr, energy consumption -204 and RD EP 190 ltr, energy consumption- 204, but i believe godrej is providing 5 years warranty on compressor for refrigerator , so again i need your assistance, please help me

    sunny khanna

    • Abhishek Jain says:


      Superfan uses a technology (BLDC) which is not available in most other fans yet. Kulirma fans has a model registered with BEE but no information is available for the same on their website. So there is no surety that they are making such fan. I would still recommend you to go for Havells Fusion 50 5 star or ES 5 star. As for the refrigerator, the whirlpool model you are looking for has energy consumption of 254 units per year (as per BEE data).

      • sunny khanna says:

        hi abhishek , i was about to buy havell’s fusion 50, but someone told my father that havell’s fan does not circulates its air in the room, instead the focus of air sent from the fan is in middle of the room , and so am again confused , so please help, and about the ref am purchasing lg GL D322RPJZ, i hope i am choosing the right model, one more thing abhishek i am planning to buy Xolo q 3000 but the reviewsi found about it were not supportive, i saw the reviews on amazon, can you please find out is it the right phone to buy , users said that if you are lucky too get a good piece of xolo q 3000 than its the best phone, but if you are not lucky then you will face lot of issues with mobile, i only trust your information , so please help me bro,i am waiting for your reply

        • Abhishek Jain says:

          Hi Sunny,

          Havells fans are pretty good fans and if they had problems, they would not be selling in market. In fact in Mumbai the electricity distribution companies promote use of this fan. Also I personally also have havells es-50 fans in my house. They are pretty good. You can also go ahead with the refrigerator model.

          I am not sure about the phone though as I do not have research for the same.

  52. shk says:

    hey abhishek , i went to Havells website to look for the Havells ES 5S . to my surprise there are around three models such as HAVELLS Fusion-50 ,ES-50 5 Star,ES-50 PREMIUM . can you be specific out of this 3 model which one you recommend .

  53. shk says:

    it hard to find such an informative Indian blog .Thank u abhishek for this blog . i want to buy one ceiling fan for the hall . i am not going to buy superfan as it is quite new to the market . as you have mentioned i decided to buy Havells ES series fan . you have said Havells ES 5S . i went to havells website and they have around 3 model in ES series . ES-50 5 Star , ES-50 PREMIUM , ES-50 Fusion-50 .

    HAVELLS ES-50 5 Star
    50 w
    210 cu m/min
    50 w
    210 cu m/min
    HAVELLS Fusion-50
    225 cu m/min

    only the havells fusion 50 model has more air delivery of 225 but you have recommended Havells ES 5S . its bit confusing which model your suggesting us to buy. kindly tell me which one i should buy from these three model .

  54. sunny khanna says:

    hey abhishek, superfan are quite costlier , i am looking for a fan in the budget of 2000, also what about the warranty of Havells ES 5S, i checked out the list of 2014, the best fan i think was usha TECHNIX STAR RATED with power consumption of 45 watt, and i want to know the difference between frost free refrigerator and direct cool, n which one is better , i also have a model in my knowledge- LG GL-D322RPJZ, 310 ltr , power consumption 198 watt, help me

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Sunny,

      My guess is that Havells ES 5 star comes with 2 years warranty. Along with electricity consumption you should also look at the air delivery of the fan. Many star rated fans have lower air delivery which makes people complain about it. Regular fans have air delivery of 230 CMM. Make sure that the fan you choose has air delivery as close to 230 CMM as possible.

      As for difference between frost free and direct cool: 1) Direct cool is single door and frost free is double door. The freezer and refrigerator are two separate compartments in frost free. 2) In direct cool you have to do manual defrosting as ice gets accumulated around freezer (so you have to shut it down for some time to clean it up, where as nothing like that happens in frost free. The model you have selected in BEE 5 star rated model and the best.

  55. sunny khanna says:

    i thought i left a question, i new to blogging

  56. sunny khanna says:

    hi abhishek , i want to purchase a new ceiling fan , which should be energy efficient and a refrigerator as well, i would be glad , if you could assist me with your knowledge

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      You can go for Superfan X1 or X7 which are the most energy efficient fans in market. Or you can go for Havells ES 5S which is quite good. What size refrigerator are you looking for?

  57. Parag says:

    One more question is: Both the models X1 and X7 are regulator less. So how can one change the speed of X7? I came to know that we have to ON-OFF the switch three times if we want to set the fan speed to 3 for example. But does it need a special switch (push button)? Or a normal switch that comes with any panel will do? If you can add a video which shows how to change the speed with a main switch (and not from remote) then that would be a great help.

  58. Parag says:

    One more question is: Both the models X1 and X7 are regulator less. So how can one change the speed of X7? I came to know that we have to ON-OFF the switch three times if we want to set the fan speed to 3 for example. But does it need a special switch (push button)? Or a normal switch that comes with any panel will do?

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Parag,

      That is right. To change the speed you need to on-off the regular switch 3 times to change the speed to 3. This has to be done fast. Not really really fast, but at a decent speed. Any regular switch works with it and you do not need any special switch. Will surely put up a video for it soon.

  59. Parag says:

    Hi Abhishek,

    First of all thank you very much for sharing such a valualbe information. In fact I didn’t know about this website and when I came across I liked it very much as there is lot of information on how to save electricity consumption with various appliances.

    My question is: I am planning to buy Superfan X7 model (without remote). I don’t find a remote very useful device with the fan and I am ok with operating it with normal switch as almost everyone in India is comfortably doing since several years. Keeping the remote device is also an additional concern along with lot of remote devices I have now at my home (TV, set-top box, MP3 player, etc.). This model is also cheaper than X1 model by around Rs. 500/-. It is not available online but I can purchase it from the dealer.

    However your above list doesn’t mention the ranking of Superfan X7 model. Is it not a good buy? Please assist.

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Parag,

      X7 and X1 are similar models just that X1 has a remote. You can go with X7 model as it is as efficient as X1 and gives as much air as any regular fan would give. It is certainly available with dealers and not available online.

  60. rajesh says:

    comparison of various air coolers on BEE star rating

  61. Rajesh saha says:

    Which one is the best pedestal fan available in India. I am looking for – 1) Trouble free running, 2) Low sound, 3) Swing, 4) In case of trouble, easy serviceability, 5) High speed, 6) High air volume displacement, 7) Electronic regulator, 8) If possible, remote, 9) Decent look (white or grey), 10) If possible castor wheel. Price is not an issue

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Rajesh,

      We currently do not have research on pedestal fans in India. We are trying to have that soon.


  62. krishna says:

    We have Crompton Greeves Fan brought almost decade ago – awesome. Recently one of the fan has Regulator problem. Electrician replaced original one with Bajaj. Is it OK.. whether Crmptons regulator available in the market .. lease reply

  63. Jayakar says:

    Many thanks for the awesome info on Ceiling Fans. I plan to explore other equipment info too. I am doing this to learn what to buy for my new flat.

    Kindly check current prices with manufacturers – than update the savings cost, it will be more relevant. (e.g. Superfan costs have increased – but they have increased warranty from 2 to 5 years).

    May be warranty also could figure in your comparisons for evaluations. What do you feel? It will be wonderful to know.

    Preserve and persevere with this useful service

  64. Abhinaba says:

    Is havell’s ES-50P better than crompton’s High Breeze plus in term of durability & performence?

  65. Abhinaba says:

    I am overall satisfied with the performence of my 2 ceiling fans of crompton’s high breeze model(1 of 1998 & 1 of 2009), but there is a issue with the powder coating of new high breeze model which got rust within 3 years.
    Now, i am planning about adding 1 new fan & totally confused with new models of various company.Is havell’s ES- 50P is a better alternative to crompton’s high breeze plus in term of durability,performence & energy saving?

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Abhinaba,

      Just looking at the numbers of Havells ES-50 and CG High Breeze Plus, they look quite comparable. Both are BEE 5 star rated. Air delivery of CG High Breeze Plus is 215 cum/min and that of ES-50 is 210 cum/min. Power consumption of CG High Breeze Plus is 52 watts and that of ES-50 is 50 watts. So truly not much different. Also we have been using ES-50 in Mumbai for last 3 years and have not seen any rusting problem in it (although I must say that I am not aware of it’s body make to truly comment about its rusting potential).

      Hope this helps.


  66. tushar says:

    i wanna buy a new ceiling fan with good air flow, 5 star rated with best quality which brand and model i should go for

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Tushar,

      The list on this page is based out of data from BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency in India). These are the most energy efficient fans. You can go for any of the brands as per your liking.


  67. binu says:

    thx for reply and info…

  68. binu says:

    HAI.first of all thx for all the info about elec appliances which needed for every man…I am planning to do housewarming of my new home most probably on the march end.I need to get the top ten appliance list updated.(now its jan 24) ie, fan,led lights,front load washing machine,TV,AC etc…If you can please provide this..anyway once again tnx for all the info

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hi Binu,

      The lists have been updated as of last week. So the list above is an updated one. You can get following top ten on our website: AC, Refrigerator, Water Heater and Ceiling Fans. As for washing machine, the most efficient one would be the one with inverter tech (you can check LG inverter tech direct drive washing machine). For TVs, you can pick any LED TV model (avoid Plasma and LCD).

      Hope this helps.


  69. Poornendu says:


    Could not find the model CROMPTON GREAVES FRONTIER . Could you pls give me the link and more information on CROMPTON GREAVES FRONTIER .

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Poornendu,

      The model appears on BEE list which means that Crompton Greaves did register this fan with BEE. In past we have had experiences where companies did register models with BEE but never sold them in Market. We have also had experiences where Fan was available in market but was not their on the websites. Checking with their dealers would be the best option. By the way another BEE star rated model by CG is “High Breeze Plus” which has Air Delivery of 215 and power consumption of 52 watts. You can get that model specs from CG website.


  70. SAIRAM NARAYAN says:

    This is an educative site
    Great research done
    God bless you
    Please advice

    Which Company gives the best Cooling among PEDESTAL Fans & model

    As the ceiling in my cabin is low ( 8 feet ) & prefer a good Pedestal model

    Thank you
    Sairam S N

    • Abhishek Jain says:

      Hello Mr Narayan,

      Thanks for the appreciation. We are glad that you found the content useful.

      Pedestal fans are still not evaluated for BEE star rating, so not much has been done for their energy efficiency. Typically they consume about 50-55 Watts of power. You can go for any brand which you feel good about.


  71. Sujit Katyal says:

    Admirers of bijli bachao site should get some extra discount from “superfan” manufacturers. Kindly look into this dear abhishek.

  72. Electric repair fairport ny says:

    Great tips.nice post..

  73. electrical repair rochester says:

    thanks for the informative post..

    • Sanjay says:

      Hi Abhishek, First of all I would humbly thank you for this incredible wealth of Knowledge that u have shared. I will be sharing dis website for creating awareness. I have read your article https://www.bijlibachao.com/fans/review-superfan-bee-5-star-regular-fan.html as well. I am in a unique spot…… we are planning a hotel project in a town in Odisha . I am highly interested in Superfans , but i will not be able to convince my dad due to 3 issues that i find with Superfans
      1. No dealers distributors in Odisha even nearby West Bengal
      2.Ease of Maintenance as i am not even in d capital city , i m 110 km frm d capital, nd electricians are not updated nd may not even understand d internal structure nd working.
      3.Totally new product/concet which has not stood d test of time.

      So i would request you, what is the best choice for us if i am NOT going for a super fan, pls provide frm d established brands along with Model. Pls help, us in our dream project and suggest d one which will be d best frm d hospitality point of view. We want that the customer should be comfortable d most so air quantity is our first priority. So there is energy efficiency as well good air as well.Pls suggest. Thanks!!

      • Abhishek Jain says:

        Hi Sanjay,

        Of the above list, I have personally used Superfan X1 and Havells ES 5S and I have had good experience with both of them (their evaluation results are in the link that you have mentioned). Although brand value also depends a lot on personal experience and I know that brands like CG, Usha, Orient and Havells have a good market presence. But purely on technical terms I would recommend to go for anything that has a air delivery value closer to 230 (which is what a regular fan has).

        As regarding superfan, you can have a look at the comments section on this page to get more details about discussion between me, another reader of Bijli Bachao (his name is also Abhishek) and the superfan team: https://www.bijlibachao.com/fans/super-efficient-fans-in-india-a-result-of-seep-super-efficient-equipment-programme.html.

        Hope this helps.


        • Prashanth Prabhu says:

          Hi All,

          Kerala Govt has a very good site which gives very good details about BEE branded appliances.Please check the link

          • Moinak Bera says:

            hi abhishek thank u for the awesome information can u tell me the market price of havells es 50 and from where can i buy it in mumbai at low rate i reside in dombivli and unable to find this fan in any of the shops

          • Abhishek Jain says:

            Hi Moinak,

            Not sure but if you are on either Tata Power or Reliance Energy, they have DSM program going on as part of which they provide such fans at quite cheap rate. Check this link from Tata Power: https://cp.tatapower.com/customer_care/green-mumbai/ceiling-fan.aspx …. They replace up to 4 old ceiling fans, or also provide new fans (up to 4 qty) at about 50% discount.