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Best 42-43 inch LED TV in India in 2018 Review

By on January 2, 2018 with 2 Comments  

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In our previous post on Best Models of LED TVs in India, we had provided a list of top ten models of LED TVs in India by price. However, people have specific requirements and they do not want to keep price as a constraint. So in this post we are listing some of the top 42/43 inch LED TV models in India. Please note, if you are looking for information on how to select a TV by looking at various technical specifications, we would suggest that you read this post on our website: Best Ten LED Televisions in India by Price in 2017. This specific post only talks about 42/43 inch LED TVs.

When you are in market to buy a 42/43 inch TV, you will find models within the price range of Rs 25000 to 80000. The models with more features and premium brands are pricier while those with lesser features and not so popular brands are cheap. 42/43 inch is the size range where you will not find any HD Ready Models. In this size you will find a good mix of Full HD and UHD models. There is a good mix of SMART and non-SMART TVs as well in this range. Look out for models with good refresh rate to get good picture quality. 42/42 inch is still not  big enough for a UHD TV though and you will not find a great lot of difference between picture quality of UHD and Full HD TV. Rather look for fast refresh rate and you will be much more satisfied with the picture quality. Typical sound output of TVs in this size varies from 16W RMS to 40 W RMS, with 20W RMS being the most common. Some have built in Subwoofers as well. You can find some really good Full HD TVs in this size range.

List of Best 42-43 inch LED TVs in India:

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