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Best Air Fryer in India in 2024

By on November 2, 2022

As people become more and more healthconscious, the curiosity towards Air fryers, their functioning, the utility for healthy food, and to know more about the benefits compared to oil cooking is increasing.

History of introduction of Air Fryer

The first mention of the air fryer is found in Technical Word Magazine 1904. The article explains that the invention was perfected and allows for food to retain its flavor while minimizing shrinkage. However, the size and weight of the early models made them unpopular as a kitchen appliances. With the invention of microwave ovens in the 1960s, interest in air frying waned. But, in 2010, Philips introduced Airfryer in Berlin invented by Fred van der Weij, which found many takers due to its ability to make fat-free foods that taste similar to oil-fried foods and the size which suits as a kitchen appliance. From here on, the air fryer caught the attention of many of the reputed kitchen appliance manufacturers and got popularized as fat-free cooking with recipe books showcasing healthy and tasty food.  

In India, the indirect air frying technique is prevalent in households. This is when potato/sweet potato/peanuts are put at the bottom of chullah/anghethi for air heating through convection. 

Air Fryer Technique

The air fryer cooks food by using heat with air pressure, similar to how a pressure cooker uses steam. The hot air in the Airfryer swirls like a powerful typhoon – throughout the entire cooking basket. The food being fried is coated with oil, and the heat from the air fryer penetrates due to air pressure through the surface of the food. 

The outside of the food becomes crunchy while the inside remains soft when cooked with an air fryer. This is because less oil is used and it penetrates the inside of the food more evenly. While it does not taste exactly like deep frying in oil, it is a healthier option. It is important to learn how to use temperature and time settings correctly in order to get good results from cooking with an air fryer. A recipe book can be helpful for this purpose.

For more reading on the comparison between an air fryer and microwave oven, as well as the biochemistry involved in Maillard reaction and caramelization, click on this link.

Selection of Air Fryer

The following aspects should be considered when choosing an air fryer for your kitchen:

  1. Capacity: An air fryer is generally good for a small family of 4-6 people. If you need to cook for more people, you should do it in batches. The capacity is measured in liters and most air fryers are designed for 2-6 liters. For a family of 4-5 people, you would want to get an air fryer that is 2-4 liters. For a family of 6-8 people, you would want one that is 4-6 liters.
  2. Size: The dimensions listed as length x width x height can help you understand how much countertop space the appliance will take up. Generally, it is eggshaped and requires more height than either length or width.
  3. Wattage: The wattage of an air fryer can range from 1200 to 1800 watts. If you use a 1200 watt air fryer for 30 minutes, it will consume about 0.6 units of energy.
  4. When choosing an air fryer, you can either go for one with a touch screen or dial control for temperature and time settings. Touch screens may look more attractive, but as far as function goes, dial controls are also fine.
  5. Air fryers have a maximum temperature that can be attained, as well as presets for different temperatures. In general, 200° C is fine for cooking, but if it can be higher, go for it.
  6. The operating Voltage for an Air Fryer is 140250 V, singlephase. You will need a minimum 15A socket and plug to use it.
  7. When looking for an air fryer, it is important to find one with features that make it easy to clean.
  8. Look for an air fryer that comes with a recipe book.
  9. Before you purchase an air fryer, double-check to see what kind of warranty and aftersale service the brand offers.
  10. Price range: The price of an air fryer usually depends on its size, how much heat it can produce, and the brand. They can range from 4000 to 8000 rupees.
  11. There are many popular air fryer brands on the market, making it difficult to choose one. In our opinion, Phillips, Inalsa, or an Indian brand would be a good choice.
  12. The body of an air fryer is usually made from stainless steel, aluminum, or FRP. All types of material are suitable to the requirement and the brand generally takes care of its durability, surface finish, and appearance. 

Best Air Fryer in 2024

Here are some of the good air fryer models on Amazon in India in 2024:

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