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LED light bulbs buying guide

By on April 22, 2016

LED is the latest buzzword in the lighting industry. Looking at the way things are moving, LEDs surely look to revolutionize the lighting market in future. Small bulbs that were used as power indicators for appliances, look to light up the whole living space now. Technology improvements have made LEDs useful for home and office and have also made them much affordable now (still expensive as compare to CFLs or incandescent bulbs). Several manufacturers have come out with luminaires that use LED for lighting. These luminaires are available for all purposes: spot lighting, indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, street lighting, floodlights, garden lighting, general purpose lighting, etc. With this guide we would like to provide you information that can help you choose the right kind of LED light for your purpose.

What is LED and how it differs from other types of lights?

LEDs are a member of type of lighting most commonly referred as solid-state lighting.  This type of lights illuminate when current passes through a semi conductor material. They produce more “light” and very less “heat”. In comparison an incandescent bulb lights up when the filament in it heats up. Thus it releases 90% of its electricity as heat. CFLs or tubelights light up when electricity current is passed through tube containing gases. CFLs also release heat but less than incandescent and more than LEDs.

The other major difference is that LEDs are unidirectional (or emit light in a specific direction) but incandescent and CFLs emit light in all directions.Bulbs

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What are the different parts of LED bulb?

Typical LED bulbs contain one or multiple LED chips mounted on a circuit board that is programmed to control the LED lighting. The whole thing is mounted on a heat sink to manage the heat generated from LED.

What are the benefits of using LEDs?

  1. The biggest benefit of using LEDs is their life. They have a life of 25000-50000 hours of usage. So if it is used for 4-5 hours a day, it can run for 15-25 years without needing a change.
  2. Good quality LED bulbs are maintenance free. So they are like put it and forget it.
  3. They can give better output (brightness) or lumens per watt if beam angles are lower (more on beam angles in the details below).
  4. The light output of LEDs remains constant through its life only decreasing towards the end of their life.
  5. They do not flicker even when dimmed.
  6. Lot of them come with good warranty (of up to 10 years) which means you investment now will last for up to 10 years!
  7. They are eco-friendly. They do not use mercury (used in CFLs), which is harmful for environment.

What are the drawbacks of LEDs?

  1. LEDs are unidirectional or emit light in a specific direction. So they cannot light up the whole area (of a room) unless diffusers and reflectors are used. Thus they are excellent for spot lighting but not as great for general-purpose lighting.
  2. Although LED chips have a long life but the life of LED bulbs depend on how well the heat sink and the circuit is designed. A poorly made LED bulb may not last longer than a year (if right heat sink and capacitors are not used: http://www.electronicsweekly.com/blogs/led-lights/2009/02/led-life-expectancy.html). In many countries LED bulbs are rated based on their performance. In India it is better to buy LED of a good brand or buy one that comes with a longer warranty.

What are LED beam angles and how to use them?

As we said, LEDs are unidirectional or emit light in a specific direction, it is important to figure out the right spread of a LED light in degrees before using it. This spread is mentioned on LEDs as beam angle. Typical beam angles that are available in the market are 15, 30, 45, 60 and 100 (with some very few with 120 and 180 as well).

Beam angles less than 30 are excellent for spotlights. Their output (brightness) or lumens per watt is highest available in the market. Most of them have wattage of less than 5 and are of great use in Shops (where focused lighting is needed on products), Workshops where a specific work is to be done or at homes where specific area has to be focused with decorative lighting. One or more such lights can be used near walls as spotlights.

Beam angles greater than 30 are suited for high power LED lamps usually used for downlighting. They can be put on ceiling to illuminate an area in a room. They typically are of more than 5W rating and multiple such downlights are to be used to illuminate a room.

A 30-45 degree beam angle is good if the ceiling is high (more than 10-11 ft). If the ceiling is less than that, then it is better to use 60-100 degree beam angle. Based on requirement, multiple such downlighters have to be used and kept 3-4 mts apart from each other to get appropriate lighting.

Lower beam angles are also good for outdoor lighting and street lighting purposes where they can be excellent replacement for halogens that consume a lot more electricity as compared to LEDs. Housing societies can benefit by using LED street lights.

The increased beam angles are achieved by putting reflectors and diffusors, and the biggest drawback for this is that the lumens (or brightness) decrease as beam angles increase. So a LED bulb with higher beam angle may give same brightness as a CFL for the same wattage.

How do some LED bulbs available in market have more than 120 beam angle?

Lot of LED bulbs available in the market have diffusors to disperse the light at greater angles. This makes sure that the light spreads across the room. But their brightness will be equivalent to a CFL bulb of same wattage. These are generally designed as replacement for CFLs and incandescent bulbs.  The benefit of these bulbs is that they are long lasting and ecofriendly.

What other factors should be considered while buying?

As we discussed in our article on task based lighting, color temperature of the bulb should be considered based on the mood to be set in the room. LED bulbs are available in various color temperatures: Cool Daylight (White) to Warm White (yellow). Choosing the right one based on the mood to be set in the room is important.infographic14








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My local vendor is selling Osram led bulbs (7-9 Watt) for some Rs.170-190, but he is only offering 1 year warranty (onsite), should I buy? I thought Osram has 3-5 years warranty!

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

I just hope they are original Osram. Yes, usually Osram offers 3-5 yrs warranty.


Do not buy syska product. Firm neither replaces, repairs product within warrantee not bother to reply. Customer care is useless service


I want to buy led panel lights ... whi
ch one better


Any one having per watt lumen above 100 . So 10 watt should be 1000 lumen minimum. Do not buy syska, the firm warrantee replacement record is poor


hi abhishek


We offer 12w led tubelights which replaces 36/40 W with 5 year warranty with better CRI and useful long life around 7 to 8 years.


Lumen ? Whats the price ? Which brand ? Sale point present in Pune ? Service / Support center in Pune ?


thanks for publishing this post


I found out with my Local Dealer Someone is selling Osram LEd Tubelight in 550 RS for 18W & where as I am checking on Snapdeal or other online shopping they are selling same thing over 2000 Rs Can you help why is thr such a huge Difference ???

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Lot of local manufacturers are using Osram LED bulbs. In a LED luminaire there are LEDs, driver and heat sink (3 components). Osram, Samsung and Edison supply LEDs to a lot of assemblers who assemble LEDs, driver and heat sink. Lot of local brands take LEDs from either of these 3 and combine it with a driver and heat sink. Osram itself also has fully assembled sets. If it is all Osram, it may be expensive. If it is a local assembler who has taken Osram LEDs and combined it with another driver and heat sink, then it will be cheap. Whatever be the case, LED luminaries with Osram LEDs are also good. They should give you 3-5 years warranty on it.


Hello can you plz Advise which is the Best Heavy Duty LED Tube light Brand also Please List Top 3 Brands of LED Tube light ?
I know as per ur Replies to previous Queries OSRAM is Best of All but Due to availability issue i wants to know Whats is the 2nd & 3rd Best LED Tube light Brands as per ur Opinion ???
Thx in Advance Bro...

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

LED market is not yet so organised to give you a list of top 3 brands. Many unbranded products are also very good. If you can get Osram then it will be great, else I will not be able to give you any top 3 brands.


Hello can you plz Advise which is the Best Heavy Duty LED Tube light Brand & What Size (Watts) is Required For Master Bedroom of Size 9 X 12 Ft.
Please List Top 3 Brands of LED Tube light ?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

18W LED Tubelight should be good enough for your room.


I have a room with the same 10 ft X 8 ft and i use it for study. What light should i use? LED Tubelight or LED Bulb? Does it matter whether i install LED Tubelight or Bulb as long as the Lumens are same for both?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

LED Tubelight is a line source while bulb is a point source. Line source illuminate larger area. So bulb and TL will not be same. You can read more here: https://www.bijlibachao.com/lights/are-cfls-replacements-for-tube-lights.html


Hi Abhishek,
Colud you please guide me to start the LED business? which product and import from which country and how about indian products?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

I am sorry, I have no idea about that.


Syska LED is a very overrated brand. They are showing off through their ADs on the TV that they are most trusted brand but in reality their products suck and do not even last more than 2 months. Their customer service is also pathetic.

I bought a pair of Syska LED bulbs SSK-SRL-9W from Flipkart in the month of June, 2016 but in the month of August, 2016 (1st week), one of the bulbs simply stopped working. I doubt even the second one will malfunction soon. Till now I have been trying to get the faulty one replaced but no action has been taken by them. I have raised a complaint EC160813884 by calling customer care and also posted my complaint in their Facebook page but no luck. Only a computerized email confirming that they will look into that was sent to me.

Check out the email communication with dates that I had with them till now.

Now you can easily get the picture of how Syska LED is behind the scenes and how reliable they are!


what are the differance in branded led lights as Philips Havells etc vs unbranded led lights. why branded led lights are costly or unbranded very cheapest? plz tell


One of the difference may be the after sales service. I had purchased dual color changing 9W LED bulb of Philips from Amazon. After a month it suddenly stopped working.

Service: I raised a complaint on Philips India site and was asked to get a replacement from a store after confirming with the local Philips distributor manager.
One issue with online purchased bulbs is that the local shops and distributors don't want to service it. We have to tell them that the bulb was purchased in another place and we lost bill, then give phone to the main Philips person (with whom you should be honest) and they'll approve.
Another thing to note is that any philips bulb whether purchased from store or legitimate online sites has expected replacement warranty. local Shopkeepers lie about this feature to encourage people to buy from shops.

One other difference between good brands and cheap chinese may be in power factor and electronics used in bulbs.
My actual power usage measurement on Philips (I mostly have purchased Philips after above experience) was that the actual wall usage was similar to rated wattage. Other cheap unbranded bulbs i tested were having higher wattage on package but were drawing less power so were less bright. mislabeled to charge more.
One other focus light type LED lamp was rated at 10W but actually was only 4W when measured.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

This is more of a economics question rather than a technical question. It's like asking why pay more for a BMW or a Mercedez as compared to say a suzuki or let's say unbranded car.

A brand has value because it makes better products. A brand has value because it can provide service. A brand is pricey because they have bigger advertising budgets as well. They have bigger network and all this costs money.

A new company has to establish themselves, to do so, they cannot charge the same as a brand. Because if they charge the same, then consumers expect the same level of quality and service. If you get a better brand at same cost, then obviously you will go for a known brand.

Brand value is a subject of economics and popular brands are costly (else we would have got iPhone at a price of LeEco :) ).


Hi Abhishek,

Can you please give suggestions for sourcing LED Raw materials from a trust-able & certified production units [having industry standard certifications]? We are planning to use these lamps for our rural energy conservation projects.

Please reach : [email protected] / 9535422114


Hi, I want to purchase led light of 18watt for false ceiling . I am getting two options from local manufacturer. One is using Osram led nd other is using Edison led. please help which one to buy

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Osram is the best LED in the world. If the choice is between the two then Osram should be preferred.


Hi Abhishek,

Do you have a chart showing which LED can be used instead of equivalent CFL or Incandescent bulb?


Abhishek Jain (Mod)

I want to replace my 400w hpsv lamp into led flood light kindly let me know the technical specifications and also buy back of the led product.


Hello Sir,
My old bulb is of 100 watt now i want to replace it with LED Bulb.so which led watt bulb suitable for me?
Thanks in advance :)

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You should go for 15W LED bulb.


Osram led 22 watt led tube gives 1960 lumens in poly carbonate and compare with Philips 20 watt stellar bright which gives 2100 lumens and in glass tell me which one is better

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Nilesh,

Osram is a far better brand for LEDs than Philips. Also although lumens is a good measure to find energy efficiency. But the real effectiveness comes from LUX value (which is lumens/m2 at any given point in the room). Some LED luminaires have wider spread. Some may have lesser spread. So a high lumens with wider spread may still give the same lux value when compared to a low lumens with lesser spread.

For e.g. a Fluorescent tubelight has high lumens as compared to a LED tubelight. But then Fluorescent tubelight has beam spread of 360 degrees. A lot of those lumens are wasted. But in LED tubelights, even though the lumens is less, but because beam angle is also less, the lumens are not wasted and the LUX level at any point remains the same.

I would still go with Osram for better quality and life.


Hi Abhishek,

I need your help. I am trying to get a bulb to fit the following requirements:
E27 Holder, Maximm Watt allowed: 60 Watts - for a floor lamp. What kind of LED bulb should I go for? I want a combination of general lighting and ability to do some task work with this lamp.
Second, B22 Holder, Table Lamp/Desk lamp. Max Watts: 40. Again, What kind of LED bulb? For both I want warm lighting. Please let me know what you recommend. Thank you.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Pari,

A 6-8 Watt LED would be equivalent to 60 Watts incandescent and a 4-5 Watt LED would be equivalent to 40 watts incandescent bulb. As for the holders, you should be able to get LED bulbs for both kind of holders.

You can get philips or wipro bulbs on amazon:

For E27:

For B22: http://www.amazon.in/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=led+b22&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Aled+b22

Hussain Attarwalla

I am in the market for 8x8 led panel lights. Approx 20w.
I saw a syska led which was around 1500-1650 range.
Local companies were quoted at 500-650. They seemed much brighter than syska or philips.

Now my question is the obvious one. Are syska and philips really superior or the local players are equally good?
Apart from price, whats the advantage of one over the other?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

I do not think Syska and Philips are superior to local players. However, while buying from local players make sure that you get at least 2-3 years warranty. Make sure that LEDs are of better make like Edison, Osram, etc. Check out some of the information on this page: https://www.bijlibachao.com/lights/sharing-experience-of-buying-led-luminaire-for-a-residential-society.html


Hi Abhishek , I am Rakesh from Durgapur,West Bengal , what do you think about Osram LED Tubes .They have listed Two Types of LED Tubes viz. SubstiTUBE EM with Electromagnetic Control Gears & SubstiTUBE HF with Electronic Control Gears, and they also have different sub categories among the said LED Tubes.
1) what is the difference among these ?
2) which LED Tube will be appropriate for home use ?
4) these LED tubes said to have Beam Angle of 150 and 160 , what's the difference and how to choose the correct one?
3) how to find any dealer and what's the price about those said LED tube lights **

Just One request , If we get a dedicated webpage under BIJLI BACHAO for buying / selecting the best LED lights according to our need like we have for Fans' , ACs' , Geysers' a.k.a. the TOP 10 Ones' then it'll be very helpful.

waiting for you reply , Thanks.

** from Internet i got an email address of Osram, so i mailed them regarding the pricing and list of authorized dealers , but they haven't replied back.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Osram is like the BMW or Mercedez of LEDs. They are the best in technology. It is the only brand that can give you 5 years guarantee on it's LED luminaires. Hands down it is the best brand in LEDs.

Now what you are looking at are LED substitutes for regular tubelights. In tubelights there are two kind of ballasts: Electronic and Electromagnetic (as mentioned on this link: https://www.bijlibachao.com/lights/are-cfls-replacements-for-tube-lights.html)

Old Tubelights that had a choke and used to flicker before lighting up are electromagnetic lights. While the newer ones that startup immediately as soon as you switch it on is Electronic. The two types of replacements are for these.

Both of them are good for home use, it depends on what type of tubelight are you replacing.

Any beam angle above 120 degrees is good for home use. Both 150 and 160 are good enough. However 150 would be more energy efficient and brighter.

Finding a dealer is the difficult part. We at Bijli Bachao are not connected to any dealer network for LED lamps. I have seen that if you write to their email address or call up on their helpline, they will entertain you only if you have a bulk order. It is sad but true. However, there are many local assemblers or OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) that source parts from Osram and assemble them. You may have to find them on portals like IndiaMart.

We would have certainly liked to put a top ten LED lights page, but the market for LED lights is not very structured. Big manufacturers like Osram, etc do not sell much in retail directly. And there are so many small manufacturers selling their products who do not have a website or details of technical specifications so that we can compare different products. We hope we will get there one day, but at present that is not there. We need a lot of structuring of the market to make that happen.


Hey Abhishek, how r u ? hope doing well . After getting good enough information and confidence from you people, I decided to buy Osram LED Tube Lights for our home, so to fulfill this process I went one step further and wrote my queries and requirements to Osram India, like the types of Substi Tube I can buy, price etc., and they replied back. But their reply puts me in a dilemma, like they are saying that Substi Tube HF is not available in India, they can only Provide Substi Tube Value with Electromagnetic Control Gears . But As I’m buying new ones so I’m more interested in the Electronic Control Gears, and the Price they are quoting for Substi Tube Value with Electromagnetic Control Gears is : 8.9W Tube 2ft. – Unit Rate: Rs. 650 + Taxes, 19W Tube – Unit Rate: Rs. 656.00 + Taxes & 21.5W 5ft. tube – Unit Rate: Rs. 1250 + Taxes.

So can you please help me what to do? Should I buy the available ones or do something else?

One more thing, as I am not doing false ceiling and buying only LED tube lights and LED bulbs for my entire home, what kind of Color Temperature should I check while buying one? My previous experience in my current home is mixture of T8 and CFL lights, so no practical idea about Warm white and all.So help me which color temp should I buy for different rooms like living, dinning, bedrooms etc.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

I think that the 19W Tube can be a great substitute to your T8 tubelights. It is cost effective as well if it comes for Rs 656 (considering that you are getting Osram). Rs 1250 for 21.5W sounds a bit expensive and 19W can be good replacement for regular T8 tubelights.

As for color temperature, regular white is called "Cool Daylight" and yellowish is "Warm White". I personally prefer white light as compared to yellow. But some people like it yellow. So it is more of a personal choice. Higher the color temperature, more yellowish it would be. Yellowish light is slightly less brighter as compared to white light. But then it is a personal choice.


Where do you get this 19W Osram Tube Light in Mumbai? Is it available on Amazon site? And what is its length and what are its lumens and beam angle? - Vishnu Chitnis

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Vishnu,

I doubt that Osram Tubelight would be available on Amazon.


But where are they available then? On Amazon India site, they have shown an Osram LED batten 18W White, but there is no mention about its lumens and beam angle. The least price quoted is Rs. 800/- (plus Rs. 60/- delivery charges), but the next quotation by another seller is Rs. 2,000/-! The huge price difference between two quotations of the same item is inexplicable. It seems that Osram products are not freely available, though they might be the best of all. Why is it so?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Vishnu,

I have not seen Osram LEDs available in retail in general. They usually deal in bulk. I have seen electricity distribution companies like Tata and Reliance in Mumbai running programs for their customers to replace regular tubelights with Osram LED Tubelights. But it happens only in Mumbai.

Additionally, lot of local assemblers of LED use Osram LEDs in their assembly. They give up to 5 years warranty on those luminaires. When you buy a LED Luminaire from a local brand, you can check with them on the kind of LED used (Typically the good ones have Osram or Edison or Samsung).

Also Rs 2000 sounds quite high for 18W LED. Lately the prices of LED luminaires have come down significantly. So Rs 800 sounds more reasonable.


Thanks for the reply, I’m going with “Cool Day Light”. Just to make myself clear, I’m gathering this information for our new home which is getting ready, so I want to make our home energy efficient. I would like to make one time investment for buying energy efficient products so that it will help me to save electricity as well as money in coming future. So are there any other LED Tube light companies which provides Electronic Control Gears (as I’m not getting it with Osram).

How different is it to have a LED tube light with Electromagnetic Control Gears and a LED tube light with Electronic Control Gears in daily life.

One more thing does Lumens per Watt matter in LED Tube Lights as it does for LED bulbs? If yes then what’s the range of it for a good LED tube light?


Hi Abhishek,

How are you..

I have some questions about the LED lights.. I saw your page and understood LED lights are more efficient for power consumption compare to CFL bulbs/T8 Tublights.

I have constructed the flat and need your guidance to set up the LED Lights. Please find the dimensions of the flat and it is 3bhk

1) Foyer - 5' 4" * 6' 1"

2) Living Room - 14' 6" * 10' 6"

3) Dining Room - 12' 3" * 8'0"

4) Master Bedroom - 1 - 11' 6" * 13' 3"

5) Bedroom - 2 - 11' 9" * 10' 6"

6) Bedroom - 3 - 13' 9" * 11' 6"

7) Kitchen - 10' 0" * 10' 0"

8) Toilets - 4' 0" * 8' 0"

9) Sitout - 8' 0" * 4' 6"

10) Service Area - 10' 0" * 3' 6"

11) Private Terrace - 96 sqft

Light Points in the Flat :

Foyer, Sitout, Service Area & Private Terrace will have only one light points

Living Room - 4 light points + One Foot lamp

Dining - 3 light points + One Foot Lamp

All Bedroom - 2 light points + one Foot Lamp

Kitchen - 2 light points

Toilets - 1 light point

I am looking for your guidance to help me which Led brand is suitable and how much Watts are required for this.

My friends as mentioned some LED Assemblers and the brand they use is Edison led lights.. Could you please let me know whether

we can go through the assembled one or branded one?.. What are things we need to check for the assembled one?

Is heat sink and capacitors are separate entities while assembling the LED lights? or in Edison brand all thes entities are part of the led?

I will wait for your valuable feedback. Thanks in advance.



Hi, My new home's roof is going to be cast within next 4-5 days. I want to make provision for fitting LED lights for lighting my rooms and I want that provision should be there in the concrete ceiling itself and NOT on any false ceiling. I want to use LED downlighhts to illuminate my room. Please let me know how can I achieve this ?


Mosarbear led bulbs are of good quality with low price. 7w (LED bulb) = 630 lumens, 9w (LED bulb) = 810 lumens,12 (LED bulb) = 1260 lumens,18 (LED Decobatten tubelight) = 1800 lumens. Sufficient light

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

I don't have much idea on this. You will have to check various options in luminaires available in market to figure out what fits best for you.


Hi I am Rahul can u pls tell me that which led tube and bulb is giving maximum lumens per watt and highest power factor as well as 50000 hrs of running
which brand to follow within 15-22 watt for tube and 10-15 watt for bulb???

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You can go for Osram LED luminaires.


Hi Abhishek,

I am Amit from Mulund,Mumbai.

I have a living room that measures 20.5 feet by 10 feet. The height of my ceiling is 8ft 4 inches from the ground.
I have three light points. Two are in the middle of the 10ft wall. One is in the middle on the 20.5 ft wall. I dont
use the middle point i.e the one on the 20.5 ft wall .
So lets assume there are only 2 light points each on the 10 ft wall on two sides of the room.

I have two bedrooms each 10ft by 11 ft.

I have two bathrooms 1st - 3 ft 6 inches by 6 ft 7 inches.
2nd - 7ft by 4 ft

I use Philips brands tubes always.

I wish to use either T12/T8 tubelights or LED tubelights in living room and bedrooms.
Tell me what T12/T8 tubelights and LED tubelights to use for my living room and

For bathrooms,I wish to use CFL or LED bulb.

Please help me with wattage.

Thanks in advance.




For bathrooms and small kitchen 7 w LED bulb is best and for living room and bedrooms u cab use 12W LED bulb or 18w LED tubelight. U can order mosarbear LED online at discounted price and genuine product. iam using Mosarbear LED bulb of 7w and 9w and 12w,sufficient light

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

I would suggest you not to use T12/T8 Fluorescent tubelights in your room. For the living room, you can use two 18 W T8 LED tubeights. That will be far better. For the bedrooms you can use 1 x 18W LED Tubelight each. For the bathrooms you can use 7 W LED bulbs (for both of them). If you plan to use fluorescent tubes/CFLs then go for two 28 W T5 tubelights for living room. One 28 W T5 each for the bedroom and 10-12 W CFL for each bathroom.



I bought a Philips Stellar Bright LED T8 20W /2100 lumens/6500K tubelight/beam angle 180 deg for Rs 800. I installed it in the living room to try and see how is the performance. I did this because I will be painting the house next week. Here is my honest review. . Brightness is OK though not as good as the flourescent 40W T12 tubelight frankly speaking. The colour temperature 6500K makes the quality of the light better. The worst point is the glare of the LED tubelight. I have TV in the living room. Though the LED tube is not behind or above the TV but on my left side while viewing the TV,the glare of the light is too much. Even from the left side corner of the eye ,one can feel it. My opinion after using it for 4-5 hours yesterday is this. LED lighting is good if used from ceiling vertically (LED panel). LED tubelights do save energy.That is their plus point but if one is using a tubelight for 5-6 hours only daily and if tariff is not that high, T12/T8 is still the good option mainly because light is more and most importantly ,there is no glare.One may go for T5 28 W alternately. LED tubelights have very high glare. Flourescent tubelights are still the BEST option for general purpose lighting at home.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

In general 18 W gives good lighting which is sufficient for a room. You can go for a 22 W light if you feel it is less. But 18W gives ideal lux levels for regular visibility required for a room. LEDs do have some glare as they are unidirectional. If you do not find it comfortable then 28W T5 would be the best for you. Havells T5 are good.


Hi Abhishek,

I live in Mulund. I went through all electric and Hware shops here asking if there is any brand which has T5 28W tube with a metallic fixture. Not a single shop has it.All of them said they have Havells but with a PVC batten. They have many brands but with a plastic PVC strip. Havells T5 costs Rs 550 .Also Crompton Greaves costs the same. Can you tell me a shop in Mumbai where I can get T5 28W
flourescent Havells with a metal strip ?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Check with Jalaram Electricals in Marol, Andheri (take the left turn at Marol Metro Station at Andheri Kurla Road if you are coming from western express highway). There are several of them with different versions (Jalaram Electricals, New Jalaram Electricals, etc). Ask for an aluminium strip.


I have one question. I am currently using 40 W tubelight which I use daily for say 5-6 hours.I heard choke also uses some wattage Say I replace it with 20 W Philips LED tube as I have done yesterday. Say the electricity tariff is 1 unit(kwh) = Rs 9. How much will I save per month by this change ? Any way to calculate ?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Amit,

Your 40 W tubelight would be consuming about 45 watts in total (including choke). In 5-6 hours it would consume: 45 x 6 = 270 Wh or 0.27 kWh or 0.27 units. In 30 days it would be 30 x 0.27 = 8.1 units. At Rs 9 per unit it would be 8.1 x 9 = Rs 72.9 per month.

LED tube will not have any choke, so it would be straight 20 Watts. In 5-6 hours it would consume 20 x 6 = 120 Wh or 0.12 kWh or 0.12 units. In 30 days it would be 30 x 0.12 = 3.6 units. At Rs 9 per unit it would be 3.6 x 9 = Rs 32.4 per month.




We need LED Bulb Raw materials for Supply in all over India or if any company can provide REadymade LED bulbs alongwith printing and packaging in our Brand name.

So please send us your best quotation as soon as possible or call me 9324280811


We need LED Bulb Raw materials for Supply in all over India or if any company can provide REadymade LED bulbs alongwith printing and packaging in our Brand name.

So please send us your best quotation as soon as possible


Hi Team Bijli Bachao,

Please guide me on LED Bulbs watt capacity for my house

1. Living room : 18x16 '
2. Bed Room 1 : 10x14 '
3. Bed Room 2 : 11x14 '
4. Bed room 3 : 13x11 '
5. Toilet 1,2,3 : 5x8 '
6. Balcony 1 : 16x5 '
7. Balcony 2 : 3x7 '
8. Kitchen : 8x7 '

Thanks in advance,

Kapil Chawla

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Kapil,

Here is the suggested wattage:

1) Living Room: Two numbers of 18W LED Tubelights.
2) All three bedrooms: One 21 W LED Tubelight.
3) Kitchen: 9-10W LED Tubelight.
4) Toilets: 7W LED Bulbs.
8) 7W LED Bulbs will also be good for balconies.


Hello ,

I am trying to buy LED panel lights for my aptmnt and was wondering if you could help with the watts of LED required .

The dimensions are:

Hall :13 .7 * 20.1

M.Bedroom :11.6 * 14

Bedroom : 11.10 * 12.5

Kitchen : 8.6 * 10.2

I am looking only for flat panel LED Ceiling lights . Few on gypsum ceiling and few on original ceiling .

Also please suggest what kind of lights we can use for bathrooms of dimension :5.6 * 6.10 and 5.10 * 9 .10.

Thanks in advance .

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

About 28-30 Watts in Hall, 18-20 Watts in the bedrooms, 14-15 watts in the kitchen and 8-10 watts in the bathrooms should be good enough for your use.


Hi All,
Syska LED is the best quality in all.
You can buy Syska Led from delhi and Noida

Syska LED Distributor- Noida
H-12, SECTOR-9, NOIDA 201301 (UP)
TEL- 01204208365, 9910111250/42

Syska LED Distributor- Delhi
E477/16, Basement, Shri Krishna Complex, Khosla Market, Vasundhra Enclave, Delhi-110096
Contact No. 9910111242/50


Hello...mere bed room mai mujhe study karne k liye kitne watt ki led tube light or bulb sufficient hoga??

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

What is the size of the bedroom?


Please Suggest I m going to buy LED Tube/bulbs & Which Brand prefer for my New 2BHK flat...shifting to there within 3 day.

LIVINING ROOM : 14 X 11.6 Sq.Ft. : Planning to buy : 18W bulb - 1 No's. !! Enough or Not ?

1-BED ROOM : 10.3 X 11 Sq.Ft. : Planning to buy : 12W bulb - 1 No's. !! Enough or Not ?

2-BED ROOM : 12.6 X 10.6 Sq.Ft : Planning to buy : 12W bulb - 1 No's. !! Enough or Not ?

KITCHEN : 6.6 X 9.0 Sq.ft. : Planning to buy : 12W bulb - 1 No's. !! Enough or Not ?

For Toilet 7W is prefer....??
Hope replay soon because going to buy This Tuesday...

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

It will be better if you buy tubelights instead of bulbs for Living room and bedroom. 22 W LED tube for living room and 18W LED tubes for the two bedrooms would be good. Kitchen has a smaller space so bulb will work and 12W is good. 7W bulb for toilet is also good.


please compare t5 tube light vs led tube light

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Well I would say you should do a comparison of fluorescent tubelight with LED Tubelight.

I say this because even in LED you can get T5 and T8 tubelights. T5 is just a measure of thickness of a tubelight.

Now as far as comparison is concerned, an 18 W LED tubelight would give the same amount of light as a 28 W T5 fluorescent tubelight. Life of a fluorescent tubelight would be 3 years max, while LED should go on for 10 years (however 3 yrs is the max warranty that you can get on LED tubelight, while there is none on Fluorescent). Cost wise LED tubelight should not cost you more than 100-200 more than T5 fluorescent tubelight as per current market prices of LED tubelight.

You can read more over here: https://www.bijlibachao.com/lights/why-led-lights-are-better-than-fluorescent-lights-even-when-lumens-per-watts-are-the-same.html


yes sir i want to find that t5 fluorescent tube light is better or led tube light. As it seems that both are very energy saving. thanks in advance


hii sir we a team of our socity commitee members r planning to replace our 36watt tubelights present on gate , parking area and garden with LEDS as a initiative towards BIJLI BACHAO .so can u plz advice to get same ammount of light from led which watt of led we should buy..?plz send us link of cheapest or subsidies led bulb link if it is available..

also tell us about ied bulbs we r also planning o repalce cfls with IEDS ..is there r any discounted ieds availabe from gov or any electricity provider company..
? plz reply soon

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Suraj,

Typically an 18 W LED tubelight is a direct replacement of 36 watt tubelights. But in my own experience at my society I have observed that these 36 watt tubelights used outdoors are for used for general lighting, and even when we replaced them with 9W LED tubelights, we got good amount of lighting. But this is an experiment that you will have to do. Try both 18W and 9 W LED tubelights and see which one is sufficient.

As for manufacturers: you can either go for renouned ones like Havells, Osram, Philips, etc. But they will be expensive. Many local manufacturers make decently good LED Tubelights these days. You can read about our case study on this link (this case study is from Mumbai): https://www.bijlibachao.com/lights/sharing-experience-of-buying-led-luminaire-for-a-residential-society.html

A good 9 W LED tubelight should cost about Rs 450 or so and 18 W should cost about Rs 550-600.


उज्ज्वल का १५ वाट के १० एलईडी बल्बों की कीमत करीब ७०० रुपए है। वहीं हावेल के एक १५ वाट के एलईडी बल्ब की कीमत ७०० रुपए है।

यह दोनो कीमतें फ्लिपकार्ट के मुताबिक दे रहा हूं। जानना चाहता हूं कि
कीमतों में १० गुने का अंतर कैसे? क्या उज्ज्वल के बल्ब खराब हैं? आनलाइन
खरीदी में बल्बों की वारंटी का लाभ कैसे मिलेगा? दुकान से लेने पर तो
दुकानदार वारंटी का लाभ दे देता है। यहां तो दुकानों में सूर्या हावेल आदि
के बल्ब हैं जो ५०० ७०० के नीचे हैं ही नही।

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

कीमत का अंतर क्वालिटी के कारण आता है| हैवेल्स जाना माना ब्रांड है और उज्जवल का नाम मैंने पहली बार आपसे ही सुना है| वैसे बड़े ब्रांड्स की कीमत इस लिए भी ज़्यादा रहती है क्यूंकि उन्हें ज़्यादा एडवरटाइजिंग करनी पड़ती है| १५ वाट के LED बल्ब के लिए ७० रुपये तो काफी ज़्यादा सस्ता है| सरकार का प्रयास है की ऐसे बल्ब १५०-२०० रुपये में मिल जाएँ (ताकी वह CFL के बराबर पड़े)| अच्छे बिना ब्रांड के १५ वाट के LED बल्ब अभी ४००-५०० रुपये के तो मिलने चाहिए| पर ७० रुपये तो काफी ज़्यादा सस्ता है|


यहां देखिए मित्र: http://www.flipkart.com/ujjawal-15-w-led-bulb/p/itme5hyykquafwcz?pid=BLBE5HYYKF3ZB3GV&ref=L%3A-5605237579934840943&srno=p_2&query=led+bulb+15w&otracker=from-search

६ का पैक केवल ७०० में। कहीं कहीं १० का पैक भी ७०० में मिल रहा है।


तीन बल्ब मात्र १९५ रुपए में

मुझे बहुत अजीब लगा।

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

अगर आप देखेंगे तो ज़्यादातर लोगों ने इस बल्ब को १ स्टार रेटिंग दी है| इसका मतलब यह है की यह बल्ब ज़्यादा अच्छी क्वालिटी के नहीं हैं|


There is no Guarantee of the wattage and Lumens of these LED Bulbs


Could you advise how much watt of led bulb is equilant to a 40w tublight?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You should go for an 18 W LED tubelight to replace 40W tubelight. You should not got for an 18 W bulb. Ideally a tubelight is replacement for tubelight.


Hello Bijili Bachao group
You guys are really doing great thing by educating common people about the important aspects of indoor lightings. I really appreciate you all.
We are doing renovation of our home. Can you please help me by telling which brand 2 feet led tubelight has best lumen per watt and how much.

Again there is a gallery in our home which leads to living room from main door and it has wooden false ceiling at 7ft height from floor. L*B = 17ft*6ft. With provision for 4 ceiling lights. Can you suggest me who many watt led ceiling light is to be used.


Am looking at advice on LED lights in false ceiling
a) Hall 20' x 11'-- planning 8 led of 8 w
b) kitchen 17'x13'-- planning 6 led of 8w
c)master bedroom 17'x15'-- planning 9 led of 8w
d) bedroom 13'x13' planning 6 led of 8w
will these be sufficient for reading in bedroom


contact MR tanmoy.
[email protected]


1. What is the way to check the IP rating for a particular product ? I have asking retailers but they are completely clueless about the same. Also, mails to customer care departments of several companies have not yielded anything ?

2. LM 79 and LM 80 standards certificate for the products that you sell ? - Same problem as above.

3. I want to buy LED bulbs for the following purposes.
LED Bulb - 1 Watt / LED Red Night Light
LED Lights in Drawing Room, Kitchen, Spot Light on an Art Piece, Kitchen ,Balcony, Bathrooms and Bedrooms. Is there a way to determine the ideal lumens that would be suitable for the same ?

Thanks in advance for your reply.


Hi Team,
I would like to know the apt lighting (LED) for my newly constructed home. Below are the room measurements.

Rooms "Length(Ft)" "Width(Ft)"
Liv/Din 23.5 10.5
Kitchen 9.4 7.6
Bedroom 12.7 10.6
Master Bedroom 12.11 10.6
Toilet 1 7.4 5.4
Toilet 2 7.9 5.1

Preference is 1 Tube + 1 bulb each in Living room & 2 Bedrooms; 1 Bulb in Dining; Kitchen 2 bulbs; 1 Bulb each in toilets

Your suggestion would be of great value to me and much appreciated!


Hi Team, Any suggestions please? Thanks!

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Sanjiv,

For the living cum dining room, two numbers of 18 W LED tubelights would be good. For the kitchen a 16 W LED tubelight would be good. For the bedrooms one 18 W LED tubelight would be enough. For the bathrooms 8 W LED tubelight will be more than enough.


Thanks for your valuable advise!



Looking to change the lighting system of my office. Cant decide between Syska & Edison. Your suggestion would be appreciated.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Edison is better.


Hi. I need a LED bulb for my study room. What wattage should i go for ?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

It depends on the size of the room.


Hello Sir, We are a working as a channel partner with Syska Led,we would like to join your program 'bijli bachao led lagao', we would deliever Syska led products to persons suggested by you if they want products to be delivered on site, our motto to provide best services at lowest price.


Hello team,

Greeting for the day ,Previously I asked for simple Lighting for my new 3 BHK flat, which was replied in details by the team , Now i was thinking if i use LED tube lights
instead of T5 tube lights then which room will require how many LED tube lights and what will be the COST of those LED lights.

I am providing the dimension of my 3 BHK flat along with the list of previously prescribed T5 tube lights

Living / Dining - 15.6' X 16.2' = Two T5 of 28 Watt each , Master Bedroom - 12' X 12' = One T5 of 28 Watt , 2nd Bedroom - 10.4' X 12' = One T5 of 28 Watt , 3rd

Bedroom - 12' X 10' = One T5 of 28 Watt , Kitchen - 10.4' X 6' = Two 7 Watt LED / 10 Watt CFL , 1st Toilet - 12' X 4.10' = 2 Feet 14 Watt T5 , 2nd Toilet - 4.7' X 8.2'

= 1 Feet 8 Watt T5 , Balcony - 10' X 4'

After reading most of the comments its look like Osram is the one to go for , So Can You Please guide me.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Mr Nandi,

Osram is like BMW of LEDs: best in quality and super long lasting, but expensive :). You can even go for Havells or Philips LED tubelights. Or any local company that can give you 3 years warranty (big brands will not give you that kind of warranty). Look for a LED luminaire that has Samsung or Edison LEDs.

An 18 W LED Tubelight is direct replacement of T5 tubelights. A branded one would cost you about Rs 1000-1200 whereas good quality unbranded may come for as low as Rs 700-800 (with 3 years warranty).

Typically LEDs save 30% over good fluorescent tubes. So if you have 10 Watt CFL, the equivalent LED would be 6-7 Watts. 9-10 Watt LED tubelight of 2 feet will be replacement of 14 Watt T5. And 5 watt LED would replace 8 Watt T5.


Thnx for the suggestion....one more question while selecting LED Lights what should be the CRI , Beam Angle and Color type and Lumens for each room for example bedrooms and living might be used for casual work and studies.my ceiling height is 10 feet.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You can just go for tubelights. They are good enough for casual work and studies as well. Color type will depend on your preference. Typically White light is brighter than yellow light.


Sir for study purpose which led tubelight is better for 12*12 size room. ..what brand and watt.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

An 18 Watt LED should be good for a 12*12 room if you use the room for study purpose. 18 Watt LED is equivalent to 40 W T12 Tubelight. You can go for Osram, Havells, Philips or Syska.


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