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Save electricity on lights by turning them off when not in use

By on April 26, 2018 with 6 Comments  

Practice of turning off lights when not in use has been used as a energy saving measure since quite some time. It is pretty effective, although there are some studies that suggest that using energy efficient lights is far more effective than turning off lights. The amount of electricity savings by turning off lights depend on the type of light used.

A typical Incandescent bulb is the most inefficient bulb which uses only 10% of the electricity (or units consumed)  and the rest is converted into heat. The amount of units saved will be equal to wattage of the bulb multiplied by the time (in hrs) for which it is switched off. But in summers it will also impact air conditioning load as putting lights off will generate less heat.

Energy savings for florescent lights (CFLs and tube lights) by turning them off is a little more complicated to evaluate. These lights are little more expensive than incandescent bulbs but are impacted by frequent switching on and off. The value of energy savings will depend on the rates of electricity in a particular area. In some areas it may not be efficient to switch it off if one is leaving the room for 5 minutes and in some areas it can be up to 15 minutes (depending on the rate of electricity). There is also a popular belief that fluorescent lights consume a lot of energy to start up, but actually the start up energy is much less compared to keeping the lights on for many seconds.

LEDs are the most effective lights and their life is not impacted by frequency of switching on and off. So the energy savings by turning them off directly equals the wattage multiplied by the time (in hrs) for which it is switched off. It also does not emit any heat and thus does not impact the cooling of the air conditioners.

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