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Best LED TV Brands in India in 2024

By on January 4, 2022

Looking to buy a TV, and confused with the brands out there in the market? You are not alone if you are confused. There are more than 50 different brands of Televisions in the market to choose from, and choosing one is a difficult task. Although, we at Bijli Bachao usually suggest people to look at models available rather than brands, but still if you are looking for the best television brand in India, then this guide is prepared to help you out.

Please note that the list below is partly based on data and mostly on perception based on our analysis of different models available from different brands in India. Some people may completely differ from us and can have their own valid reasons. But any list on “best” can only be someone’s viewpoint or perception and people may differ with it. If you have any questions or feedback, or if you different from what we have written, feel free to put a comment in the comments section below on this page.

In terms of market share, Samsung is the leader in Television market. With roughly 30% market share (source: BusinessLine), Samsung TVs are the most sought after TVs in the market. It is one of the premium brands in Indian market and has always been a leader in bringing new technologies to the Indian market. Here is how we rate them on various parameters:

  • Picture Quality: It is among the top two in terms of picture quality as per our opinion. Their HyperReal Engine along with VA panels are great in producing picture quality.
  • New Technologies: Samsung has been among the pioneers in bringing in new technologies in TVs. They were among the first brands to bring in HDR (HDR10, HDR10+) to India. Their QLED TVs take television viewing to a completely new level. They also have curved TVs which bring a complete immersive experience to television viewing.
  • SMART OS: Their Tizen OS is also quite intuitive and with good user experience. The OS puts all your favorite apps at the bottom of the home screen which they call the SMART hub. They have a good app store with most Indian apps in the store.
  • Strongest Point: Samsung has always been good with color technology. They improved their old technology called Purcolor and got Active Crystal Color technology. Which they further improved and introduced QLED (or Quantum Dots LED) which is probably the best color technology that is out there in the market.

Best Brand for Picture Quality – Sony

If you are looking for a TV that can give you the best picture quality, then look nowhere else and go for a Sony. This Japanese giant has been known for creating TVs with stunning picture quality for years now. This year, most of their TVs have HDR (High Dynamic Range) bringing great picture quality even to their smaller TVs. Sony is one brand that also puts in subwoofers in many of their models to give good sound effect too. Their picture engine: X-Reality Pro is the best picture engine in the market. In terms of market share it competes for 2nd position with LG. Here is how we rate them on various parameters:

  • Picture Quality: Hands down the best in terms of picture quality. The X-Reality Pro picture engine generates great output on the VA panel. Along with HDR and Triluminous display, the pictures look stunning.
  • New Technologies: It was the first brand to bring in HDR in India. And now most of its models have HDR support. For the wide color gamut, they have introduced Triluminous Display which is again a great technology. They do a lot for picture quality. However, they lack on the “SMART” front.
  • SMART OS: This probably is the weakest point for Sony. Most of their budget TVs have basic Linux OS, which is just OK in terms of use. Only if you are ready to shell out more, do you get Android TVs which are better (if not the best).
  • Strongest Point: As we said, Sony has the best picture quality, so the Sony TVs with X-Reality Pro, HDR & Triluminous Display are great in terms of picture quality. And if you want the best, then Sony has also introduced OLED TVs which can give stunning picture quality.

Best Value for Money Brand – Panasonic

If you are looking for latest and greatest technology in your TV but are vary of spending a lot, then Panasonic comes across as the most value for money brand. It offers everything (not the best in all aspects), but still is not very costly. Along with the big 3 (Samsung, LG & Sony), it is the only brand that can give you TVs that have latest technologies. And it also has equally big network (for after sales service) as the big 3. It lags quite far behind the big 3 in terms of market share, but still is a good number 4th. Here is how we rate them on various parameters:

  • Picture Quality: The picture quality at offer in Panasonic TVs is quite good as compared to most budget brands in the market. The fine remaster engine in Panasonic TVs create good picture quality on their IPS panels. It is one of the two brands (along with LG) that use IPS panels for most of their TVs. IPS panel provide a brighter output which does not lose its consistency when seen at wider angles.
  • New Technologies: Their latest TVs do support HDR (HDR10, HDR10+ & HLG) and come with their wide color gamut technology: Hexa Chroma Drive. What they lack is the high-end technologies like OLED or QLED.
  • SMART OS: Panasonic uses an OS called My Home Screen which is an upgraded version of Firefox OS. The user interface is good and quite intuitive.
  • Strong Point: We think that price is the strongest point for Panasonic. They get you all premium things but at a affordable price. The technologies that they are missing are currently expensive and thus their absence does not impact Panasonic’s strong point. In fact, they have now entered the budget TV segment with their new Sanyo range.

Best Brand for SMART TVs – LG

LG is one brand that could have fitted in almost every category mentioned above, but just missed by a whisker. They are the 2nd biggest brand in terms of volume in sales. Their picture quality comes quite close to that of Sony and Samsung (and we can call these 3 brands as big 3). And they are cheapest to buy among the 3, but still Panasonic beats them on price. But one thing where LG rules is in their SMART OS. Their WebOS is hands down the best OS in market. Here is how we rate them on various parameters:

  • Picture Quality: LG is certainly among the top 3 (including Sony and Samsung) when it is about Picture Quality. LG uses IPS panels as compared to VA panels used by Sony & Samsung. VA panels are better in terms of contrast as IPS panels are bright but do not manage darks as well. But still IPS panels are better in viewing angle and color production. LG’s picture engine is also quite good.
  • New Technologies: We believe that LG is the best in terms of bring in new technologies. Their OLED Panels are just exceptional and compete well with QLEDs from Samsung. In many of their TVs they use Dolby Vision for better contrast which is Dolby’s proprietary standard which improves HDR. LG TVs are the only ones that support Dolby Vision. The Nano Cell Display technology for wide color gamut produces stunning images. LG is also the first brand to bring in lot of AI (Artificial Intelligence) features in its TVs for improving the user experience.
  • SMART OS: Web OS from LG is hands down the best OS out there in the market. With wide variety of content in its app store and intuitive design, this OS beats all OS in the market. On top of it, LG has started introducing AI interface (remote control) in its TVs for giving voice control to the TVs. No other brands have introduced AI as extensively as LG has done.
  • Strong Point: The user experience from LG is the best. Their webOS, AI interface and the overall experience are just fantastic. Even from the price point of view, they are not as expensive as Sony or Samsung. And they give comparative picture quality. They provide true bang for your buck.

Best Budget Brand – Vu

TV can be one of the most expensive appliances in a household if one starts thinking of latest technology and best picture quality. But this Indian brand, has been providing good technology at a very decent price for past few years now. Among the budget brands from India, they have been the only ones that have tried to get premium technologies like HDR, Wide Color Gamut at better prices. Here is how we rate them on various parameters:

  • Picture Quality: Their picture quality is good when compared to most established budget brands in the market. They should not be compared with Sony, Samsung, LG or Panasonic as their price points are very different. But still they have got UHD models with HDR or Wide Color Gamut.
  • New Technologies: They have their own PixelightHDR standard and also have models with wide color gamut. But the models with those are few in numbers. They also have Harman Kardon speakers in some of their models. They do a good job of catching up with premium brands which you do not find in other budget brands.
  • SMART OS: They mostly have TVs with Opera OS or Android OS. These OSes are good for content and user interface.
  • Selling Point: Technology at cheap price. They do not have premium quality that you can get in (Sony, Samsung, LG or Panasonic). But if you are not too finicky about quality, then VU can be a good choice to get taste of newer technologies.
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