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Panasonic AC Technologies in India – Review 2024

By on October 17, 2022

Panasonic is an established Japanese brand which is 100 years old! It is quite astonishing to realize that a small company started as a bulb socket manufacturer is now a giant conglomerate employing over two lakhs of employees across the globe. It is one of the largest consumer electronics manufacturers and #1 AC brand in Japan. Panasonic is a split AC specialist, offering good looking and energy efficient cooling solution for your home.

In this article, we will review the latest technologies that modern Panasonic air conditioners comes with so that you can make a more informed decision.

Key Panasonic Technologies

iAuto X with P tech for Comfortable Cooling

Premium split ACs from Panasonic comes with an iAuto-X feature which imparts super-fast room cooling. By using Panasonic thermal enhancement technology (P-tech), flaps of the AC direct the airflow for fast cooling. P-tech enables both, the compressor and the fan to run at the maximum speed so that room is cooled in the shortest possible time. Thus, with this technology, your agonizing waiting time for AC to cool room is significantly reduced.

Once the room is cooled, modern Panasonic ACs switch their airflow towards the ceiling so that the incessant blowing cold hair does not make the inhabitant of the room uncomfortably cold. It implements what Panasonic calls as a “shower cooling”, wherein cold air comes from the ceiling in light showers instead of flaps directly bursting cold air straight into the head of the inhabitants.


To compliment i-AutoX Panasonic ACs also comes with Aerowing design wherein two flexible flaps can spread or concentrate flow of air as per the cooling requirement. When the cooling of the room is achieved by i-AutoX these Aerowing flaps channelize the cool air towards the ceiling which makes it possible for shower cooling.

Hot and Cold AC

Whenever you hear a word AC, what comes to the mind is an appliance which blows chilled air bringing down the temperature of the enclosed space to comfortably cool levels. But the pioneers of air conditioning systems invented it with an idea of “conditioning” or setting it to a desired/specific temperature. So as per the user’s requirement, ACs should condition the temperature in the winter too theoretically i.e., it should heat the room during the frosty winters. Well, Panasonic high-end split ACs are capable of implementing that theory (heating during the winters). They come with a built-in heater functionality in the form of heat mode option, which when enabled would reverse the air conditioning process. This results in the circulation of hot air inside the room. So Hot and Cold ACs become your all-season companion warming in frosty winters and cooling in the scorching heat.

Twin Cool Inverter with Econavi

Inverter technology is arguably the most important innovation in the air conditioners in recent times and gladly modern Panasonic ACs come with two of it!

You may what is inverter technology in the first place. Well, put it simply, inverter technology is analogous to the car accelerator. When the compressor needs more power, it gives it more power. When it needs less power, it gives less power. With this technology, the compressor is always on but draws less power or more power depending on the temperature of the incoming air and the level set in the thermostat. The speed and power of the compressor are adjusted appropriately.

High-end models come with twin rotary inverter compressors powered by Econavi technology which results is faster cooling, longer life and a significant reduction in power consumption. It has number of sensors which can sense the area of the room, occupancy level, the intensity of sunlight, presence of a human, and even sense human activity. After analyzing all these parameters, it has a smart algorithm which cools accordingly to ensure comfortable cooling. This means AC can smartly understand if there is no human in the room and would run the inverter compressor at the lowest frequency so that only a small portion of electricity is consumed. Similarly, if there is high human occupancy and high sunlight intensity outside, it would make a compressor at peak to keep the room cool and moisture free.

Nanoe Air Filtration and Purification

The quality of the air we breathe is essential to our well-being. That is why purifying air becomes essential for a healthy lifestyle. Modern Panasonic ACs can not only provide fast and comfortable cooling but can also filter and purify the air. Thanks to its latest nanoe technology which utilizes the science of nanotechnology i.e., tiny microscopic particles, to purify the air circulated inside the room. It is a 3-stage filtration system that removes and deactivates 99% of virus, bacteria, and PM 2.5 particles.

So how it works? Well, when you switch on the AC coming with this feature, trillions of nanoe particles (O2 and anion) are generated from the nanoe generator. This nanoe particles works upon on airborne and adhesive microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and mold. For airborne microorganisms which are floating in the air, nanoe particles attach itself to airborne microorganisms and efficiently bring them back to the filter. For adhesive microorganisms that are lurking on the surface of the floor, wall or stuff inside the room, nanoe particles are able to deactivate 99% of them. Thus, with nanoe technology users can enjoy the purified cool air.

Ecotough: Robust Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit comes with corrosion free and highly durable Ecotough casing. It houses advanced bluefin condenser which provides protection from water, air, and other corrosive materials. The outdoor unit comes with 5 years warranty with compressor coming with 10 years warranty.

Stabilizer-free Operation

Power cuts and load shedding is commonplace in India, especially in distant towns and villages. ACs being a big electrical appliance are susceptible to vagaries of the supplied electricity. Power cuts generally poise the problem of a voltage fluctuation which can damage the air conditioner. Modern Panasonic ACs are capable of tackling this problem, thanks to its stabilizer-free operation. The in-built stabilizer protects the AC from sudden voltage surge or drop. Models released in 2019 comes with wide voltage protection range between 145V to 285V.

Pros and Cons of Panasonic air conditioners

Panasonic is admired for its advanced technology, using component with high durability and manufacturing appliance with high degree of functionality. Econavi and nanoe technology makes Panasonic one of the most technologically advanced AC brand. Amount of sensor information used for optimized cooling is unrivaled. It not only detects the human count but also human activity. Like for example if you are exercising or having a dance session it would automatically sense it as high human activity and run the compressor at high speed to cool you off quickly and comfortably. And it’s no surprise nowadays that air pollution is on a rise and it is creeping into our homes. Thankfully Panasonic ACs are well equipped with capturing bacteria, viruses, mold, and other PM 2.5 particulates so that the air you breathe is not only cool but also healthy. Another big advantage of high end split ACs is in their dual flap aerowings. Note that these two flaps are independent of each other and thus can precisely cool the room based on the user setting and input from the advanced sensor network.

Coming to the cons, first is that Panasonic isn’t versatile and offers a limited type of air conditioners. You won’t find any windows AC from this brand. Similarly, for commercial cooling, options are limited to cassette type ACs. Though new split ACs come with stabilizer-free operation protection range of 145-285V is way too less compared to that of high-end Samsung ACs which offer 80V to 450V protection.


Panasonic was one of the early brands to realize that the air conditioners would become an essential home appliance, and it’s evident that they have put in a tremendous amount of time and effort into making its air conditioners equipped with the latest technology and ensure energy efficiency. As stated at the beginning that it started as a simple bulb manufacturer, Panasonic has now grown into a large multinational specializing in consumer appliances and air conditioners are no exception. With the advanced features like smart sensors, aerowings, reliable filtration it’s easy to see why many people are opting for Panasonic. It’s definitely not the cheapest brand around but a brand focussed on split air conditioning with robust air purification system. So, if good air quality and faster cooling is your requirement we will definitely recommend to be in your watchlist.

Some Good Panasonic ACs:

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