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Lloyd AC Technologies in India – Review 2024

By on October 17, 2022

India is a country which is close to the equator. Thus, heat and humidity are common in India. Now, to beat the heat at homes, air conditioners are deemed as the perfect solution. And with everything getting internet connected, millennials and generation-z want all their appliances to be smart. One of the brands which cater to the cooling needs with smart technology is Lloyd. And it also happens to be one of the oldest AC brands in India which Havells acquired in 2017. Lloyd is the number 2 brand by sales after Voltas. Lloyd offers both split and windows air conditioners. So, what’s making people run after Lloyd ACs? Why you should (or maybe not) buy a Lloyd AC, let’s find out in this article.

Key Lloyd AC Technology

Rapid Cooling with 4-Way Swing

Isn’t it frustrating on a sunny day you come straight to your home after a day out in sweltering sun and your AC takes a while to cool down if it was switched off earlier? Well, this problem is with the AC for ages. But fortunately, brands like Lloyd are making positive changes in this direction to minimize the cooling time. New Lloyd ACs come with Rapid Cooling technology which is designed using 4-way cooling blade system which the company believes can cool down the room in less than two minutes. It achieves Rapid Cooling using 4-way blade swing which thrust the cool air into 4 different sides and hence completed the cooling much faster than ordinary ACs.

Wireless AC Control

One of the main USP of Lloyd AC is in its wireless AC control using Wi-Fi network. This feature liberates you from the hassle of searching for your remote to control the giant cooling appliance. Now all you need to have a smartphone, download the Lloyd AC remote app and easily control your AC from anywhere at your fingertips. Just think about it: you are into your bedroom, but your AC is running in the hall and no one is over there. You can simply switch off the AC in your hall by lying on the bed of your room without needing to get up from the bed! Not just turning on and off, other settings like temperature, mode, swing, etc can also be controlled via mobile app.

BLDC Motor and EEV For Energy Conservation and Optical Climate Control

Premium split ACs by Lloyd comes with BLDC motor instead of conventional induction motor. BLDC motor stands for brushless DC motor and main differentiating factor is that BLDC motor has permanent magnets as compared to electromagnets in an induction motor. BLDC motor is known for reliability, efficiency and low noise emission. ACs coming with BLDC motor can be easily connected to the home inverter. This is very useful for people have frequent power cuts at their home and rely on inverters during load shedding.

BLDC motors in Lloyd ACs are complimented with electronic expansion valve (EEV) which controls the flow of refrigerant. EEV results in better and efficient cooling notwithstanding erratic temperature or varying climatic condition outside. Premium Lloyd ACs can run even in the temperature as high as 60oC.

10-step Inverter with Twin Rotary Compressor

New split ACs released by Lloyd come with 10-step inverter control. Don’t confuse this inverter compressor technology with the inverter you use for powering your homes during the power cut. Inverters used inside the AC are for speed control so that AC runs according to the load. 10-step inverter means there are 10 different frequencies at which compressor can run.

Inverter technology can be thought as of a car accelerator. Like when the compressor needs more power, inverter gives it more power by running at higher frequencies. When it needs less power, it gives less power by running at lower frequencies. With this technology, the compressor is always on but draws less power or more power depending on the temperature of the incoming air and the level set in the thermostat. The speed and power of the compressor are adjusted appropriately.

Twin Rotary Compressor for Lower Noise Generation

Lloyd is one of the silent AC brands around. That’s primarily because they use twin rotary compressor which results in significant noise reduction. Moreover, it also trims down the power consumption leading to saving on electricity bills. Additionally, low-noise fan blade, excellent air-duct design, and usage of noise-isolating material modern Lloyd AC maintain a peacefully cool environment at your home. There is also a mute mode which brings down the noise level to its bottom to around 20 dB.

Copper Condenser

To save cost and bring down the AC prices many AC manufacturers prefer using aluminum condenser in their models as it is cheaper. But thankfully modern Lloyd AC comes with a copper condenser with 100% inner grooved copper that facilitates in a faster and smoother flow of refrigerant. Also, copper has better heat transfer functionality than aluminium. Copper is also much more durable as it can withstand a higher amount of atmospheric pressure. So, your AC with copper condenser with last long and result in lower maintenance cost at the time of repairs.

PM 2.5 Filter with Self-Clean Technology

With the rising air pollution filter has become one of the important features to check in the ACs besides energy efficiency. According to WHO (World Health Organization) estimates, levels of air pollution is on an incessant rise in the developing economies like India. Numerous studies have suggested that air pollution can be the reason behind rising instances of respiratory disorders. So, air filtration becomes one of the very important aspects of the AC and the Lloyd is an air conditioner brand which is offering robust and effective PM 2.5 filters in their premium split ACs to tackle this issue.

For the uninitiated, particulate matter, PM 2.5 refers to extremely fine particles present in the air which are of the size two and a half microns in width (or even less). Micron is a unit of measurement at a microscopic scale with one-inch equating to 25,000 microns. Emission from vehicles alongside the burning of wood and oil are the primary sources of PM 2.5 particulates. But thankfully premium Lloyd split AC coming with PM 2.5 filter can filter out these impurities present in the air.

Besides the impeccable air filtration technology, premium Lloyd models come with Self Clean feature in which filter cleanses itself. During this automated cleaning process, the indoor unit is operated in a cooling mode at a reduced fan speed, to facilitate removal of dust from evaporator fins. Then it switches to fan-only mode to blow away the wet air, disinfecting indoor unit. This stage removes fungus and bacteria.

Pros and Cons of Lloyd AC

The performance of Lloyd ACs, in general, is impressive. You would notice a lot of positive things in the Lloyd AC. Wi-Fi control comes as one of the first impressive things you’ll see in Lloyd split ACs. Controlling your AC using a smartphone is certainly a pleasant experience. Another advantage is in its Rapid Cooling which cools the room in a few minutes. One more interesting thing we liked about models like LS24B22FI is that it allows to turn off the indicator on the AC which displays temperature. Thanks to it 4-way blade swings the cooling done by the AC is uniform.

There is not much to complain about the Lloyd air conditioners but there are certain areas which need improvement. Energy efficiency is one of them. The ISEER rating of Lloyd ACs falls behind the Japanese manufacturers like Mitsubishi and Daikin. One more disadvantage of Lloyd AC is that they do not come with a built-in voltage stabilizer. So, if the power supply in your home is erratic you should avoid Lloyd ACs or must buy stabilizer along with the AC. Lloyd is a budget brand and if you are looking for a decent quality AC at a decent price, then Lloyd is a great choice. Their build quality may not be as good as that of premium brands like Hitachi, Daikin, Mitsubishi, etc, but then they are good value for money.


Lloyd is an affordable luxury AC brand and that’s why people who look for the balance of good quality AC, cool technology and reasonable price opt for Lloyd AC. Lloyd is only one of the few brands which have its own manufacturing plant in India. In fact, it used to supply part s for air conditioners to other brands like Voltas, Whirlpool, and Godrej. So, Lloyd is certainly an air conditioning specialist. All in all, Lloyd is a good option if you are looking to buy an AC. It comes with a couple of cool features and certainly provides good value for money. Go for Lloyd AC if you technologically advanced AC at a good price point and have a stable power supply at home.

Some Good Lloyd Models:

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