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Ideal Air Conditioner temperature for electricity savings

By on August 7, 2017

Buying an air conditioner once considered a sign of luxury, is now becoming quite common in India. Many urban homes are equipped with air conditioners in one or more rooms. But everyone who owns an air conditioner knows that it comes at the cost of increasing electricity bills. Although cooling does take a lot of electricity but taking effective steps can surely get it down. One of the main things that can help is maintaining the right temperature for the air conditioners.

How does an air conditioner work?

For most people, air conditioner just throws cool air at the temperature one sets it at. But does it really work that way? In fact air conditioner during cooling process, takes the indoor air, cools it  by passing it through evaporator coil and throws it back in the room. It is quite opposite to how our good old air coolers used to work. Air coolers used to take outside air, cool it with water and throw it in. But air conditioners just work on internal air.

How does the thermostat work?

If you set the thermostat at 18oC (64.5oF), does it mean that the air conditioner will cool the room faster than if set at 25o(77oF)? No. The thermostat just checks the temperature of the air inside the room and stops the compressor when the temperature reaches the desired level. This means that the compressor will work longer if the temperature is set to a lower level, i.e it will work more and use more electricity if temperature is set to 18oC (64.5oF) than if it is set to 25oC (77oF). This is because it will take less time for air to reach to 25oC (77oF) than 18oC (64.5oF) as the compressor is working with the same power or wattage.

What happens when the compressor stops?

The air conditioner just blows the fan when the compressor stops and thermostat reaches the desired temperature level. At this stage the electricity consumption is only for the fan which is running and not for the compressor. The compressor will start again when the thermostat detects that the temperature has increased again from the levels that are set. Compressor is the most electricity consuming component of an air conditioner.

What factors impacts electricity consumption of Air Conditioner?

There are 4 factors that influence the electricity load:

1) Indoor air temperature

2) Outdoor temperature

3) Thermal insulation of the room

4) Temperature setting of the air conditioner.

If the difference between temperature desired and indoor/outdoor temperature is huge, then the air conditioner will need lot more electricity to cool the indoor air to desired temperature as the compressor will run for longer duration. If the temperature is set at 18oC (64.5oF) and the outdoor temperature is 38oC (100oF) then the electricity required will be lot more than when thermostat temperature is 24oC (75oF) and outdoor temperature is 38oC (100oF). As per study by ACEEE (American Council of Energy Efficiency Economy), increase of each oC can save 3-5% of units consumed. This can considerably bring down the units consumed per month in the electricity bill.

What is the ideal temperature that should be set on thermostat?

Having said that, increase in temperature does not reduce the comfort level. In fact as per ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers), the ideal temperature for thermal comfort is between 23.5oC (74.3oF) and 25.5oC (78oF) in summers (depends on several factors as listed on wikipedia). Thus setting the temperature to 24oC (75.2oF) saves on electricity bill and provides good comfort. Using ceiling fans along with air conditioners can additionally help in increasing the thermostat temperature.Air Conditioner Temperature Infographic

Does “Quick Cool” option in Air Conditioners help?

Setting an air conditioner to quick cool sets it’s temperature to 18 or 16 oC (64.4oF or 60.8oF. This means that the compressor stops only when indoor temperature reaches this level. But while coming down from 35 or 40 oC (95oF or 104oF) it would have surely crossed 24oC (75.2oF) which is a comfortable temperature. So using “Quick Cool” option does not help because more electricity is used to get the temperature down to 18oC (64.5oF) whereas compressor would have stopped in between if the temperature was set to 24oC (75.2oF) thereby consuming less electricity.

How do old air conditioners without thermostat work? 

Old air conditioners without thermostat have high, medium and low cool options. As we learnt earlier that compressors of air conditioners work in binary mode (either they are on or off), an air conditioner without thermostat does not control air temperature. The high, medium and low options just changes the air conditioner fan speed. High means that air conditioner will throw more air and low means that the fan speed will be slow.

Short video for tips to reduce power consumption of air conditioner in India



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I live in Kochi, and use a split AC in my room. The usual outside temp is around 31 degree Celsius. Does setting my AC at a temperature of 29 degree Celsius give longer life to my AC with reduced electricity bill?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

It will work perfectly fine without any issues and with reduced electricity bill.


I live in Kolkata , want to buy Daikin Inverter AC range 40000/-...plz suggest which one can save electricity bill

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

This is not a right approach to buying an AC that can save electricity. You need to know the right tonnage that you need for your room and also right electricity saving level based on your usage. I would suggest that you use the calculator on this page to calculate the right size and right star rating: https://www.bijlibachao.com/top-ten-appliances/best-air-conditioner-ac-window-split-hitachi-lg-carrier-samsung-electricity-consumption-tonnage-in-india.html


hi read through some posts so as not to trouble you, yet did not find my answer. so hoping you can help me, can you comment on the efficiency of hot and cold ac's in terms of heating comfort and durability?
Though the outside temperature does not drop below 19- 20 deg and the worst can be 15 deg celsius where i live i suffer from cold allergies my ideal comfortable temp is 26 deg.
Can these hot and cold ac maintain 26-27 deg? also i need ac in the summers so hoping this can solve my problem
which brand would you suggest has durable hot and cold acs?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Richard,

Heat pumps can be a bit ineffective when used in near freezing temperature, but in your case, it is not so. So your requirements can certainly be met with a heat pump or hot and cold AC. As it takes more energy to heat rather than to cool, the efficiency of hot and cold AC is less as compared to regular AC of similar type. And that is why buying one with inverter technology compressor is better (as it is better in terms of efficiency than non-inverter ones). Daikin has FTXS and FTXR series that are good. Blue Star P series also has hot and cold inverter ac which is good. Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries also have some good models but they will be really expensive.


Thanks abishek




Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Even if you have set the ACs to 20 degrees, I am sure the temperature in the hall would not be 20 degrees because the heat load would be higher and the cooling capacity of the AC may be lower. If you are not feeling too cold, then from a health perspective it should be fine. If you start all the 6 ACs, then your electricity bill will surely increase.


hello sir. does this mean higher temp setting on ac is proportional to more electricity saving ? thank you

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

That is right. So you have to strike a right balance between comfort and energy saving. If 25-26 is comfortable to you. You can keep it on 25-26. If 27-28 is more comfortable then keep it on 27-28. You will certainly get more saving at higher temperature. But then you should also derive the value for which you purchased your AC (which is comfort and cooling).


Hi Abhishek,
Thank You for your replies earlier.
I have bought a new Lloyd's 1.5 ton 5 star split ac as I have mentioned before about a month ago.
The thing is, it doesn't cool room below 26/25-degree Celsius and hence compressor doesn't cut-off if I set the temperature even at 24 or 23. Every time I check the room temp. sensed by AC, it shows 26 or 25 only. So if I set the AC temp. to 24, my compressor won't cut off and it will keep running.
I even got the sensor changed but the problem still persists.
What could be the possible reason because I am sure 1.5 Ton is enough for the room. It is not the question of bigger room or lesser capacity of AC.
Is there any problem with the gas or AC or is there anything that I need to get checked in my room?
I hope I have myself clear this time.
Shubham Jain

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Shubham,

Can you please try using the calculator on this page and let me know the tonnage suggestion that it gives: https://www.bijlibachao.com/top-ten-appliances/best-air-conditioner-ac-window-split-hitachi-lg-carrier-samsung-electricity-consumption-tonnage-in-india.html ?

Improper cooling can be due to:

1) Undersized AC
2) Problems with less gas pressure in the AC
3) Problems can be with the thermostat as well (but if you are saying it is not cooling below 26/25 and you are not feeling cooler at 23-24 then this could be ruled out).


My room is 10x11 and with furniture its size remains 9x11 pls help


I have bought Onida IRIS - INV12IRS model ac i would like to know if i use this ac for 10 hrs in two breaks at 28°C how much electricity will it consume

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Onida has not registered this model with BEE for star rating, so the electricity consumption data of this model is not available. So it will be difficult for me to suggest any number.


Hi Abhishek,

I'm using Bluestar 3CNHW18NAFU model 1.5 tonnage AC for my room with operating temperature of 28 degree at night but some frequency compressor runs and stops and suddenly cooling also high and becomes normal but in Inverter model it do not so right.. Could you provide suggestion on this.. Thanks in advance..

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Arul,

Whatever you have described does not sound right. I think you should call up the customer service from Bluestar and ask them to send an engineer to check it. It will be difficult for me to tell you any solution.


Hi Abhishek,

Thanks for your response. Please confirm if i use my Inverter AC in 30/32 degree temperature also the compressor would still run at lower speed even if the thermostat reached the temperature, or the fan only run(I've heard inverter ACs compressor always ON).. Please clarify me.. Thanks..

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Compressor runs only when there is heat to remove. If there is no heat to remove then the compressor will not run. If the room temperature is 26 (and even outdoor temperature is around 26) and you set AC to 32 then compressor will not run as there is no heat to remove. However, when the outdoor temperature is 32 and you set it to 26, there is always heat flowing from outside to inside the room. This heat flow happens through the walls of the room, window, etc. Even humans release heat and appliances release heat. But even inverter compressors have lowest speed at which they can run. If the heat is so low that even at lowest speed it is too fast, then the compressor will not run.

To explain working of an AC I always use an example of an open tank of water. Imagine that you have an open tank of water of which you want to maintain water level. The tank can get filled by rain or any other water source outside. You put a tap to maintain the water level. Similarly AC is just like a tap. It is a tap for heat. Your room is full of heat and you put a tap (AC) to remove heat. When the water level you desire reaches you close the tap. Similarly, when room reaches desired temperature, compressor shuts off.

Now imagine the level of water in the tank is less than the height at which you have put a tap. Will the water flow out of the tap even if you open it? No right? Similarly if heat is less, then compressor cannot take out heat and thus there is no point for the compressor to work.

I would suggest that you read this page on our website: https://www.bijlibachao.com/air-conditioners/air-conditioner-work-laymans-explanation.html


My roommate uses the AC at 30 degree all night even in monsoon seson when outside temperature drops to 26. Will it consume a lot of electricity? what will be its impact on the bill?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

The compressor will not run if the there is no heat to remove. The only thing that will run is the fan. There will be electricity consumption of the fan but it will not be as high as it is when the compressor runs. But still a ceiling fan would be better than using AC fan. AC fan usually consume about 100-150 watts, and you can even get a 28 watts ceiling fan in the market.


Dear Abhishek,

How much minimum time should we run an air conditioner for to have optimized electricity bill?
I have a 1.5 ton 5 star AC which runs at around 22-24 degree Celsius.
For how long should I run so my units do not rise more than 30 units a day in total?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Shubham,

Firstly, I do not think an AC will consume 30 units a day unless you use it all 24 hours. To reduce electricity consumption, the best thing to do is to use it at as high temperature as is comfortable for you. So 25-26 is good (if it feels good enough for you). You cannot optimize it by changing running time, and you can optimize it only by changing the running temperature. Of course if you use it less electricity consumption will be less. So if you use it only for 1 hour, the consumption will be less as compared to 8 hours.


I really appreciate your reply.
But I believe I have presented my question in a rather confusing manner.
My question was how much time should an ac run for so that the total units for a day, including unit consumption of every other appliance, should not be more than 30 units a day.
we have 2 refrigerators which run 24 hours a day and submersible pump that runs for approx 6 hours a day, apart from that, fans and CFLs are also used.
The reason I am asking is without an air conditioner, our unit consumption was 30 units, which I do not understand how is it possible, so now with air conditioner, I don't want that unit consumption to go higher.
Have I made myself clear this time?
can you help me with my queries now?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Shubham,

Again it is difficult to say, because a refrigerator can consume less or more depending on its energy efficiency and size. A big refrigerator of 600 lts will consume much more as compared to a refrigerator of 200 lts. A refrigerator can consume as high as 4-5 units per day to as low as 0.5-0.6 units per day. Then submersible pump I guess would be 1/2 Hp which is 375 watts, so in 6 hours it would consume 375x6 = 2250 Wh or 2.25 Kwh or 2.25 units. Fans consume about 75-90 watts (unless it is an energy efficient fan which can consume as low as 30 watts), so a fan in 10 hrs of running will consume 90x10 = 900 Wh or 0.9 units. Without taking into account all the appliances that you run, their wattage, hours of running, it is difficult to say anything.


Hey..i have purchased gorej split ac 1.5ton 3star and i have set the temp at 22℃ in cool mode and ac cools the room when it is switch on but after half an hour it feels that it does not cools the room..why?
And also i want to ask whether we have to select the ac fan at medium or high level even at cool mode? And ceiling fan can help to maintain cool air in the room..

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Ayush,

Ideally you should not feel hot after half an hour. If the AC cools properly you should find the room cool. Did you buy the right sized AC? If your room needs more cooling and you bought a smaller AC, then it may not cool properly.

Higher fan speed can help it cover larger area as the air flow in the room will be high. Even ceiling fan can help cool the whole room by improving air circulation. However, if your ceiling gets direct sun then you should not be using ceiling fan.


Hi Abhishek,

recenty I bought a Voltas 1.5ton 3 star ac Model 183 LY-M .
Now the problem is
1. when I run it on Auto mode keeping the Temp at 30 degrees, compressor do not start . it starts when i change the temperature to 29 or 28 degrees. Is it normal?
2. When i switch to cool mode, the compressor never auto cuts after maintaining the temperature, be it on 25 degrees or be it on 30 degrees (at 30 degrees, it is supposed to work)
3. when I switch to dry mode, there is a cycle of auto cuts, Means the Compressor runs for exact 10 minutes, and then it auto cuts for exact 5 minutes

My major point of concern are point 1 and 2.

Can u please guide n help.


Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Gaurav,

Here is my response:

1) I guess when you set it at 30 there is not much heat to remove from the room (because outside also the temperature would not be much high considering it is monsoon season). When you change it to 29-28 then there is some heat to remove and thus the compressor starts.

2) Ideally even at cool mode it should not work at 30 degrees if it does not start at 30 degrees in auto mode. The auto mode just adjusts fan speed to maintain the comfort level. But the operation of the compressor at similar temperature setting should almost be similar. So it should not start the compressor at 30. Also if it does not start at 30, then it should cut off at 25. Because if the outside temperature is not much the heat load should not be much at 25 as well. So it should cut off. Usually ACs do not cut off when they are undersized or when heat load is high and the tonnage of the AC is less.

3) In dry mode it is supposed to work on removing humidity. The priority is to remove humidity and then on cooling.

It sounds a bit strange and I think you should get it check by an engineer from Voltas.


I have a inverter ac of BlueStar 1ton ISEER 3.99... first few days it used to reach the set temperature of upto 23 degree very soon. Now even if set temp is 24 there's always a difference of 2 to 3 degree. Is it normal ? What made me worried is when I set the temp at 22 degree for about 2 hours it consumed 5 units of electricity and reached 25 degree only. Outside temperatures here in Assam is just about 33 degrees at night... my room gets direct sunlight from top n side so I neeeded d ac... plz reply !

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Asif,

I hope you have done the right tonnage calculation using the calculator on this website: https://www.bijlibachao.com/top-ten-appliances/best-air-conditioner-ac-window-split-hitachi-lg-carrier-samsung-electricity-consumption-tonnage-in-india.html

Also 5 units for 2 hours is absolutely not right for any inverter AC. You should put a complaint with Bluestar for the same.


Hi Abhishek,
Firstly I would like to thank you for your efforts to make us understand the norms of AC in layman terms.This info are precise and helps to get a better insight. Secondly, I would like to have your opinion on budget AC
I am looking for a budget 1.5 ton AC for moderate usage under 30K with copper condenser. I have my flat on 17th flr with area around 150-180 ft. I have zero down to below ACs. Please assist me and suggest whether inverter AC is necessary for moderate usage
Voltas 1.4 Ton 3 Star Split AC
Carrier 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC


Hi Abhishek,
The location is Mumbai and the area of the living room is around 150-180sqft
I have zeroed dwn to godrej gsc 18 FFZM 3 Rwpm
As my usage is minimal to 3-4hrs and might increase during summer season
Pls suggest

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You can certainly go for the Godrej model that you have selected. Usage is not high so that model should work fine.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Roshan,

I hope you have done the right tonnage calculation using the calculator on this site. Because if your room is on top floor then you may need more cooling. Tonnage will also depend on your city. So please use the calculator and do the right calculation.

Also choice of star rating etc will also depend on your usage. If your usage is high then it will be better to go for inverter tech AC and you may get 1.5 ton inverter tech AC from Hyundai or Sansui in your budget. But if your usage is low then you may go for BEE 3 star rated normal split AC as well.

You have not mentioned the model that you are looking at and so it is very difficult to comment. Difficult to say anything just with the brand name. Because Voltas has multiple models with BEE 3 star rating. But in general I would say Carrier would be a better brand.


Sir where the two copper pipe is connected with the ourdoor unit, dropleta of water are dropping.
Is it normal?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

It means insulation is bad. It is not normal. It is bad installation.


I have bluestar 5cnhw18dafu i operate it on 28degree on that we got comfort but not so cold
Is it equal power consumption if i operate it on 24 instead of 28 in this model?
Which one best 28 degree with ceiling fan OR 25 degree without fan?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Power consumption will be more if you operate it at 24. 28 with ceiling fan will consume less electricity.


my room size is 140 sqfeet


Samsung Split ac 1.5 ton

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

1060 units is for 1600 hrs. So per hour consumption would be 1060/1600.


Dear Sir,

I'm writing to seek your advice in purchasing an AC split. Room size 12x12x11 first floor direct sun whole day from roof and two walls. Previously i had 5W18LC bluestar installed there which is 5 star 1.5 ton. but the AC never reached to its set value of 20deg it continued displaying 26 deg even running for 3-4 hours. bluestar team visited and said AC is working fine.The room is not getting cooled as per set temp. then i installed it in other room and looking to buy a split for this room. please suggest. abt tonnage and weather to go for inverter split 5 star or simple 5 star. city gurgaon

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

If you want to reduce the heat in the room you can check more on the insulation section on this website: https://www.bijlibachao.com/save-electricity/insulation

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Manav,

It is very important that you understand how an AC works and it will be great if you can read the writeup on this page: https://www.bijlibachao.com/air-conditioners/air-conditioner-work-laymans-explanation.html

Secondly there is a rate at which AC takes out heat and there is a rate at which heat comes in the room (heat coming from outside, heat from appliances, heat from people, etc). The temperature will normalize when heat coming in the room balances heat being taken out of the room by the AC. The normalized temperature will depend on the heat load in your room and the cooling capacity of the AC.

An AC having minimum temperature of 16 degrees does not mean it will reach 16 degrees. Just like your car shows maximum speed of 200-250 kmph does not mean it will be able to reach that speed. It will all depend on the load on the car, engine capacity, etc. Similarly the temperature will depend on the heat load and cooling capacity.

When sizing of an AC is done, it is assumed that it should be able to bring down the temperature to a comfortable 25 degrees in a reasonable time of about an hour or so. But at what temperature does it settle to, depends on heat load in the room and cooling capacity of the AC.

As per my calculation, your room needs about 1.8 tons of cooling. Which is about 6300 watts cooling capacity. So you should look at an AC that has that kind of cooling capacity. Otherwise it will take much more time to reach 25.

Now if you go for a 1.5 ton inverter AC then most common 1.5 ton inverter ACs can reach at max to 1.7 tons cooling capacity. It should work perfectly fine during nights and non peak summer days. But if you want to handle peak summer day time as well, then you need something that can get to 1.8 ton.

Usually most 1.8 ton ACs are marketed as 2 ton. Only brands like Hitachi, Mitsubishi have true 2 ton ACs. All other brands (LG, Voltas, Blue Star, Carrier, etc) have 1.8 ton ACs marketed as 2 ton.

The reason you need more cooling capacity is because you get lot of heat from roof and walls.


1st n top floored duplex, room size 16*11=176sq.ft., no any side wall exposed to direct sunlight, window(north facing) well insulated all doors. For above configuration i had chosen 1.5 tonnage Godrej GSC 18 FFZH 3 RWPH 3 Star Non-Inverter A/C... its right choice?
2nd question...using for night abt 8 hours setting temp of 28-29℃ n auto fan mode, i m residing in Vadodara city, Gujarat. As an assume... How much units will it consumes? Any other using tips? Plz. As ur valuable suggestions will worthy for me.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

If you need it for a lower floor room then 1.5 ton would be fine. Else you will have to go for 2 ton. It would consume about 1-1.2 units in an hour. So in 8 hours it would consume 8-10 units.


Sir I have o general 1.5ton 3star window ac.my flat is on second floor .how many unit electricity consumption every hour if desire temp is 25'c....pls tell me

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

It would be about 1.2-1.3 units per hour at least.


Thanks sir for Ur help.
Dry mode me bhi same consumption hoga kya? Pls tell me

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Dry mode mein compressor zyada chalega to consumption zyada hoga.


My ac EER is 2.98
I live in Delhi

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Difficult to tell exact number. But as I said, it would be about 1.3 units per hour.


Sir pls ye bhi batana ki 10*10 k room size k liye 1.5 ton ka ac lekar koi galti to nahi ki hai

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

10x10 room ke liye 1.5 ton AC kaafi bada hai. To thoda to electricity consumption zyada hoga.


My room size is 10*10


Hi Abhisekh,
I purchased Sharp 1.5 ton inverter ac in 2015. The EER is rated 4.41 & power consumption is 1480 watts. I would like to know a few things.
1. what is the EER of my ac if calculated in 2017?
2. Now a days inverter ac is labelled with star ratings. In that case what is my ac's star rating?
3. If i run my ac for 8 hrs a day, how much electricity will it consume? (units)
Reply is expected from your part.


*** No reply?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Here is my response:

1) EER will remain the same because EER is cooling capacity divided by power consumption. And that will remain the same.

2) It would be BEE 4 or 5 star rated Inverter AC as per current labeling standards. Most likely it would be BEE 5 star as per current standards.

3) It should consume about 4-5 units in 8 hrs of usage.


Thanks for your reply.


thanks bro,

one more thing off timer I use on Hitachi inverter ac .. if I set say 4 hrs some days it gets off correctly .. some days it gets delayed up to 1hr or more... what could be the reason..

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

No idea. You will have to check with Hitachi.


Hi abhishek, thanks for ur site and articles,
our bed room is 10*10 , only one floor, so roof is exposed to direct sun light and glass window usually closed facing east.

we are using Hitachi 1.5 ton inverter ac for the last one month keeping 26°cool mode, or auto mode.. indoor unit is installed at above 9 ft...
the doubt I have is which position the swing is to be kept ... whether direct cool air can be faced by us or swing position is to face some what above us while night sleeping...
thank u

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

It depends on what is more comfortable to you. Ususaly if the air flow is more towards the ceiling, it helps cover more area. But then you need to feel comfortable. So it is absolutely fine if you keep it towards yourself.


hello i have kenstar 1 tone 5 star ac before ac my bill was 2 to 300 after instaling AIR CONDITIONER now my bill is 1500 im common man iam shocked with bill and i use everytime 26 temperature only still why bill is so high can u pls help me out..

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

How many hours do you use the AC for in a day? And which city are you from?


I have purchased Window AC 1.5 ton for delhi and I am running it to 28 degree, as iam finding this temp comfortable,But many People are telling that , setting the temperature higher i.e. 28 Degree , will cause Compressor to malfunction.
Is this true , that setting the temp higher(28 Degree) damage the compressor.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

It will short cycle and will have less efficiency. But still it will consume less electricity as the temperature is high. I do not think it should malfunction just because of that.


Thanks you Very much.

Please guide to Calculate power consumption of AC.

I've 3 Star Rating Hitachi AC.

Thanks You Again..

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

What is the tonnage?


1.2 ton & Set temp 28 degree 7-8hours..what happen? Please Reply..Thanks you...

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

The AC will cool the room to 28 degrees. Electricity consumption would be low.


Hello, I have set split AC temperature cool mode 25, and after 2 hours when I have check room thermostat temp. 25•c and thermostat temp have not go down from 25•c. So compressor also not off so light more consume so please let me know what is the problem.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You will have to call up the helpdesk of the manufacturer to check if there is any fault. Difficult to say anything without checking it.



In my experience the best method to lower consumption from ACs is to regulate usage. Ofcourse setting the device to 25 Degrees can help but nothing close to when its shutdown when not in use. There are many smart devices that can help you with this.

Riad H.


Hello all i just want to know that in ac new stabilizer there is humming sound continue..is that normal in stabilizer...

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

It is not normal. You should get the stabilizer checked by the company.


I brought Panasonic split ac yc12sky4 1 ton 4 star yesterday and running very nicely. I am living in kalyan and in ground floor where no direct sun facing. My room size is 14 *9 feet. i feel cold at 24 degree temperature so i kept 28 and kept running for whole night and i found very comfortable at 28 temperature. what should i do to bring down my electricity bill.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Keeping it at 28 (or high temperature) is the best to bring down electricity consumption. So you are doing good.


Hi Abhishek,

I am from Hyderabad. Room size is 12(l)*12(b)*10(h). It's a 4 storey building. We are in 2nd Floor. One side of the room is Noth-Eastish. Therefore direct sunlight on that one wall from noon (But with reduced intensity due to a tree). Outdoor unit is at East, no direct sunlight at all to it.

Our usage is mostly for nights (10pm to 8am), except on Saturdays & Sundays. Mode used is always "Cool". Fan speed sometimes 'Slow' & sometimes 'Fast'.

A month back I have bought a Mitsubishi Heavy 1.1 Ton 5 Star Fixed speed AC (Model : SRK 13 CRS-S6). After using for 1.5 months, I have certain queries and need your inputs on the same. My future AC decisions will be based on your inputs.

1. Firstly, did I choose the right tonnage for my room?
2. At nights, the cut-in & cut-off cycles might be good (ranging anywhere from 7min to 15min per cycle depending on temp setting of either 26c / 27c / 28c). But cycles apart, the initial cool down takes a long time even at 10pm, say around 1 to 1.5 hrs, not sure. Is this something to worry?
3. Now during weekends, in the afternoon, setting at 26c, I feel the AC takes a long long time. It pleasants the room but the compressor doesn't cut-off even after 1.5 to 2 hrs. I observed this yesterday at 4:40pm. Compressor was running nonstop until 6:40 and then I switched it off. Is it undersized or any other issue?
4. Also, is it worth spending the extra money for the brand? Will it be so different from others? Bcoz it costed 41,000 incl of everything for this 1.1 ton 5 star. Other brands are so so less priced. Even the good brands like Panasonic are cheaper compared to this.

Your inputs please.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Arjun,

Your room's tonnage requirement is coming out to be 1.2 ton. So 1.1 ton should work fine, especially because MHI ACs have long air flow. So it should work fine. It should have worked fine. It is quite possible that it is not installed properly. Otherwise 1.1 ton should have worked perfectly fine for your requirement. You should put a complaint with MHI for the same. Does it not cool fast when you keep fan speed high?


Hi Abhishek,

Thank you confirming on capacity.
No it did not cool any faster when the fan is kept at high speed. My observation that I mentioned is actually done at high speed. But looks like there is no issue with the cooling as such from the machine. Air is quite cool that is coming out. I will check it once by speaking to the MHI person.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Can you check the temperature of the cool air coming out? If that is cool enough (between 6 and 10 degrees) then the room should get cooled. I hope the room is packed enough so that no heat in coming in from any point. Are the walls hot? or are the windows open and hot? Is the door closed?


Hi, I don't really have any device right now to check the temperature of the air coming out. Will try to ask someone for a device.
Doors at kept closed but there is some gap (about half cms) below the two doors connected to the room. Will now try closing it by with a cloth and check the cooling.
Yes the wall and 2 windows to it are hot as it's slightly north-west and faces heat post noon.


Does inverter ac work efiiciently at temp upto 42 degrees and does not cool efficiently above this outdoor temp I live in Jhansi where outdoor temp can go upto 49 degrees its semi arid zone mostly dry round the year with annual average rainfall of 800 mm

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You will have to check the operating temperature of the AC. There are many brand that have ACs that can work easily up to 50-52 degrees as well.


India ac 4hrs 8

My india ac 3star 2 unit per hrs bijli consumpson


we recently installed a blue star 1.5 ton 3 star split AC (BI-3HW18FBTU) at our residence in Tamilnadu (with max temperatures of around 40c). The room size is 13x09 ft with one exposed wall facing east, situated on the first floor of a 3 storey building. we operate the AC usually from 10 pm to 6 am, at 26c temperature in cool mode. While it does cool the room well, we have been having a few concerns regarding its power consumption. Prior to the installation of AC, our daily consumption was 6 units, which has jumped to around 14 units now (So, approximately 8 units for 8 hrs during night). Additionally, there appears to be malfunctioning of AC in terms of cycle duration. After initially taking around 30 minuites to attain the set temperature, the compressor stops for exactly 3 mins. It restarts and run for 8-10 minutes and stop for 3 minutes .The cycle gets progressively shorter over the next 2 hours to a point where it runs for about 4-5 mins and stops for 3 mins, then starts again. Is this normal functioning l. Your opinion would be much appreciated.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Sevaraju,

8 units for 8 hours for a BEE 3 star rated 1.5 ton AC sounds quite reasonable. If you wanted it to be lower then you had to go for a more energy efficient AC. Also 9-10 mins cycle is ideal cycle for any AC and if it is achieving that, then it is running at good efficiency. The efficiency goes down as the cycle time goes down. But then you cannot do much about it. Inverter Tech AC would have reduced the electricity consumption. But then this is a normal AC. The cycle time would have been longer if you would have gone for a 1 ton AC (which was ideal size for your room). But I do not think this AC is abnormal. It is behaving how a 1.5 ton BEE 3 star rated split AC would have behaved.

Sandeep Chandra

To cover almost 400 sqft hall (domestic purpose) , Usage 3-4 hours a day and for 4 to 5 months ,some friends suggests me to fix 2 acs of 1.5 tons & 5 Star ratings of Blue Star , Model 5HW18ZCWX. Is it right to bought it , pls suggest me

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Sandeep,

Firstly the right tonnage requirement for a room depends on multiple factors like city, room location (if it gets direct sunlight from walls/windows/ceilings etc) and the room size. I cannot comment if 3 tons will be sufficient for your room or not. You can check the same using the calculator on this link: https://www.bijlibachao.com/top-ten-appliances/best-air-conditioner-ac-window-split-hitachi-lg-carrier-samsung-electricity-consumption-tonnage-in-india.html

My guess is that you would need 3 tons or more. So you can certainly fix 2 ACs of 1.5 ton. Blue Star is a great brand and you can certainly go for Blue Star 5 star rated AC.


i have an inverter ac lg dual inverter 3 star when i set temperature at 20 in remote the room temperature will be at 23 and if i kept in 23 in remote and room temp will be 26 always 3 or 4 degree difference, is it normal for this type inver ac?? ac technician says its normal but im not satisfied with his ans.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Chandru,

A lot depends on where you are measuring the temperature. The thermostat of the AC is inside the indoor unit and so you will have to check the temperature at the grill (or close to the indoor unit).


thank you for ur reply i kept running the lg dual inverter ac 1.5T for more than an hour in room size 9*9,
i checked the temp in remote for room temperature and also i have a separate thermometer for room temp both shows 3 to 4 degree diff as i said earlier.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Try comparing the grill temperature.


Can i run my hitachi split ac 1.5 ton, 5 star at 29c mode,?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Sure you can. There should be no problem.


My hitachi split ac model no RAU518ADV. 1.5 TON 5 STAR. At night I am feeling comfortable to run it in 28c mode. Please let me know will it be harmful for my ac. should i run it at 24c- 25c?. please help me with your suggestion.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You can run it at 28. There should be no problem.


I just recently bought a DAIKIN inverter ac. I would like to know the optimum temperature that is to be set during sleeping at night. I have already used the ac for a few days @ 28 C, which I am finding comfortable. Some people are recommending that operating at such a temperature would adversely damage the compressor, IS IT TRUE?? Plus I'm also aware that the compressor of an inverter ac does not stop operation when it has reached the set temperature and it continues to operate at 21-34% power.


Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Nirmal,

Running AC at 28 degrees will not damage the compressor (specially when it is inverter AC). You can run it at a temperature as high as it is comfortable for you. Ideally we do not suggest to go below 25. So 28 is fantastic.


Dear Abhishek
Thank you for your quick response. Further, I would like enquire about another issue. The DAIKIN AC that I'm using "JTKM50SRV16", runs from 12am to 5am and is consuming 1.5-2 units as recorded on the meter provided by CESC (KOLKATA) [Plus there are no other appliances running during that period of time on that meter]----- is such consumption 'ok' for a 5.2 rated ISEER rated inv ac??

Also I also set the off timer at 5am before sleep but do not turn of the starter and the MCB until 8am. Please tell me will such a practise consume any energy for those 3hrs (from 5am - 8am).


Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Nirmal,

As per the data by BEE for JTKM50, it will consume 744 units in 1600 hrs (this is in test conditions). Which comes to 0.465 units per hour. So in 5 hours it should consume 0.465 x 5 = about 2.3 units. But this is average because electricity consumption is seasonal. And also depends on heat load of the room. If heat load is less, it would consume less as the number is in test conditions. So 1.5-2 units for 5 hours is fairly fine for this AC.

Also if your AC switches off, it will not consume any electricity. It may probably 1W or so for the LED kept on. But not much.


What I bought I mean some friends suggest me for 2 ton & 5 stars rating ....
Is it fine ?
Kindly reply me I have to bought it by today & kindly suggest some recommended brands also.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

2 Ton would be small for 400 sq ft space in most cities in India. If you want to cool the whole room, then you would need more. But if local cooling close to the AC is fine with you then you can go for 2 ton as well. Let me know your budget and I can suggest something accordingly.


Sir budget is somewhere around 50- 55 K .
Is 5 star is good for my purpose ?
Kindly suggest some good brands accordingly...

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Sandeep,

Hitachi would be the best brand in terms of cooling and energy efficiency. You can look at these models:

Hitachi RAU524AVD (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2pXTUo5 )
Hitachi RAU524MWD (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2pY2PWJ )
or you can look at Blue Star 5HW26AAX ....

These are ACs with BEE 5 star rating and highest in cooling capacity.


Hi Abhishek ,

Pls suggest me the AC for 400 square feet hall....kindly revert me in priority am in hurry.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hello Sandeep,

At Bijli Bachao, we suggest this strategy: First find out the right tonnage that you need for you room, because undersized AC may not cool well, and in case of non inverter AC, oversized AC can significantly increase electricity bills. In inverter ACs, slight oversizing is fine. You can use the calculator on this page to get the right tonnage: http://bijlibachao.com/top-ten-appliances/best-air-conditioner-ac-window-split-hitachi-lg-carrier-samsung-electricity-consumption-tonnage-in-india.html

After finding the right tonnage, you have to look at your usage of AC in hrs/year. And your budget. Because your usage determines if you need high efficiency AC or not. Secondly we try to suggest the most efficient AC based on a person's requirement (tonnage requirement) and the budget.

Let me know the right tonnage (as per the calculator) and your budget and I can suggest you some models accordingly.



I have voltas ac of 1.5 ton. I just wanted to know what are the steps to set the compressor will start again when the thermostat detects that the temperature has increased.

Please do reply me.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

There should be no manual step needed to do that. Your AC should automatically start when the thermostat detects that the temperature has increased.


But how first we need to set then only it will work automatically

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Just press the "on" button and it will work automatically.


Using inverter ac . when i set temperature at 27 degree it runs at 27 for few hrs then it goes up to 23 and then coming down , not always but some times . i dont use swing . i check temperature on my ac remote which is kept direct ac air flow.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

It should not happen like that. I would suggest that you log a complain with the manufacturer.


I have a cyber cafe with Ac 1.5 ton and 3 star rated, Can I on the Ac only when the customer comes in and when the customer is not there, can I off ... will there be high impact on the bill if I do this .. Please reply

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

As long as it is not too frequent (like every 5 mins), it should be perfectly fine as long as the customer is comfortable :). Because when you switch it off the shop will become hot.


Hi i have 1 question,I have 1.5 Ton fixed speed split AC, Recently I found my AC is not chilling the room as it was doing earlier on 24 degree. Today I took thermometer from local ac mechanic and test the room temperature,I have set my ac at 24 Degree but it cutoff at 24.8 degree and started again at 27.4 degree is it normal? or it should be cutoff at 23 Degree ? should i complain to service centre for this? I stay in Jogeshwari(W),Mumbai.Please reply.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Hi Faiz,

Did you try getting the maintenance done for the AC? Usually dirty filters, etc cause cooling performance to reduce.


Yes i have cleaned my filters. But I want to know how sensor work I heard if we set temp to 24 ac should cutoff at 23 is it true?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

It should cut off below 24. Not above 24.


Thanks Abhishek. It means my ac sensor is not working properly will lodge a complaint. Thank you so much.


What is your take on ACs in Multi level buildings? Especially in IT offices.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

A VRV system works great in a multi level building.


kindly suggest best power saving and long life performance with lowest maintenance ac with suitable tonnage for 9*9*9 room in airoli navi mumbai, my room is on 2nd floor in 5 storage building 1 wall with window is facing east so sun rise to noon it is taking direct sunlight, usually we will be using ac at night only, as nobody at home whole day, once or twice in a week day use. Kindly suggest brand and model.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

A 0.75 ton AC would be more than enough for the room. Airoli would be slighly corrosive area as there are chemical factories due to the thane belapur belt. I would suggest copper condenser fixed speed AC. I would say, any of these would be good:

Mitsubishi Heavy SRK10CRS-S6 (this will have better air flow and so better coverage of the area)
Mitsubishi Electric MS-GK10VA (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2pJvFYX )
Blue Star 5HW09SAFU (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2pckRl6 )


thank you abhishek sir for prompt revert, no inverter is required ? stabalizer is recommended? as here electricity cutoff. how about ac from new companies like micromax

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You can go for inverter AC if your environment is not very corrosive. I have a 0.75 ton inverter AC from panasonic in Powai which I have been using successfully for past 4 years now. But then I have heard complaints of PCB failures from people living close to the sea where direct winds from sea causes corrosion. So if the area is corrosive, I usually do not recommend Inverter AC. Only when the area is not corrosive, do I suggest going for inverter AC. If you want to go for inverter AC then you can look at these:

Blue Star 5CNHW09PAFU (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2n5TMS0 )
Daikin FTKP25 (Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2p6E4IU , Flipkart Link: http://fkrt.it/GNdWcTuuuN )
Blue Star 3CNHW09CAFU

Stabilizer is usually recommended when there are lot of voltage fluctuations. Power quality is quite reliable in Mumbai and usually Stabilizer is not required in Mumbai. If you feel that you get voltage fluctuations in Airoli, then you can go for a stabilizer. You can check this page for voltage stabilizers: https://www.bijlibachao.com/appliances/voltage-stabilizers-buying-guide-best-tv-ac-fridge-home-guide-india.html

As for micromax, I would say that based on data, they are not very energy efficient. And then they do not have 0.75 ton AC. In fact they do not even have a 1 ton AC. They only sell 1.5 ton ACs and those would be highly electricity consuming in your case.


what are the consequences if for smaller room size we install more tonage AC for 9*9*9 1 TON or 1.5 TON AC

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

Oversized ACs: 1) Consume more electricity 2) Are not effective in removing humidity. If you go highly oversized like 1.5 ton then you will also observe bad odor from the AC. And on top of it you pay more to buy it.

It is like if you need a car and you purchase a truck. Truck consumes more fuel, and costs more!! And you have loads of space left in truck which is unused.


sir can I go with these 1. ac Cruise 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC (Copper, CWCACC - CQ3CN123, White) 2. Hyundai HS4G33.GCO-CM Split AC (1 Ton, 3 Star Rating, White, Copper) they are on amazon can I order it online , is it safe ?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

You can certainly buy online. Just make sure that the seller rating is good on Amazon. I checked the ratings:

For Hyundai Model here is the link to seller ratings: http://amzn.to/2rdyzEO ....I can see only 1 seller for Mumbai and his rating is 46% (kind of low).

Cruise model comes from Reliance Digital Express (Seller Page: http://amzn.to/2rdqW1t ) .... the rating is good. So I think Cruise model is safe.


I have purchased 1.5 ton window ac for my 12*13 room in Gurgaon (Roof is covered by top floor and sun light faces only one side of room after 2 PM , is the tonnage correct in over/undersized, I am planning to move another place in noida , which has 10*10*9 ft bedroom , so is my AC oversized for it.

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

For your current room it is rightly sized. But it will be oversized for your next room. For the other room anywhere between 0.75 to 1 ton is good.

Abhishek Trivedi

Hi Abhishek,
Does the compressor automatically on and off after some time ? Is this normal procedure?

Abhishek Jain (Mod)

For non inverter AC, yes it is a normal procedure.

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